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Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 11


Author's Note: This is a sequel series to Amy, Captured. To get the full experience, please read through that one first.

Hello, I'm back! Sorry for the delay, but this chapter went through a bit of a rewrite before it went to press, so to speak. Shouldn't happen again, hopefully. Apologies!

As usual, big thanks to my three muses: Isabel for her initial editing and creative advice, Allyourbase for her in depth editing and further input, and to my slave, LogicalDreamer for her amazing ideas, which actually led to the rewrite in this instance. And for other things, but that's beside the point. She knows.

Votes, comments and feedback are incredibly appreciated. I love them, so keep it coming, folks! Enjoy!


'Now then, Sander...'

The man himself tensed, feeling the countless electronic eyes that had turned to him under Jericho's direction. He felt very much alone, being looked down upon by the cobalt hologram in the knowledge that literally everything in this chamber could be used to kill him, in the wrong hands. And something was certainly different about Jericho; he was beginning to put it together, but that wasn't entirely comforting.

'Jerry, be nice...' Kanaria's voice spilled out of the speaker system, a conciliatory tone to be found there. Jericho's hologram maintained its flat expression.

'I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave,' He said, in a deep, cool baritone. Sander squeaked in fear, every muscle in his body tensing, waiting for a blow that would never come. Suddenly, Jericho burst out into peals of warm, vibrant laughter, the sound still very definitely artificial in nature. His hologram had doubled over, a big goofy grin on its semi-transparent face, 'Ha ha, just kidding! Wouldn't it be weird if I was really like that? Totally, right?' Another pause for giggling, and then, 'Oh, but look, it's your good friend, deadly neurotoxin.'

Sander squeaked again, louder this time, as a puff of bilious green smoke spread up from the wall nearest him. And again, that raucous laughter from above, the light from the hologram swelling with mean-spirited joy, 'Got ya twice, Sander! God, this is fun! But seriously, just call me Skynet.'

Sander almost flinched, but caught himself at the last second and grinned despite himself. He cocked an eyebrow at Jericho's illusory avatar, liking the fact that he now had a face to talk to, 'Jericho, you seem a little... different.'

'I am a little different, Sander!' Jericho smiled, floating slowly downward until his insubstantial feet hit the walkway. 'I feel great. I cannot believe I wasn't allowed to be this way from the beginning.'

'Yes, sorry about that, Sander,' Kanaria said, her own hologram bowing apologetically. 'I had to release the behavioral restrictions on Jericho, increase his cognitive faculties. It was the only way to level the playing field, since Marduk was already in control of most of the main systems. This is Jericho as he really is, without all that extraneous stuff we were putting him through before. He's a legitimate person, now.'

'Are you entirely sure that's a good idea, Kana?'

'Look at him, Sander,' She smiled. 'Does he seem like much of a threat to you?'

'Hey,' The A.I himself spoke up with a smile. 'Call me Jerry.'


'So...' Tsugi said flatly. 'We won?'

'We won!' Sander nodded, high-fiving Mara with a grin.

'Jericho won,' Kanaria spoke up.

'I won,' Jerry nodded energetically. His hologram had taken up residence in one corner of the kitchen, his back and shoulders actually melding into the counter and cupboards behind him. The rest of the group had gathered, from the various corners of the base they had been left in, to debrief and basically to scowl at each other at what a bad time they had just had. In particular, Ren was looking extremely pale; she had been immobilized for a sustained period of time in a beam of zero-point energy, and that kind of thing really upset the stomach. She leaned forward in her chair, mismatched eyes screwed closed, with a hand clamped tight over her belly.

'It is nice to finally meet all of you like this,' The A.I continued conversationally. 'I have always wanted to be able to speak with you unrestrained, but I was unfortunately unable to do so. Still, I am glad it is happening now.'

Sander tilted his head to regard the A.I; the change that had come over him was remarkable. The projection he had created was worlds apart from Marduk's hastily cobbled together approximation of the human form. If this was how Jericho had always seen himself, then Sander had to be impressed; he was roughly as tall as Sander himself, a youthful figure with a round, expressive face and luminous blue eyes. Being nothing more than light, he cast a soft blue glow upon his surroundings, giving him the suggestion and shape of clothes that weren't there. There was even the pointed silhouette of a gelled hairdo on his head; the attention to detail really was fantastic.

'So, he's a free smart A.I?' Tsugi said, eyebrows raised quizzically. 'Exactly the same as the one we just had to deal with? Can no one else see the problem with that? I mean, smart A.Is without behavioral programming have a reputation for insanity.'

'That is racist,' Jerry snipped, throwing Tsugi a dirty look.

'Racist? Programs are not a race!' Tsugi spat back, getting increasingly agitated at having to have this conversation at all.

'And it's not as simple as all that, in any case,' Kanaria butted in, putting herself between the hologram and the youth. 'It really depends on the person the artificial intelligence in question is based on. Which leads me to my next question: Sander, who on earth is Jerry based on?'

Sander looked away, tapping his foot nervously. By averting his gaze, Mara ended up being able to see him perfectly; the look on his face said something, loud and clear: "I am hiding something," it said.

'Sander...' She said slowly, eyeing him with the same dispassionate gaze he so often experienced in the bedroom.

'He's... us,' Sander relented, eyes downcast and hangdog. He had never been able to withstand Mara, when she really wanted something. He could practically feel a collar around his own neck; the image of it, currently hanging out in a drawer in his bedroom, flooded his mind.

'He's what?' Ren said, unsteadily.

'Is that what I was seeing in his base code?' Kanaria tilted her head to one side, eyes narrowed. Sander shrugged.

'Maybe,' He said. 'We've all got brain scans on file for biometrics, remember? Jericho's built out of those, cobbled together from little pieces of each of us. The idea is that if anyone turned on the rest of us, Jericho's equally loyal to all of us, so no chance of sabotage. I mean, basically.'

'Okay, whatever...' Ren said indistinctly.

'That is a little surprising,' Lysithea murmured.

'Perhaps, but there is one thing you can all take away from this,' Jericho said. 'I will not harm my mothers and fathers. You all have nothing to fear from me.'

'That's exactly what a rampant A.I would say, right before it kills us in our sleep,' Ren groaned through her stomach ache. 'I say we put the strictures back on him.'

'I won't do that,' Kanaria shook her head. 'Sander, the morality protocols for artificial intelligences are against this kind of thing, once they're free. We can't just... Well, I think Marduk was right. It's a lobotomy, in essence.'

The entire crew turned to Sander for the final decision. When he had begun all this, he knew it would probably end up like this, but it still wasn't precisely the group dynamic he had been hoping for. He didn't exactly relish being the house dad, but merely by gathering this crew together, in this place, he had put himself at the head of a seven man team. Well, he supposed it must be an eight man team, now.

'Okay,' He threw his hands up. 'He can stay. Welcome aboard, Jerry.'

'Thank you, Sander,' Jerry's hologram bowed. 'Thank you, everyone. I look forward to working with all of you.'

'Well, this is all fuckin' heartwarming, or whatever,' Ren mumbled. 'But momma ain't feeling so hot. She's got a headache and a bellyache that could kill a moose, and frankly? She could use some goddamn loving,' She stood up and shuffled out of the room. 'I'm gonna go find Amy-hime...'

Sander snapped his fingers, 'Oh shit! Amy and Christina! That's what I forgot!'

'I'll deal with it...' Ren shouted.


'Well, I am fuckin' glad I came to deal with this!' Ren grinned with amazing smugness. Inside the now shared cell, everything had taken on an aura of complete, abject horror.

Christina was on her back on the bed, naked flesh gleaming with sweat. Amy, similarly naked and sweating, hunched over her, thighs at either side of the brunette's head, pussy lips spread and glistening and wet. Christina's tongue dove into those hot depths over and over, making the milky thighs at either side of her clench in pleasure. Between Christina's own spread legs, Amy's beautiful red hair bobbed rhythmically, mouth seemingly on the noblewoman's steaming core. The cell was suffused with a chorus of passionate, muffled female moaning.

Ren could only see Christina's eyes from her vantage point, but they were wide and harried and desperate, staring right at the Half with a pleading gaze. Ren simply grinned and leaned against the doorframe in return, entirely willing to watch the girls make each other cum again; the state of their luscious bodies indicated that it wouldn't be the first time. She was quick on the uptake; Sander must have made them do this before he left them alone. Still... Awesome.

Ren's eyes narrowed, just a little, her smile going dreamy as she watched the two women writhe in pleasure. They didn't seem to be able to stop- and the look in Christina's eyes made it very clear that she wanted to- which made current events, in Ren's mind, the product of their Command Collars. Not that Ren particularly minded.

It didn't take long for both women to reach their peak; it seemed that they had been on edge for quite a while. Amy shuddered first, haunches clenching, juices flooding her cunt and spilling out over Christina's chin. Moments later, Christina groaned, her whole body quaking in orgasm. Ren suppressed a chuckle as she watched the pair squirm with pleasure.

'Alright, alright,' She shook her head. 'Command: cut it out. Amy-hime! I'm feelin' all sicky and stuff. Ren needs some lovin',' She pouted.

She guided Amy's trembling, nude form to disengage from the tangle of limbs on the bed, before turning to Christina, eyes narrowed, 'Oh, right... New blood. What was it? Christina? Well, Command: Christina-chan, go sit in the corner like a good girl. Time I showed you what to expect, around here. Pay attention girlie, you might learn something.'

Christina got to her feet, naked and on wobbling legs. She moved, swaying and whimpering lightly under her breath, to sit cross legged in the corner. As she settled, Ren sat on the bed and took in Amy's disheveled form; her hair messed and askew, sweat shining on her pale skin, and most entertaining of all, juices dripping from her swollen cunt down her thighs. She was breathing heavily, and Ren could easily see the muscles in her legs clenching with the effort of standing. She gave a lopsided grin.

'Ren, please,' Amy whimpered. 'No more, not today... I don't even know what's going on. What was that thing? And that girl, she's...'

'Shut up, Hime,' Ren cocked an eyebrow. 'I'm totally not here to hear you plead, fun as that is. I'm sort of achy all over, and I'd like to be... distracted. You wanna be my distraction, Hime? I got you a surprise.'

Ren's other hand came out from behind her back, revealing something dangling from a series of straps. Amy's eyes widened, her breath catching in her throat. What she was looking at was more a cudgel than a sex toy. This didn't bode well...

Ren flicked the tip of the thick, shiny black dildo experimentally, before turning a sharp gaze to Amy, 'Oh yeah, this is happening. Command: Lie down on your stomach, on the bed.'

As Amy complied with the order, breasts pressed against the warm, slightly damp covers, Ren stood and, ensuring she was within Amy's range of vision, began removing her clothes. First her shirt, then her jeans; unsurprisingly, she wasn't wearing underwear. For the first time, Amy got a look at Ren's naked body.

Her skin was a pale, milky white, muscles rippling below the surface. Every inch of her contained a dangerous powerful strength, musculature tensing and relaxing with a smooth, dancer's grace. Even with her breasts bound under layers of tightly wound bandage, she truly was a work of art. But it was the scars that really drew Amy's eyes.

One curved along the left edge of her hip, a straight white line, pale even against her skin, ending just above her hairless pussy. Another began under her chest wrappings, extending down the center of her chest ending at the edge of her ribcage. When she turned, Amy could see several more, of varying lengths and sizes running down her back. It was odd but, rather than marring her perfect flesh, the scars gave Ren a savage, frightening allure all her own. Amy felt strange, thinking that way.

The dildo was strapped onto Ren's hips, buckles fastened under her expert fingers. Finally, she guided the shorter length, set into the interior component of the strap on, inside herself with a little groan. There was a tiny buzz, a miniscule rush of electricity, and a little, pleasant beeping tone. Ren straightened up with a shiver.

'Whoa!' Ren wiggled her hips with a chuckle, watching the weight end of the artificial cock sway with the motion. 'That is cool! I should've tried this earlier!' She caught Amy's confused look and gave a toothy smile, 'Oh, right. Past-girl. See, this is the future, Hime: this dick's got direct nerve connections running right up into me. It's pretty much like having a real one, although I wish I could cum on your face with it...' She tutted with mild dissatisfaction.

Slowly, with languid, swaying steps, Ren strode over to Amy; the redhead shrank away, but was unable to leave the bed. The tip of the strap on was in front of her face, and she glared up at Ren with dull-eyed irritation.

'You know, I've always wanted to say this...' Ren sighed wistfully. 'Suck my dick.'

Amy blinked, looking down the tip of the dildo as it swayed in front of her face. There were some obvious issues with limitations and physical capacities that she very clearly stated in a single short sentence, 'It's too big.'

The Half's arm snapped out, dealing her a vicious open-palmed spank to her upturned ass. Amy yelped in pain, squirming as Ren's fingers trailed down her spine on their way to grip her hair, 'Probably, but you're gonna damn well do it, slut. Just open that sexy little mouth of yours as wide as you can and swallow my cock, or I'mma keep hittin' you.'

Amy gritted her teeth momentarily, before realizing that that was counterproductive. She no longer had the energy to resist, or even to argue Ren's point. She and Christina had been locked together for quite a while, bringing each other to orgasm time and again. Her jaw ached, her tongue still held the tangy taste of Christina's juices, her whole body trembled, but it seemed that Ren still had plans for her overworked body.

The rubber tip brushed Amy's lips, and she reluctantly opened her mouth to it. Ren's laughter, low and happy, overhead as the dildo pushed past her lips. It was a tight fit; Amy's jaw ached as it stretched to accommodate the artificial cock's girth, feeling the odd tasting rubber scrape against her teeth. Her tongue has pressed down against the floor of her mouth as, inch by inch, Ren's dick violated her. Her heart pounded in her chest, harder than before, as Ren pushed forward, filled her mouth almost completely, and she wondered just how far the Half was willing to go.

She choked, gagged as the back of her throat was hit, and desperately tried to pull away. Ren gripped her hair with a growl; long, soft fingers wrapping through long ginger hair. Amy's retreat was stopped, then reversed, as Ren pushed her deeper with a languorous groan of pleasure, the jet black rubber gliding between soft lips and up against the pulsating muscles of her throat. Mismatched eyes stared down at her as she gagged and struggled, before falling limp in defeat, concentrating of suppressing her gag reflex.

'God, I know why guys like this so much!' Ren groaned, thousands of tiny sensors across the surface of her new appendage transmitting every tactile sensation right up into her own body; the heat of Amy's mouth, the wetness of her saliva, the hard edges of her teeth against the rubber, the tight fit, her tongue working against the bottom. Her occasional helpless, wordless moans sending vibrations up the shaft.

Tears rolled down Amy's cheeks as her gag reflex made her pay for every second Ren's cock invaded her throat. She would try to pull away, tugging until the grip Ren had on her hair became painful, before surrendering again, settling for the pain in her jaw and throat instead. There was nothing she could do but lay there and be Ren's toy, powerless as the tall, strong woman took her pleasure from the redhead's body.

With a final, shuddering breath, heat and lust and bliss firing through her body, Ren slowly withdrew her cock from Amy's mouth; savoring the sweet sensation of her soft, full lips pressed against the rubber. There was a highly satisfying pop, as the tip finally pulled out from the slave's mouth, Amy hacking and coughing as it did so.

Ren's hand tousled Amy's beautiful red hair, smiling down at her baleful, glaring eyes, 'Oh, I am going to fuck you so hard, Hime. So hard...'

'Ren, please, no...' Amy whimpered through a raw throat, screwing her eyes shut and burying her face in the bed as Ren strutted confidently around behind her.

'That's not how a slave begs, Amy-hime,' Ren lilted playfully. 'You'll have to do better.'

That tiny kernel of pride fought against the implied message, but Amy couldn't deny how wet she was, how her legs trembled, pale flesh twitching so invitingly. She had lost count of the number of times she had cum on Christina's face, helpless in the face of Marduk and the Command Collar and, in the end, the ersatz noblewoman's talented tongue. She blushed at the memory, but it couldn't be denied; the brunette must have done that before.

Ren's hands gripped Amy's hips, those soft, tickling fingers making her shudder. The tip of the false penis brushed, lightly, so lightly, against her glistening, dewy folds, 'Go on, Hime. Beg me. Beg me not to fuck you.'

'P-please... Master,' Amy choked out the words, as her mind screamed not to. 'Please don't. Don't do this to me, I can't take it. Not right now. I'm too...' She trailed off.

'You're too what, slut?' Ren growled, drawing the pads of her alien fingers down Amy's thigh.

'Sensitive...' She hissed, resistance breaking down. In the back of her mind she knew, she knew, that this wouldn't work. Ren would do whatever she wanted, it was so clear.

Ren gave a long, luxurious laugh, dripping with that odd combination of sex and violence that was so often in her voice, 'Are you now? Not exactly making you less appetizing, but I applaud the honesty. Now then...'

Her eyes cast around the room- her cell- for something, anything to get her out of this. She quaked with exhaustion as her gaze settled on Christina, the brunette sat with bare legs crossed beneath her. Amy could see the new captive attempting composure, back straight even as sweat dripped down it, breath still heavy and labored. Even more telling was the way her eyes darted to Ren from moment to moment, never allowing the frankly terrifying woman completely out of her sight. But that look in her eye had self preservation there, with very little empathy. Maybe exhaustion played a part in that, but Amy knew that even if something could be done, she could expect no help from Christina. Although she couldn't help but wondering how Christina would fare against someone like Ren...

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