tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDogging - Flashing, English Style

Dogging - Flashing, English Style


She likes exposing herself. Her BF likes it too.


"Dogging" is a British slang for engaging in exhibitionism or sexual acts in public. Strangers meet up in parks and watch a couple, usually in their car, expose themselves or have sex. Sometimes they are invited to join in, but it's mainly about men watching through the car window and masturbating.

Scott asked that I write a story based on some of his and Laura's adventures which include "dogging". Ah, young love! A perfect story for the Valentine's Day contest.

Everyone in the story having sex and viewing naked body parts are over 18.

^^^February 14th, 2012^^^

"How about we go dogging?" Scott asked his girlfriend, Laura.

"Scott! I was drinking at the party, but I didn't have THAT much to drink!" she said and then laughed. She had an infectious laugh that rolled out of her when she was sexually excited. Scott heard that laugh now.

"Claire and Amy threw a nice Valentine's Day party, but..."

"But what?" His pretty Amazonian girlfriend challenged him.

"It was nice," Scott said. "But nice can be boring. Let's have some naughty fun."

The couple had left a party and were walking hand-in-hand in the moonlight on a starry evening. Scott hugged the chubby brunette. He twirled her about and kissed her.

"Emmm," she moaned. He forced his tongue into her mouth.

Scott crushed her body into his. He could feel her overly large breasts squish against his chest through their coats. They lingered in the kiss. His hands slid down her back and grasped her over-sized ass. While they kissed, he tugged on the back of her coat and skirt. He gathered the material while she was distracted by their passionate kiss. He exposed her panty-clad bottom.

When she noticed, she cried out, "Scott! People could see!"

"Would that be a bad thing? I'm sure every guy would smile seeing your round, full bum."

She blushed, reached behind her back, and pushed the material down.

"Are you blushing?" He looked at her pretty face: the high cheekbones, the round blue eyes, her full, pouty lips, and her straight, slightly pointy nose. He saw her cheeks were red.

"Wait. You're not embarrassed. You're excited. You slut! You're aroused by the idea of men seeing your ass.

"You're my sexy exhibitionist! The rest of the world sees a shy, school teacher. A tall, solidly built woman. The foolish boys have overlooked you. They prefer and have pursued the svelte English roses around you, but I know better. I know you're special and I love the real you."

Laura looked into the tall blond's eyes. Her eyes flicked left and right searching. She wondered, "Is he telling the truth?"

She asked, "Do you know the real me? You're right about boys preferring my slimmer classmates. You'd think my big boobs could have been my saving grace, but instead of making me look sexy and glamorous like the Page 3 women, they buttressed the impression that I'm overweight. I'm embarrassed by them because they sagged so much they looked like they belong to some grandmother, not a woman in her mid-twenties."

She confessed, "I don't feel pretty. The world doesn't consider me attractive. Sometimes, I am so desperate for male attention that I'm driven to do outrageous acts like exposing myself."

He smiled at her and said, "I know, darling. You get a thrill exposing yourself and I get the same thrill showing you off to strangers." He kissed her and then said, "We are a perfect match!"

The shy, blushing woman responded in a quiet voice. "Yes. It excites me. The things you've talked me into doing..."

"Have been great fun for both of us," Scott said finishing her sentence. "We've been talking about taking your exhibitionism to the next level."

She looked up at the tall man and said, "What do you have in mind?"

"A trip to a woodland car park."

"Oh. What would happen there?" She reached out and grabbed his penis through his pants.

"Dogging. We go to the car park, I let strangers see you naked, and maybe shag you."

"Oh! You or them? I'm not sure about having sex with strangers or in front of strange men."

He reached inside her coat, cupped a breast, and pinched her nipple. He laughed and said, "I noticed you didn't raise any objection to the first two items on my proposed agenda."

They got into the car. He drove to the secluded woodlands and parked. He kept the engine running. They needed the heat. The temperature was a cool forty degrees.

"What now?" Laura asked as they sat in the car.

"I'll turn on the interior light," he said. He twisted a knob and the inside of the car was illuminated. "This signals that we want an audience. Now we wait. Take your coat off."

Both of them removed their outerwear. Within a couple of minutes, two men walked up to their car. Scott turned to Laura, he hugged and kissed her. While they kissed, he unzipped her dress. Then, she took off her shoes and dress. She turned to face the growing crowd of voyeurs. She rested her back against her boyfriend, placed her heels on the seat, and spread her legs. The men looking in saw the stocky woman with light brown hair presenting herself wearing just her bra and underwear.

Scott cupped a heavy breast and whispered, "They are here for you."

It excited Laura to hear that. She longed to be the center of attention and to be lusted after. More men came up to the car to view the semi-naked, twenty-six-year-old. Scott ran his hands all over her body. He groped her tits through the bra and rubbed her panty-clad pussy.

One of the men yelled, "Show us her tits!" Then, all the guys yelled it.

Scott removed her pretty bra and tossed it on the floor. The men hooted and hollered. Laura's big blue eyes stared directly into the men's hungry eyes. The guys ogled her large breasts.

She had big, soft, saggy tits. Without a bra to support them, her boobs puddled on her chest and slid down onto her stomach. The right nipple faced forward. Her left nipple turned to the side.

The men cheered seeing her naked breasts. Some complimented her. "Wow!" "Those are big ones!" "I'd love to suck on them." "Nice. Natural" "Those are bodacious tatas!"

Others showed her no mercy. One yelled, "Look how saggy her tits are."

Another said, "She has granny tits."

A third commented, "They look like cow udders. Pull on the nipple and see how far they will stretch. I'm guessing two feet!

The crowd had grown to a dozen men. They were vocal. Many were vulgar and belligerent. Most had unzipped their pants. They had their dicks in their hands and were stroking their erections. The insults came one after another. "Honey, come out here, get up on your hands and knees, and shake those shit tits. I'll eat my hat if her nipples don't graze the ground."

One, who had his cock out, and said, "I can't wait to put this dick in between those big tits."

Another said, "I can't wait to feel her sloppy tits."

"What a shame," said an elderly man. "Such a pretty face on the body of a fat cow."

A young man shouted, "She's got dick sucking lips. Big, fat, pouty lips."

Laura was getting wet. Her short, stubby nipples were as hard as they could be. She liked being leered at and she enjoyed being talked about. Even the crude, derogatory comments. Actually, she liked them best.

She wasn't someone who turned heads when out on the street. She was too big. She was powerfully built like an East German swimmer: broad, thick, and strong. She wasn't the cute, slender girl boys asked to dance or bought a drink for at the club.

Now that she was showing her tits, she was being showered with attention. It was an odd situation for her. She had wanted and sought out the attention, but it troubled her. "I don't deserve any praise. Some of these men are saying nice things, but most days men don't compliment me," she told herself. "I'm not sexy. I'm not good enough. I'm a thick girl with saggy, granny tits."

Her mind struggled to deal with being praised tonight when most of the time she was overlooked and ignored. Her way of dealing with the dichotomy was to block out the positive comments and only hear the rude ones.

"Take your underwear off and show us your pussy," shouted one of the voyeurs. Then, the others echoed his call. More than half the guys had their dicks out and were beating off.

Laura obediently removed her lacy panties. She spread her legs and showed them her shaved pussy. The men cheered, stroked their cocks, and stared at her private parts. Laura licked her thick upper lip and stared at them wide-eyed as they stared at her with lust in their hearts.

The men continued to call out comments. "Your pussy looks wet." "Can I have a taste?" I bet it's delicious." That's a pretty pussy." "Girl, you're a joy to behold!" "I love a smoothie."

She didn't hear those words. She heard the other statements. "That's some stench trench." "Look, a shaved poon." "That's an angry snapper." "Look at the fucking lips on her pussy! They're huge!" "They're thicker than a hamburger bun." "Some women have pussies, she has a cunt!" "She's Cuntzilla."

The ugly words didn't upset Scott. He liked showing off his girl. He, like Laura, got a twisted thrill hearing the humiliating comments. He reached around and rubbed her wet pussy. He pulled her lips apart, showed them her pink vagina, and rubbed her swollen clit.

"Oh! Oh!" Laura moaned. Her breathing was audible, her heart was pounding in her chest, and fluid gushed out of her cunt. Her thighs were shining and wet.

Both of them were excited. The men were going crazy too. Some had climaxed. Scott reached down and spread her legs more so the guys could see her brown asshole.

"I'd like to shove my dick up that dank, dark hole." "Bet yours wouldn't be the first!" "No dainty pink one for this fat bitch." "She's a big girl alright." "Chubby." "Chunky." "Thick!" "Her thighs remind me of Nelson's column at Trafalgar Square. Only bigger!" "They say thick thighs make the best earmuffs." "She's thick and as solid as a brick." "She has thunder thighs."

The men laughed and wanked and continued their rude commentary. "You're so fat when you wear a yellow raincoat, people shout "Taxi!" "This bitch is so fat, she sweats gravy." "Her boobs are so big when she showers her feet don't get wet." "She's the reason they had to invent double doors!" "Heifer." "Butterball." "Fatty!" "Baby elephant!"

"Oh. Ohhh!" Laura groaned as her boyfriend rubbed her button. She lay back against him and drank in all the nasty, degrading comments.

"Slut!" "Slag!" "Big pussy, trollop" "Her areolas are huge. They're as big as saucers!"

Laura had never been more aroused and she was sopping wet. Scott was excited and hard as a rock. He groped her boobs, frigged her clit, and used his hands to open her pussy so the guys could get a great view. The crowd of men around the car cheered in appreciation. They enjoyed the show she was putting on.

Then, some punks in a compact sporty coupe with a loud audio system drove by repeatedly. Their aggressive actions, the loud music, and bright headlights frightened Scott and Laura.

"The show's over," Scott announced. He gave Laura her clothes. She dressed and he drove home. They parked and hurried into their place.

"That was amazing," she said. "My body is shaking."

"Yes, that was hot."

They attacked each other as soon as the door was closed. They kissed, groped and ripped each other's clothes off. He was as hard as steel. She was as wet as could be. He threw her on the bed, pounced on her and they fucked. This wasn't making love. This was raw, passionate, physical rutting.

While they had sex, Laura said, "I loved being on display. I loved showing them my tits and pussy, and I loved seeing all those big, hard dicks. Hard because of me!"

"Oh. Oh!" Scott cried out. The hot sex and suggestion that a dozen men wanted to have their way with his woman caused him to blow.

"Oh. Oh! OH! Ohhh." Laura moaned. She came. He body spasmed, her breathing stopped, and pleasure, pure, unadulterated joy surged through her body.

After they rested and recovered, they talked about their evening.

"Babe, that was our best adventure ever," Scott said.

"Yes. My body felt like it was on fire. My nipples were so hard and my pussy was soaking wet."

"I know. I felt your body tremble as the guys looked at you and called you names."

"I can't believe you pulled my legs so far apart and showed them my pussy and asshole!"

"I spread your bum and showed both your holes because that's the dirtiest thing I could think of."

She said in a breathy voice, "After you did that, I wanted to open the door, go outside, and fuck the men. Fuck all of them."

"You're making me hard," Scott said with a laugh.

"Then, use it. Fuck me," the shy woman laughed her sexy, infectious laugh.

They had sex a second time. It was as rough and passionate as their earlier tryst.

^^^September 2011^^^

Laura was in her apartment with her two best friends, Claire and Amy, fellow primary school teachers. The three twenty-something-year-olds were sitting in her living room sharing a bottle of wine and gabbing.

All the women had pretty faces. They were stereotypical English roses with blue or green eyes, high cheekbones, brown hair, and the pale, fair complexion that's natural for people who live in a land that sees so many rainy and cloudy days.

Claire and Amy fit the ideal standard completely. They were petite and graceful. Short and slender. Laura was well off the mark. She was three inches taller and 40-50 pounds heavier than her friends. While her friends were diminutive and elegant, Laura looked thick and imposing. She wasn't fat, she was powerfully built with a thick middle, stout thighs, and a broad ass.

Laura was self-conscious about her Amazonian build. Because of it, she didn't feel pretty and most men agreed. If you needed to plow a field and your tractor was broken or your horse was ill, she was your gal. If you wanted to dance, frolic in the park, or fuck, most men would choose someone else.

Claire said, "So Laura, are you still dating Scott?

"Yes. We've been together six months."

"Ohhh," Amy cooed. "Good for you. How's the sex?"

Laura's face turned red. She attempted to change the subject, "More wine anyone?"

Her friends gently laughed. Amy said, "Sorry, Laura. You're too easy a target for teasing."

"Yes. You're so shy and private. I can't believe you ever let Nigel fuck you in the ass."

Again her friends tittered. Laura, puffed herself up and shook a finger at her friends. "One time. I told you that in the strictest of confidence. I went to you as a friend in need. I was cramping, I had terrible diarrhea the next day, and went like five or six times."

Amy and Claire went to her and hugged her. Amy said, "What bitches we are. I'm sorry no more teasing."

"So everything's good with you and your tall, blond boyfriend?" Claire asked.

Laura took a deep breath, calmed down, and forgave her mischievous friends. She told herself, "They aren't evil. They've been drinking. I know it annoys them that I'm not as open about my sex life as they are."

She said, "Yes. I like Scott and he really gets me."

"Good," Claire said.

"Ha," Amy laughed. She said, "And that's as explicit as our shy Laura will get."

Her friends smiled at her. They went back to their seats and started talking about the upcoming student/teacher conferences at school. Laura tuned out their conversation and said to herself, "What would they think if they knew about this wild side of me that Scott has awakened? These girls drink, party, sleep with men and suck a lot of cocks. What would they think if they knew I was a closet exhibitionist? I seem nice, but I'm really a secret, naughty, sex freak. Scott has helped me see, embrace, and enjoy this side of me."

During a lull in the conversation, Laura said, "Do guys ever ask you to do things?"

Her friends looked at her with surprised expressions. Amy said, "Like, will you suck my dick?"

Claire laughed and said, "Or will you suck my friend's dick too?"

"Can I fuck you in the ass?" Amy said and giggled.

"Will you go out without wearing a bra or panties?" Claire said.

"Can we have sex in public?" Amy added.

Laura blushed, laughed, and said, "Yes. So it's not just me? Have you..."

"Yes!" the two other women said in unison.

"Which things?"

"All of them," Amy answered.

"And more," Claire added.

The women all laughed. When she stopped guffawing, Amy said, "Laura, we're sexual beings. Live. Have fun. If you and your guy want to do things other than holding hands, what's the big deal?"

Claire slipped into teacher mode and lectured her friend. "Be smart. Be safe. Have fun!"

^^^January 2012^^^

Scott was kneeling behind Laura. They were naked and in his bed. She was on her hands and knees. Her head was buried in a pillow. His hard cock was buried in her fabulous pussy. He stroked in and out to the rhythm of her groaning.

"Oh... Oh... Oh... Oh."

He leaned to the side to see her bosom. Her tits were unusually big and unusually long. They stretched toward the ground and swayed from side to side with every thrust. Their shape and motion reminded him of long balloons filled with water. He pushed the near one. It crashed into the other one setting off waves of ripples and jiggles in her soft flesh.

He laughed and said, "These things are outrageous."

She turned her head and gave him a pained look. Her face was red.

He said, "Play with your clit. I'm getting close. I want us to climax together."

She stuck a hand between her legs, her fingers caressed her fat outer labia, and then, settled on her button. She rubbed it forcefully. Scott stopped thrusting into her.

"Oh! Oh!" she cried out.

He slapped her ass and said, "I've never seen an ass so broad or legs so stout. Your backside reminds me of a Challenger 2 tank (the main battle tank of the United Kingdom). Both are big, broad, and capable of withstanding armor-piercing shells."

She came immediately. "Oh. Oh. Ohh!," she cried out as she orgasmed. It was a big one. Glorious feelings spread throughout her body.

He began pounding her from behind and said, "There. There, darling. I know you. I know what it takes to get you off. Have you ever cum harder? I doubt it. It's not my dick or your finger that made you cum. It was my insults. When I spoke disparaging about your body."

His dick fired off inside her vagina. "Ahhh," he groaned. When he was done, he slumped on the bed. Laura collapsed and lay beside him. He cuddled her.

When she had recovered from her climax and worked up her nerve, she asked, "Why did you say I liked your insults?"

"You never accept a compliment. You deflect and protest. It was months before you allowed me to make love to you with the lights on. And you are always apologizing for your sagging breasts, doughy stomach, how your pussy looks, your thick thighs, and the size of your ass.

"You are self-conscious about how you look and no matter how often I tell you, you're beautiful and that I love you, I can't change your mind. Today, was a test. If you're uncomfortable being treated nicely because you have a deep-rooted inferiority complex, perhaps you desire the opposite.

"I was purposely unkind and unloving. I humiliated you and you ate it up. You orgasmed. A good boyfriend gives his girl what she wants, what she needs. If you liked being spanked or being tied up, I'd be negligent if it I didn't do those things. You like being exposed and embarrassed, so I'll do that."

Laura said "I am shy, I am self-conscious about my body, and I'm an exhibitionist who gets off being humiliated. Wow! That's a lot to admit to."

"Yes. And I'm a guy who loves you as you are and gets off showing you off."

They were silent for a while. Scott gave her time to process what had been said. Then, he asked, "Laura, we've been dating for what?"

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