tagLoving WivesDoes Honesty Pay? Yes, a High Price

Does Honesty Pay? Yes, a High Price


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Payback's Ramifications - my ending to hansbwl's series Does Honesty Pay?


hansbwl's story certainly left us in a quandary. Keith wakes up at a party in bed with a naked woman, a visitor from out of town. He asks her not to speak of what had happened, or hadn't, since neither recalled the night before. He goes home and, feeling guilty, decides to be honest, and confesses to his wife shortly after. She goes crazy, as women tend to do in these stories.

She gives him the cold shoulder, then ties him down, leaving him to watch a video of her having sex with three of his friends, over a period of three days. One of them was the host of the party where Keith got in trouble. While he's deciding what to do, she learns that it was a setup, and her husband did nothing. The man she'd slept with, her husband's friend, had done it as a joke, and jumped at the opportunity to sleep with her.

She is distraught, and must decide what to do. At the end of hansbwl's tale, she appears to decide to hide the knowledge from him.

What follows is what I believe could happen next...

Thanks to hansbwl for his generous permission to continue this story.

Other's have written continuations - these include Ohio and H20wader, as well at hansbwl's own conclusion, if you'd like a taste of other endings.

I like finishing stories. I guess I'm a little weird. Sometimes they are stories that have been abandoned. Others just cry out for an extended ending. In cases like this, it's a story where the author has invited others to continue their work, in The Troubador's & Patricia51'stradition.

When offered the opportunity, I'll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don't write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

Some of you won't like my endings. That's fair enough. I'm happy to hear your reasons. This is only one author's idea of a fitting resolution. You're welcome to try your hand at writing your own. I hope you enjoy this one.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Keith lay in the bed, the monitor blank, the video having just ended. He'd screwed up. Even if it was only drinking to excess, he'd made a mistake. Ended up naked with a stranger. He honestly didn't remember doing anything with her, and doubted he did, but it was still a mess.

He'd been honest with his wife, and that hadn't turned out so well. Still, he was a firm believer in honesty and being open. Even if it hurt.

Susan's response had been so over the top, he didn't know how he could live with it. All her stupid little quips before and during the video about the sex she was going to give him were unlikely ever to happen. Not after what he'd seen.

Screwing his friends, rubbing it in his face, doing things she'd never done with him. Giving her virgin ass to that jerk Roger, sucking John after sex, shaving her pussy. The hour of video had been edited. He only witnessed four sessions, one each with Tim and Roger, and two with John, but he had little doubt there were more.

The way she did it, carefully planned, in their home, in their marital bed, over a period of six days, hiding it from him, was just as scary. Her portrayal on the video, not angry, but playful, laughing, joking about what she was doing, and how she might bring some of the new stuff home to him. How she clearly enjoyed it. Thinking he would be excited by watching her become a cheating whore. It was too much. Way too much.

It was going to be difficult, but he reached for the phone she'd left. She'd given him strict directions that he could only call 911 or her. Directions he was now going to ignore.

"Jane? I have an emergency. I need you to come over here as soon as possible."

"What's wrong, Keith? Is it Susan?"

"Please, I'll explain it when you arrive. As quickly as you can. You'll need to get the key from under the planter on the front porch. The alarm is set, and the code to turn it off is 4321. Got that?"

"You're scaring me Keith. How come you can't let me in?"

"Please, Jane. I swear, this is an emergency. Code 4321. If you can, call Karen and Claire, Roger's and John's wives, and have them meet you here. Don't let it hold you up; I need you here as soon as possible. Please!"

"Oh, God! I... I'm on my way!"

Jane only lived a couple of blocks away. Even walking it would only take five minutes or so. Karen and Claire were her neighbors. It was now a race.

~ * ~ * ~

Susan was nervous, parked in front of her own house. She didn't know if she could face him, hide her guilt. She'd betrayed him, cheated, and humiliated her husband, because of a prank. Keith had done the right thing, confessing what had happened, brutally honest in every detail, if what she'd overheard was true. And she'd tortured him for it.

She brushed the tears from her eyes. Get yourself together, she thought. It's done. It was a mistake, but you can make a big scene of forgiving him, and make it up to him. No lies, but what he doesn't know can't hurt him or us. He can never know.

It took a huge effort to finally drag herself out of the car. She looked down at her clothing. The short skirt, sleazy underwear, and transparent shirt she'd flaunted before leaving the house. She was disgusted with herself, and her behavior. She'd find a way to make it up to him, somehow.

Susan entered her home, hearing the beeping of the alarm, and disabled it. She needed to start this right. She selected a bottle of wine from the kitchen and two stemmed glasses. She stripped down to her lingerie.

He was probably sporting an erection for at least an hour now, seeing her with those bastards. She'd take care of him, pleasure him like she never had before. She'd do everything. All the asinine things she'd done with them, as part of her petty revenge. Things she should have done only with her husband.

Remember, she told herself. He's not totally guiltless. He did flirt with that woman, and drank far too much.

In her heart, she knew how weak that argument was. How many times, at how many parties, had she drunk a few too many, flirted too much, confident that her man would take care of her, as he always had. No, she couldn't think about that.

She had the bottle in one hand, two glasses in the other, as she made that long walk up those stairs, bracing herself, preparing to hide the guilt, and to make things right.

She turned into the room where her husband was. Still cuffed to the bed. He was struggling, probably upset. Then she took a second look. She couldn't remember gagging him, or tying his legs down.

The blow to her head made her drop the bottle and glasses. A second one had her seeing stars, collapsing to the ground. She was being dragged across the floor by her hair. Susan tried to scream as she was kicked, scratched, hit with something terribly painful, her hair torn from her skull. She tried to cover up, but the assault continued, a horrible beating until she was sobbing curled up on the floor, every inch of her body aching.

~ * ~ * ~

Susan woke when the cold water her in the face. She gasped, in pain, while she tried to figure out what was going on. A face was in front of hers, angry, vicious. She knew that face. Jane. The bitch whose husband had caused all this.

"Fucking whore!" Jane spat in her face. "Your husband screws around, so you think it's OK to fuck OUR husbands?" Jane slapped Susan's face hard. Susan tried to respond, but realized she was tied to a chair and gagged.

"You fucking CUNT!" Jane moved out of the way, Susan saw a view that made her heart ache. Claire was naked, straddling her husband, riding his cock. "How's it feel, bitch!"

For the next couple of hours, she was forced to watch as the women used Keith. It was only a few minutes in, when they ungagged him. When he tried to speak, Jane covered his face. "Not another word, you bastard. It's you that started all this! If you hadn't fucked my friend, none of this would have happened. You wouldn't have destroyed three good marriages. So don't say a fucking word."

She yanked Keith's head up by the hair, making him look at his brutalized wife. "I take that back. You can say whatever you want." He watched in horror as Karen pulled her arm back, and swung a leather belt against his wife's bare chest. Her gag muffled her scream. "Every word that passes your lips, earns her another lash. From each of us." Claire took the belt, and he cringed when it slashed across Susan's face. "So if you want some revenge on her, here's your chance. You do want some don't you? You slept with another woman, drunk. She fucked the brains out of three married men, close friends, and behaved like a total slut. Hardly fair, is it? Go ahead, Keith, tell me how you feel?"

Keith never uttered a word, turned away when Jane took her turn with the belt, swinging it down against Susan's bare legs as hard as she could. He tried to ignore the running video, where Roger was pushing his 4 incher into his wife's virgin ass.

They used him. Jane forced a pill down his throat, which he'd bought at the gym for a 'special' occasion. They took turns riding his face and his cock. It was painful, hardly pleasurable. They nearly smothered him a few times. After the first hour or so, they calmed a bit. It wasn't loving or affectionate, but at least less torturous.

As first he hadn't responded to their sitting on his face, until he was forced to watch them shave a strip of hair off Susan's head. "Ten minutes each," Jane sneered. "I'm parking on that tongue of yours for 10 minutes. If I don't come, I'm shaving off more. Once she's bald, we'll start the real payback."

He did it, his very best. Keith gave the women dozens of orgasms. He had his cock milked dry four times. He had been forced to warn them before coming, and each load went into one of their mouths, before being spit into Susan's face.

When they were done, Jane and Claire got dressed, and took the video as evidence for use in their upcoming divorces. Karen told them she'd release Keith, but she wanted a little more personal revenge.

It took her a while, but her diligence came through, and she got one last erection out of Keith. Thank God for little blue pills, she thought. She rummaged through the bed-stands, and found what she was looking for. She lubed up Keith's huge cock, and her own ass.

"My puny dicked husband is worthless in bed. You gave me more orgasms tonight, Keith, than I've had in years. So I'm going to reward you. Roger took her anal cherry. Now you're getting mine."

She moaned, grunting, crying out in pain as she impaled herself on his cock. Keith was average sized down there. Six and 3/4 inches at his hardest. That's not what he started with, when Karen began her final assault, but he reckoned he was at least that now. The last couple of hours had been confusing, painful, exciting, humiliating, mind-blowing. Karen had changed things, starting with her incredible, sexy blowjob, and now her desire to make him her first, back there.

She groaned, forcing her body down onto his staff, almost all the way. "Damn, you're huge compared to Dickless. I've lived with his lousy three inch dicklet for far too long. Fuck my ass, baby. Fuck it hard."

She was bouncing up and down on his straining shaft. "How's it feel, baby? Is it tight? Is my ass the tightest thing ever, or what? Tell me."

Keith glanced over as this wife, her head hanging down, her body covered with bruises, strap marks evident all over. The long bald swath cut through her hair caught his eye.

Karen checked out where Keith was looking. She stopped her movement. "It's Ok, baby. We're done with her. She was a bitch to do it, but our asshole husbands could have said no. At least you were drunk when you did it. They were sober, and have no excuse. So you can speak if you want. Am I tight, baby?"

"Incredibly," Keith admitted.

She smiled, and started riding him. "If I free your legs, you're not going to try anything stupid are you?"

Keith shook his head, then rattled his handcuffs. "No. I promise."

Karen grinned, and pulled off his cock, grimacing. "This anal thing is bullshit. It hurts like hell. Why would anyone want to do that?"

Keith shrugged. "Some people like it, I guess. My wife certainly seemed to."

"Maybe that's why God made 3 inch cocks," Karen replied. She got a warm wet facecloth, and cleaned his cock thoroughly, before taking it back in her mouth. She untied his legs, rubbing his ankles where the rope marks stood out. She straddled him again, for a nice long ride.

She was rocking back and forth slowly, purring, her breasts caressing his face, looking for another orgasm. "Next... marriage... gettin' me... a REAL... cock," she moaned, as she trembled through another one.

"Why Karen?" Keith asked softly, pushing into her lazily at the end of each stroke.

"Why what?"

"Why do you women take your revenge to such extremes?" he asked.

She grinned, leaned down and pressed her lips to his. She wouldn't stop until he opened his mouth, letting her tongue in, letting her kiss him deeply. He watched in wonderment as she came again, groaning.

"Extreme?" she gasped, before giggling.

"I maybe, maybe, had sex with another woman. I'm not sure, and it obviously wasn't very good if I did. Susan couldn't pay me back in kind, though, could she? Couldn't go for one, quiet, discrete, fuck. No, she goes after three of our friends, married men, fucks them in our house, in my bed. Does all sorts of things for them, she's never done for me, tapes it, ties me up and forces me to watch it. How fair is that?"

Susan was exhausted, barely conscious, but her husband's pained voice, laying out her folly so clearly, hurt nearly as bad as the beating. To make it worse, in truth, he hadn't done anything.

Karen sat upright, stretching, grinding on his cock. Her husband was lucky to last 2 minutes, and coming twice in a night was miracle. Keith was on his fifth, and it felt like it would never go down. She was in heaven. "Nobody said it's supposed to be fair baby. It's revenge."

"She fucked your husband once. You saw the video, she didn't even enjoy it."

Karen laughed, bouncing on his cock. "Of course she didn't. How could she? She was an idiot."

"Once, Karen. And you beat her half to death. Fucked yourself silly, using me, making her watch. How many orgasms have you had?"

"Gazillions. Best night ever sweetie. Thank you."

"This isn't right. This over the top payback just makes things worse."

"Hush now, lover, or Momma's gonna have to gag you. Just give me a few more nice ones, and I'll let you go. Remember, you started all this, you're only getting your just desserts. She's getting off easy."

Karen got what she wanted, including a nice big screaming orgasm. Keith didn't know how he stayed hard, but after the milking they'd given him, he was certainly not even close to coming.

"Lets' try that anal thing one more time," she said. She got up, wiped herself clean, then lubed her ass up.

Second try was better. She still had a hard time getting started, but once they got going, she seemed to get past the worst of the pain. "God, I'm such a slut for you, Keith. Anything. Anything you want. Fuck me any way you want, baby. Pound my filthy ass with that fat cock!"

After a few more minutes of righteous virgin ass-fucking, dirty talk, and visual candy, a miracle occurred.

"Gonna, come," Keith groaned.

She put her hands on his chest, and drove her ass up and down with a vengeance. "Come, come in my poor abused ass, baby. First load in my bottom. Do it. Come for me."

He groaned, and squirted out whatever little he had left, whimpering, as her butthole clamped down on him.

Karen lay down on his chest, gasping. He looked over and saw it was almost 2:00 am. He'd been handcuffed to that damn bed, for over 6 hours! He remembered his wife leaving around 7:30, and the video starting at 9:00. Calling Jane a little after 10:00. Susan showing up around 10:40. Six hours tied up, and more than three hours of fucking. One for the record books. More than twice his previous best. "I've got to pee something fierce, and my wrists are killing me," he told her softly.

She sat up and kissed him gently. He watched her retrieve the handcuff keys. "I had a great time tonight, baby. We're gonna do that again. Call me, Ok?" She put the keys down for a moment, got dressed, then placed the keys in his hand, and left.

It was only a minute before he was free, rubbing his aching wrists. He jogged to the bathroom and peed before he made an even bigger mess of the bedroom. Keith started a bath, then ungagged his wife, and freed her. She was crying, when he lifted her up, and carefully placed her in the tub. He added some bubble bath, took a washcloth, and started washing her down.

They hadn't spoken. His wife looked up at him. "Why'd you call them? I was done. It could have all been over. Nobody else had to know."

"I would have known. I could never have looked at our friends in the face again. I couldn't be in the same room as those bastards, once you'd fucked them. I had to tell the women their husbands were cheaters. I... I didn't know they'd go crazy like that. I was going to give them the copies of the video, and let them move on, knowing the truth."

"You know we have to get back at them, don't you? Make them pay. I'm gonna shave them all bald, and tattoo a dick across their faces. Super glue their damn cheating pussies shut."

"You're going to have to do it alone."

"You're not going to help me? After what they did to you? To us?"

"No. I'm done, done with all of it. Revenge destroyed my marriage. I want no part of it."

She looked up anxiously. "No, honey. We're fine now. I understand why you made that call. I'm not going to hold it against you. I went a little overboard, and you called me on it. We're even now, Ok?"

"No, Susan. I love you, but I can't. I can't do it. I can never trust you again. You abused my trust tonight. Teased me, lured me into thinking we were back on track. I let you blindfold and seduce me, so you could torture me with the images of you doing all the things you never did with me, with those three assholes. I was raped for three hours because of you, and your need for revenge. I'll never know when you're going to blow up again. Maybe I'll leave the toilet seat up, and you'll douse me in gasoline and set me on fire in the night. I'll never know, never trust you, never feel safe around you again. I'm sorry, but I'm done."

He watched the tears stream down her face, unmoved. "Never again, I swear. I was angry, went crazy, but I've learned my lesson."

"You have? What about shaving their heads, gluing their pussies shut?"

She turned red, hearing the impact of her own angry words. "Another chance, baby?" she asked softly. "I know I don't deserve it, but one more. Please. I love you, nobody but you, ever. There's no one else for me."

"Maybe not, but you sure loved all that strange cock. I saw how you were, Susan. I can't help but wonder now. If that's what you were willing to show me, how much worse are the parts you edited out? How could you cheat on me so cavalierly, so easily, joke about it? You sucked John's cock after sex, gave Roger your ass, shaved your pussy for Tim, all things you'd never do for me. How could you think it would excite me? How could you hide it from me for a week so easily? I had no idea. None. Now I'll always wonder. How many more times have you done it, and I never knew? How often will you do it in the future?"

"No Keith, there's never been anyone else. There never will be. I enjoyed it, but the satisfaction was more from getting even, than the sex. I'm sorry I did those things, I wasn't thinking straight. I was just so angry with you."

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