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Doggie Play

byMistress Sierra©

It's Saturday. I wake up stretch and reach for my slave. The bed is empty next to me and I realize that he is still at work as he works the graveyard shift. I look at the clock and realize that he will be home within the hour.

I jump out of bed, get dressed in the tank top dress that I usually run around the house in and start getting breakfast going. I can feel the excitement building inside me as I know what's in store for him when he gets home. I hear his key in the doorknob as he unlocks the door and opens it.

When he comes in and closes the door behind him, he turns around he sees me standing there with a rolled up newspaper in one hand and a collar in the other. I smack him on the side of the head with the newspaper and say, "Bad doggie. Don't ever run away like that again. Now heel." He puts down his items and gets on all fours in front of me. I pat his head and say, "Good boy."

I reach down and put the collar around his neck and attach it. I reach next to me and grab the leash from the bookshelf to my right and attach it to the collar and lead him into the kitchen. I make him take off his clothes while I'm getting his breakfast.

When I turn back around, he is obediently sitting there on all fours looking up, patiently waiting for me.

I put the dog bowl on the floor and say, "There you go, boy. Eat up."

I go to the living room and sit down with my plate and eat my breakfast as I watch him slurp up his.

When he is finished, he crawls over to me and looks at me. I put my plate down on the floor and say, "There you go, you can lick the rest of Mine." He puts his head down and starts licking my plate.

When I see that he is done, I get the plate and grab his leash and make him follow me into the kitchen where I pick up his bowl and put the dishes into the sink. I look over at the floor in the middle of the kitchen and see a puddle (which I had placed there earlier with some of my fresh morning urine). I look at him with displeasing eyes and say, "Bad boy. Look what you did."

I get the newspaper and start swatting him on the butt. He looks down in shame and I lead him over to the puddle. I say, "Clean it up, bitch."

He obediently puts his head down and starts lapping up the puddle while I am still smacking him with the newspaper.

When he is done I say, "Now don't do that again or you'll have to sleep in the dog house tonight."

I then bring him back into the living room by the leash and I sit down on the couch. I put my foot by his face and, like the good dog he is, he starts licking my feet. I giggle because it feels so good. I move my feet around so that he is able to lick all the various places on my foot, including my toes and sole of my foot. I switch to the other foot and do the same thing.

I reach beside me and find the whiffle ball and throw it across the room. I say, "Go get it boy" and then I watch as he crawls along the floor, finds the ball, puts it into his mouth and starts to bring it back. I notice that it takes up a good portion of his mouth and saliva is dripping out of his mouth.

When he comes back to me, I make him sit and keep the ball in his mouth as I stroke his hair and pet his back and down over his butt watching him as he slobbers all over the ball. I smack his butt a couple of times with my hand. I say, "Ok boy, put the ball down" and point to the floor.

He turns and spits out the ball onto the floor where I am pointing.

I say, "Ok boy, speak" and snap my fingers a couple of times over his head. He then starts barking. I keep saying that a couple more times till he has barked quite a bit. I then pet his head again and pull his hair and then pet it again.

I put my feet up on the coffee table in front of me so that my legs are half bent. I grab the leash and pull him under my leg and between my thighs.

I spread my legs and he begins licking my clit. I keep pulling the leash and begin stroking his hair as he continues to lick the juices. I say, "Oh yeah, good boy, that's it."

He is hearing my moans and feeling his hair being pulled to bring his head further into me. When I am just about to orgasm, I pull the leash and pull him away from me before the big climax.

I turn around and get down on the floor leaning over the couch and pull him behind me with the leash over my shoulder and say, "Come on boy, fuck me like the dog you are." He reaches up and puts his hands on my hips as he enters me from behind. I feel his cock inside me and I moan with pleasure.

I'm pulling on the leash over my shoulder with my left hand and reaching down to my clit with the right hand, rubbing and massaging. I say, "Harder boy, harder!"

He continues stroking harder, pulling my hips into him. As he is banging me now with a fury, I continue to rub until I am screaming with pleasure. He feels me close around his hard cock as I explode with the most incredible orgasm. He continues to stroke as I come down slowly from the euphoria. He can feel me shuddering and hear my muffled moans as I have my head buried in the couch cushion.

When I raise my head, I say, "Ok, boy." He can feel the juices all over his cock as the air hits his cock when he pulls it out of me. I stand up and put my crotch in his face and pull him into me with the leash as he starts to lick the orgasmic juices flowing out of me and down my leg. I let him continue to lick me while I stand there over him until I feel most of the juices have been consumed.

I then lead him by the leash into the bedroom. As I enter the doorway and he follows behind me on all fours, he looks into the room and on the bed is Mara. He looks with surprise as he didn't even realize she had been there this whole time. She says in her cute doggie voice, "Hi girl. How's my good girl doing today?"

She comes over to pet him on the head. (I don't think she realizes that he is a boy dog, but that's ok.) She offers him a similar ball like the one we had played with earlier. She puts it up to his nose and as he goes to put it in his mouth, she throws it into the hallway. I let the leash go and he goes chasing after the ball.

I smile at Mara and say, "Aren't dogs fun to play with?"

She nods at Me with a smile and says, "Yeah, but when I had a my dog, I used to play with her in a different way."

I say, "How's that?"

By this time he had retrieved the ball and brought it back to her. She reaches down to his collar and leads him to the bed and says, "Up, girl" and pats the bed.

He obediently gets on the bed on all fours. I put a towel down beneath his mouth because he is drooling so much. She puts on the pink rubber gloves and he hears that snapping sound and immediately knows what's coming next.

I'm sitting in front of him with my legs spread so that he is looking directly at my pussy. I watch Mara as she puts on the strap on and attaches the dildo inside of it. He feels something wet sliding inside his ass and realizes it's her finger.

I watch as she loosens him up enough to insert the dildo inside of him. I hear him moaning as he feels the large object going inside of him. I start to touch myself and watch the pleading look on his face as he wants so much to be licking me, but can't because of the ball inside his mouth.

I watch as Mara continues to fuck him from behind as she is saying, "Good girl" and rubbing his ass.

I reach beneath him and pinch his nipples. As I have an orgasm, I reach up and pull the ball out of his mouth and grab the leash and pull him into me and let him finish me off.

When I am done, Mara removes the strap on and we both lavish attention on him, saying, "Good doggie" in our cutest doggie voices and giggle.

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