Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 20


'Alright, stop it,' Christina snapped. 'Would you stop gloating? You know you've got us exactly where you want us, there's nothing we can do, and no way out. So will you stop acting like the cat that caught the mouse and just bloody get on with it?'

'Don't rush me,' She answered back with a click of her tongue. Christina's hands balled into fists at Ren's nonchalance; she wasn't used to being unable to affect people, and talking to Ren was like scrabbling at a brick wall. Her teeth clenched.

'Um, a little help?' Sally's voice brought the attentions of the room swinging around to face her. With her arms bound up and her range of movement limited, Sally had ceased being earthbound almost immediately, her bare feet finding no purchase on the smooth metal floor, and her inability to correct her course proving just one frustrating element of a litany of agitation. She floated, near to horizontal with the cables flowing sinuously behind her.

'Huh? Oh, right,' Ren carefully lifted off, firing herself in a straight shot and taking hold of Sally's hips as the first point of contact. Her free hand found the cables, and in a few moments Ren had pulled them both down to the floor, climbing downward along the cabling. The moment she reached the mechanism that spooled the lines back in, Ren hit a button and, planting her feet firmly on the ground, she gave Sally a shove, sending her back out into space.

'Hey!' Sally cried out, as her bindings extended far more than they had previously allowed, letting her spin out right into the direct center of the loading bay.

'Heh, looks like fun. Lorna, up you go!' Ren hefted the Gamma girl up by the scruff of her neck and launched her skyward, this time allowing herself time to aim, sending her out into a separate section of the bay. She nodded, apparently satisfied, 'Yeah, that looks good. Now, Amy and Christina, listen up.'

Kicking off from the wall, Ren made her way back over to the pair, laying a hand on each of their shoulders. Christina braced herself, expecting that she too would be thrown around the bay for Ren's amusement, but instead the Half simply used them to keep herself steady. While Christina glared, as she had for most of the time she had been here, Amy had observed Ren, and she believed she had figured out the trick of moving without gravity; Ren moved through straight shots, using momentum to go float around in straight lines. If she got stuck without a solid surface to bounce off of, she would be in trouble...

'Here's the deal, girls. Sexy time,' Ren purred. 'In space. You two are going to float up there and make your fellow ladies in bondage get off. I don't care how. The zero-g is just extra difficulty.'

'I'm not doing that,' Christina shook her head.

'Oh, you will. Command Collars are one thing, but I think you're aware of just how much fun I could start having with you if you refuse to play ball, Chrissy baby,' Ren leaned in, blowing hot breath into Christina's ear. 'And this is a race. Which means someone can lose. You don't want to lose a game I'm playing, do you? Now, you take Lorna, and Amy can take Sally. Dance, puppets. Dance for my amusement.'

And with that, she added a gentle pressure to Christina's shoulder, tipping the noblewoman onto her back, end over end. She cried out in incoherent, angry surprise as her world shifted and pitched backward.

'Game on, ladies!' Ren laughed, bouncing into the air, aiming for a spot on the ceiling that would give her a better view of the action as it happened.

As unpleasant as it seemed, Amy knew she would play Ren's game; the alternative was Ren's idea of punishment, and that simply wasn't an option. Amy had been with the crew since the beginning, she had been the focus of Ren's attentions when she was the only one available for them, so she knew what the preferable path was, here.

She rocked forward onto the balls of her feet, eyes locking on Sally's writhing, weightless form. She breathed deeply, took her time, positioned herself just right... and took off.

Despite the circumstances, despite everything that had gone on, Amy couldn't help but let out a cry of triumph as her path turned out to be correct, and she drifted with some speed up to Sally. Even reaching out caused her to move in the air a little, but Amy managed to get a grip on Sally and lift herself up into her eyeline.

'Hey, did you hear what we have to do?' Amy said quietly, giving Sally a helpless look. The Earth girl nodded, giving Amy a weak smile.

'Yeah, I heard. Don't worry, I understand,' She said, and with the slow, deliberate motions of one who could be swung around by even the slightest of movements, parted her legs. Amy found herself having to climb down the only available surface to get to her goal: Sally's body.

Below, Christina recovered quickly; her reflexes and flexibility had been honed by years at her earthly career as a thief. One didn't survive long in that vocation if one couldn't roll with the punches, and though Ren had given her quite the disadvantage, she was quickly righted and, with a few seconds to aim, on her way over to Lorna.

Amy took a moment to watch Christina in transit, honestly impressed by the surety of her movements, the way she had aimed indirectly, in order to grab Lorna's arm and swing around above her to dispel her residual momentum. There was no up and down orientation in zero gravity, that was a fact worth remembering...

'Alright,' Christina's voice was arch, nigh on put out, as she looked Lorna full in the eye. 'Neither of us is going to enjoy this, but we must bear it. So let's get on with it.'

As Christina took her position and the game began in earnest, the differences between the two shackled girls became readily apparent. As Amy's tentative fingers made their first gentle contact with Sally's sodden pussy, the Earth girl tipped back her head, eyes drifting closed as she drew on her favorite fantasies. As bad as she would feel for Christina when this was all over and she was led off with Ren, Sally simply couldn't let a nice girl like Amy suffer for her reluctance. At least the job in front of her wouldn't be too unpleasant, objectively speaking...

Meanwhile, Lorna was exhibiting the precise opposite actions; at Christina's every touch she would jerk her hips away with a tiny sound, the effects of zero gravity exaggerating the movement ridiculously. Were it not for the cables tethering her to a solid surface, she would have sent both herself and the noblewoman floating away into the void. As it was, each tiny motion required that Christina chase after her, irritation mounting with every expedition.

Ren watched Sally in particular, the young woman laying in space with her eyes closed, legs spread to allow Amy's fingers greater access. From her point on the ceiling, this seemed to her the closest thing to cooperation she had seen since the others had gotten here. She tilted her head. Interesting...

Sally risked a glance down between her legs, her eyes darting away as her gaze locked momentarily with Amy's. The redhead seemed reluctant to lay her eyes directly onto Sally's still glistening pussy, old world decorum still an integral part of her, of them both. Still, there was a perverse curiosity, and as her fingers rubbed gently at Sally's wet lips, she found her eyes drawn back to it again and again. And in turn, Sally couldn't help but look back at Amy...

The truth, the thing she had assured Lawrence wasn't true, was that she may not be entirely straight. It was something she grappled with in her day to day life, something she was still discovering about herself... and it might have been the stressful nature of the environment that she currently found herself in, but Sally was beginning to think that Amy might be a definitive answer to that question.

If she went with the flow, she could moan... If she let herself go, she could feel the heat of arousal filling up her nerves...

Amy really was nice looking; she was the kind of girl that Sally was sure she would have stared at had they passed each other on the street. Hopefully through the lenses of a pair of sunglasses, to avoid being discovered... Though a lack of hiding places wouldn't have stopped her. And she was nonthreatening too, that was important. She was... mellow, where everything around her was inscrutable and scary.

And there she was, naked and... um, floating between Sally's legs. She knew she could get into this, she had to, for both of their sakes, but Amy's rubbing was too tentative, and far too gentle to really reach her. Sally spoke up.

'Um, Amy? You can...' She paused, grinned sheepishly. For just a moment, she could pretend that this was a joke, before it became serious business again, but she was speaking slightly too fast to maintain plausible deniability, 'It'd help if you... You should stick two fingers inside me...'

'Oh! Okay, yeah,' Even Amy's voice was a tad huskier than it had been earlier, back when they had all been on solid ground together, 'Don't worry, it wouldn't be the first time, here...'

She trailed off, and Sally couldn't help but moan as Amy slid two long fingers into her wetness, the pads pressing against the walls of her pussy. After the extended period of teasing that they had all weathered at Ren's hands, her clit throbbed with sensation at every touch.

'You like that?' Amy asked, peering over the top of Sally's naked form. 'Is that... right? I mean, could I be doing-'

'No, you're doing fine!' Sally's breath hitched in her throat. 'Just... keep going. More, okay?'

Amy blinked, but didn't require any further encouragement. Her fingers moved, curling at the walls of Sally's pussy; Amy only had Mara, Ren and Kanaria to go off of, and though she felt her knowledge of women's pleasure was still limited, it had never been a problem for those three. And Sally, by the sounds of things; the woman ground her hips on Amy's hand, eyes dreamy and staring at the ceiling. She seemed focused on something else, though the occasional glance in Amy's direction made the nature of her thoughts pretty clear. Amy found herself blushing.

Well, fine. Why should she care? Sally was just doing what it took to win this sick little competition before it really got going, and Amy could get behind that; Ren wanted to see them squirm of course, and thwarting Ren like this seemed at least safe. Still, the thought of being used as Sally's fantasy material, in addition to essentially being her masturbatory aid, was... oddly compelling, she was shocked to discover.

All this time, Amy had gotten used to the idea of being the fantasy object of a group of people who, when thinking of things like that, could- and did- take her very easily, if they could muster the effort to do so. But Sally was different; Sally's fantasizing wasn't objectifying, it was collaborative. She had asked, not told. She had suggested, not ordered. And that made all the difference.

Besides, Amy had gone through precisely the same extended toying that Sally herself had, and she was just as wet and agitated as anyone else in this room. Seeing Sally writhe like this... it only made things worse. Or better. Amy hadn't decided which yet.

'Oh damn, Amy!' Sally gasped, at a particularly deep thrust. Her eyes flew open, gazing down at the redhead with a pleasant, hot smile. Her whole body had tensed at the touch, and thrown them both of balance, but it was no great effort for Amy to compensate and reattach herself to just the right spot.

'Am I doing alright?' She asked, smiling despite herself. 'I think I'm doing alright.'

'Use... U-use your tongue...' The brunette's voice quavered at this, and she was aware that it might have been a bridge to far, but the ache within her had risen to a fever pitch, and if she hadn't been tied down, it was very likely that she would have attacked Amy, 'On my clit... please?'

For a moment, Amy thought that she was going to shake her head. This was... too similar. It was the kind of thing she had been forced to do time and again, gripped by the hair and pulled down and... No, she couldn't. It was too intimate, and here she actually did have choice...

But then there was that please...

It made all the difference. Amy was already so wet, so hot, so... needy, that perhaps that singular gesture was all the affirmation she needed.

'Okay,' She said. 'But only because you seem like such a friendly girl...'

And with that, Amy dipped her head, feeling her hair fan out against her skin in zero gravity. That part would still take some getting used to, but as her face drew closer and closer to Sally's dripping folds, the warm scent of a woman's arousal filled her nose, and she began to feel as if she had an autopilot function.

Amy had no trouble locating and homing in on Sally's clit, her lips capturing it, feeling the tickle of the scattering of light brown fuzz to be found there against her nose. She exhaled sharply against the soft, pale skin of Sally's hips, the sound close to a chuckle really, but drowned out by the earth girl's conspicuous, drawn out moan. Above them all, Ren applauded, whooping loudly.

'Go Amy!' She yelled, doing a little flip before her feet made contact with the roof again. 'Suck that clit, girl!'

Both of the girls colored red with embarrassment at the Half's exhortations, but Amy was too far gone to let it affect her performance too much, and Sally was burning bright with pleasure anyway. Any pretense that had remained was now far, far out the window. The pair were driven by far more primal desires now, and without even consciously realizing she was doing it, Amy's free hand had ventured between her legs, rubbing idle circles around her own dripping and needy pussy.

'Come on, Amy...' Above her, Sally whispered little encouragements to her, though she herself was receiving most of the benefits. 'I'm almost... I'm so... damn...'

Bodies moving without gravity behaved very differently; each tremor of Sally's shackled and open form produced such extreme motion, rocking her- and by extension Amy- from side to side in such a pronounced fashion that the redhead could be in no doubt about the effects of her licking and fingering. When Sally ground her hips against Amy's mouth, she couldn't help but smile a little.

After all that had happened to her, this was freeing. This was what she had been missing in her stay on Trismestigius, and with Sander and Mara alone before that. There was an enjoyment here that she wasn't locked out of, pleasure that wasn't conditional on her obedience, something that she could share in without expectation or the prospect of future suffering. She found herself actually wanting Sally to cum on her face, not just to win at Ren's twisted little method of amusing herself, but also just to share a little of that pleasure in return, to give back to Sally what she was, without realizing it, providing to Amy; the ability to run in her flesh again. This was play, pure and simple.

It was also amazingly- near to disturbingly, given the situation- hot... But that was just a bonus, really.

Amy's own hips were rocking back and forth against her hand by now, sending her closer and closer to her peak as she worked toward Sally's. The motion created a kind of seesaw effect in the weightless environment, drawing her away from Sally's steamy cunt before bringing her back in. She decided that if she was going to do this right, she was going to experiment; as she rocked away she slid her fingers as deep as they could go into Sally's pussy, withdrawing them as she came back in. At the same time, she would lay her lips onto the swollen clit before her with a pressure-filled kiss, before returning her tongue to the fray, running it from flat to tip over the hard little bundle of nerves.

'Oh, god! More... more like that... shit!' Sally seemed to love this kind of improvisation. In order to allow Amy more leeway in her motions, the brunette locked her ankles at the back of the redhead's neck, acting as a sort of anchor for her to attach herself to. She was disappointed she hadn't thought to do this earlier, but then, she had been somewhat preoccupied at the time. Still was, in fact.

Sally could feel herself drawing close, and that nagging little voice at the back of her mind wondered how long it had been since she had had a good orgasm for herself. That would have been days ago, a thousand years and countless kilometers away from this place... an entirely different world, and not just in the literal sense. She had been alone that time; men and women were good for many things, but sometimes one just had to take care of these things by hand.

Besides, that little shop of hers might be interesting, but it hardly had clientele of her particular type, nor did it really give her the hours to go out and find someone, either. And now here she was, dislocated and mystified and... well, this.

She wondered, did this even count as sex?

As she reached her climax, she decided it must do; things that weren't sex didn't feel this good.

Her whole body convulsed, muscles tightening, contracting inward. Her wrists pulled at their chains, the sounds of metal clanging on metal filling her ears as electricity climbed her spine, pleasure spreading to every corner of her mind. She heard Amy make a little surprised noise as her trembling body squeezed the redhead in closer, not allowing her to pull away as she rode out the waves of her orgasm on Amy's tongue. Her eyes were closed, and she was far away, floating someplace else in her mind. She could forget where she was; in the moment, she could be alone with the pulsing, fiery ecstasy that shuddered through her veins...

And then, in a way that seemed too damn fast for Sally's liking, it was over. The real world, unfamiliar and unfair as it was, reasserted itself... And Ren was applauding.

'Oh, hell yeah!' She whooped, doing a series of flips and loops in her upside down position. 'Now that's what I call a show! You sluts really know how to entertain a gal, now don'tcha!'

'Oh my god, I'm so sorry...' Sally blushed furiously as she realized what she had done to Amy, and quickly released the woman from the death grip her thighs had exerted on her. Though she was bright red herself, Amy waved it off as if it was nothing, a small but very genuine smile on her face. Above them both, Ren turned her attention to the other pair.

'Now, these two, on the other hand...' She said flatly, folding her arms. Amy and Sally followed her gaze, the latter far more languid and dazed than the former; the contrast was assured and immediate.

When Lorna squirmed, it wasn't a natural consequence of the things being done to her. In fact, Christina was having a hard time getting to a position to do anything to her at all. No, when Lorna squirmed, it was to escape, and in a zero gravity environment she was entirely capable of getting away whenever she wanted to.

Prayers slid constantly from her mouth, in a hushed torrent of lyrical syllables, rising in pitch and volume whenever Christina made another- increasingly half-hearted- foray between the Gamma girl's legs. At every intimate touch the soldier moved, throwing her entire body out of reach of Christina in a manner that was frankly dizzying to watch. Ren, the most experienced in fighting without the benefit of gravity, could only imagine how confusing it must be for Lorna herself. Still, she put up a good fight...

'Hey, come on!' Christina snapped, voice arch and angry. She had never looked more unkempt, hair flowing around her in sinuous tendrils, an expression like a thunderclap on her face as once practiced and assured fingers failed to hit their mark again and again. Frustration, already clearly evident through her entire being, was only rising in her...

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