Dog Daze


I decided not to go home quite yet. Instead, I decided to go by Nancy's house. Jack had said something about the motion being dropped, but I had been too distracted to follow up on that. What had Jack meant exactly?

Ariel and I made our way down Nancy's street, and I could see that there were lights on inside her house. She was the president of our home association, and the well-manicured lawn and hedges of her property reflected that position. Once we reached her sidewalk, however, I hesitated. The thought of the conservative Nancy seeing me like this made me tense up. I stood in indecision, pondering, not sure what to do. Then Ariel peed on Nancy's grass.

I gasped, embarrassed. I quickly made my way up the steps and stopped in front of the door. I was preparing to knock when I realized I could see through the glass plate that was set in the front door. And my knock died before it ever materialized when I realized what was going on inside Nancy's house.

A bubble-chested redhead was kneeling on the floor on all fours, her ass high in the air. A man was kneeling behind her, holding her hips firmly as he stroked his hard cock into her again and again. The slap of flesh could be heard even through the door. The redhead wasn't making any noise, however, because her mouth was full of another man's cock. Her head was bobbing back and forth as her mouth slid up and down that hard shaft. Two other naked men sat nearby, watching the action bemusedly. They were smoking cigarettes and chatting, and it was obvious that they had already been satisfied shortly beforehand.

My eyes were huge as I struggled with shock at what I was seeing. Nancy was the most conservative member of the home association board, and I had trouble believing she would allow this type of behavior in her home. A moan inside caught my attention, and I stared through the front door glass once more to see if I could identify the redhead. Then my heart started pounding and I felt breathless as several things suddenly clarified themselves.

The redhead's hair was in pigtails. And Nancy was the redhead. Jack had gotten to her.


I arrived home and I closed the door with relief. It had felt like every person in the neighborhood was watching me walk home, and it was a relief to be back inside.

I had learned something on the way home. If I undid my pigtails, my scalp itched horribly. The sensation had become so overwhelming that I had been unable to even concentrate on walking. I re-arranged the pigtails again, and the itching stopped like a switch had been thrown. Apparently my hair had to stay in pigtails.

Unfortunately, I had to take a shower and I had to wash my hair. When I did so, however, my scalp didn't itch in the least. After a little experimentation, I finally figured out that I didn't have to have pigtails as long as I was naked. Which meant if I wanted to get any sleep, I would have to sleep naked from now on.



When I woke the following morning, my lips were wrapped firmly around my thumb. Apparently I had started sucking my thumb while I was sleeping, something I hadn't done since I was six years old.

I was trying to figure out what the thumb-sucking was about when I realized something was different. I was still trying to wake up, so I decided to just look in the mirror rather than try to figure it out. I threw off the covers and walked my naked self to the bathroom. One look in the mirror told me exactly what the change was.

My lips had swelled into huge plump pillows.

My eyes widened as I stared in disbelief. My mouth looked ridiculously soft and inviting. It was not a mouth meant for talking. I had embarrassingly lush cock-sucking lips. I wanted to kill that fucking Jack!

This couldn't go on. I was being turned into a sex kitten bimbo bunny bit-by-bit, and if I didn't put a stop to it soon, there'd be nothing left for Jack to change. Nobody could possibly take me seriously looking like this!

I arranged my hair into pigtails, then began to get dressed. As expected, my scalp was fine, since I had the foresight to do my hair first. What I didn't expect, however, was the sudden overwhelming need to have something in my mouth.

I gasped at my sudden need. Then my heart began to race as my lips became incredibly sensitive. I licked my lips, realizing my mistake too late as my entire body shuddered in a heated sexual response. I tried to leave my lips alone then, but the need to suck was overwhelming. There was nothing around, however, and, in a panic, I slid my thumb into my mouth.

The sensation of my thumb sliding between my lush lips caused my belly muscles to twitch and jump in heated need, and I felt my knees go weak. I slumped against the bathroom counter, boobs swaying. I was trying to think my way through this, but it was getting hard to focus. I shuddered, and then it was too late as I began to orgasm helplessly. I tried to control my reaction, but the heated pleasure was too much. I wriggled and writhed and finally squealed around my thumb.

When my mind-blowing orgasm finished, I realized I was on the floor, but at least I was thinking a little more clearly. The need to suck was still in place, however, and my lips were still highly sensitive. I was in trouble.

Then I had a moment of sudden clarity and scrambled to my feet. I quickly stripped off the clothing I had put on, and the urges and sensations disappeared as if a switch had been thrown. I had guessed correctly. I was fine as long as I was naked.

So how the hell was I supposed to get dressed and leave the house? Grrrrrrrrr!

Then I remembered that Jack had said something to the effect of, "I suggest red." Red. Red what? Red clothes? Hmmmmm.

I went to my dresser and dug through my drawer until I found some red panties. I slipped them on and, almost instantly, the need to suck was back. I quickly slipped the panties off. Obviously, it wasn't red clothes.

Nails, perhaps? I didn't have many loud colors, but I was sure I had a slut red in my vanity somewhere. After a minute's search, I found a bottle of candy apple red, and I sat down and did my fingers and toes like a silly little teeny-bopper.

I let the polish dry. I shuddered at my reflection, but if it worked, I wouldn't complain. The moment I put on my robe, however, the need to suck returned. I quickly disrobed.

I was about to give up when I suddenly slapped myself in the forehead. I was an idiot. I had woken up with great big swelled lips. Red lipstick. Duh.

I went through my vanity once more, and found a tube of slut red lipstick. A friend had left it here some time ago, thank goodness. I had never worn this shade in my life.

I applied the lipstick to my plush, pouting pillows, trying not to shudder at how slutty I looked with thick, red cock-sucking lips. Then I began getting dressed. This time, although the need to suck and the enhanced sensitivity returned, they weren't nearly as overwhelming. Simply eating would arouse me beyond measure, and I was going to have an embarrassing tendency to put things in my mouth, but at least I could go outside again. And this was good, because I needed to find Jack and just give in.


I waited until it was sundown. Then I put Ariel's leash on her and we made our way to the park. Sure enough, Jack was there with that infuriatingly smug grin.

I tried not to look anxious. A day of needing to suck and the arousal that went with it had turned me into a wet mess. I unhooked Ariel so she could run free, then turned to Jack.

"You win, okay? Honest." I said. I clapped a hand to my mouth. I hadn't realized how much my swelled lips had affected my speech. I was speaking with a thick lisp.

Jack shrugged. "Yeah, I know. So?"

I sighed. This wasn't going to be easy, but there was no way around it. Hoping nobody would be out right now, I pulled my tank top up and off my body, leaving myself topless. I walked over to Jack and dropped to my knees in front of him, my boobs jiggling for several seconds before settling into place. Then I reached out and unzipped his pants. Then, with a final glance around, I drew out his cock and wrapped my plush lips around it.

He hardened inside my mouth, and I moaned as the sensations from my lips were already turning me into a heated mess. I began sliding my mouth up and down his hard shaft and I shuddered as I realized that giving a blowjob was feeling embarrassingly natural. He had to cum quickly. He had to, or I was going to cum, and I wasn't sure I could ever show my face again if it got out that I had gotten an orgasm from servicing a man on my knees, particularly if I had that orgasm before he did.

Incredibly, I was able to slide my mouth all the way down his cock, and soon my lips were wrapped tightly around the base of his cock as my tongue worked the underside of his shaft. I was developing technique on the spot, it seemed, and if felt like he was close to cumming.

Then it happened. I heard Jack's voice boom out.

"Oh, good evening, Nancy! How are you and your friends doing this fine evening? Everybody is out walking their dogs, I see."

"We're fine, Jack, just fine!" said Nancy. The respect in her voice was obvious. It was plain that Nancy and everybody with her knew what Jack was about.

My eyes were huge and I tried to slide my mouth off Jack's cock, but suddenly Jack's hands were gripping my pigtails, and I was stuck in place, topless with a mouth absolutely full of cock, all in front of my neighbors. Then, horribly, he began to stroke his cock back-and-forth inside my mouth while he talked to Nancy and the others.

"I'm glad to hear that," he said. "A fine night, isn't it?"

"Yes, a lovely night," said one of my neighbors.

My cheeks were burning. I inadvertently slurped several times. I had cupped Jack's balls in a futile effort to control his stokes, and I realized they were swelling as he got ready to unload. I squealed in indignity as I realized his intentions, but it was too late. In front of Nancy and my neighbors, he began to fill my mouth with cum.

Cheeks puffed out, I swallowed the flood desperately. I could feel my belly filling as I raced to swallow his seed faster than he could fill my mouth. I couldn't let them see semen dripping down my chin. I couldn't.

Unfortunately, that's when my orgasm started.

The cock in my mouth muffled my squeals, but there was doubt as to what was happening. My body was shuddering and bucking, and my bare boobs were jiggling and bouncing everywhere. Jack continued pumping my mouth for all that he was worth until the last of his seed drained into my mouth. Then he waited as I wriggled and writhed helplessly.

My orgasm, which seemed to last forever, finally passed, and Jack slid his cock from my mouth. A hand on my full belly, my cheeks burned as I saw several of my neighbors grouped behind Nancy. A dog-walking party, apparently.

I wiped my mouth self-consciously, then realized my mistake too late. A sudden overwhelming need to suck swept over me. I had wiped off what little lipstick remained on my lips following the blowjob.

I scrambled to pull out my lipstick and quickly applied a coat. I could hear chuckles from the group, and I realized I was still topless and I had just applied lipstick in front of a group while ignoring my topless state. I really needed to find a hole to bury myself in. I looked around for my tank top.

"Thanks," said Jack. "What was that for?"

I picked up my tank top, then froze as I realized the significance of his words. "What?!? But...but you said a topless blowjob right here in the park...!"

He shook his head. "I said a topless blowjob in the park right then. Not the next night, which is tonight. Did you think it was negotiable?"

I clutched the tank top to the boobs it seemed I was destined to keep forever. "But...but...I can't stay like this! Everything happens unless I'm naked! I'll have to be a stripper! I can't stay like this!"

Jack shrugged. "It's a living. Still, I don't know what you're complaining about. I had told you on the first day what you had to do."

My eyes widened. "What? Here? You want to fuck me up the ass right here? Now?"

He smiled then, but his eyes were cold. "No," he said. "You were supposed to beg for it."

My jaw dropped. "In front of everybody? I can't!"

Jack laughed. "Damn, Erin. You're something, you know that? And you really still don't get it. Ah, well. You win. I can't get what I want, so you win."

I blinked. Long blonde pigtails dangling down my back, embarrassingly big boobs, thick blowjob lips, belly full of cum...was it really about to end? "You mean you'll change me back?" I said.

Jack shook his head. "Nope," he said. Then he gave a piercing whistle.

I stood confused for a moment. Then I felt the pressure of two heavy paws on my shoulders, and the unexpected weight drove me to my knees. I fell forward onto all fours. There was a quick movement behind me, and suddenly I felt Squire's strong paws clutching my midsection as his hips aligned themselves directly behind me.

My eyes widened and I squealed at the top of my voice, "Omigod! Jack, take my ass! Please, please, Jack, do my ass! Right now, please fuck my ass, Jack! Jack! I need you to stick your cock in my ass! Fill my ass with cum! Fuck this slut's ass! Please, Jack...!"


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