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Doctors & Nurses

byNemasis Enforcer©

Hi everyone reading this… I wrote this while waiting on the results of A Boy In Babeland chapter 12, I'm in the process of writing chapter 13 but I have had some family problems so it will be a little late… here is a story to tide you over if you are waiting for it… Enjoy and vote

“What are you doing to me?” she was struggling as the man and woman grabbed her, they were pulling her out of her house as she screamed and tried to hit and kick them.

“Let me go now!” she cried out taking a swing at the man holding her shoulders as she was dragged along the floor.

“No get off me, get of me!” she screamed as the woman holding her legs opened the door and she was dragged out into the street.

“Ohhh” Amy shot up in bed. It had all been a dream, the man, the woman and being dragged outside, all in her mind.

“Hmmm” She settled back into bed with a mumble of contentment before she felt herself being grabbed from behind.

“Hey gee... humph” she was silenced by a hand over her mouth as she tried to speak

“Hold her!” Amy heard a female voice shout out as she trashed on the bed attempting to get the man off her, but it was no use, he was far too strong for her to fight against, still she wasn’t going to stop trying.

“Arrrggghhhh” the man screamed as Amy bit his hand “The bitch bit me!” he shouted to his female accomplice.

“Just hold her still!” the female voice came back menacingly, making Amy a little scared by the venom in her voice.

“Ok quick get the rope,” the man said. In the dark bedroom Amy couldn’t see the people who were holding her only hear them and that made her worried, what were they going to do?

“Get off me, now!” Amy screamed out as she was pushed back down flat onto the bed, her shoulders held tightly down as she thrashed and kicked wildly at the man holding her down.

“Shut up!” she felt a slap across her face; she could tell it was the woman who has struck her. Amy sobbed as she felt her hands grabbed by the woman’s and pushed together.

“Please let me go” Amy begged, sobbing as she kicked her legs and tried in vain to get up from the powerful grip of the man holding her. The woman quickly tied her hands together tightly with rope, Amy struggling to stop her, but with no great results.

Finally She was released from the man’s grip, her hands tied tightly and sobbing between pleads to let her go, they fell on def ears though as the woman instructed the man to hold her still for a second while she got the needle ready.

“Needle no! Get off me now!” Amy screamed but a hand went over her mouth as tears fell from her eyes and she sobbed and wept.

“Hold still” the woman said but Amy wasn’t about to let this woman do what it was she wanted without a fight. Kicking with her free legs she made contact with the man’s crotch, kicking him in the balls hard. The man screamed out in pain and Amy took her chance to sit up and roll of the bed.

She was about to get to her feet when Amy felt something stick in her right arse-cheek, suddenly her body went limp and she fell back to the floor on her stomach, her eyes closing as she lost consciousness.

“Wake up” a strange voice said as Amy opened her eyes slowly, a bright light shining in them.

“Where… where am I?” she inquired regaining her consciousness finally and her senses returning.

“You are in hospital Miss Keibler,” the strange voice said.

“What… why... who are you?” Amy wanted to get up but she couldn’t, for some reason every time she moved she found herself restrained.

“Don’t struggle Miss Keibler, your restraints are very tight, I am Dr. Johnson, this is Nurse Teresa Simmons” the doctor said pointing to the woman stood to the other side of Amy dressed in a blue Nurse’s uniform.

“What am I doing here and why am I restrained?” Amy was a little upset as she struggled again and again but to no avail.

“You are here because you need a check up Miss Keibler, the restraints are there for your and out safety, please don’t be alarmed” the doctor said, his long white coat buttoned up to his neck and a stethoscope around his neck, he sure looked the part of a doctor.

“I don’t need any check up, let me go!” Amy shouted as she struggled again.

“I'm afraid you do need this check up Miss Keibler,” the doctor said calmly looking over a file on a clipboard “Nurse will you please remove the patients clothes” the doctor asked the Nurse who nodded with a smile before reaching over and grabbing a pair of scissors and moving over to the prone Amy.

Slowly the Nurse slipped the blades of the scissors under the bottom of the tee shirt and began to cut up the thin material. Amy squirmed as she felt the cold steel blades rub against her skin as the Nurse made yet another cut, the tee shirt now half way cut up the middle of her body just below Amy’s bra.

Amy closed her eyes as she felt the blades move up her body again and again, the cotton tee shirt beginning to open as the Nurse came to the collar and snipped it open, both sides of the tee shirt dropping off Amy’s body and her bra revealed, her breasts straining to be held back by it.

Next was the pants she was wearing, they were pyjama bottoms, slowly the scissors were slid onto them and the Nurse once again began cutting the thin fabric off her body. Soon Amy was clad in only her bra and matching panties.

“Don’t do this, just leave me alone” Amy sobbed as she tried to struggle free. The Doctor and Nurse both laughed before he spoke.

“We can’t examine you while you have your clothes on now can we” he said before telling the Nurse to continue. The Nurse smiled at Amy as she snipped the bra straps over her shoulders and pulled them away, next was the under arm straps and then finally she pulled the rest of the cloth from her breasts.

Amy squealed as she felt her nipples exposed to the cold air in the room, her nipples instantly went erect. Next it was her panties that needed to be removed; with a nod from the doctor the Nurse slipped the scissors into the right hand side of the waistband and slowly, the blunt side of the blade pressing into her hip, the Nurse cut down the sides of the little panties.

Once it was cut all the way down she repeated the process on the left side, and pulled off the middle patch, revealing Amy’s pussy to the cold air just like her breasts, leaving her naked and strapped down, at the mercy of this pair of strangers who clamed to be a Doctor and a Nurse.

“Please just leave me alone, I won’t say anything to anyone if you just let me go” Amy sobbed, tears falling down her cheeks.

“Nurse I think its time to start the examination, we will need to do internal and external stimulation test’s and internal exams too” the Doctor said holding his chin thoughtfully “Vaginal and anal, I think”

Amy’s eyes widened and the tears fell as she heard the Doctor speak, she was now crying quite hard and begging him not to do anything to her, but he seemed not to be listening as he instructed the Nurse to begin the stimulation tests.

“Just lay there and relax please,” the Nurse said, a smile crossing her as she moved towards the helpless women strapped down.

“Now we will start with the external tests,” the Doctor said with a nod to the Nurse.

Slowly Amy watched the Nurse, who was very good-looking she had to admit, lean her head down and kiss Amy’s cheek before kissing down her neck and onto the top of her right breast.

“Get off me!” Amy struggled as she felt the Nurse kiss her breast. The Nurse didn’t stop though she kept her lips moving, kissing a circle around Amy’s nipple before licking the tip of it with her wet tongue. Amy moaned as she felt the soft lips move to the nipple, it was erect from the old air and the Nurse was being so gentle with her kisses, she didn’t want this but her body betrayed her as she let out the moan.

“Stop this, please stop this!” Amy cried out as she felt the Nurse’s hands move over her tummy and rest on the undersides of her breasts, cupping them and rubbing as her lips kissed and sucked the nipple on Amy’s right breast.

Amy hated to admit it but her arousal had grown, she knew that it shouldn’t and she didn’t want it to, but the felt so nice. Suddenly the Nurse went to the other breast and began to give it the same treatment as the right, her tongue licking over the erect nub before her lips closed around it and she began to suck.

“That’s good Nurse Teresa, very good work” Amy heard the Doctor speaking as she closed her eyes and felt the wetness in her pussy grow as the superb lips and tongue of this Nurse aroused her nipples.

“No its not, get off me!” Amy shouted as she tried to struggle her hands free and push the woman away but nothing was happening, it was hopeless.

“Now its time to test her reactions to different sensations” the Doctor said as he placed a blindfold over Amy’s eyes, and tied it secularly behind her head.

“Got this off me!” Amy shouted, “I don’t want this, just leave me alone” she sobbed hard and loudly as she felt the Doctor move away from her, as did the Nurse. Suddenly Amy felt something touch her nipple, it was cold, very cold.

“Arrrggghhhh!” Amy screamed as she felt what ever it was touch her nipple, it felt like her nipple was freezing off as what was actually an ice cube was rubbed over it.

“Left nipple has a good response,” the Doctor said as he moved the frozen cube to her right nipple torturing her with the coldness, it shoot into her sensitive nipple.

Amy cried out in pain but there was a little pleasure mixed in there too as the Doctor ground the ice cube over the top of her sensitive nipple.

The Doctor took the ice cube off Amy nipple and looked at his handy work, all around the erect nubs was a red mark where the cold had given an ice burn to Amy sensitive skin.

“Good her nipple’s respond well to stimulation, now we need to test her vagina’s response” Amy could hear every word the Doctor said and little tears silently fell down her cheek from beneath the blindfold.

“Please No!” Amy protested between sobs but her plea fell on def ears.

“Nurse if you will” The doctor’s voice was soft as the Nurse nodded and walked to the bottom of the bed that Amy was tied to. Once there Amy felt her legs being pulled open, the straps that held her legs down raised up and were opened wide, spreading her thighs and making the cool air wash over her pussy lips, which she hated to admit was a little damp.

Amy held her breath as she felt a hand touch her inner, right thigh and slowly caress the soft skin closer to her pussy, the light touch very pleasant but all the time Amy knew this was not what she wanted.

“Don’t do this, I’m no lesbian!” Amy screamed as she felt the Nurses hand move closer to her pussy, the fingertips of that hand lightly touching them and making the wetness in her pussy grow.

Slowly the Nurse rubbed a finger up and down the opening to Amy’s body, the lips filled with blood and sensitive as she felt the finger press onto her clit and rub it a little.

“No please!” Amy cried out as the Nurse worked a finger into the open lips of Amy’s pussy and tickle a little of the inner walls. As much as Amy didn’t want this to be happening to her, she loved the feel of the fingers in her pussy, one was just inside wiggling while the other was on her clit rubbing her just the right way, her juice welling up inside her pussy just ready to be found by the probing finger.

The Nurse looked down at the pink lips of Amy’s pussy and licked her lips, the way her fingers felt inside was so erotic and she just loved the way Amy was wiggling to get them out, but it was only making her more turned on.

Leaning down the Nurse licked the inside of Amy’s thigh, the right thigh, and glided her tongue towards her wet pussy, leaving a long wet trail on Amy’s soft skin. Amy could feel the tongue on her thigh and she let out a little moan as it touched the outer lips of her pussy, it felt nice to have the finger inside and a tongue on the outside licking softly.

“No I'm not a lesbian!” Amy shouted as she felt the finger slip out and be replaced by the Nurses tongue, the wet slippery organ in her mouth licking up some of the wetness that Amy had produced from the pleasure of having the finger on her clit.

“Hmmm” The Nurse moaned as she flicked her tongue over Amy’s wet and erect clit, before sucking some of her juice into her mouth and savouring the sweet taste of her defenceless patient.

Amy cried out as she felt the Nurse licking her pussy lips now, and then pressing her tongue up into her body again, over and over the Nurse did that, shoving her flat, wet tongue into Amy’s wet and hot pussy, scooping out some of her juice and then flicking it over her clit.

“No… Ohhh” Amy let out an involuntary moan as she felt a finger slip inside her pussy along with the Nurse’s tongue, the Nurse seemed to know exactly how to please a woman, after all she was one herself.

The Nurse moaned as she tasted the sweet juice of Amy’s pussy fill her mouth, still working her finger in along with her tongue she rubbed all over the inside of the tight opening.

“Ohhh wow she’s hot down here” The Nurse said as she took her mouth from Amy’s body to talk to the Doctor. He nodded and went out of sight of Amy who moaned out again but quickly covered it with a cry of

“Get off me!”

Suddenly she felt the ice coldness of the ice cube again, this time on her clit. The pain was immense as the cube of frozen water touched her sensitive nub, The Doctor held the ice cube still over her clit as the Nurse flicked her tongue over the wet hole under it.

“Arrrggghhhh” Amy screamed out in pain as she felt her clit freezing up, well that’s what it felt like to her. Amy’s legs shook as she felt her pussy go numb almost, but the slight tingle of the Nurse’s tongue could still be felt.

“Stop this” she sobbed, tears dripping down her face as the Doctor moved the ice cube down from her clit and pressed the thawing cube into her pussy and rubbed her inner lips with it, making them cold and painful.

“There that should have cooled it down, her vaginal response’ is excellent to a woman, we need to find out if it responds as well to a man too” The Doctor said studying a clipboard with some notes attached.

“Doctor I think she should be cleaned out first, don’t you?” The Nurse asked pointing to the wet and very cold opening to Amy’s body.

“You’re right Nurse Teresa, please prepare the patient while I get the things we will need” The Doctor walked away and felt Amy crying and wondering what was in store as the Nurse walked over and grabbed Amy’s chin pulling her mouth open. Amy quickly snapped it shut and almost bit the Nurse’s fingers.

“Now you better be more co-operative then that when Dr. Johnson gets back” The Nurse said as she grabbed Amy’s nose and held it shut forcing Amy to open her mouth to take in a big lungful of air. When her mouth was open the Nurse placed something inside, it was only when Amy attempted to close her mouth again she found that all she could do was form an O with her lips, inside there was a sort of retractor keeping her from closing anymore.

“That’s better now isn’t it” The Nurse said with delight as Amy cried and tried to plead to be let go, but there was no way of talking with her mouth like it was, that only made Amy more scared and sob more.

The Nurse laughed as Amy attempted to free herself before the Doctor came walking back, holding a big glass of clear liquid in his hands. He was smiling and being careful not to spill any of the, what Amy could only assume, water.

“Now Miss Keibler we are going to have to clean out your insides before we can carry on the tests, there is only one way to do this so please try to relax” The Doctor said as he nodded to the Nurse who placed a funnel into the open mouth of Amy, she instinctively tried to move her head away but she was unable to, The funnel was stuck in her mouth and down to her throat and nothing was going to prevent that or what ever the pair holding her against her will wanted to do to her.

Amy began to sob and cry out as best she could while the Doctor just smiled to her and slowly brought the glass to the tip of the funnel; she knew what was coming but was powerless to stop it.

Slowly the glass was tipped and a steady stream of water, it was water after all Amy thought, dribbled down the neck of the funnel and into her throat, making Amy gag and cough as she attempted not to choke on the liquid that was being forced down her neck.

The Doctor stopped pouring and held the glass, which was about 1 and half pints, away from Amy’s mouth for a few seconds.

“I told you to relax and this will be much easier on you, now open your throat and you won’t gag so much” he instructed Amy.

Amy looked wide-eyed at him, the tears falling down her cheeks silently as she saw him tip the glass again, this time she was a little more ready and she did make an attempt to swallow the water, she didn’t want to but knew if she tried not to then she could possibly choke herself and that was a very scary thought.

The water began to disappear quite rapidly as Amy closed her eyes tight and swallowed the water down as fast as she could, the Doctor pouring more as she managed to get rid of the last bit. Finally she was making headway into the glass she had downed about a pint of water but still had half as much to go again.

Amy felt her bladder filling up as she continued to have the water forced down her throat, it was very uncomfortable and she felt she needed to pee really badly. Finally all the water was gone and Amy swallowed the last drops and sighed in relief that it was over.

“Nurse please remove the mouth restrain,” The Doctor said as he placed the glass on a table to the side, the Nurse nodded and moved over un-strapping the clips behind Amy’s head and pulling the metal object from her mouth. Amy moved her jaw, which was stiff and sore from being forced open for so long.

“Please let me go... please” she begged the tears falling from her eyes and her lip trembling. Then she felt it, the uncontrollable need to relive her bladder. The Doctor saw her shake and clench and smiled to the Nurse who smiled back, they both knew what was wrong with her.

“Please I need to pee really badly,” Amy moaned as she held back the need as much as possible.

“That is good Miss Keibler, this is just what needs to happed, we have to make sure your bladder is empty when I make your inner exam” The Doctor said calmly and pleasantly.

“No!” Amy cried out “Let me go!”

“I'm sorry Miss Keibler we can’t do that” he said again just looking at the discomfort on Amy’s face as she felt the pains in her stomach from her full bladder, it was getting really hard to hold her pee back now.

“Please you have to at least let me go to the toilet,” Amy said with pleading eyes looking at the Doctor and Nurse. “You are free to do so Miss Keibler, that is what we are waiting for,” he said standing over her with a clipboard in hand.

Amy wondered what he meant by that as she cried, the tears falling down her face as she held the pee inside herself, the pain building as she did.

“Miss Keibler, you need to flush out your body before we perform the next test on you” The Doctor said calmly as he wrote something on his clipboard.

“No I won’t!” Amy shouted as she held the pee inside herself painfully “I won’t pee in a bucket!”

“This is all we have Miss Keibler, now please flush out your body so we can proceed” he said.

Amy was finding it hard to hold as she felt the burning fullness in her bladder, tears were falling down her cheeks as she struggled to hold on to the little bit of self-respect she had.

After a further 5 minuets of the torture, Amy finally gave in to the pain and released the hold on her bladder. With a sob she felt her pee fall from her body and that awful sound of it hitting the bottom of the bucket, the steady drip becoming a long stream falling from her pussy.

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