I do not feel kidnapping or forced slavery is an acceptable behavior and belongs only in fantasy stories.

- - - - -

Julie considered herself a mountain girl even though she looked nothing like the role except in her choice of clothes. At an amazing five foot tall in heels and about 90 pounds, she looked like she could snap in a breeze at the middle. She had a tiny 20 inch waist, 34 inch hips and wore a 34-B bra. Her straight sandy brown hair hung just below her shoulders and bright blue eyes had an ever so soft sparkle in them. She loved to wear plaid shirts instead of jackets, work-boots when she could find them that small.

Julie was skipping her summer session at college. She did not feel like she fit in. Other girls were cuter than she was, and more to the size of the nicer guys liking. Classes were just a pain and the professors treated her as if she was a child. Between this and her horrible grades, she was fed up with school and needed a break. She decided to go up the hunting cabin for the summer. Her parents only went there in the winter, so she would be undisturbed all summer long.

When the semester let out, she hitchhiked her way up to the small mountain town of Martinsville. She planned from there to walk the rest of the way to the family cabin. Martinsville could not really be called a town as it only had about 10 people who lived there and only one store. Although she had never gone to the cabin before by herself, she was sure that she would be able to find it from what she remembered.

She went into the general store after arriving, got a bite to eat and was planning on picking up a few things to take up to the cabin with her. While she was looking through the shelves, a six-foot tall bear of a man came in and was obviously getting his supplies for what appeared to be quite some time. He was putting them in these large black plastic containers and taking them out to his truck as the checker finished with each.

He was almost the classic lumberjack. He was clean-shaven with massively broad shoulders. His hands were larger than her head. His fingers were almost as big as her wrist. His dark brown hair was wiry and could have done with a bit of conditioner. Suddenly, not knowing why because it was not her usual, she realized if his hands were that size, his package must be huge. This thought suddenly warmed her insides, also made her a bite her lower lip. Right then he looked over at her making her blush and feel very nervous.

Looking away quickly she decided that she needed a little air so she stepped outside and headed around back to the old outhouse. Although it was still in regular use, it was well kept and had no real odor. She stepped in the door and locked it behind her. Then, she dropped her jeans and relieved herself not by taking a leak, but by putting a finger between her legs and playing with her wet clitoris.

Julie was one of those rare few who could orgasm from the smallest touch. Even simply drawing circles around her areola would set her system in motion. So it took her no time at all to have a small orgasm and be ready to go.

She stepped out of the old outhouse and saw one of the large black containers the large man had put his supplies in, and then she saw the man. He reached out, put his hand around her mouth, and held her tight. She could do nothing. With a hand the size of her head covering her mouth, she was unconscious in no time and due to his size, with no real struggles either.

When she came conscious, she found herself folded up inside a small tight container. She could hardly breathe and the bouncing around was not helping any either. She pushed, to the best of her ability on the sides and top but it soon became obvious that the top was secured to the sides and she was not getting out.

Julie was virtually unconscious from the minimal air in the box when the truck came to a stop. She barely noticed her container get picked up, carried, and set back down again. Her mind was swimming when the plastic ties were cut off one by one.

The bear of a man opened the lid. He lifted her limp body out of the container, sat and placed his legs around her, holding her arms down. He began to weave a long length of leather around her neck as her head began to clear. She wanted to scream, but had no air with which to do it. As soon as she could, she inhaled deeply and finally started to scream. He roller her to her side, slapped her soundly across the ass and quietly spoke the first words she had ever heard him say, ones that she would never forget, "Quiet dog."

The slap was hard enough to get her attention, and hard enough to tell her he was serious. The words told her where she stood in his life. She became instantly quiet and let him finish what he was doing, scared beyond belief at what would become of her.

He finished weaving the collar around her neck. He hooked her to a length of chain and let go of her. She reached around her neck to find the clasp to release her, but there was none.

"Up dog," he commanded as he stood and tied the chain over a rafter. She stood, scared not to. He reached towards her and undid the first button on her flannel shirt, then the next and next until it was entirely open. His fingers were very dexterous. She could not even imagine how he could handle a buttons, but he did and really well. He slid her shirt off her, folded it neatly, and placed it on the table. Next, he pinched her bra and it came off faster than she could normally get it off.

The air was cold and she was standing there with a collar around her neck, nothing on her top, jeans and boots. He dropped her bra on the table and then walked away from her. He opened a few of the other containers and put the stuff he had bought on the few shelves there were in his cabin.

When he returned to her, he looked a bit upset and pointed to the clothes on the table. She got the idea. She was to put the rest of her clothes on the table, so shakingly she removed the rest of her clothes and placed all but her boots on the table leaving them on the floor. "Good dog," he said quietly and patted her on the head just like she was a real dog.

She finally decided to look around the room. She was in a one room cabin with nothing but woods outside the windows, chained to a rafter. There was a single chair by the fireplace, a bed, table, and a few shelves. There was not much in this cabin, and not too different from her own.

He walked over and brought the embers up to a low fire. He sat in the chair, pointed at the ground by his chair and said, "Come dog." She walked towards him, but the chain caught on the rafter and stopped her from coming any further. She was scared as he stood and walked towards her. She was relieved when he simply untied the chain from the rafter and walked back over to his seat. "Come dog," he said again. She walked over to him, a tiny naked woman on a chain approaching a huge bear of a man. She felt scared and incredibly sexy all at the same time.

He sat down in his chair again and said, "Sit dog." She sat down on the floor, but her position did not seem to please him. She kept changing positions until he suddenly smiled and said, "Good dog," and patted her head.

She did not know what to think of this man. He had kidnapped her, stripped her, and was treating her as if she was his new dog. She wondered what he was thinking. He pulled out a pocketknife, a piece of wood, and began to whittle something.

He did not talk much to her. He gave her the commands given to any well-trained dog: sit, stay, come, and stand. He patted her on the head, but really did nothing more. She slept each night on quilt laid on the floor at the foot of the bed. She sat on the floor by his feet when he sat by the fire at night. He fed her from an extra plate he would sit on the floor beside him when he sat at the table. He kept her chained to something most of the time. The only time he took her off the chain was when she went to the door to tell him she needed out to find a tree. He did not let her use the outhouse.

He only slapped her ass a few times when she did something he did not like, or said anything. She learned quickly and was still too scared of him to go against his wishes.

He did leave the cabin for the most of each day. Chained as she was, she could not really explore further than the length of her chain. She could not remove her chain from her neck and could not seem to get it undone from whatever he attached it too. So, she stayed and was bored most days. She lost track of time quickly.

One day he removed the chain from her neck. The woven band was still there, but she was no longer chained. She still did as she was told. She began to think he was sort of cute cuddly kind of bear. She wanted more of his attentions, but he rarely did more than pat her head. So, she decided to push her luck, and acting like a dog, nuzzled his hand until he petted her under the chin.

The next day, when he went to the door to leave for the day, she followed him and he did not stop her. He picked up his broad axe, and headed out into the woods. She still followed. He came to a tree that he had obviously fallen the day before and began to chop it into sections. She sat, like a good dog, and watched him work until lunch. He came over and sat on a log next to her. He opened a small pouch she had not noticed before and pulled out a few of the strips of meat he had made at breakfast. He gave her a few strips, but ate the rest. He finished chopping the tree up into sections by evening and returned to the cabin.

They went out into the woods each day like this for some time. He chopped down what seemed like a random tree, sectioned it up, drug its section to the cabin, and piled them up. He was massively strong and she enjoyed watching him work. The sounds of the forest were wonderful, and except for the sound of the axe, it was wonderfully quiet.

One day they felled a tree not too far from another cabin. She recognized the cabin as her own, and then she remembered something from when she was a little girl. Every time they came to the cabin there was always wood split and on the woodpile. Her father told her when she asked that a woodsman who lived not too far away. The woodsman only chops down dead or sick trees. I let him take trees off our land and he keeps my firewood pile filled. He and his son live up there all alone.

Now she knew who this gentle bear was. It was the son of the woodsman. She met him once. It was the first time she had ever heard the word 'bitch.' It was what he called his mother. He did not talk much then either.

That night when he sat down in the chair, she kneeled next to him, and got him to pet her. She worked it so his hand touched her breast. His massive hands felt so good when then brushed her nipples. She whimpered a sound of extreme pleasure. He seemed to understand her request and gently played with her breasts first softly, then with a bit more pressure as he rolled her nipples between his large fingers.

Her first orgasm was a soft one, but an audible one. She maneuvered around him so she could put one hand in his lap and find his responsive manhood. He did not stop her, but let her explore his shaft through his pant.

She shifted her body again and his hands explored down between her legs brushing her clitoris pushing her towards yet another soft silky orgasm. She spread her legs wide and let his massive hands explore all of her body. He opened her uvula and slowly slid one finger into her. All the air left her body, her mind spun, and the room brightened as his finger slid gently into her. His one finger was huge and filled her sending flaming red sparks through her entire body.

A harder orgasm hit her this time and her body curled in on itself with the contraction and a horse grown of escaped her. His finger slid in and out of her, his thumb circled and brushed her clitoris. Another orgasm was building, and this time it was an even stronger one. Her body had become Jell-O in the bear's massive hands. She was soon pushed over an edge she had never passed before with an even greater orgasm causing the world to go black and her to scream out a primal yell of absolute pleasure.

He withdrew his finger and only ran his hands gently across her body for a long while. Even this soft attention was enough to cause her to have several more small orgasms. Once her body seemed to be calming down, he set her on her blanket at the foot of the bed and went to bed himself. She was too exhausted to do more.

The next morning her primal instincts were still making her want more. She crawled up to him before he put his pants on and ran her hand along his massive rod. She wanted it more than anything she had ever wanted before. She found how to release it from its confines and it was huge. She started by licking him from one end to the other, and then a soft kisses on its head. Finally, she filled her mouth with her bear's manhood. She knew she would not be able to go down very far on him, but she did her best...and he was still growing in her hands and in her mouth. She pushed, and rubbed, licked and sucked on him until his rod was at full size.

She lifted herself up to work him inside of her. His massive head spread her lower lips to their widest. If he was not gentle with her, she feared he would tear her open, but she did not care right then. All she could think of was getting him inside of her. She jiggled and moved slowly lowering herself down onto him. The head of his penis entered her pussy and moved towards her g-spot. She knew it was there, but she had never been very good at finding it. He however was. She screamed out as he did and it set her whole body on fire.

Her juices gushed, but because of his size, it did not help too much. She ground his meat deeper into her and almost lost consciousness from her own pleasure. She tried to make soft up and down motions. His eyes were closed and he was definitely enjoying her body, but seemed a bit frustrated. She was definitely enjoying his.

She finally hit the limits of how deep he could go in her, but there was no real room to move. Her body wanted to orgasm, but the muscles could not close any. They were stretched past the point they could tighten. There was no distinguishing between the pleasure and the pain she was feeling. She did not want to stop, but realized that he was fighting not to hurt her and she was not going to go over the edge either.

She pulled and pulled to remove him from her over stretched insides. He felt so good, but was seriously too big. She was too tight for him to finish off his building orgasm. She grabbed his rod when he was finally out of her and worked it hard with her hands until he finally exploded. When he did, he also roared much like a bear she thought.

She had so much wished that those juices had exploded like that in her, but her tightness and his size had prevented it. She could tell by the look on his face that he too had wished this to happen in her.

She knelt down beside him after this and he patted her head, "good dog." But, there was some sadness in his eyes. After he dressed and made breakfast, she saw him take down her clothes from a high shelf. He brought them over to the table.

"Dog, time to go," he said insinuating that she was to dress. She now felt the ache in her body and in her mind. She was being told that he did not want her anymore. She collapsed crying on the floor. He simply patted her on the head, and with another "good dog," he pointed to the pile of clothes.

She dressed slowly and followed him out of the house. He worked around the cabin seemingly waiting for something to happen. Towards noon, a semi drove up. He spoke quietly with the semi driver after piling his stack of log onto the semi trailer. She did not know what would happen next. She just stood there lost in her own pain and grief.

She did not know how or why she cared so much for a man who had kidnapped her, kept her naked, and treated her like a dog for so long, but she did. Then she realized that she did not know how long it had been. She did not know what day it was. She did not even know what month.

"Come dog," he yelled, breaking her thoughts. She looked and he was at the side of the semi with the door open pointing into the cab. She was obviously to get in the truck. So, she did as she was told. After she got in and put her seatbelt on, he closed the door, and waved the driver on.

Her mind disattached from reality for most of the day. As the sun was going down, the driver finally spoke to her. He said he was driving past her college and would drop her off there by dinner. She sat there quietly watching the road. The driver once he started talking never seemed to stop. She did not say anything back, but learned that her bear was named Jared. This driver goes up to his Jared's cabin twice a year to pick up wood. When they arrived that evening, she thought it strange but it was registration day. She had not missed a single day of her term.

She also seemed to feel a lot more confident about school. She had no worries and did not care what any one else thought about how she dressed or how she behaved. In many ways, she had become a bear herself. Others noticed the change as well. Yes, she was a bear...a cute sexy confident bear with a beautiful woven leather collar around her neck that was known to hang around her room nude.

Julie also made a vow to herself. She would go to her cabin the next summer. She would most likely spend the summer nude, and if she was lucky maybe in her bear's great arms.

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