Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 13


Ren tumbled, end over end, laughing her ass off, into the passenger bay of the stealth shuttle, armor clanking against the metal surfaces. Jae had pushed her from behind, one hand held absently behind him, firing his pilfered pistol into the undergrowth to provide covering fire for their escape. In the distance, an explosion rocked the forest, a pillar of fire rising on the horizon where a rebel hideout had once stood. Mission entirely fucking accomplished.

'Wheels up, baby!' Ren whooped as the bay doors closed behind them, rapping heavily on the door to the cockpit. She flopped heavily into a seat, throwing the safety belts around herself with practiced ease. A grinning Captain Hoshikuji hit the seat beside her, clapping her on the shoulder warmly.

'Good work, Agent Syfte,' He laughed as she bounced in her seat, shaking her ass to some imagined rhythm. In her head, Shichi was cheering; he had gotten to "play," with so many people today, and the explosion had been the cherry on its cake of violence. Tonight had been a good night for the alien intellect.

'Thank you, Captain Hoshikuji,' Ren punched him on the shoulder. He punched back, a little harder. She could take it.

It had been almost a year since Ren had joined Jae's squad, and he would be the first to admit- in fact, he had admitted it to her face- that he had had misgivings about her joining up in the first place. All that weird living armor and unusual strength, not to mention the utter stonewalling he received if he requested additional information from the higher ups... It added up to a situation that seemed increasingly wrong. Jae was completely sure this would backfire, and when it did, it would backfire on him, and someone would get killed.

But since then... damned if the girl hadn't proven herself. Completely. When Ren could keep her more... problematic inclinations under control, she struck with merciless, surgical precision; a completely autonomous machine that completed her objectives, often before her teammates had even reached theirs.

And personally... sure, she could be a little abrasive, but there was something about her, some well of inner strength, that really appealed to Jae. After their initial confrontation, and subsequent battle together, she had seemed to put him in her sights, too. Actually, after that interminable, uncomfortable decontamination, she had dragged him off for a drink... though at the time he was certain she was dragging him back to the training floor as she had for Kasuga and the others. After that, she made a point of coming to him whenever she wanted a drinking partner, or at least someone to occupy the same physical space as her, so she wasn't talking to herself. Jae could never tell which...

Her hand on his shoulder broke him out of his reverie. Ren was already twisting around in her harness, and before he could react, her lips were pressed against his. She kissed him lustily, precisely when he wasn't expecting it- from her, "unexpected" meant "at all,"- and deeply, probing his mouth like she had every right to be there. When she pulled away, she did so with a loud "woo!" that reverberated off of the steel walls of the cabin. Jae turned to her with a cocked eyebrow as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

'What was that for?' He found himself smiling without realizing it.

She shrugged, grinning like a fool with a slightly dazed look in her eye, guffawing inanely. She often got this way after a mission, like she was battle-drunk, and looking for an outlet for all that pent up energy. But this had been the first time she had done so that way. Usually she punched a wall, or the two of them got all sweaty on the training floor. He was getting pretty good at fending her off, reading her, but the truth was, she made him sweat. He would have to be an idiot not to notice the way she looked, all exotic and streamlined, composed of all the best qualities of her half-human parentage. He often wondered what species the other half came from, but he hadn't worked up the courage to ask her yet.

Sometimes, just occasionally, when they were training, or out on a mission, and she hung at the back of the pack to back him up... He thought he had seen something in her eyes, something that called to him. But he couldn't be sure. For all he knew, it might just be an optical illusion caused by her heterochromia.

He stared at her in her seat as she grinned away, looking at nothing. Who knew what she was thinking of? But it didn't matter to Jae; he was too busy taking in the pulse of her breath as she sat, clear to him in the few inches of skin exposed on her neck by the removal of her hardsuit's helmet. She had this odd, animalistic quality to her, all the time...

It was too late, he realized. With all the adrenaline running through his own system, and that kiss...

She was on his radar now. He was going to make a move on her. Tonight, damn it.

... If he was lucky, he might even survive the experience.


'You know, one day you're going to have to tell me how you did that.'

'No, actually I don't,' Ren eyed Jae with faux-coldness.

'Hey, what?' He laughed. 'You up and catch a cruise missile with your face, come out of it just fine, and I'm not allowed to be even a little curious?'

'No. No you're not,' She punched his shoulder, causing him to legitimately flinch. 'State secret and all. Need to know. You want to find out, you need to get yourself promoted, Sir.'

And there it was. That odd harmonic in the way she said Sir. Jae had been hearing it a lot more lately, along with a tiny flicker in her asymmetrical eyes that he wasn't entirely sure he'd properly seen. He'd seen it before, in other people... Never thought he'd see it in Ren.

She was... Well, Ren Syfte was a badass. That cruise missile thing might have been the most recent example of that, but it wasn't the only one. Hell, the two of them had met during one of Ren's badass moments; that one fact had led to the current no-man's land the two of them inhabited. Between squad mates and friends and... Some other, ill defined thing.

It's not like he could fight by her side for all this time without noticing; he just wondered whether or not he was seeing something that wasn't there. Charging in without knowing could be catastrophic- Jae had seen Ren tear apart flesh like it was tissue paper, after all- but after a night of drinking he wasn't entirely himself. And she was so close, he could smell the earthy, almost metallic scent that was uniquely hers.

She didn't so much open the door to the barracks as lean against it so forcefully that it had no choice but to retreat or be destroyed. It made her stumble as she entered, chuckling to herself as though it was terribly funny. She was more than a bit tipsy herself. Oh man...

And of course, the barracks were deserted. Rows of empty beds, lived in but not slept in, right now. Just the low hum of the fluorescent lights above, a man and a woman who at least held a little attraction for one another, and a freaking room full of beds. Sometimes Jae suspected the universe was guiding him along more than it outwardly seemed.

He followed Ren languidly as she dropped heavily down onto- yes- his bed. Her smile had always seemed vaguely mischievous to him, and now it was blasting out trouble at high volume. It was those eyes, they sent chills down his spine. He had the feeling of simultaneously being sized up by a predator and a prospective lover...

He hit the bed beside her with a bounce, 'You know, I am still your commanding officer. If I wanted to, I could order you to tell me. I could order you to do a lot of things.'

Her smile became a smirk of amusement, as her eyebrow cocked over her red eye. Intellectually she had to have understood that he was her superior, but Jae could tell something in her still struggled with being reminded of it. With the idea of even having a person who could give her orders. But... Wasn't that part of the appeal?

'Like what?' She asked petulantly, eyes narrowing.

Without thinking, Jae moved. His fingers twitched, with the motion taking his hands before rippling up his arms in a wave of compressed emotion; heat and irritation and desperate, powerful desire all wrapped up together. It was now or never.

He shoved her, firmly, backwards until her back hit the sheets below, one hand pressing firmly down on her collarbone. Automatically, one of Ren's hands came up in a fist; a defensive reflex honed from months and months of military training. Of course, Jae himself had gone through much the same training, just with a few years of field experience behind him that she didn't have. He easily caught her punch, pressing her wrist down against the linen, by her head. He leaned in, face so close to her own, as her face twisted with fury.

'Hey, get the fuck off me!' She snarled, but notably, did not struggle. He knew it would be the work of a moment for Ren to throw him off, even toss him into the opposite wall with relative ease. But she didn't; whether it was because he was her superior, in the end, or whether it was something else... He couldn't quite decide.

Still, the words she spat at him, the anger in her eyes, even the distinct possibility of her completely wrecking him... None of it could touch him. Because here, right now, in this singular moment, he had her pressed down beneath him. He could feel her heart beating fast in her chest, hear her breath coming hard. See and feel the muscles rippling under her skin, seemingly undecided over whether to push him off or pull him closer.

The thought of restraining her like he was, of keeping all that power she had under his thumb. Of finally getting to pay out on all those unspoken promises he'd been keeping to himself, only hoping she was thinking the same thing; of making her his... It was too much to simply back away now.

He was leaning in so close, eyes locked to hers; she was growling under her breath, seemingly at him. Like a creature barely restrained; not even knowing herself whether she would attack or not.

'Kiss me,' The words tumbled from his lips, quiet, almost silent, but hard and unyielding. An order, just for the two of them.

'Get. Off. Me,' Ren snarled, muscles flexing under his hands, lifting slightly, but not pushing him away. Her voice trembled, just a little, as she added a word she tried to make sound sarcastic, but ended up just... pitiful, 'Sir.'

'I'm not going to tell you again,' He said evenly, allowing her words to break over and around him. His fingers flexed against her neck, squeezing just enough to irritate. He exhaled, breath tickling her neck, 'It's an order. From your commanding officer.'

He leaned in, almost, almost brushing his lips against hers. As he did, he wondered what she would taste like; that line of thinking was only intensified as her tongue flicked across her lips, causing him to pull back. He imagined the battle inside her head; the cold-blooded killer versus the trembling woman beneath him. How embarrassing this must be for her; Subject Seven, the Guardian, Ren Syfte, held beneath her C.O and- yes- craning her neck almost microscopically up at him.

'No no,' He breathed, eyes boring into hers. 'I'm not going to take it from you. You have to give it to me. Come up here and kiss me, Guardian.'

Her cheeks flushed red at the use of one of her codenames. At the corruption of her fearsome reputation; the knowledge that here, now, to him, all that she was on the battlefield meant nothing.

But she didn't move. The conflict within her was so obvious; it practically played out in her eyes. The bloodlust that pulsed away in her mind at all times, that terrible strength that Jae had seen tear men apart with ease... Her image of herself as an all powerful, independent fighter, struggled against the pure want of the moment. The feel of him, the weight of him above her, holding her down. She could make it end, but... Did she want to?

And Jae could see which side would win. Her beautiful eyes showed the torture of it, but she would follow him. Oh yes, she would. She was starting to shake and twitch beneath him, legs squeezed shut as the wrist he held in his hand trembled, almost struggled. But it wouldn't. Not really. All he needed to do was...


He pulled away, heard her growl angrily in the back of her throat. Saw the hunger and desperation in her big, mismatched eyes as she followed him up, pressing her mouth to his with a sad little whine.

She kissed him deeply, passionately, with abandon. Moaning into his mouth as she stretched up as far as his hands, digging into her flesh, allowed her to. Her mouth opened as he reacted, kissing back, pushing his tongue into her mouth and taking it for himself. She melted, just a little; her armor was gone, leaving only the woman underneath behind.

The rush was incredible, like any close encounter with something deadly. He growled into her mouth, pressing against her as though they were wrestling, as though he had to push against her to win. In a sense, that was correct. He had to keep up the pressure, not just for her benefit, but for his own. This was insane; Ren wasn't just a friend, she was also his second in command. It's not that his superiors cared so much; it's just that he knew that things were going to be very different, from now on.

But who the fuck cares?

His hand left her neck, slid down her body as she writhed against him, lips locked together. He knew she bound her breasts, which was why today they sat so flat against her chest as his hand moved between them, down her stomach... To settle on the crotch of her pants. Feeling the heat of her through the thin blue material, and the pressure of her thighs squeezing, trapping his hand between them. He pressed down hard, and she moaned; she was his.

He pulled away, pushing her off him as she moved to follow him with her mouth. If she had assumed this was going to be a stealthy little fuck in the barracks before everyone else in the squad filtered in for the night, she was sorely mistaken.

'Strip,' He ordered, voice a little hoarse by this point.

'What?' Her own voice trembled slightly, as she searched his expression for some indication that this was all an act. 'Jae, I can't-'

'Strip or go, Ren,' He glared at her.

Another pause and he could watch the struggle playing out in her head. A core of vulnerability surrounded by layers of armor and hostility. Something struggling to get out, even as the surface Ren fought against everything that was happening. Nothing else mattered, not the rest of the base, not the military, not even the rest of the squad. His attention was solely focused on the conflicted woman in front of him. And he could tell, her situation was the same.

'You know, you're a real fucking asshole,' She snarled savagely as she began unbuttoning her shirt. He noted with interest that he had been right; she did bind her tits, with a one-piece black fabric binder. He wondered what she would look like naked, before remembering, with a slight smile; he didn't have to wait long.

She balled up her shirt and threw it at him as hard as she could, doing the same with her pants. It might have seemed like an act of aggression, but Jae figured otherwise; her angry surface layers made her throw it, but if he thought about it, she was giving him her clothes. She wouldn't be able to get dressed again until he said so. Under her shirt was her binder, a purpose built, tight black number that pressed her breasts down to give her that boyish figure she prized so much. In its own way, the thing was quite attractive, but it was so much better taken off. The binder went wide when she threw that, too, landing on his pillow as he smiled at her.

Newly denuded, Ren spent a few moments setting herself straight. That binder did many things for her, but it took some time got recover from, after wearing it for any extended period of time. The seams had left marks tracking down her sides, and she could see Jae eyeing them with amorous intent. She stretched languorously, trying to pay him no mind, rubbing her hands over her skin in an attempt to massage some life back into her previously restricted parts. Luckily for Jae, this meant massaging her breasts, which she had never been quite satisfied with. They had always seemed like they belonged on a girl far more feminine that she; all pert pink nipples and soft, rounded flesh. They weren't exactly huge, but they were large enough that they sometimes drove her to distraction with just how much they didn't fit in with the rest of her. Jae seemed to like them, though. That was something.

Ren cracked her knuckles in a vaguely threatening way, as if daring him to answer her incorrectly, 'Happy now, fucker?'

'That's Sir, to you,' He said, voice even replicating his commanding tone, from the battlefield. It'd work; it had been ingrained to work, 'Say it for me.'

'Yes, Sir,' She growled, saluting in a manner that was oddly aggressive. But Jae could see it in her eyes, and more importantly between her legs; she was getting off on this.

Without fanfare, he gave her another order: to lock the door and close all the curtains around the room. The effect this had on the tall, naked woman was highly amusing. First, she realized that she had stripped naked in a room with plenty of uncovered windows and an unlocked door. Second, she realized the order she had been given would, by nature, require her to stand in front of these uncovered windows in order to cover them. Her nose crinkled in anger, hands balling into fists, and with a whispered expletive, she walked as quickly as she was able, to get this over with.

Oh, the vulnerability in her eyes was a joyous thing to Jae, as he watched her busy herself around the room. The door was locked first- a prudent course of action since it was late- before his naked soldier-girl moved on to the windows. There were several in the room, and drawing the curtains on them all required her to make a full circuit of the room. He watched her with undisguised interest throughout, noting the way her eyes darted around the view of outside she got from each window, searching for eyes upon her naked flesh from outside. She moved fast, but who knew if anyone had actually seen her? This move had been calculated, but Jae was still immensely glad he had chosen it, especially as Ren stood before him, task complete.

'Done, Sir,' She spat the word as though it was poison. 'Now then...'

Did she figure the game was over? That he'd had his fun, and now they could both have hers? She walked towards him, hips swaying hypnotically, flesh pale in the artificial light. It didn't do her justice, but nevertheless she was a breathtaking sight. Soon she was in front of him, hands working to undo his buttons.

'Take your hands off me,' Jae said, voice suddenly very hard. 'Did I say you could touch me?'

'What, Sir?' Ren cocked an eyebrow. 'I thought you wanted to fuck.'

'You thought what? Hmm? You wanted me to fuck you, so you went for it, yes?'

Ren nodded.

'No no,' Jae said softly. 'You have to say it.'

'You want me to say I want to fuck you? No problem, because I do,' Ren tilted her head to one side, smiling with acid sweetness. 'I want you to fuck me. Sir.'

Jae arched an eyebrow, running a hand through his dark hair. That was an interesting choice of words, but he didn't doubt their authenticity. Behind her irritation and humiliation, he could see the desperation there. The way she held herself was completely alien; unlike any other interaction he had ever had with her. He eyed her thoughtfully. Ah, yes...

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