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Doctor's Personal Therapy


Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, all non-consensual sex is immoral and illegal, and not condoned by the author. All characters are over 18 years of age. Copyrights protected.

The Accident

Rick Winter had it all. It wasn't fair, to be sure, but some people are just lucky in life and Rick was the epitome of good fortune. He was good looking. At 6'3" and 210 lbs., he stood on a perfectly constructed frame, his golden locks of long blond hair framing a face that would make most girls, and some boys, knees melt. At 19, he had already been the star of the football team, the homecoming king, and to add insult to injury, the valedictorian of his high school class. Brains, brawn, and looks. It really didn't get much better than that. Worse still, he was a nice guy. People genuinely liked him. He was polite and well-mannered, caring and conscientious of others.

Now comes the hard part. In addition to all the above, Rick was well-hung...big-time. Nine inches of thick cock and an impressively wide circumference. It really wasn't fair.

Then it hit. That moment the rest of us mere mortals wish for when Providence finally shines our way and something awful happens to someone so good, much to our shame. Schadenfreude. In his sophomore year of college, skiing with Kristy Andersen, the hottest girl on campus, the accident happened. Rick was checking out Kristy's sweet ass as she swiveled down the ski slopes when he hit a tree. It nearly killed him. Busted and broken, he was flown by chopper to the nearest hospital.

Multiple surgeries later, Rick was trussed up in a hospital bed thankful to be alive. Several ribs were broken, both shins, both arms, and his jaw. All in all, he was a mess, requiring months of intensive rehabilitation to recover. His body was immobilized, legs in casts and anchored in place by ties to prevent dislodging the set of the broken bones. His ribs were taped and both arms were in traction, suspended above his head and useless. Finally, his jaw was wired shut, making talking possible, but difficult and restricting him to a liquid diet.

Fortunately, true to form, his parents were wealthy and Rick received the best of care, including a private room. His mother flew out to take over his care while in the hospital. Everything would be taken care of, she was determined her baby would receive the best the hospital had to offer.


Dr. Wendy Edberg breezed through the door to Rick's private room in a good mood. Her patient was doing well, and she was pleased to visit once more. Dr. Edberg was pushing 45, but with the vibrancy of a 25-year-old. Married, with three kids and well-established in her career, she was a wonderful, caring physician who placed her patient's first. Statuesque at 5'11", having kids had not diminished her body. Even at her height, she only weighed in at a curvaceous 135 lbs. Much of that was parked in her chest, as her hips and legs were slender while her bust was, to say the least, substantial at a 36 D-cup.

Rick was her favorite patient, and she told him so often. Dr. Edberg said that to every patient, but in this case, it was true. Perhaps captivated by Rick's pleasant demeanor and positive attitude, but more likely smitten by his striking good looks as were so many women, she looked forward to checking in on his progress daily.

Today Rick was sleeping, soundly snoozing as his medications kept him drowsy. He was also, as might be expected, quite bored after over a week bedridden in the hospital, so sleep filled the time.

Since he wasn't going anywhere and toilet duties were handled by the orderly, Rick was completely naked under his covers, there being no need for clothing. Today, he only had a light bed sheet over his lower extremities, the upper-half uncovered in the warm room.

Dr. Edberg performed her usual examination, checking BP, temperature and other vital signs. It wasn't until she gave him the 'once-over' that she noticed the large lump under the sheets around his waist. It had never been there before, certainly not in such an aroused state, although one didn't need to be a medical doctor to know what it was...and its cause.

Rick was a young, virile male. He had his selection of sexual partners and no doubt frequently satisfied his carnal needs with the aid of some pretty college coed, like Kristy, more than happy to spend the night with the college hunk. Even if he didn't, at 19 he was at the height of his sexual peak, constantly in need of relief. While most men his age at least had access to their palm when a comely young woman was unavailable to 'take the edge off', Rick's injured status prevented any such accommodation.

Laid up as he was, his hands useless, clearly Rick didn't have the luxury of taking care of his frequent hard-ons in any way whatsoever. The result was an increasing number of erections rising during the course of the day, even while he slept.

His unconscious state allowed the curious doctor to glance more directly at the impressive bulge beneath the sheets than propriety would otherwise allow were he awake.

'Wow,' was all she could think. 'I'll bet he's popular.'

She gave a sly grin to no one but herself, turning to write on her chart when the naughty thought came to mind.

'No one's here...no one would know.' She shook her head trying to dispel the nasty idea but it wouldn't leave. The risk, after all, was minimal, and she just had to see it.

'Just a peek,' Wendy Edberg's lascivious mind tried to convince herself. It had been years since she was young and could attract what appeared to be a magnificent specimen of manhood.

'I am a doctor, after all,' she rationalized, then repeated the mantra, 'no one will know.'

Rick's breathing calm and regular, Dr. Edberg stealthily placed her fingers at the top edge of the cotton sheet, rumpled across his flat, muscular stomach. Holding her breath in anticipation, she gently lifted the fabric up and back, just a bit, until the fat purplish knob of Rick's solid prick made an appearance. Swollen and pulsing to whatever images ran through his dreaming mind, his hard cock pointed up from his pelvis to his stomach.

Wendy caught her breath, not wanting to make a sound, but now driven by an even stronger urge to see the impressive meat she was certain lay between her young patient's legs. Drawing the sheet back further still, removing what little weight it contained from the turgid pole, Rick's cock jumped with its escape.

Dr. Edberg licked her dry lips unknowingly as the better part of the sleeping stud's tremendous shaft was exposed.

'Oh, my god!' Wendy took another deep breath, curiosity driving her onward in revealing the quiet collegian's marvelous package, pulling the sheet back even further until his substantial, jumbo egg-sized nuts came into view ensconced in their fleshy scrotum. The entire package was encircled by a masculine nest of curly blond pubic hair.

Dr. Edberg had examined plenty of patients over the years, men and women, young and old, but she had never seen such an awe-inspiring set of cock and balls in her entire career. Her breathing became shallow, staring with wonder at the tensing giant as it ached for release, the torment of sexual needs unmet keeping it stiff and anxious.

'I should help him,' the veteran physician thought, 'but that's overstepping the bounds of patient care,'

'WOW!' the woman within her lusted in contradiction. The woman within her won in a moral conflict lasting only a moment, Dr. Edberg's desire to handle Rick's big cock too powerful to be constrained by medical ethics.

Her mind settled and her need strong, Wendy Edberg checked her patient once again to be sure she had not already disturbed his slumber. Convinced he was asleep, she cautiously lowered her left hand to the straining tool, afraid to touch it, but unable to resist.

Her soft fingertips first brushed against the delicate skin at the base of the broad shaft, trailing up the full 9" length to just below the flared crown. She didn't know what she would say if Rick were to wake up. She figured she could come up with something reasonable, but in the deviant reaches of her aroused mind, she hoped if he did wake up he would somehow approve of her efforts.

As Rick didn't stir, she became more daring, extending the pads of her fingers to lightly glide along the urethral tube up the span of his inflamed cock. His solid meat jumped again, responding to the touch in his sleep, perhaps somehow becoming part of his erotic dream.

Wendy wanted to take the full measure of the sizable timber into her hand, to gauge its girth and understand its true size and weight. Circling her fingers carefully around the wide, warm tube of swollen meat, Dr. Edberg surreptitiously grasped the vibrant member fully in her soft palm, the blood pounding through his veins, now apparent to the misbehaving doctor.

'I'll just tell him I'm taking his pulse,' she giggled to herself.

Her fingers were long and slender, befitting her overall size and body type, but even then, they didn't fully reach around the dense tool as she cradled it in her hand. Her diamond wedding ring, set against the gold band encircling her finger as a symbol of her 20+ year marriage and fidelity, pressed against the young man's quivering cock, glistening under the bright examination lights in the sterile hospital room.

Rick roused a tad and shifted some in his bed, but his movements were limited by the restraints, so his legs remained deliberately parted, a functional position allowing the doctor to access all the goods. Fortunately, he did not wake, emboldening Dr. Edberg to continue.

Sliding her hand up the hard shaft using only a gentle grip, Wendy tenderly covered the distance to the head not once, but three times, before noticing the sample of pre-cum dotting the tip at his cock slit. Fearing the sensitivity of the supple surface of his crown might be enough to wake him, she took the chance anyway, stretching her index finger to dab at the viscous fluid, then smearing it pleasantly all around the fat knob. This time she elicited an unexpected but garbled response from her patient, causing her to pause.


Dr. Edberg froze, cock in hand, uncertain if Rick had woken. Her concern was immediately set aside when it became clear he was dreaming, probably about some college bimbo he had fucked from his many choices.

"Ahhhh, nice...teach."

At least that's what the mumbled words sounded like to Wendy through the tight-wired jaw of the college stallion.

'Hmm,' she wondered, 'apparently, it wasn't just college coeds the popular Mr. Winter was boning at school.'

The crisis averted, Dr. Edberg continued, her desire to 'aid her patient' a poorly masked ruse for the reality she was simply dying to see how much spunk his big balls could pump out, especially when so backed up in the last week. Those resting testicles were her next target, supremely curious how the large spheres would feel in her fingers...of their weight and size.

Slipping her softly stroking hand once more down Rick's tensing shaft, Wendy drew her hand to glide over his hairy sack, lightly dancing through the fine tangle of curls to gently rest her palm on the warm, bulging package. They were remarkable, and Dr. Edberg needed to gather herself again and slow down her deep breathing.

The flesh of Rick's scrotum was loose, allowing his heavy nuts to hang freely in their container. It made it easy for Wendy to take his right testicle between the pads of her fingers and lift it within the wrinkled delicate skin, rolling it tenderly and weighing the bulbous gonad as she luxuriated in the confirmation of what she already knew instinctively; his balls were heavy and full of warm, creamy cum.

Not satisfied with feeling just the one nut, Wendy next slid her full hand to underneath the hanging sack, pressing up against the delicately soft skin connecting the bag to his perineum to take the entire package into her palm to once again weigh the loaded testicles in her scrutinizing hand.

'Marvelous,' the doctor salaciously determined. 'I've got see what these big boys can pump out.'

Happy with her discreet progress, and emboldened as she breathlessly played with the impressive equipment on full display before her, Dr. Edberg released Rick's huge balls to take up the magnificently pulsing shaft, her fingers once again caressing its tremendous girth as she plied them gracefully up and down its veined length with a delighted grin.

Another seeping pearl of white goo formed at the tip of his swollen crown, a result of her efforts, but now the increasingly depraved doctor needed more than to merely smear it across the surface of his cock head...she wanted, actually needed, to taste the inviting fluid.

'It will only be a flick,' she convinced herself, and it looked so clear and delicious, she had to know its flavor.

Quickly tying back her medium length brown hair and removing her dangle earrings before she lost her nerve, Wendy returned her fingers to the hardened cock and raised it straight up from his pelvis, the drop of gleaming cum perched delicately on top of the purple knob. Lowering her head, a quick swipe of her tongue and it was gone, transferred in a moment from the young man's strident pole to the tip of her tongue, where it was pulled into her waiting mouth.

"Uummm," Wendy allowed an audible moan of appreciation to escape before catching herself.

'Wow, this guy's cum even tastes great,' she told herself in admiration.

That was the last straw for Dr. Edberg. A taste wasn't enough, she needed more...she needed it all. Husband be damned, she hadn't had a cock like this in her life, and she didn't know if she'd ever get another chance. Besides, she didn't plan on telling anyone...especially her husband.

Bending once more to the task she was determined more than ever to complete, Dr. Wendy Edberg ran the flat of her wet tongue up the full span of Rick's long cock, taking its full measure and luxuriating in its warmth and feel...and in the power it contained. Reaching the top, without using her hands, she skillfully extended her tongue to lift the fat head, stretching her lips to encircle the broad rim into her mouth, slathering the head with her tongue reverently.

Wendy assumed there was no way she could take the entire length of Rick's jumbo cock all the way into her mouth. Besides, she hadn't throated a guy since she was in med school -- a fact her husband also didn't know, since they were young newlyweds, and she had never revealed the indiscretion. Still, she would do her best to take down as much of her patient's unconquerable meat as she possibly was able.

Her goal established, Wendy set out to do just that, her elastic lips expanding to encompass first one, then two, then three inches of the college hunk's thick stalk before pulling up to the inflamed rim. She refused to release the turgid pole completely for fear of waking her patient, and was also afraid of not getting the damn head back in her mouth once it was out. Breathing deeply through her nose, her eyes focused on the thatch of curly blond hairs rimming the base as her intended destination, Wendy lowered her head again, this time taking in a good 6" of his sturdy tool.

Her straining lips trailed a glistening coat of saliva as she pulled back once again. On her third trip down the sleeping collegian's mighty shaft she made it to about 7½" and knew that was as far as it would go when it pushed against the back of her throat. Any thought of throating the monster was simply out of the question. From the sheer expanse of his cock head, she was certain, in her considered medical opinion, she would choke to death if she tried. She would just have to be satisfied with handling most of his big prick.

With a glint of pride in her eye and thrill in her heart...and between her legs, Dr. Wendy Edberg proceeded to engage in a steady, highly-attentive rhythmic sucking of Rick's wonderful cock.

It was at this point Rick woke up from his erotic dream about his literature professor Cynthia Matson to learn of the reality of the situation, gazing at the part in the hair on the top of his pretty doctor's bobbing head as she sensuously, and more than adequately, worked over his painfully hard cock.

Rick was careful not to say a word, not wanting to disturb the good doctor from performing her 'duties'. This was not completely foreign ground for Rick. Not the part about having his attractive, if older, doctor doing her damnedest to suck him off in his hospital bed. That was a first. But Rick had been woken on numerous occasions to the gentle, enthusiastic mouth-work of some young coed or a female professor during his time at the university. Once he even awoke receiving head from a coed's mother on the family couch while the woman's husband slept in the next room and the daughter he was dating slept in her own bed.

'Dr. Edberg is good. She knows what she's doing, and her mouth feels incredible on my cock.'

It was with that acknowledgement Rick laid back and watched Dr. Edberg tease, tantalize and suck his much-in-need cock, having not cum in over a week. It was nice having an educated woman, a married professional woman such as his doctor, nursing on his hard prick to take care of his backed-up needs. Adding to his delight, the college sophomore could see down the blouse of his focused doctor, her impressive cleavage on full display, the crease of her breasts smashed together in the functional white bra that occasionally peeked out of the V-neck as she bent over plying her mouth up and down his shaft in rapt attention to her goal.

'She's got nice tits. I'll bet she's a 36-D.' Rick prided himself on guessing a woman's bra size.

With the leverage he now had over the compromised lady doctor, he assumed his guess would soon be confirmed. He suspected he'd get to check out her bra size when he asked her to show him her big jugs, or else report her to the hospital administration.

'Heck, blackmail probably won't even be necessary,' he mused. 'She seems pretty willing all on her own.'

Wendy was so involved in what she was doing she had lost sight of everything else. If someone had walked in at that moment she wouldn't have noticed...or cared. She certainly wasn't aware the subject of her carnal desires was awake and watching her every move as she used every trick she knew trying to coax the reservoir of cum she knew resided in Rick's big balls.

Her technique was effective, and Rick could feel the rising swell in his loins as her mouth toyed with his achingly stiff cock. Not wanting to startle her to recognition of his alert presence, he held still despite a desire to roll his hips in rhythm with her sucking mouth. Still, she pushed on, varying her technique and alternating between the shaft and the sensitive head like a pro, even taking up his balls in her hand to roll gingerly between her fingers, squeezing ever-so-lightly in the most erotic way. It was becoming too much for Rick.

Wendy was oblivious to Rick's awareness, so involved with her desired task she paid no attention. Her sole goal was to make him cum in her mouth, to taste more of his male essence, and swallow it to become a part of her body. Pumping up and down with a steady pace, licking and teething his hard cock, she sensed from his breathing and the sheer tension he had to be close. In a final push, she drove on, taking 8" of his solid meat into her slobbering mouth at one point, before pulling back to the tip in expectation he was ready to blow, and she would receive her reward for taking such a risk.

She was right.


With a buck of his hips, Rick grunted out his orgasm between the clenched teeth of his wired-shut jaws. Wendy expected the wave and she got it, a tremendous pulse of thick cum flooding her mouth, filling it to the brink almost instantly, and causing some to dribble out the corners down her chin. Wendy had done this before with her husband and her medical school dalliance. She was accomplished at swallowing cum. Still, even though she was prepared, she couldn't keep up with the river of spunk pouring from the erupting cock head of her stud patient.

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