This story is based on facts and spiced with fiction. Many thanks to Angel Love for the editing.


It was a two-page story in one of the most popular tabloid newspapers that told about "Dogging," which got the ball rolling. "Dogging" in its present form is a game that had come to Scandinavia from the British Isles and is nothing else than any kind of non discrete sex in public places.

Of course, fucking at parking lots and beaches is hardly any new game. Even my wife Lena and I had our first fuck at a dance hall parking lot. But we were very discrete in fear for her boyfriend of that time who was busy in the dance hall pub drinking beer with his friends when we sneaked out for that quickie after some slow tunes on the dance floor.

The only difference is that this so called "Dogging" can even be done in bright daylight with or without spectators.

Just as the old saying says, "New times, new habits."

I had never expected that my wife of twelve years; a lovely thirty-eight year old brunette, mother of our ten-year-old son Elliot, could be so interested about fucking among people at a nude beach.

The place mentioned in the newspaper was on the coast about seventy kilometers from our small hometown and only twenty kilometers from her parent's summerhouse. The reporter claimed he had seen several couples making love in bright daylight without caring about spectators and even witnessed how some couples had swapped partners and even some lucky spectators got invited to gang bang.

The authorities in the area's town hall claimed that such behavior wasn't allowed at any public place but as long as those activities were held only on the limited nude area of the long beach and the police had more important things to do during the summertime when half of the their force had summer vacations they couldn't do anything about it for the time being.

Lena looked up from the tabloid and said, "Sounds very exiting for me. Would like to try it on the beach once again in our lifetime and this time in daylight with somebody watching and envying sounds really hot to me?"

It sounded a bit strange to me so I asked, "Have you done it on a beach before?"

"Yes, but it was late in an evening, a long time ago before I met you."



I had never heard about her being in Spain before we met. But she and her sister had been a week at Playa de Ingles at the Spanish island Gran Canaria about two years ago. There is a large area of sand dunes called Maspalomas. I had never suspected her for anything then but nowadays her sister's husband has dumped the sister after he found out that she had an affair, which had lasted for several months.

"This 'dogging' among people sounds weird to me."

"Why? Let's try it for once. It's a fair distance from here, nobody there knows who we are and we can use my old wigs so nobody can recognize us."

"Never," I flatly replied.

She didn't ask more about it. Lena began her summer holidays two weeks before I began mine and I had no objections when she first spent a few days with her parents in their summerhouse at the coast and thereafter a week at a spa together with her sister. The last days of those two weeks she and the sister were staying at their parent's summerhouse again. Lena would be back home on Friday when my holidays began.

We had rented a caravan for two weeks and intended to visit a few interesting places in the north. No more talk about the nude beach. I hadn't thought a single thought about dogging until I one day at the gas station met Michael, who of some unexplained strange reason was the most successful pussy hound in my Motor Club.

He greeted me with a big smile and said, "I didn't know that you and Lena had gotten so modern habits that you've began with dogging. Looks fun, can I join you next time?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Hi Mr. Sunshine, don't pretend to fool an old friend."

"What the hell do you mean?"

"I've seen the pictures of Lena and you at the dogging site on the net?"

I was totally dumbfounded and said, "You got to be totally wrong. It must be somebody else who looks like us and your imagination did the rest. We have never been at any dogging. That's for sure."

"Oh my dear friend, I can't bet any money that it is you but I can bet a full tank of gasoline that it is Lena. Go home and look at the net and then come here and pay my gas bill."

"I'll take the bet and expect my bill be paid tomorrow."

"Sorry old friend, it's not my fault if Lena is there with somebody else. That's not the question in this matter," he chuckled as he walked away.

I went home, found the dogging site, logged in for a membership and had to wait a long half hour before I got my password and got to the pictures. It was even worse than expected. Though she had a black wig and sunglasses it was no doubt that it was my wife Lena who was fucked in several positions by what seemed to be two different men of almost the same size.

The photos didn't show the men's heads and I think the one who had published those photos had used some editing program to fix some extra sun tan on them. It was the tattooed green and bright red spider on Lena's left bottom, well visible on several photos, which took away all my doubts that it was my wife Lena who got fucked on that sunny beach surrounded by naked spectators.

I felt like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat. The feeling got even worse when I understood why Michael had been able to recognize Lena. He had done it by the only possible way. He had seen her naked before and recognized her bright tattooed spider.

Lena's spider was almost in the crack and not visible when she wore bikini bottoms or panties. She had gotten it tattooed in Thailand during our holiday trip there last winter and I ought to have been only man in the world who knew that secret. One thing was for sure, if Michael had succeeded in getting Lena naked and saw the spider, he had even succeeded to fuck her. He hadn't gotten his reputation for nothing. The question was when, where and why Lena had fucked that infamous pussy hound.

When I had recovered from the shock, I decided to pay Michael a visit. He was at home and tried to stop me at the door but I pushed him back in and got in myself. I told him, "You got your gas and we need to talk."

Michael understood the reason for my visit and went very pale in his face when he asked me to sit down in his living room. He stammered, "What can I do for you?"

I laid up two large printouts from the dogging site on his table and asked him, "How in the hell could you recognize Lena in these pictures?" "Somebody told me."


"Can't remember."

"Bullshit. You damn pussy hound have fucked her recently but it doesn't matter any longer because I'm divorcing her for the damn beach fucking anyway. Now I want to hear the truth."

Michael knew that by bucking a fellow Club member's wife had broken the most important code of honor in the Club, which could get him to be treated as a leaper in ancient Rome. My reputation from my biker days didn't make things easier for him. He took my word about Lena's dogging as the only reason for the coming divorce. He chose the easy way and told me a bullshit story about how he had met Lena at the Supermarket when I was away on a two day business trip and after some pleasant small talk invited her to his place for a coffee break. To his great surprise and pleasure she had accepted. While waiting for him to fix the coffee she had taken a closer look at his living room and found a porn CD. She asked him to play it and they saw it together during their coffee time. He tried to resist but after a while they had started some innocent necking, which had ended up in a fucking. It was then he had noted Lena's bright spider almost in the crack of her bottom.

Michael swore that it was the only time he had done anything with Lena. I understood that the real truth was much worse than that but I didn't care to whip it out of him because his confession about fucking Lena was bad enough.

I told him I believed him, stood up and walked to the door. At the door I turned around against him and said with a silent voice, "By the way Michael, Lena is a damn slut but she is still my wife and nobody fucks my wife for free."

I hit him with all my power in his belly and gave him a hard kick between his legs. He fell to the floor and lay there wriggling like a worm when I gave him the message that if he ever bragged about fucking Lena or mentioned anything about her dogging at the beach, I would give him an unforgettable punishment. Then I left his apartment and I'm sure that he would not fuck anybody's wife at least during the next two weeks.

Back home I was convinced that I had done the right thing with Michael because only a real asshole fucks a fellow Club member's wife. But I didn't feel any better after visiting Michael because this morning I had been an average husband and what the hell was I now? Of course, we had some ups and downs in the marriage but mostly I was happy with it and had been looking forward to a pleasant summer holiday with my family. And now a few hours later I was degraded to a cuckold who knew for sure that she had cheated several times on.

I had evidence for two times and God only knew how many men she had fucked at the nude beach. Now I even suspected that she had been fucking some damn playa when she was at Gran Canaria with her slut sister. But it doesn't matter any longer. What I wanted most of all was to catch Lena in action if she went back to the nude beach for some further dogging when she was back from the spa.

After a lot of thinking I had a plan. Just take the days off from my work and spend the three days she was at her parent's summerhouse, back from the spa on the nude beach. Just in case she went there for more dogging. If she did, I intended to videotape the fucking, kick her fucker hard in his ass, take off her wig and tell her that the game is over.

The only weak point with that plan was that I had to take three days off from my job during a very busy time and spend them naked on the damn beach just in case she and her slut sister came there for dogging. Of course, I had lot of time I could work during the summer holiday since I intended to cancel the trip to the north Lena and I had planned to do with our friends.

The next day Julia, one of my fellow workers noted that I was totally a mess. Julia had recently found out that her husband had a long time threesome affair with their neighbors and dumped him. I told her that I had gotten into a similar situation as she with a cheating spouse. She convinced me that talking about the problems could release some of the pain and offered to talk about it with me that evening. I accepted and suggested a pub but she invited me to her house.

Julia was thirty-four years old; a handsome bright minded easygoing woman, now living with her eight-year-old son Oliver. Nobody at the office could understand how her ex-husband could be stupid enough to have gotten involved in those perverted neighbor's sex games. Several of the guys at the job had made their attempts on her after the divorce but she had said a polite "no thanks" to all of them.

At seven o'clock I rang her doorbell with some flowers in my hand. Her son opened the door and shouted, "Mom your date is here."

A smiling Julia met me and told me not to care about him. She had coffee ready and asked me to sit down in her living room. After the coffee she told me her story, which made it easier for me to tell her mine. She was a good listener and had only a few questions.

When I told her about my plans about going to that beach, she didn't agree that it was a good plan. Wasting so much time for maybe getting to know what I already knew. She suggested me a much easier solution. Just send a text message about Michael's confession to her at the spa.

I accepted and she helped me to write the following short message: "Dear Lena, Michael has bragged about his sex with you and I hope you'll understand the consequences for our marriage. Signed your (soon to be ex) husband."

Time goes fast and it was already half past ten when I sent the message. Julia suggested me to stay some time and wait for a reply in case Lena wasn't sleeping yet. I had planned for what to say if she rang. She didn't. Lena rang me the next day at the job. She was angry and thought that the old saying "Attack is the best defense" was always valid.

She shouted, "What the hell do you mean by that damn message?"

I had decided not to raise my voice at her no matter what ever she said and replied, with a soft voice, "You knew the consequences when you cheated."

"And you are stupid enough to believe everything that bragging asshole Michael is telling you?"

"Not really, but in this sad matter I have even other evidence. It is enough for me and enough for my lawyer. I'm sorry Lena, very sorry indeed but you ought to thought about the consequences before you threw such crap to me and to poor Elliot. Now it is too late to get anything undone."

"What evidence?"

"Your adultery is on the web where the whole world can see it."

Now she understood the situation and began to sob and continued with a soft voice, "I'm coming home right now. Please let me explain everything and don't do anything stupid before I've explained the whole matter."

"No need to come. I don't care how long you are staying there. One thing is for sure, our marriage is history."

She ended the conversation with, "I'm coming home. You need to know the truth."

Julia and I had lunch together and I told her Lena had rang me and was coming home. Lena came home at six thirty in the evening. Obviously she still had the hope of being able to get a solution for our marriage but I told her that divorce was the only possible solution after all her many cheatings, which in my opinion was rather a habit than a bad mistake. Obviously she had never thought that I could find out anything and went ash gray in her face when I counted them.

"I'm sure that you fucked some damn 'sand worms' when you and your slut sister were at Gran Canaria and got the damn sand fucking in your mind. Michael has confessed that you wanted him to fuck you in his apartment and your damn 'dogging' at the nude beach is on the web. How many perverts did you fuck there? And Lord only knows how many more pussy hounds you fucked out there? Who cares because those I mentioned are more than enough."

Now she was sobbing and said with a low voice, "You are totally wrong. In fact there is only one lover and one blackmailer. That's all and I agree that it is enough to get us problems."

"OK, it doesn't matter. Even if I don't believe you, let's pretend that it is so."

"No, please listen and let me tell you the truth. You're wrong, nothing happened at Gran Canaria when Monica and I were there. Monica had fixed to meet a date with one of her lovers and a friend of his there. The first three days I had a terrible diarrhea and then I refused to have anything to do with the 'date's friend' who was an arrogant asshole."

She continued, "However, I met and had a romance with a nice guy by the name of Dennis when mom and I did that coach tour to Skagen last year. It was he who gave me that unforgettable sex in the still warm sand at the famous beach during an evening after a pleasant dinner. You know that mom has never liked you and she was very happy for my affair with Dennis. I spent the whole trip close to Dennis and have dated him twice since then and can't deny that I've strong feelings for him, but told him and he's accepted that I love you and my family will always be my first choice. He was the only man I fucked during the 'dogging' at the nude beach. It was mom who, to my great surprise, had invited him to her summerhouse. After a dinner with wine and some 'Absolut' I told him about the dogging story in the newspaper, which got me horny and he accepted to join me there the next day for fulfilling my fantasy, which he did. I can tell you that it wasn't the expected kick and I'll never do it again."

Then she began sobbing, "Michael was a damn big mistake. That damn asshole blackmailed me to do it with him. When I spent a weekend helping mom clean her summerhouse in May this year, mom had invited Dennis to help us. It was a hot day and Dennis and I went to the beach for a walk and for the first sunbath of the year. We were lying on a blanket; I had only my bikini bottoms on me when two windsurfers walked past us. To my fear Michael was one of them and it got even worse when I noted that he and Dennis knew each other since their service in the army. Michael understood what was going on, got a big grin on his face and promised not say anything to anybody. He didn't keep his word. When I met him at the supermarket some weeks ago he gave me a simple choice, go with him to his apartment or tell you about Dennis. I chose the apartment where he had me strip and fuck him. Dennis who promised to take care of Michael, which he obviously did because Michael has not threatened me since then."

I didn't comment and Lena continued, "I rang Dennis after I had gotten your text message and talked with you. I told him that Michael put my marriage in danger though I had surrendered to his blackmailing and let him fuck me. Dennis promised to fix it so that Michael got punished in some way for what he did to me. He even asked me to live with him if you were going divorce me. I told him that my future is up to you to decide. Do you want me to stay with you or shall I leave you for Michael? You can think about it, but I want your answer before nine o'clock tomorrow morning."

I can't deny that I was a bit surprised. She gave me the "favor" to decide if I wanted to remain married to a cheating slut or not? I replied, "You didn't mention anything about your relation to Dennis in the future if I don't kick you out?"

"He will always be a friend, it's a small world and I can't promise not to see him sometimes somewhere, can I?"

"You didn't promise 'no more fucking' with him"

"No, because nobody knows how our marriage will develop in the future. I think we need a lot of counseling and thereafter it's up to you how we can go further. But if we are getting to be a happy family again, I promise to be faithful. I want to keep my promises."

I burst out in a loud laugh, "Yes, I know how well you've kept the vows you gave me during our wedding. Are they worth even a piece of shit today? Did you ever think about them when you fucked those two scumbags? Let's fix the divorce papers and bank affairs first thing tomorrow morning and then you are free to piss off to your damn doggy boy."

"Is that your final decision?"


When Lena understood that my simple yes put a full stop to a marriage in which we had shared many good times together and obviously been much happier that many of our friends in their marriages, she began to cry and sobbed, "I never wanted you to know, Dennis was only a bonus, who made me happier with you and able to give you more love."

I didn't care to reply. Instead I began to tell her my conditions for a simple divorce. Put the house up for sale, split all assets 50/50 and let Elliot choose with whom of us he wanted to live and give the other parent rights to have him half of the annual holiday times.

Lena agreed without any objections and I took the next day off work and after we had done our errands, she left to spend her summer holiday at her parent's summerhouse and for planning her new life with Dennis.

That evening Elliot rang me and asked if he could stay at grandma's summerhouse with his cousin some more time during the holiday. I accepted. Friday, the last day before my summer holiday I asked Julia about her plans for the holidays. She didn't have any because she had many bills to pay and couldn't afford any holiday trip. I told her that I had rented a caravan for two weeks and had no use for it, so I could park it at some nice camping where she and her son could use it for free.

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