Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 20


'Hey milady!' Ren called, kicking off from the ceiling of the ship back down to the floor. 'I already got my show! Game's over. You lost.'

'Oh, well that's just brilliant!' Christina growled. 'Thanks so very much, Lorna...'

'I guess you and I'll be seeing a lot of each other in future, milady,' Ren grinned, striding with long, bouncing steps over to the gravity control. 'But I'll wait until we're planetside before I start dealing with that. Way more toys there. For the moment, I'd suggest you all get back to the floor before I turn the gravity back on...'

Suddenly given a new objective, and with a little high pitched noise, Amy grabbed hold of Sally's ankles and kicked off of the nearest available surface, sending herself back down to what was nominally still the floor. The two of them reached it moments before gravity reasserted itself, as did Christina; though the sudden lurch of weight was sickening, Amy still noticed that Lorna hadn't been taken down with her. The Gamma girl landed heavily, but still on her feet and with a modicum of grace.

She, along with Amy and Sally, glared at Christina. The word betrayal came to mind.

'Ooh, I'd forgotten how dizzy that makes you...' Ren shook her head, her steps slightly unsteady as she headed over to untie Lorna and Sally. 'Alright, now Sander won't be super happy with me if I don't get you girls squared away in the living quarters before we hit atmosphere. But we don't have enough rooms for everyone so...'

She laid a hand on Amy and Sally's bare shoulders, the intimate touch causing the latter to flinch away, though Amy was far more used to this kind of treatment by now.

'You two get to share!' She chuckled. 'Ain't that nice?'


There were no windows on modern spacecraft. There had been at one stage, in the early days when architectural design was still locked to human culture, inextricably shackled to the workings of the people of Earth. Now, all that seemed so very retro.

No, windows were a structural weakness, and all modern spacefaring species utilized single piece exterior hulls, layered against the stresses of near light speed travel. The view ports through which one could observe the outside "world," were in actuality screens connected to a corresponding series of cameras attached to the hull. Taking this into account, the act of staring out of the window just to take in the sights became slightly ridiculous, like staring to closely at a television. Since Sander was in the privacy of his cabin he didn't feel too self conscious about it, but it still nagged at the back of his mind.

Additionally, there was no reflection on these screens when active, so Mara's sudden appearance, draping herself over his shoulders, came without warning. He jumped.

'Oh, hey,' His eyes left the depthless, unsettling blackness of the screen, drifting across Mara's face as she leaned in to give him her version of a chaste kiss; this contained more tongue than one would imagine. He pulled away with a chuckle, 'I left the girls with Ren. She'd better not have broken anything.'

'They'll be fine,' Mara took a seat beside him, giving off a low whistle as she followed his gaze out of the "window" and into the depths of the universe. To a certain class of person, space was something infinitely grand and endlessly fascinating, 'Listen, where are we going? You've been awfully quiet about all this, that's not like you. I don't like it when you keep secrets from me.'

'We're about to drop out of blueshift, you'll see in a moment,' Sander gestured to the screen, leaning back in his chair. Seconds later, the haze of speed filtered away from the universe around them, like a thick heat distortion suddenly ceasing to be. A planet dominated the view of beyond, countless lights glittering across its surface. The lit landing columns of larger, in-orbit spaceports hung above it, small cruisers and larger ships- clearly planetary defense- standing watch over everything around.

'Ship's got automated flagging and identification programs,' He said, frowning. 'And a pretty comprehensive suite of false identities loaded into it. They'll never be able to peg me as a wanted criminal, don't worry.'

Eyes narrowing, Mara stared out at the planet, glowing with life in the distance. It was actually rather easy to tell where they were now. Oh, of course there were countless inhabited worlds potentially within jump range of the class of ship Sander had obtained, but this one was... important. Every human knew about this world, even if they had never set foot upon its surface.

'That's...' She trailed off, turning to Sander with intensely questioning eyes.

'New Earth, yeah,' He nodded. He looked upon the image of it with a kind of wary fondness, contradicting emotions showing plainly on his face. He shifted in his seat as a series of notifications scrolled across the top of the screen, alerting the registered pilot of the activation of the ship's identification protocols. Those ships out there were calling out to the Gespenst, and not only was it answering them, it was lying.

'Are you insane?' Mara asked slowly. 'I understand the desire for a holiday, but perhaps you could have chosen a better destination? Say, one that isn't the galactic hub of human civilization? One that, just maybe, has more relaxed laws? One that allows Command Collars?'

Sander grinned as the ship's mainframe informed him that their fake IDs had passed muster with the orbital defenses, and the prow angled up as they accelerated, heading for the northernmost point of New Earth.

'Not really...'


'How do you deal with stuff like that so calmly?'

Amy inclined her head in Sally's direction as the sound of her voice broke through the- frankly uncomfortable- silence that had fallen shortly after Ren deposited them into this small, yet undeniable step up from the cells they had known previously inhabited, and locked the door behind her.

'What stuff? You mean Ren?' Absently, Amy's fingers toyed with the hem of the slightly too big black shirt that had mercifully been left in the closet. The clothes helped her separate; by now, all that strangeness seemed awfully far away... with only a single persistent splinter of it needling at her mind, in the pressure of her unfulfilled lusts. She still wished she didn't feel this way, as usual, but something had been different with Sally there...

'Yeah I mean Ren,' Sally paced incessantly, up and down the length of the cabin, before finally deciding to change course and throwing herself down on one of the beds beside Amy. 'And everything else. How do you... decompress, from that?'

'Ren's kind of a special case,' Amy began, pulling her knees up to her chest. 'With Sander and the others I know they won't hurt me, for whatever reason. With Ren I get the idea that she might, if I step out of line. But... Um, you were there, and that helped. This time.'

'Me?' Sally tilted her head.

'The only person from my own time that's not Christina? Yeah, you helped. It felt more bearable, having an ally there. I've never had that before.'

'Oh, so compared to you I suppose I'm lucky...' She frowned, looking Amy up and down. 'I've got you, right from the start. How long were you...?'

'Too long,' Amy shook her head. 'I was the very first one, back when it was only Sander and Mara on this end. For them, it's been three years since I last got away... All I could think about was sticking to them both, the Doctor and Rory...'


'I... Let's not talk about it,' With a helpless smile, Amy shifted to cross her legs. It hadn't yet been long enough for her frustrations to completely dissipate, and by now her baser instincts had reached the point where she would leap on anyone going given the slightest provocation, or at least that's how it felt. She wouldn't have been terribly surprised to discover that Ren had put her in this unfulfilled position on purpose, just to see her squirm. She had done it before.

'Quite a view, though...' Sally said in a small voice, craning her neck to look out onto the planet spinning through the dark sea of stars through the window. Amy nodded; no matter how many times she saw the cosmos, she could never get over it. Even given her current circumstances, the sheer, staggering potential of the new world before her sparked a certain spirit of adventurousness.

The silence between them grew uncomfortable, as the two of them stared resolutely out the window. Amy just knew that her face was still flushed, and that that fact couldn't have escaped Sally's notice. It wouldn't take too great a leap of logic to connect that to what they had just been doing...

'Um, hey...' Sally's brow furrowed, and her eyes hesitantly turned to Amy. 'You didn't...'

'I didn't what?'

'Before, when we, um... Well, you know,' Sally shifted her weight from side to side, apparently unsure as to how to continue. 'When we... Earlier. That was nice... but you didn't get off, did you?'

Amy blinked, actually had to pause and collect her thoughts for a moment. In her time with Sander she had been made to cum, denied the same, had both an inordinate amount of attention placed on her orgasm and none at all, at various times. But Sally's question was the first time, in all of that, that was at all a positive or genuine moment. When she answered, the idea of not replying with similar honesty never even crossed her mind.

'I didn't,' She confessed. 'Though not for lack of trying...'

Sally frowned at this, opening and closing her mouth several times as though the words were having trouble getting their start. For a moment, it seemed as if she would lapse into silence again, but she suddenly spoke, words garbling in their rapidity.

'Well, maybe I could help with that. As a one time deal.'


'You're all red, Amy,' Sally sidled closer, one hand slowly edging under the hem of Amy's skirt as she watched. The redhead remained still, completely unsure as to what she wanted, 'So let me do this for you. Let me return the favor... And let's not let that crazy woman win...'

Automatically, Amy felt her hips shift, legs spreading wider as she leaned back and closed her eyes. She moaned as she felt Sally's fingers slide into her, the other woman's breath hot against her neck. She must have been so close, but Amy couldn't bring herself to really care. Whatever this was, it was completely freeing; her body floated among the stars outside without having to worry about her captors, or her situation, or rescue or... anything, except the sheer sensation of being with another person. And when she shuddered silently this time, when she came... She smiled.

Amy Pond smiled, as she experienced her first unrestrained orgasm in her collar.

To be continued...

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