tagBDSMDoggie Time with Kayla

Doggie Time with Kayla


Her chin rested against the fabric of my jeans as a comforting weight. Her big eyes looked up at me. They followed my face intently as I relaxed looking at the TV. Her red hair piled high on top of her head. Many mini curls fell into every which direction. Her hands were poised next to her chin in my thigh. Her elbows were tucked in, like a person hiding the arms under a t-shirt only sticking out the hands pretending to be midget. The checkered wool skirt curved around her ass and was neatly pinched between her thighs and calves. Her knees were tucked under. He enjoyed her physical company and rapt attention.

Only an hour ago, they were both standing near a dog park close to the ocean overlooking the dogs running back and force. He had snuck many side glances at her. She was standing there against the foggy drab sky and half dried off lawn. Her cheeks and skin emitted the luster of life. Her knee high brown leather boots with the metal buckles were a bit kinky. The turquoise sweater seemed cozy.

She had looked at him as well. She had reviewed his leather flip flops for style. The shirt was hanging out and crumpled around the waste. His pants were as casual as the surfer vibe of the beach area.

He had said that he liked black Labrador Retrievers the most, because they have such luxurious fur and handsome size that one simply wants to rough house them. She had said, she liked such propensity in a man a lot. There was a pause. With a stirred voice, he had asked her, if she wanted to see some doggie photos at his house. She had smiled and had said that she would like that very much. They had turned and had walked the two blocks to his apartment.

Now she had nestled on his couch pretending to be his dog, his lap dog to be more exact. He had switched the channel to Eddie Aikau's big wave surfing contest. He was thinking feverishly to take things to the next level without losing this wonderfully forward chance encounter.

He started patting her hair and collecting the big bush of little red curls into a bunch. He started petting her ears. He went for the chin scrubbing. She excitedly turned her head sideways on his thigh. Then, he turned her over and started patting her stomach like he was scrubbing the black out of a pan -- a swift back and fore motion. Her arms and legs went straight up into the air, waving around. Her sweater moved around showing some of her belly. The area under her eyes became pinched and shiny from her joyous smile. She did a little bark. He launched his face into her stomach and started making growling noises. Her arms flailed softly against his sides, as she wiggled side to side.

With a new enthusiasm, he jumped up and started walking to the bathroom. She followed him closely on her hands. She was walking on her feet as well. Her legs being much longer than her arms made her walk leaning forward and pretty goofy. She half jogged like that curious to find out, what he had.

As soon as he opened the bottom closet, she pushed her head forward to get a look. He pushed her face back with his hand. She barked eagerly. A soft green corduroy dog collar appeared. He placed it around her neck. It looked like a chocker making her appear more gothic. He asked her, if she liked her new collar. She barked with enthusiasm. Then, he walked her back into the living room. There was slack in the leash as it was hanging like an uneven U in the air. She followed him closely.

In the living room, he told her 'sit.' She made a quizzical woof and looked at him sideways with a puzzled expression. He said 'sit' again a little more tense. She jumped up and put her hands on his shoulders and started licking his face. Her tongue went straight across his cheeks. He shrugged back as he tried to react to the surprise, the joy of a girl/dog licking his face, and not having his command followed. He struggled to push her back and in the heat of the moment grabbed her left breast to push her back.

Once she was back on the ground, he placed his hand on the small of her back. This time, he said 'sit' and coordinated it with pushing her behind to the floor. She just jumped sideways. She ran around him and jumped again up on him, this time from behind. He fell forward. The leash was half tangled around him. He was half in between the couch and the coffee table. As he turned onto his back, he found her over him in her doggie half squat on all four. Her face was right in front of his moving around. He could feel the warmth from her body that was stoked by the commotion. He muttered out 'Jesus.' She laughed at him and said: "It is not easy dealing with a playful puppy, is it!" He smiled big and went with renewed effort to push her body out of the way. This time, she wasn't that easy. He had to push her with a whole body effort off him.

"I am getting into this," he said and left for the kitchen. She trotted ever curiously behind him with the leash dragging on the floor. In a kitchen cabinet, he found an opened plastic bag of gummy bears. She started begging immediately with yelps. He quickly put them out of sight into a pocket. Then, he swiftly moved around her and straddled her from behind. He firmly told her to sit. This time being pinned from both sides with his legs, he could push her behind down to the floor. She twisted her head left and right to look behind her. Then, he held out a gummy bear in his flat hand as he bent forward to her head. She quickly put her mouth in his hand and made sure to give him a sloppy lick.

He picked up the leash and walked her back in the living room. He looked at her. She was cute and young. She had to really crank her neck back to see him. Her sweater had kept sliding forward down on her. She had a firm ass. The ass had the outline of a thong and a bit of red fabric was sticking out over the checkered wool skirt. She had looked up at his crotch and seen the bulge there.

"Wow, Kayla, I love it all. You are a very cute girl. The fantasy and physical play is really fun. This is all going very fast. I need a bit of a timeout."

"Oh, Jerome, you are sweet. I don't usually do this. It is that my law school finals are driving me crazy. This morning, I finished the last cross examinations by the professors. Now, all I can do is wait. In a week, I could be a lawyer or I could be another sales clerk in my dad's business. He has these lemonade booths along pedestrian areas. The sales girls have to wear this yellow dress and two color ringed socks that go up to the thighs. My daddy made sure to tell me that he was going to get my tuition back one way or another. It is all driving me crazy. I need something to take my mind off. That's why I went to the dog park, because those dogs are always in the moment and always playing. Well, not always, the little dogs are mostly a barking nuisance. It's the big dogs like the Labradors that play around, like you said."

"Hm, we can't do this. You are really turning me on, and if you don't leave, I don't know, what is going to happen. I might kiss you."

"Jerome, don't stop. It is so much fun. You are like medicine..." He moved forward to the point, where he could feel her breath coming out of her nostrils. She bridged the last gap. Their lips locked. He pulled her close and could feel her large breast against his chest. Her tongue was wet and sweet. It was very composed tongue. Her arms reached around his back. He made sure to press his manhood against her. After a minute, she leaned back and had that wild look in her eyes, like she just had a delicious and exotic sample at a seafood bar.

"Do you really want to play puppy and owner?"

Her eyes glazed and she said a breathy yes.

"Well, dogs don't wear clothes unless they have weird owners. You know, what that means."

She knew what it meant. She started rolling on her back. Her feet went up to her chest and she pretended that she tried to scratch off her sweater, like a dog that had something stuck to its fur. As she had to reach up her leg to her chest to do it, her skirt flapped open. And, she flashed him with her red g-string. He badly wanted to lunge on top and into her.

She rolled around the floor, now trying to reach the hemline of her skirt with her teeth, chasing herself in a circle. Her head got flustered from the effort and perhaps the naughtiness of it. Eventually, she started crawling backwards on her hands and feet against a door post. There she tried to rub her skirt higher on her body towards her head. She got it up to her boobs, which were too large to let it pass any further. So, she collapsed on the floor at the door and started yelping until he came over.

He reached behind her to unzip the skirt. He pulled it down to her lovely plumb feet. Then he pulled the sweater over her head. He unclasped her bra. The heavy breast fell immediately forward. They covered about half way to the floor, almost to the elbows. She smiled and said thank you.

He paused, because her eyes seemed a little too mischievous for a normal thanks. She lurched forward and hugged his knee hard. She pushed her whole chest against his shins and held it with one hand. While his arms rapidly reached for air, because he was on his way falling back down, her other hand reached for his leather flip flop. She stuffed it into her mouth. The whole taste of used leather with foot sweat was in her mouth. It smells a bit like cheese. It smells a bit like warm familiarity of being with her. Her dad smelled like that. She trotted off to the other side of the coffee table.

He confusedly tried to call her back in vain. She only hopped back and force in joy about her treasure. He remembered the gummi bears. He reached to his pocket and got a couple out. She came trotting around the coffee table. Her breast were wonderfully hanging down and jiggling up and down with each bounce. At the point, from the armpit down, there was a bit of a concave shape as the whole weight sagged down.

He quickly retrieved his flip flop. He plopped down on the couch and waved it in front of her face. She could very well smell the leather, foot sweat, and the fruity aroma. He threw the flipper across the room and watched her trot after it. He could see her whole well shaped ass with the red g-string as she left. He looked down her trim legs and the cute feet. As she came back, he threw the flip flop again, so that he could watch her once more.

Then, he picked up her leash and walked her into the kitchen. She followed contently. He placed a bowl on the floor and filled it with water. There is something so humbling, humiliating, and degrading about a sophisticated and large human being having to bring down all of its body to reach into the bowl with the face. Smart people bring the food and drink with their hands to their mouth. Being in charge of such a hot woman at his feet turned him on. He lifted one of his feet to pet her on the back like a dog. Feeling her under his feet so eagerly trying to suck up some water made her seem so submissive. His hard on was raging wild on fire, like he had to put it out somewhere.

"Oh, my god you turn me on so much. The seams of my pants just want to explode off."

"It's okay. You can put it in. You don't know, how wet I am from all this."

She looked at him, leading on her forearms with her butt high up in the air. She was still on her knees. He ripped the condom package from his wallet. He rolled the condom on. Every roll of the condom wrapped around his penis and made him hard, made him almost worry to lose it too soon. Then, he pushed her red thong to the side and rammed himself inside of her belly.

She quivered. He reached around to hold one of her large breast. He had yearned to touch them. They were soft. He fondled them and twirled the nipples. Her pussy was moist and slippery. He almost felt nothing, because his penis went in so smoothly without the least bit of friction. He pushed her chest and boobs down to the ground, while keeping her butt up. She reached her butt up higher against his organ.

The white daylight of the cloudy day shone through the window on the kitchen floor. They felt the smooth, rubbery linoleum underneath them. They felt each others hot and sweaty bodies. They felt all these good feelings coming out of their pleasure organs. The metal bowl with the water was next to her face. They moaned. They breathed hard. He pulled her hips onto his dick. He grabbed her breast. She twisted around to kiss his tongue, while he still hammered her from behind. Visions of colors melted in front of their eyes, as they closed them. Soft, sweet, and young skin was in front of them making her clit hard and his penis harder. They were chasing a dream. He gave his all as his whole upper body rested on hers without holding back. One of her hands reached behind to hold him. The touch was so raw, like her inner being was holding onto him.

They collapsed. They rested. They got up.

He watched her roll her boot socks over her feet, up her calves to her knees. She put her sexy brown leather boots on. She put the skirt over her head. Her knees were still showing in between the skirt and the high boots. They showed a little of her thighs, those thighs, that he could imagine, how juicy and full they are, when they are naked. Her sweater went on. She left the bra out, because she felt free, airy, and alive. She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Fifteen years later, he walked to his mailbox. A post card with a young puppy was mixed in the middle of junk mail.

"You helped me at the start of my career. Today, I was sworn as judge at the Supreme Court. Our memory helps me escape into fantasy and calm down, whenever my nerves want to get the better of me."

"Love and hugs, Kayla"

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