tagLoving WivesDoes He Really Want That? Ch. 05

Does He Really Want That? Ch. 05


Letter from the author: This story is about Female domination, humiliation and cuckolding. The main character has a small cock and therefore feels inferior. If this is not your cup of tea, please go read something else. For those who do enjoy that, please read on. Thanks to all those who commented on the last four chapters. Feel free to e-mail me feedback as well. It is how I know what the readers like and dislike.



A few months have past since Steve witnessed his Melissa being fucked in the ass by her lover. Until recently, things have been going smoothly. Melissa has been really enjoying her sexual freedom. Since that night, Petros has moved on and Melissa has had several more lovers, but no one steady. She usually brings a man home that she has met at work, or maybe at a bar. She will make a phone call to Steve before coming home to let him know she will be having company. He has now set up several cameras in their bedroom and watches from a spare bedroom on the other end of the house. Melissa always tells the men she is married, but lies and says that he is out of town. She loves Steve and would never embarrass him in front of someone she brought home. Sometimes in her duties as a realtor, she has had sex with a client on the job, and comes home to have Steve service her as she tells him all about it. The kids spend a couple nights a week at grandma's house, leaving the couple to explore without worrying about that. Lately however, she has been ignoring Steve's needs. He has not been able to orgasm any way but through masturbation while alone, and he has become frustrated. Melissa has noticed his less than enthusiastic efforts toward her, and a feeling that she has lost a bit of control.

One day they woke up and were cuddling in bed when Steve looked at her and said, "How about a blow job babe."

"Yea right." Melissa chuckled.

"Come on." Steve asked.

Melissa laughed it off and hopped out of bed. She turned on the shower and sat on the toilet to pee. When she stood up, Steve was standing in the doorway naked with his rock hard cock in his hand.

"What are you doing?" she snapped at him as she removed her nightgown.

"You're my wife. I want you to give me a blow job." He explained.

"I'm not doing that." She told him.

"Why not, you don't have a problem sucking all those other guys cocks." He said sternly.

"Look, you wanted this, you wrote about it, and you told me you love it when I am in charge. Now I am used to it and I don't want to go back to the way it was." There was an evil look in her eye. "Besides, that puny little thing is not worth my time."

Steve felt the tide turn immediately. His hope of guilting her into it were fruitless. He had no other course but to beg now if he wanted anything.

"Then at least stroke it for me, I am tired of my own hand. I need you to touch it, please." He pleaded.

Melissa knew if she didn't do something, he would sulk all day and she would have to deal with that.

"I am not going to touch it, but I tell you what, how about I play with my ass and you can watch and jack off? You know you like it when I play with myself." She reasoned with him.

"OK" he answered, knowing it was the best he would get.

Melissa turned off the shower and stood in the middle of it. She turned her back to him and bent over, displaying her full round ass. She spread a cheek with one hand and inserted a finger into her ass with the other. Slowly she began to fuck her asshole with her middle finger, moving it in and out, in and out. Her head rocked back and she moaned slightly. It always turned her on that she could get her husband so hot by playing with herself. The power she had over him was such a turn on. She spread her legs a bit and bent over more to give him a good look at her pussy from behind as well as her anal show.

Steve stood behind her a few feet and whacked his little cock furiously. He wanted this to last forever, but it would not be long before he came. He watched her slide her finger rhythmically between her cheeks and into her asshole again and again. Her smooth pussy was in full view from the back too. His cock was rock hard. His hand furiously stroked his rigid unit. He smeared the precum all over it, and it added to his pleasure. The scene was so erotic he could hardly stand it. He heard her moans and slowed his pace so he could watch longer.

Melissa saw him slow and knew why. She wanted him to cum so she could get on with her day. So she did what she knew would put him over the top quickly. She talked dirty to him.

"You like watching mommy play with her big beautiful ass don't you?" She asked.

"Yes." He gasped.

"Well don't slow down, I love watching your tiny little cock cum." She teased

"I don't want it to stop." He said. "It makes me so hot watching you."

Melissa demonstrated her control over him once more, "If you cum in the next tem seconds, I will let you cum all over my beautiful ass." She told him with a dirty little smile.

Steve needed no more encouragement. He took two steps forward and sped his pace again. In less than ten seconds he was spaying his load all over her large protruding ass. Melissa continued to fuck her asshole with her hand as his warm seed covered her ass. She was really turned on herself. She watched as he finished pumping his cock. She pulled her finger from her ass, and she stood up to face Steve.

"Suck it." She demanded, sticking her finger in his face.

Without hesitation, he opened his mouth and she inserted it. He sucked it in and ran his tongue all over the finger cleaning it perfectly. Melissa watched as he did this and reveled in the control she had over him. She was really turned on right now and she needed some relief. She pulled her finger from his mouth and sat on the bench in the shower. Steve's cum was still all over her ass, so it was a bit hard to keep from slipping off. She found her place and spread her legs wide.

"You don't get all the attention, come eat my pussy hubby, I need to cum." She told him.

Steve dropped to his knees on the cold tile and moved between her legs. Melissa spread her lips and watched as he lowered his face to her pussy and began pleasuring her.

"That's good baby. Yea, make mommy cum." She encouraged him.

Steve licked her saturated pussy. Licking from her hole to her clit, he enjoyed her taste and found her clit. He sucked it in and nibbled on it a bit. Melissa grabbed his head and pushed it in deep.

"Oh my, that's good baby. No one can eat my pussy like you. You are quite the good little cunt licker" She praised him.

Steve loved hearing her say stuff like that. He doubled his efforts and reached up to find her nipples. They were not hard to find, as they were quite stiff. Melissa quivered a bit as his hands grazed each one. Steve took each one between his thumb and finger and pinched them.

"Yes!" Melissa squealed. "That's going to make me cum." She pushed his face harder into her folds. "Eat me!" she commanded. "Pinch my tits, yes, I going to cum."

Steve was now twisting her nipples and devouring her cunt with abandon. Her hips were gyrating and she lifted her ass off the bench. Steve did all he could to keep his face buried between her legs. Finally she screamed out and her body shook with a powerful orgasm. She bucked and moved against his face as he rode her the whole way. He had to release her nipples to keep his face in place. When she was done she grabbed his head and raised his face to hers. She licked his chin and lips, tasting her own juices. She pushed him away and spoke, "My little hubby always services mommy so goooooood. Are you happy now?"

Steve just nodded.

"Good, now turn on the shower and wash me, I have a long day ahead. Steve turned on the water and waited for it to warm. When it was right, he lovingly washed his mistress from head to toe. When he was done he dried her and watched as she dressed and left for work. Her sexy full figure looked incredible in the tight outfit she was wearing He wondered as she left if she would be coming home with another story to tell.


A few weeks later Melissa received a call from a perspective client, her name was Elaine. She had gotten Melissa's name from Petros. She needed some office space and wanted Melisa to help find some to lease. Melissa called her back when she got the message.

"Elaine Montgomery" She said as she answered the phone.

"Mrs. Montgomery, this is Melissa Shuster returning your call about the office space you would like to lease." Melissa replied into the phone.

"Oh, hello Melissa, please call me Laney. Petros has told me so much about you, I feel like I already know you." Elaine replied.

Panic rushed through Melissa's mind. What did she mean by that? Had Petros told her about their sexual escapades? Was she being coy? Melissa pushed those thoughts from her mind and just acted like she always had with new clients. Elaine informed her of what she was looking for, and Melissa told her she would get back to her after she found a few places they could look at.

"I look forward to meeting you." Elaine said.

Melissa thought maybe she had heard a bit of suggestion in Elaine's voice, but again shrugged it off.

"I look forward to meeting you too." Melissa returned.

Melissa called later that afternoon, and the two of them arranged to meet the following day at a property she had found around 11:00 AM.

Melissa arrived early to open up the vacant office, noticing there were a few items of furniture left behind. There was a desk, some white boards on the floor and a large leather chair. Melissa found it odd that someone would leave that behind, since the desk and chair were so nice. The place was relatively clean, as if it had not been vacant long. She was fiddling around with the light switches in one of the back offices when she heard a voice from the front.

"Hello? Melissa?" came Elaine's voice.

Melissa hurried to the reception area to greet her new client. When Melissa entered the room, she stopped dead in her tracks. The woman standing in front of her was stunning. She had to be 511". She had beautiful shoulder length brown hair that had just a hint of auburn color that framed her gorgeous face. Her elegant clothing fit her magnificent body perfectly. As Melissa approached her to introduce herself, she noticed Elaine's steely blue eyes. They seemed to be able to look right through Melissa to her soul. As they introduced themselves, Melissa watched her full lips move, noticing the luscious lipstick that covered them. Melissa had really never noticed a woman in this way, but she also could never remember being in the presence of such beauty. Elaine's firm hand shake exuded confidence. As she shook Elaine's soft slender hand, her knees became a bit wobbly. Melissa's demeanor didn't go unnoticed by Elaine. She purposely lingered in her handshake making sure Melissa let go first.

Melissa realized her state and snapped herself out of it and began the tour. She led Elaine through the office space and the small warehouse in back. The last office they visited was the largest of all. It had a private bathroom and Elaine seemed pleased with that. She noticed the desk and large leather chair that remained in it.

"I like this furniture. Is it mine if I lease this space, or are the old occupants coming to get it? I would like to make an offer to buy it from them if they plan to come get it." Elaine said.

"I don't know. I was wondering why it was here myself." Melissa replied. "I can make a call, let me go get the leasing agents number. It is in my car." She left the office to retrieve it.

When she returned, she was a bit surprised by the sight that greeted her. Elaine was sitting on the edge of the big oak desk leaning back and resting on her arms as her palms lay flat on the desk top. She had removed the blazer she wore and all that covered her torso was a red silk spaghetti strap camisole. Melissa immediately noticed the creamy smooth skin of her exposed shoulders. She looked down a bit and couldn't help but notice that Elaine had a spectacular set of breasts. They had to be at least a D cup. Her small frame accentuated them even more. Elaine's fabulous long nylon covered legs escaped from her knee length skirt and dangled off the desk. One leg was crossed over the other and at the end of it she dangled a gorgeous tall, spiked heel pump on her toe.

Melissa paused at the door taking in this breathtaking sight. A familiar tingle in her pussy occurred, but she had never had that happen before in regards to a woman. She collected herself and tried to speak to Elaine about the furniture, but repeatedly stumbled with her words. Elaine realized Melissa was ripe for the taking, and took charge.

"What's the matter dear? Cat got your tongue?" she teased., extending her leg out so the heel swung back and forth on her sexy foot.

Melissa again stuttered trying to explain her word fumbles.

"Petros told me all about you, you know."

Melissa panicked. "Wha.... What do you mean.......all about me?" She could not take her eyes off the heel, as if hypnotized by it.

"You know exactly what I mean. About the extra services you provided him when you were selling him his house." She pulled her leg back and pushed her foot back into her heel.

Melissa froze. She didn't know what to say.

"What I want to know is.......do you provide that only to your male customers, or are female clients awarded that too?"

"I....I....Don't know what you mean." Melissa stumbled again with her words.

Elaine stood and began to walk around Melissa who was now frozen in the middle of the room. Melissa couldn't take her eyes off Elaine. Elaine walked closely behind her and whispered breathlessly into her ear.

"He told me what a cock hungry slut you are."

Melissa's knees wobbled again, and her pussy quivered.

"He told me how you sucked his cock and fucked his brains out the whole time you were showing him property."

Moving a bit more, Elaine whispered again into her other ear, "What I want to know is........Are you a cunt hungry slut too?"

Melissa stood paralyzed, as the heat between her legs rose rapidly. Elaine stood so close behind her whispering in her ear that Melissa could feel her big firm tits pressing against her back. Melissa's pussy was getting wetter by the second.

Elaine continued to turn her on. "Petros told me you loved his big fat cock in your hungry little cunt. Is that true? Do you like to feel a big hard cock sliding in and out of this dripping pussy?" As she was saying that, she reached around Melissa and slid her skirt up, exposing her hot steamy cunt. Elaine slipped her hand between Melissa's pussy lips and began to diddle her clit.

Melissa melted to her touch. "Yes." She gasped, answering Elaine's question.

"You are quite the dirty little slut aren't you Melissa?" Elaine asked as she continued to fondle her soaking gash.

Melissa's submissive nature caused her to become the dirty slut Elaine said she was. Her legs began to wobble more with every touch and every word Elaine spoke.

With Melissa's ass now exposed as well, Elaine removed her hand from Melissa's clit and moved it around her body to her ass. She slid it over her big ass cheeks and slipped a finger into her crack, finding Melissa's clenched asshole. Elaine pushed her finger past Melissa's sphincter and sexily spoke into Melissa's ear, "He also told me you liked his cock in your ass. Is that right?"

Melissa pushed her ass out to accommodate Elaine's finger. "Oh yes!" she moaned.

Elaine began to slide her finger in and out of Melissa's butt. Melissa pushed her ass out farther, savoring every penetration Elaine provided. Elaine watched her and became even more dominant.

"You dirty little cunt. Look at you riding my finger. You are a total whore."

The dirty talk only made Melissa hotter. She reached up and began to fondle her own tits through her blouse and bra. She mashed them against her body and aggressively pinched her nipples. Elaine quickened her pace and started slamming her finger in and out of Melissa's ass hard and fast. Melissa moaned loudly and rocked her ass against Elaine's assault. She was approaching orgasm quickly when Elaine suddenly pulled her finger from Melissa's ass. Melissa released a whimper and lifted her ass as if asking for Elaine to put it back.

"Stand up!" Elaine demanded.

Melissa did as she was told. Elaine then placed her finger at Melissa's mouth and ordered her to suck it clean. Melissa opened her mouth without hesitation and licked Elaine's finger with passion. Elaine teased her with it, and Melissa sucked it like it was a cock. Elaine then pulled it from her mouth and stepped back. Melissa stood looking at her with lust in her eyes. Melissa's skirt was still bunched up over her hips, and her pussy juice was literally dripping down her leg. Elaine slowly grabbed her own skirt and began to draw it up, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy.

"Petros says you are a good cock sucker, I want to see if that translates to cunt licking. On your knees slut, and worship my beautiful pussy." Elaine ordered.

Melissa was more than eager to comply. She had never eaten pussy, but She wanted nothing more than to please this gorgeous powerful woman. Melissa knew what she liked when she had her pussy sucked. So, she did that. She parted the lips with her tongue and tasted the sweet nectar of Elaine's warm cunt. Then she licked her clit, sucking it in and flicking it with her tongue. Elaine grabbed the back of her head and forced Melissa's face into her hungry snatch.

"Oh my, you are a good little cunt licker." Elaine told her. "Petros was right about you."

The compliment spurred Melissa on. She devoured Elaine's pussy until Elaine cried out with an orgasm. Melissa knew she had done well when Elaine pushed her away and almost collapsed against the desk behind her. Melissa watched as Elaine caught her breath. When she had recovered, she stood, dropped her skirt back in place and walked by Melissa who was still kneeling on the ground.

"Come my dirty little slut, let's go get lunch and discuss the lease terms on this property."

Melissa stood, gathered herself and scurried to catch up to Elaine as she exited the office. Melissa locked the door, got in her car and followed Elaine to a restaurant in the business district of town.

The two of them sat down and ordered a drink. They finished discussing the property and ordered lunch. As they waited for their food, Melissa began to ask questions.

"How do you know Petros?" She inquired.

"Originally I met him when he was my husband's business partner." Elaine answered.

"He is no longer in business with your husband?" Melissa asked.

"No, he is now in business with me, since I took over that business from my husband."

"I'm sorry, did your husband pass away." Melissa asked, afraid she might have pried too much.

"Oh no." Elaine chuckled. "He is alive and well. He just signed control of all his business interests over to me a few years ago."

Melissa had a puzzled look on her face. "Why did he do that?"

Just then the food arrived. As they ate, Elaine explained that about 5 years ago, her husband was a powerful business owner with many businesses. They had married and Elaine began to enjoy the good life his money provided. Things were fine, but the sex was not very good. Her husband's cock was on the smaller side, and try as he did, he just could satisfy that sexual hunger deep in side her, and Elaine was beginning to want more. She met Petros one day at her husband's office and they began a torrid affair. One day He was furiously fucking her in her husband's bed when Elaine heard a noise and turned to find her husband standing in the doorway of their room watching. He was stroking his cock and he had just cum all over the floor and his hand. Realizing instantly that she had a dominant position, she continued to let Petros fuck her until he was done. Her husband just stood and watched the whole time.

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