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Doctor's Exam Has Its Benefits


Another year had gone by and it was time for my annual physical. Over the years my physician, Suzanne, and I had become close friends through my wife and church volunteer work. I actually looked forward to our time "together" in her office. Mainly because she is a great doctor but also she is very attractive. Her shoulder length blonde hair is silken against her olive complexion. Her 5'8" frame is shapely and she always dresses in stylish clothes that accentuate her 36C breasts, thin waste and perfect ass. It's hard not to stare into her chestnut eyes and lose yourself in some naughty fantasy.

I had arrived for my appointment on time and was led into an examining room where the nurse took all the needed vital signs and vials of blood. We enjoyed a slightly flirtatious exchange and I couldn't help but notice how horny she made me feel. This cute, young nurse looked like she truly enjoyed what she did but somehow her pert appearance awakened my lust. Great, just what I needed before a physical exam – a hard cock – not the best way to greet my doctor. Saddened, but relieved, the nurse left and told me to prepare for the exam. I removed all my clothes except for my silk boxers and sat on the exam table.

Suzanne always greeted me with a hug – with or without clothes on – so this was not unexpected to have her wrap her arms around me when she entered. Although anticipated, this hug always got a rise out of me.

Usually, I have no physical concerns and these exams are more social than "lifesaving". But this time I really wanted to discuss an issue that had been on my mind for months. After watching all those erectile dysfunction commercials I was starting to wonder if maybe my sex life was not as good as it could be. My wife wasn't complaining because my sexual drive hadn't diminished over the past twenty years of marriage but I knew my performance was lagging. So I figured, like the ad said, "Ask your doctor."

The real problem I had was how to bring up this subject without sounding perverted or horny. As I sat there in my underwear and answered her routine questions about anything out of the normal with eyes, ears, nose etc. I couldn't work my ED question into the mix. After thirty minutes of questions and small talk the final part of the exam was before us – the dreaded rectal exam. I don't know why, but when I got off of the table to "drop my drawers" I decided to take my underwear completely off. Naked, I turned around and bent over the table. I figured it was now or never, so as I bent over I asked, "Suzanne, since we are working on this part of my anatomy I do have a concern."

She had already put her latex glove on and had lubed up her finger but stopped before entering me to hear what was on my mind. Taking a deep breath I said, "I'm worried that my erections aren't what they used to be." There – I'd said it, now what? Suzanne took this in stride saying, "What exactly are you concerned about?" With her gentle tone and loving touch on my bare bottom I felt more at ease and opened up to her about my issues.

"My dick, I mean penis, has not been getting as hard when it gets erect," I started.

"Let's first make sure there aren't any physical issues." She nonchalantly replied. "We'll start by making sure your prostate is healthy. Usually I am very quick on this exam to reduce your discomfort but I'll need to be more thorough. So I need you to completely relax and just let me do my job."

When a doctor tells me to relax I always tense up immediately. She could see my butt cheeks tighten and started to laugh. "Could you squeeze any tighter? Let's see if I can get you to calm down just a tad or you'll break my finger." With that she started to massage my ass with her non-gloved hand, letting it run up my back and down to my thighs. This was helping a lot and with my sphincter relaxing she slowly started to insert her lubricated finger.

"Please, just relax and try to enjoy this because I need to manipulate your prostate. You may find this a bit stimulating so don't be concerned."

"I'll try", I said through clenched teeth. As she started to slide her finger into me and manipulate my prostate I actually could feel my muscles relax. "You're doing great," she encouraged, "your prostate feels normal. I'm going to grasp your penis now to see how responsive you are."

With her finger up my ass she reached round me and grabbed my cock! With her grasp firmly around my dick she slowly started sliding her finger in and out of my ass. Then she started jacking me off very slowly – almost clinically.

"I'm stimulating your prostate and penis at the same time to try and get an erection. This should result in a large erection and you can let me know if it's what you usually see when aroused." As she was talking, my heart rate was picking up and I was totally amazed that this hot scene was unfolding. After a few minutes she removed her finger from my ass and let go of my cock, discarded the glove and told me to turn around so she could examine me closer.

As I turned around my dick was nearly fully erect. Suzanne pulled her chair over and sat down in front of me. Taking my balls in one hand she continued to play with my dick while lightly squeezing my balls. Her face was now within inches of my dick and I could feel her breath on my hardening shaft. From this vantage point I was able to look down Suzanne's blouse. She had on a lacy bra that barely contained her large breasts. Looking at her cleavage I could see the front of her bra. I swore her nipples were erect; it appeared this exam was having an effect on both of us.

She asked, "Is this a normal erection for you? Because it feels very rigid and I must say your cock, I mean penis, is certainly above average both in length and width." Her voice was thicker than before, sounding like she was more aroused than even I had guessed. Now my dick was very hard, but I wanted to see how far this would go, so I said, "My cock is about as stiff as it gets. Is it your technique or just the situation?"

"I think it's both," she said huskily. "What about your ejaculation stream? Do you think that has diminished along with your erections?" Now we were getting somewhere. "When I cum it's not nearly as much as just a few years ago," I ventured. Just saying "cum" to Suzanne got me harder, but watching her reaction almost sent me over the top. She looked straight into my eyes and said, "Let's see how much cum you have."

As she said this, her mouth engulfed my cock and she started gently sucking me while playing with my balls. I felt empowered seeing this lovely lady in her open lab coat, gaping blouse and beautiful face around my dick. I ran my fingers through her hair feeling her locks cascade onto my thighs. Her tongue was tickling the bottom of my shaft while she slowly took more and more of my seven inches into her mouth. The deeper she took me the harder I got until my cock felt like it was made of iron. I started gently pumping into her mouth, being cautious not to gag her, but it was so hard not to want to force my cock down her throat. To control my thrusts Suzanne wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and started pumping in rhythm with her head bobbing up and down. She increased her suction and speed as she sensed my oncoming orgasm. As the first spurt came I felt like my head was blown off – I hadn't come that hard in ages. She swallowed as much as she could but some did leak out of her mouth. Once I stopped coming I let go of her head. She sat back and used her finger to wipe the rest of my cum off her face. "It looks like you still cum in gallons," she deadpanned.

As her arousal diminished she started moving back into her professional demeanor. "I think you're in great shape and I don't see anything wrong. This exam got a little out of control and you have to promise me that you'll never say anything or to anyone about this. I could lose my license."

Grinning, I said, "sorry, but I can't do that. If you want me to be silent about this then you'll have to do a little bit more for me." Suzanne could tell I was teasing but I still couldn't believe what just happened. Here's my friend and doctor asking me to protect her after she had given me the best blow job I've had in years. To her credit she smiled and said simply, "What do I have to do?"

"Take your panties off." I commanded. She looked at me first with shock then resignation while she reached under her skirt and pulled down her bikini panties that matched her lacy bra. I took them from her hand and could feel how wet they were. The aroma of her sex was pungent and it started getting me excited again.

"Lift up your skirt." I said. She complied displaying a perfectly trimmed pussy with a small landing patch of hair just above her clit. Her clit was clearly visible and her vulva was puffy. She was clearly in heat. "Show me how wet you are." I groaned. Slowly she slid her right hand down to her pussy, rubbing her clit a little then plunging two fingers into her cunt. Now she gave out a low moan and started pumping her fingers in and out until I told her to give me her hand. She pulled her fingers out of herself and held them up to my mouth for inspection. I started sucking on her fingers which caused her to moan again.

Now it was my turn to be doctor. "Remove all of your clothes and get onto the examining table." While she was stripping I took my cell phone out of my pants pocket and turned on the video. Putting it on the table where she wouldn't notice I positioned it to get her entire body into the shot. As she unbuttoned and removed her blouse I was stunned by her beauty. She looked magnificent, her brown, half-dollar sized, erect nipples came slowly into view as she unhooked her bra. Dropping her skirt at her feet allowed me to bask in her full nudity. "Leave your high heels on and get on your back," I directed.

Once she was on the table I told her to spread her legs. She reluctantly opened her legs and begged me again not to tell anyone about this. "You don't want me to tell anyone that you gave me a blow job during my physical you mean? I'll just keep this secret between you, me and Carrie (my wife)."

Knowing the video was rolling – I planned to show this footage to my wife – I decided to really enjoy the situation. I pulled Suzanne to the end of the table and started eating that sweet pussy. She was so wet and ready. When I started sucking on her clit she started moaning loudly and then her legs tensed around my head. I had never seen a woman cum so quickly in my life. I continued eating her pussy as she writhed on the table. "Fuck me. Please, I need to feel that big cock inside of me," she growled. I stood up and slid my cock into her wet, gaping pussy and started fucking her as hard as I could. Her head fell back and she met each of my thrusts with her own. Her hands were squeezing her breasts and pulling on her wonderfully hard nipples.

"Fuck me from behind. I need you to take me hard and pound my ass." My demure doctor demanded. She was turning into a raving sex starved goddess before my very eyes.

I pulled her off of the table, turned her around and had her put her hands against the wall. I entered her from behind and reached around to those beautiful breasts. We started fucking like two wild animals without any cares if we were heard in the next examining room. As Suzanne started to cum she screamed, "fuck me harder, harder, harder. I'm coming!" I could feel her pussy release a copious amount of liquid while my balls swelled and I came for the second time in thirty minutes. This time I filled her cunt with my cum and couldn't help but stand back and enjoy the view. Here was my doctor spread eagled against the wall with her perfect ass facing me and my cum dripping down her leg.

I turned her around and for the first time gently kissed her full lips. Our tongues swirled around, tasting each of our own juices. Her breasts rested against my chest as we slowly broke the embrace.

As we got dressed I told her I expected unlimited access to her body whenever I wanted. In fact I told her that I was keeping her panties and expected the next time I saw her she would be naked under her skirt. If she failed to obey me I would let the authorities know about her indiscretion. She laughed and said that wouldn't be necessary. She was a willing accomplice and wanted to know what memento I had for her to remember the afternoon. That's when I picked up my cell phone and showed her my video treasure. She beamed that fabulous smile at me and said she looked forward to movie night. "Make sure Carrie is there," she said. I could feel my cock rise.

Doctor's Exam Has Its Benefits - Chapter 2

Driving home from the doctor's office I was euphoric. Not only had I just had the best sex in ages; it was with my beautiful doctor and she also seemed open to continuing this encounter. Slowly my euphoria abated as reality started to set in. While my wife, Carrie, loved to fantasize during our lovemaking there is a vast divide between fantasy and reality. More and more often Carrie and I would describe a particularly hot scene during foreplay – safe knowing it was only a fantasy.

Our favorite fantasy always included one of her beautiful friends somehow involved in a threesome. Usually I'd start describing how hot Carrie's pussy looked and how much I like to show it off. She would then pick up the thread and describe how she liked to let her girlfriends get a peek of her naked pussy up her skirt whenever they had a girl's night out. This would lead to an ever increasing erotic tale of seduction ending with me pounding Carrie's cunt while she described how wonderful it was to be eating her friend's pussy while I was fucking her.

This erotic foreplay was becoming a wonderful part of our lovemaking. I was amazed when we first started doing this just how receptive Carrie was to these episodes. As we became bolder in our stories we introduced reading explicit letters and watching porn as a sure fire lead in to great sex. Carrie quickly became an experienced storyteller and she could take any idea and make me feel like it really happened. Now it was my turn to switch the table and try to work my reality into our fantasy.

Arriving home Carrie asked how my appointment went and how our friend Suzanne was doing. I said, "It was interesting I'll tell you more about it later. But right now it's cocktail hour – ready for your Cosmo?" Even though it was only 4:30 over the past few months our happy hour had been steadily moving earlier so there was no problem in getting the party started. We put together a nice appetizer tray of cheese, crackers and grapes then settled into our favorite chairs and enjoyed our cocktails.

We usually have two drinks before dinner, but I felt additional liquor would make my confession a little easier to make. So when I'd filled her glass with her fourth Cosmo Carrie was feeling very good which means horny. As she sat in her chair she had pulled her legs up under herself which was giving me a nice view up her short skirt. This did not go unnoticed and Carrie took my stare as an invitation to stand up and remove her panties. Sitting back down she looked me in the eye and said, "You seem very sexy to me tonight. There is something different about you and it's making me wet. Look at what you're doing to me." With that she slowly spread her legs and showed me her trimmed pussy. She took her fingers and opened herself up to display her state of arousal.

"Have you got something you want to tell me about your visit to the doctors?" She asked. "Were you a bad boy with Suzanne? Tell me all the details."

Now I knew she was moving into our fantasy routine. Since Suzanne had been part of many of our previous tales it was a perfect opening for Carrie to unwittingly get the story.

"Suzanne was awesome today." I started. "She was dressed in a crème colored blouse that was unbuttoned to her lacy bra. Her skirt was short and showed off her long legs. I think she wanted me from the moment I went into her office."

"No doubt she did honey – you know all my girlfriends tell me how much they'd like to fuck you. Suzanne has told me before how lucky I am to have your big cock all to myself." Carrie was now starting to add fuel to my fire. She was just drunk enough to give in to her own fantasy while helping me describe mine. She kept her fingers over her clit while we talked and was rubbing it in small circles, using an occasional dip of her finger into her cunt to help lubricate.

I then proceeded to describe what had actually happened during my exam. Carrie, still deep into our fantasy, kept embellishing my "story" with her own quips. It's always interesting to hear her asides because it indicates just what turns her on. This time she started to focus on my description of Suzanne's body and she started to describe her fantasy of seeing that beautiful woman naked. As I was more forthcoming with details of Suzanne's anatomy including her shaved pussy and perfect ass Carrie would start to moan and increase the friction on her clit.

"Tell me how she sucked you off again – that was really hot. I can almost see her full lips wrapped around your cock now. If she were here now doing that I'd take my clothes off like this." At which point Carrie stripped naked. "Then I'd slip up behind her so that I could play her tits. She has the best tits of any of my friends and I'd love to feel her nipples get hard in my hands. Then I'd slide down to her pussy and lick her clit while she sucked you off." Now, Carrie was in full heat and virtually tore my clothes off while taking my dick into her mouth.

It's at this point I realized that Suzanne's cunt juice was still on my cock. Carrie seemed not to notice or maybe she enjoyed this new flavor because she was unbelievable. For the first time in our lives she was able to take my entire shaft down her throat. We were both amazed by this and Carrie had to stop giving me head and exclaim, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." Giggling now she grabbed my cock and said, "I want to watch you fuck Suzanne – it would be so hot!" She then slid on top of my and guided me into her waiting cunt.

"You really want to see me fuck Suzanne?" I groaned. "Yes." She hissed back. I then reached for my phone and as Carrie was moving toward her climax I turned on the video replay. As Carrie's eyes focused on the scene playing out on my phone she started to groan louder and ride me faster. "Is that what I think it is? Is that you fucking Suzanne in her office? Oh my god, oh my god. That is so fucking hot." She then started to thrash atop me in a series of very intense orgasms, the entire time her eyes never left the small screen.

The video ended the same time Carrie stopped coming. She turned around and looked at me – here it comes I thought I've crossed the Rubicon and will pay the consequences – and said, "I can't wait to do this again, next time with Suzanne."

Doctor's Exam Has Its Benefits - Chapter 3

Worried that this new turn in our fantasy play would change our relationship in ways we couldn't foresee, we decided to let the intensity of that day diminish. We spoke often about the episode over the next few weeks. I explained my emotions of the moment, what if felt like really cheating on Carrie for the first time and my concerns on how this really would affect our relationship. Carrie was just as frank and described her conflict – from arousal to disdain. We decided our marriage was too strong not to be able to withstand this new found sexual pleasure but we still thought getting a professional counselor involved would be a prudent thing to do.

Over twenty years of marriage we had seen our ups and downs. During a particular down time we sought the help of a counselor, Dr. Kim, to help us sort things out. Dr. Kim had an office just walking distance from our house and our visits were covered by our insurance – easy decision. She turned out to be an excellent therapist and helped us work out our issues in just a few weeks. So we decided to give her another try and made an appointment for the following Monday.

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