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Does Size Really Matter


This is an age old question still being asked today; men looking down at their flaccid penis, hidden beneath a bush of curls, and wondering how their member compares to the general population. Of course there are numerous articles, graphs, statistics and boring articles written by greying scientists that I could direct you to. However, the average male will not want to scan a handful of sources in order to reach a comforting reply. So here it is; does size really matter?

Yes. Now stay with me here, this answer is not going where you think it is. Size affects many factors when it comes to sexual satisfaction and attraction. I will tell you now that a scientific study found that apes had much smaller penises in comparison to humans because evolutionary factors faded the smaller penises out. Females chose to mate primarily with the males with larger *flaccid* penises and therefore the larger penis was genetically passed down the generations rather than the smaller. (1)

However, the choices that female apes have from one penis size to the next, average around 2 inches when erect. That being the case, of course they went for the larger size! Otherwise it would be like inserting a tic-tac into a hallway and expecting an orgasm! The human penis however, ranges from 2-8 inches in size when erect; a much larger selection. This being the case; if the smallest size today is equal to the larger of ape penises in history... then I think it is safe to say that even a small penis today can be pleasurable for a woman.

Let me explain my point a little further; female apes were attracted to the 2-inch penis because it gave them more pleasure. Noting that the vaginal canal is not an ever going tunnel, the 'G-Spot' is located one to three inches inside of a female. So unless your erect penis is less than 2 inches; then on average you should be able to induce pleasure through vaginal penetration. (2) However- no matter what your size, shape or width; "75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone" (ABCnews).

So what does this mean? Your big juicy cock won't make a 75% of the female population reach orgasm- even if you are on the larger scale end of penis sizes? YUP. You read that right; a majority of women never orgasm through sexual penetration. So size matters if you want to create a sensation of pleasure, but most of the time it does not matter if you want to actually completely satisfy your partner. Most of the time, helping your partner reach orgasm requires other tools and methods; size regardless.

Now why is this? The G spot, oh so elusive, is supposed to be remarkably sensitive isn't it? And if it's only one to three inches within the vaginal canal... and the average male penis is a whopping FIVE AND A HALF INCHES... surely then the average woman would reach orgasm from sexual penetration, right? This is where people have been heavily misinformed.

The average vagina is about 4inches deep. A few women only have vaginas that are two inches deep; can you imagine your average 5 ½ inch penis thrusting into a two inch tunnel? OUCH! My point here is that; yes, size does matter, but not in the way you thought it would. For some women the average penis is too large, and while it may not completely 'fill' the hole for other women- it still doesn't mean they would feel any more or less pleasure even if it did!

Basically everyone is different in size, length, depth and width for both men and women. A women will generally not be affected by this because your dick will generally not be the thing that causes them the most pleasure. Sex will be intimate, loving, and pleasurable in the most general sense for everyone. It will create life and it will draw you closer to your partner. However, pleasing a woman to climax is not relevant to your penis size. It is ignorant and naïve to believe that size matters in this sense.

Nothing turns me off more than a man who thinks he is more attractive because he has a larger sex organ. In my personal experience; men who think their best asset is their size are generally going to disappoint me in the bedroom. As mentioned before, 75% of women will find sexual intercourse pleasurable to varying degrees but will not reach their big happy moment if their partner's only tool is his tool. I fool you not; look into all the scientific studies and proven research; my word, you will find, is true.


Responding to quotes from the comments:

By Anonymous 08/21/14 "Length is irrelevant because it's the thickness of the shaft that stimulates pleasure," and this is somewhat true. Length is often less stimulating than thickness; however both factors are relevant to overall size. Thickness and length combined create the size of a penis, and statistics show that 75% of women don't orgasm from penetration alone. Hence, your size in both thickness and length may help, but ultimately is irrelevant to reaching the big orgasm you want to induce. Size does not matter.

While your penis can assist in pleasing your partner (no matter the thickness or length), it is true that there are psychological factors involved in reaching an orgasm as well. Some women do respond sexually to the visual of a penis that is large and fully erect. By SWIM21 05/11/14 "Visual and psychological arousal from large penis size (and by large, I mean pornstar size) is mainly reported by bisexual women," and (while I have not studied the accuracy of this quote myself) it goes without saying that some women will enjoy looking at their naked partner regardless of what science will tell them, which is that size does not matter.

People have all kinds of likes and dislikes; it will not take a rocket scientist to tell you that there will exist any number of women who might look at the size of a 7inch penis and enjoy seeing a larger than average piece. However, this is a singular factor in a complex universe of arousing stimuli. The likelihood of this one visual stimulus mattering- to every individual- in the overall scheme of your sexual encounter is unimaginable. While the visual can be arousing to the occasional female, let's face it, size does not really matter.

For every woman who likes the look of a large penis; there will be a woman who likes the look of dark brown eyes; and a woman who wants to suckle onto your long slender fingers; and a woman who loves to lick your muscly thighs; and a woman who can't restrain herself against your deep resounding voice. There are a multitude of visuals people enjoy the thought of, and while your penis might help please your woman- so can these other factors! Sometimes it pleases them just as much, and sometimes even more, because no one single factor will matter to every single woman. This is why size doesn't "matter".


Due to literotica.com rules and regulations on what they can and cannot publish I am not able to list my references here. Feel free to contact me for a list of references.

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Size Matters

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