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Doctor's Help


I walked to your surgery and you could immediately see that something was wrong.

"What's wrong, Claire?"

"Nothing," I attempted polite smile but it was clear to you that I did not mean it.

"Well, then please change and we will do your examination..." you said and pointed towards examination room.

You did the exam and told me, "you can get dressed and I will write your prescription in the meantime."

I dressed and came back to your surgery.

"Now, please sit down and tell me what did happen."

I sat down on the chair and lowered my eyes.

"Come on, you know that you can trust me."

I looked at you and sighted. Then I lowered my eyes and slowly started to tell you what did happen with a man that I met few weeks ago. I could not hold tears. They just started flow and I could not stop them.

"I am sorry to hear that, Claire."

I was drying my eyes and felt ashamed. I did not know why I was sitting there telling you all that.

"It will be OK, Claire. You are OK to cry..."

I knew you liked me all the time I was going to your surgery and you liked me even know with red crying eyes. You took my head and started stroking my hair. You were sorry for me and were thinking what to do to help me. You could smell my freshly washed hair and you desired to hold me like this, comforting me as long as possible. You wanted to fondle my whole body, but the situation was not suitable.

You had look at the clock on the wall, "they will be locking the building soon, we should go."

"I am really sorry that I took so much of your time. I should not start with that."

"On a contrary," you said kindly. "I think you need to tell someone everything. You need to get it out. How about stroll in the park?"

"But, you're my doctor..."

"No buts... I mean it, you need to talk and as doctor, I am here to listen and help..."

I reluctantly agreed and we spent next two hours walking in the park. I was telling you the whole story about me and that man and you could not believe how someone could be so ruthless. My hair was shining in the late sun. You thought that I need company and lots of positive experiences to soothe the pain in my heart. So, you invited me for the dinner.

I hesitated first, but you persuaded me. You took me to cosy restaurant. Although there was still sun outside, the restaurant was dark and there were candles on all the tables. My eyes brightened up.

"That's beautiful. I love candles so much."

You have been pleased with my enthusiasm and the fact that I have something else to think about. You made sure not to mention the topic we have been discussing in the park and I started telling you more about myself, my love for candles, about my flat and so on. You were happy that I was starting to be more positive.

"I have lots of candles at home. In the kitchen, living room and even in the bathroom. I lit them if I want to soak myself in the tub and relax. And I have lots of candles in my bedroom. If you come to my place one day, I will show you."

You smiled because you just remembered smell of my hair in the surgery.

"Oh, sorry. You do not care about candles. He did not care either. He thought they are unnecessary, too feminine...Sorry, I got too excited. Perhaps that wine..."

"Oh no. I like them too. They help to bring romance. That's why I took you here; I hoped you would like it. I also have candles at home. Not as many as you do, but I do. I'd love to see your collection, if I might..."

"I would love to. How about after we finish this delicious meal?"

After the dinner we went to my place. I was showing you all my candles excited that someone cares for them and for me. You were patiently listening and admiring them.

"And this is my bedroom... See that shelf behind bed -- do you like them?"

"They are gorgeous. Can I lit them up?"

"Of course you can," I answered and fell on to the bed. "I am so tired that every inch of my body hurts..."

"How about massage?"

"Hmm..." I purred like a kitten. The wine we drank caused that I lost all reservations and did not think if it is appropriate or not. "Yes, please."

"But that requires you to get undressed... Come on, I know you from my surgery, I have seen you naked so many times..."

I wanted to say something about differences between surgery and my bedroom, but then decided to leave it... I undressed quickly and lied belly down on my own bed.

You grabbed a bottle of massage oil that I had on bedside table and told me to relax. "Enjoy my hands on your body... Do you feel your muscles loosening?"

With my head in pillow, I was purring like little kitten. You finished massaging my back and started on my legs. Going from my calves, up through my tights towards my bottom.

"You have beautiful bottom, do you know it?"

All I could do was purr little bit more. I was sure that you have enjoyed the massage of my bum as much as I did. You have gently fondled it and kneaded it hard enough to make me feel good, but not to hurt me. I was not ready for anything else, yet. But I was sure that in your mind you were squeezing it harder and perhaps even spanked me a bit. You imagined parting both globes and gently circling with your finger around my anus. Then with bit of saliva on it, pushing little bit on my pink pucker. With light circling then starting pushing in feeling that my anus relaxed a bit by bit. Bit by bit your finger disappearing in my anus... And then, perhaps... It was still to early for that, but just thinking about it caused your manhood get hard in your trousers.

"Now, on your back..."

I looked at you and quietly obeyed your gentle order. It was so pleasant. First, you massaged my hands, then again my tights. Then you spread oil all over my belly.

"You have beautiful body... Anyone saying otherwise is not worth of you..."

Then you started spreading oil all over my breast with circular motion. You could feel my nipples hardening under your touches. You let go of your control little bit and sped your movements up. You have realised that when I have started involuntary moan, slowed down and waited for me to get my composure back.

"Love cannot hurt. Unless you want to feel hint of pain that would excite you... Remember that... Don't let anyone do to you anything that is not pleasant.... Love is a wonderful thing... But it requires mutual respect... And candles... Lit them if you like it... Perhaps, you will sometimes want more light than just candlelight to better see... But you can still have them for the atmosphere... But now... I have here something... Treasure... Perhaps you want to touch it..."

I looked at you and saw big tent on your trousers. I stretched and stroked it lightly. I could feel pulsing life in there, trying to get free from the confines of your trousers. I had look at your face....

"Do you want to have a look? You can undo the zipper..."

I nodded and slowly undid the zipper. You have helped me and removed your trousers and shirt. But your manhood was still imprisoned in your underwear, begging to be released.

"You can fondle it again, if you wish... Or you can free it completely..."

I stretched my hand and fondled your bulge lightly. I was amazed how much patience you had with me. I did not think anyone was undressing you that slowly before. I was exploring you through your underwear and hesitated to continue. You noticed my hesitation.

"Remember, it is only up to you how far you want to go. You can stop any time..."

That calmed me and gave me more courage. I hesitated for another moment and then slowly pulled your underwear off.

"Good. Just have a look. He likes you... You are so beautiful..."

I stopped behaving like a scientist in his lab and gave you big smile. I was flattered by its hardness. It was rock hard because of me, I thought proudly. I was sure it was hard not only just because you wanted sex... You really liked me. I stretched my hand again and gently fondled it. The touch of that soft skin was exquisite and very nice.

"You can switch on the lights so you see him better..."

I switched the bedside lamp on and looked at it. I did never had so much time to explore man's dick so close and slowly. I was lightly touching it with my fingers. Then I have pulled on the skin and exposed purple head. I played like this for a while and genuinely enjoyed having this opportunity to explore without someone hurrying me up. I have bent and lightly kissed it on the tip. I smiled seeing the reaction to my kiss and covered it in kisses on the tip first and then everywhere. When I reached the base, I stopped, looked back and started to lick the whole length of the shaft. I enjoyed that so I continued and sped little bit. After another while I was flickering the head with my vibrating tongue... I was so immersed in my own activity that I did not realise that you were just showing me highest skills in self-control. Finally, I got courage enough to put tip into my mouth. Just little bit below the head... My memories were still too raw to go further. You knew that even that was something you did not think I would do after what I have told you earlier that day.

Your problem was that you were too close. You feared that you could spray me with your cum. "I think that's enough. I did not expect you to get this far."

"Thanks... For..." I whispered.

"Thanks for what? For letting you do this?"

I nodded.

You smiled and fondled my hair. "Love and sex is wonderful... Human body is beautiful... I want you to know this and experience it. I want to help you to forget.... I will go with you as slowly and as far as you wish to... I am here for you, Claire"

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