tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDogging the Neighbour's Wife

Dogging the Neighbour's Wife

byTony King©

Dogging is a term used in the UK for car park sex.

I couldn't believe my luck. I was only a hundreds yards into the woods and there was my neighbour, up against a tree, skirt round her waist, blouse open exposing two very large tits while some guy I'd never seen before hammered away at her cunt. I always carry my digital camera and managed to get off a few good shots before Rex caught the scent and went charging towards them barking like mad. They were trying to cover up as I retrieved the dog but I knew she'd recognised me.

A few days alter there was a ring at my door. "Mrs Reynolds, what can I possibly do for you?" Now Mrs Reynolds and I just didn't get on. Ever since she moved in with her bullyboy husband I'd had problems. He was a long distance lorry driver and a drunk. Every time he was home, he'd have a night on the town then come home and knock her about a bit. Twice he and I had come to blows when I'd been forced to intervene at some unearthly hour of the morning, the last resulted in him being arrested and slung in jail over night. Instead of being grateful that I'd saved her skin, the bitch dropped all charges against him and filed a complaint against me. Thankfully it got thrown out of court but it did little for our relationship. Now she was standing on my doorstep.

It was the first time I'd ever really seen her close up and in daylight. She was about 40 and must have been a real looker in her younger days. Long blond hair and bright blue eyes but her greatest assets were her tits; they were enormous. "I err, I came to explain about Saturday," she began.

"What's to explain?" I said smugly, "you were being shagged up against a tree and I've got the pictures to prove it."

She went deathly white. "Wh – err, what um, what are you going to do with the pictures?" she finally stuttered.

I played my ace. "That's easy, I was planning to give them to your husband, then, after he's killed you, he'll get banged up for life and I can get some fucking peace and quiet!" I slammed the door in her face. The bell rang again. "Yes?"

"Look, I know I've been a bit of a bitch but can't we work this out?"

"And just what did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, I thought say £100 and you destroy the evidence."

"Sorry? £100 pounds? I think you'll find they're worth a lot more than that."

She reacted angrily. "OK, £500 but that's it you arsehole, now give me the fucking photos."

Well now, I don't know about you but when some one starts to threaten me, it sort of puts my back up, especially when I'm holding all the cards. "Come in," I said pleasantly standing to one side. She stepped into the hallway with a smug grin on her face. "I knew you'd see reason, now, where are they," she said cockily reaching for her chequebook.

I grabbed her hair and flung her against the wall. "Now you listen to me you cock sucking little whore, if you want those photo's it's going to cost you more than money." She stood there visibly shocked, trying to take it all in. "To start with you can show me your tits."

Instead of opening her blouse as I'd envisaged, she shouted, "Fuck you," and legged it out the door. I really thought I'd fucked up and spent the day waiting for the police to arrive but nothing happened.

By evening I decided to call her bluff. Waiting until her husband arrived home and taking a large buff envelope I knocked at her door. She opened it. "Good evening, is Mr Reynolds in please, I have a special delivery." She went into complete panic. "Who is it?" a drunken voice yelled from within. "Nothing love, it's just Sally Army collecting money."

"Tell them to fuck off and get yer arse back in here, and shut that fucking door, you're letting the heat out."

"Oh my God, please, he's been drinking and he'll kill me, please I'll do anything, look." She undid her blouse and right there on the doorstep scooped both tits out and offered them to me. "Please, I'll come round tomorrow when he's gone to work, he'll be away for three days and you can do what you like with me, pleeeeeeease."

"OK. But I want you in stockings, suspenders, high heels, under the nipple bra, short skirt and see through blouse. Oh yeah, put some tarty make up on and shave the cunt, I hate getting hair in my teeth. I'll pick you up at 7." She stuffed her tits away just as her husband started to bellow again.

Her old man left around lunch time and I tried to imagine what was going through her mind as she got herself ready. At dead on seven I knocked the door. She opened it and peered round the gap. "Come in, quickly." I entered the hall and she shut the door behind me. WOW! She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her make up was real tarty with thick black mascara and bright red lipstick. She was wearing a sheer black blouse which clearly showed her 40DD's struggling to contain themselves in a shelf bra. The bra had a little 'V' shaped cut out where the nipples poked through. This was complemented by a short red silky skirt, seamed stockings and some very high heels. She stood leaning against the wall. "Well?"

"Very nice Mrs Reynolds, very, very nice."

"The bedrooms up here, lets get it over with." She started towards the stairs.

"Whoa, not so fast, I thought we could head for the woods, seeing as you like outdoor sex so much." Now she was completely flustered. "I can't go out looking like this!" I grabbed a long coat from the closet and threw it at her. "Here, put this on then." We took her car with me driving and her looking extremely uncomfortable in the passenger seat. "Loose the coat." She shot me a look but as instructed removed the coat and threw it in the back seat. "Good, now lift the skirt, I want to see your stockings." She hiked the skirt up round her waist revealing a skimpy pair of black transparent panties covering a freshly shaven cunt. "Hmm, very nice, why don't you play with it." She started to protest but I simply held up the envelope. "It's up to you, either you do exactly as I say or I make sure your old man sees these." Very reluctantly she opened her lovely long legs and started to caress her pussy.

I was determined to push her to the limit. I wanted to humiliate and degrade this bitch and by the time I was through she was going to be my complete fuck slut. She was rubbing her pussy through her panties and obviously just going through the motions. "If it's not dripping by the time we get there then I'm going to offer you to the first bloke we see." She stared at me in disbelief and as I stared back reality hit her. Sliding down lower in the seat, she started to play with her nipples making them stand out really hard. Then one hand went down to her pussy only this time it went inside her panties. This was more like it. As I pulled into the woodland car park I could hear it starting to squelch. Parking in a secluded corner I reached over and felt her cunt. It was wet but not exactly dripping.

I'd brought her to a place called Simon's Wood. It's a well known meeting area for swinging couples, exhibitionists and voyeurs. Reclining her seat and opening the electric window I went to work on her tits, undoing the blouse and sucking on each nipple until I thought it would burst. At the same time I replaced her hand with mine and started to play with her pussy. I love smooth cunts and there's nothing better than cupping the entire cunt mound in your hand before slipping a finger between the wet warm lips. I did this a few times, each time running my finger higher until eventually I was rubbing against her clit. By now she was lying back with her eyes closed as I helped myself.

As I had hoped, it wasn't long before the first shadowy figure approached the car. He stood near the passenger door looking in, all the time playing with his exposed prick. "Take your panties off" She raised her hips and slipped the flimsy material down over her thighs. As she did so I lifted her short skirt making sure our peeping Tom got a good view of her shaven mound. As he stood there openly wanking I stuffed two fingers up her cunt and really went to town. She still had her eyes closed and was moaning with pleasure as she approached her first orgasm. That's when I abruptly stopped. "What the ..." She looked up at me with pleading eyes. "Out of the car." Peeper moved into the shadows as she exited the car, the courtesy light illuminating her state of undress. "Good, now lean in and suck my cock. Oh, and lift your skirt up over your arse." I moved over to the passenger seat and lowered my trousers. "Can't you at least turn the light of?" she asked. "What, and miss seeing you with a mouthful of cock." Nervously she looked around her before slowly bending forward towards my rampant cock. "Are we forgetting something?" She flipped the short skirt up exposing her naked arse and cunt to anyone that happened to look.

"Good, now suck it and you'd better not spill any." Oh, the feel of her hot mouth round my cock was just exquisite and knowing that we were being watched made it even better. She slowly got into her stride and was slurping away nicely when peeper appeared again. He stood a few feet behind her taking in the view, his fist pumping his cock like fury. This time I caught his eye and using the good old international sign language indicated that he should give her one. He dropped his trousers and shuffled up behind her. As her grabbed her hips she froze and tried to pull away but I held her head tightly against my cock. "Oh my God," she spluttered as he entered her wet cunt. "You just keep sucking like the good slut you are." As the guy behind rammed forward she was pushed down onto my cock again. She opened her legs even wider to balance herself and I watched as he fucked her hard and fast. Her big tits swung free of the bra and I toyed with the nipples as we continued to use her. As peeper approached his climax another guy appeared and stood watching and wanking. I pushed her head even further down on my cock and felt her gag as I probed the back of her throat. "Argh yes," Peeper yelled as he pumped her full of spunk. He pulled out with a noisy plop and moved aside as the other guy took his place.

He only lasted a few strokes and as he pumped her cunt full of fresh sticky sperm I erupted into her mouth. "Oh yesssss, swallow it bitch." She was gulping madly, trying to keep up with my shooting cock. The guy fucking her disappeared back into the woods and finally I allowed her to stand up. "You bastard," she said, tears running down her face. "You let those men rape me." I removed her blouse and skirt and leaning her back against the car felt between her legs. "Remember I said I wanted it dripping, well it's not there yet." I told her to walk over to a picnic table a few yards away and lay on her back. What a fantastic sight. Her arse shone in the moonlight as each cheek swayed up and down and her big tits seemed to wobble in time to it. With her black stockings and high heels she looked every bit the slut. As instructed, she laid back across the rough wooden table, her tits pointing skyward. I lifted her legs over my arms and positioned her just over the edge. "Now we can make it really wet."

I adore sloppy seconds. There's no other feeling in the world that compares. That warm sticky gooey feeling as your cock head fights it's way through the sticky mess that some other man has just left is out of this world. I reached forward to play with her nipples and built up a steady rhythm. Having already cum once I was in no hurry and the feel of her cunt made me want to prolong it as long as possible. Unfortunately that wasn't to be. As I happily pumped away a gang of youths surrounded us. "Fuck me, what we got ere?" one of them said. "Is that your missus mate?" Another asked. A black youth was standing near her head rubbing a considerable bulge in his jeans. Without slowing my pace I said, "her mouths empty." He didn't need telling twice and as he undid his fly a long thick black cock sprung out hitting her across the face. Without being told she took it straight in her mouth. I came like a freight train filling her cunt for the third time in less than an hour.

"Help yourselves lads," I said pulling out. There were five in all, three white and two black. As she sucked on the black cock in her mouth the three white guys took turns fucking her cunt. None of them lasted more than a few minutes and all had shot their loads before the guy in her mouth. "Fucking amateurs," he said pushing her of his cock and taking his place between her legs. He was definitely the biggest cock there and he took great delight in slowly pushing it in until she was screaming for him to take it easy. "Oh fuck, it's too big, please, go easy, oh yes."

"Gonna fuck you in places these white boys only dream about," he said laughing. "We don't call him Donk for nothing," one of the white boys replied. As Donk picked up the pace the others fed their cocks into her mouth and played with her tits. The other black boy just stood and watched. "Here it cum bitch," Donk Yelled holding her tight and ramming it home. She screamed so loud we thought the whole world would hear. When he finally pulled out her cunt was literally dripping with pussy juice and spunk.

"He Bro, you want some." His black friend approached the bench and stared at the dripping cunt in front of him. "Turn her over." They repositioned her so she was laying face down across the bench, her tits crushed against the rough wooden surface. The boy lowered his pants and pulled out a cock a little shorter than his friends but almost twice as thick. He ran the cock head up and down her dripping snatch coating it with a thick mixture of bodily fluids. Then, without warning, he pushed it into her arse. We had to gag her quickly she screamed so loud. As her sobs reduced to a whimper the gag was replaced by a cock and once again she was serviced at both ends at once. "Oh yeah, dis bitch is real tight bro," he said pushing it home inch by painful inch.

Her ordeal lasted about 2 hours in total, with each lad fucking her two or three times each. Of course they all wanted to fuck her arse and by the time they were finished it was dripping as much as her cunt. She had bite marks on both tits and her face and hair was covered in drying spunk. Surprisingly, her stockings were still intact and as she stumbled back to the car I watched as great gobs of white gooey spunk collected on her black stocking tops.

I made her sit like that on the drive home and we certainly got some funny looks as we waited at traffic lights or pulled alongside other vehicles. In just her stockings, suspenders and shoes she laid back and closed her eyes, totally spent from the nights events. But it was far from over yet. I wanted her degradation to go even deeper.

I drove to an old warehouse only a few hundred yards from where we lived and parked round the back. I'd often walked the dog here late at night and knew the place would be crawling with dossers and tramps. "Out." I instructed. Without a murmur she got out of the car. Taking her hand I led her inside the dingy building and immediately saw my target. A few yards away a fire was burning in an old drum, a sure sign that someone was there. As we got closer I could make out three dingy old men sitting close to the fire, drinking from a bottle. "Ere, what the fuck do you want?" one of them said. "The lady wants to get warm, you don't mind her sharing your fire do you?" I pushed her towards them. "Fucking hell, she's starkers!" The three men rose and moved towards her. "Oh no, not them, please, not them." She was trying to hide herself behind me but I pushed her forward.

"See how cold she is, look at these." I thrust her tits towards them making the nipples stick out. The nearest one stepped into the light of the fire. He was filthy. His hair was collar length and obviously hadn't been washed for years. His teeth were yellow and both his face and hands looked like they were caked in mud. He wore an old duffel coat and trousers tied up with string. He reach one grubby hand forward and tentatively tweaked her nipple. "What d'ya want with us?" he asked. "Nothing, simply to enjoy the fire," I replied holding her still while he touched her. "Cost ya," he said slyly. "Oh I'm sure we can come to some arrangement," I said holding her arms tightly behind her back forcing her tits out even more. Another one stepped forward and looked her up and down. He seemed a little better dressed than his friend and a whole lot cleaner. "She for us?" he asked. "Why not," I said holding her still.

Pushing the filthy tramp out of way the second one took control. "Aint ad a bit like this for a long time," the old boy said running his hands over her body. The dirty tramp tried to muscle his way back in only to receive a blow to the guts. "Sorry bout im, ain't got no manners. Now, you come and sit ere pretty one." He led her to a pile of what looked like old sheets and sat her down. "What'll she do son?" he enquired. "Anything you want." Mrs Reynolds had gone into zombie mode and as the old boy prised her legs apart she simply complied. "Seen some action ain't she son," he said running his fingers across her soaking wet cunt. He played with her cunt with one hand while releasing his prick with the other. "Ere sweetheart, you play with this for me." He placed her hand on his cock and she immediately started a slow hand wank. Then he offered his cum soaked grubby fingers to her mouth and made her lick them clean. "Does she suck?" The thought of taking his smelly old cock into her mouth caused her to groan loudly. "Sounds to me like she'd love to."

Grabbing her lightly by the hair he steered her face towards his cock. He was about average in size and already rock hard. She poked her tongue out and took a tentative lick before he roughly pushed her head forward making her take two thirds of it into her mouth. "Good little cock sucker ain't she son." The third tramp had remained seated so far but now crawled forward until he was sat beside them. "This is Sid, ees OK, not like that dirty old bastard over there, oh yea, and I'm Arry." It was ironic really, these two were not as dirty but they certainly weren't clean. Sid started to finger her cunt as 'Arry continued his assault on her mouth. "Alright if Sid fucks er, ee ain't ad no cunt for a long time." We positioned her on all fours and as 'Arry fed his cock back into her mouth Sid crawled between her legs and started to rub his cock up and down her crack. "She's all fucking wet," he exclaimed, "Good," said Arry, "that means she wants it." Sid, who was definitely a few bricks short of a full load considered this for a moment and then showing a big toothless grin he grabbed her hips and rammed his cock up her in one. If it wasn't for 'Arry 's cock in her mouth she would have screamed blue murder. As Sid withdrew I could see why. He was bigger than both the black lads both in length and width and even though she was well fucked he must have pushed through into her womb. The two old tramps continued to fuck her until first Sid and then 'Arry deposited their loads in her relevant holes.

She fell back on the filthy make shift bed exhausted, degraded and abused. The two tramps thanked me and ambled of. I sat beside her playing with her big nipples when I realised that the dirty tramp was still there. He was sitting a few yards away watching and playing with his cock. "You want to fuck her?" I asked. "Oh no please, not him, no more, please, he's filthy." She begged and pleaded with me, all the time trying to crawl further away from the man. He moved beside her and with me holding her down he leaned forward and sucked on her bruised tits, his grubby hands contrasting against her white tit flesh. She closed her eyes tight and looked away. Satisfied with his fill of tit he licked down her body causing shivers of disgust to run through her until her reached her pussy. Forcing her legs apart he started to lap at her cunt eating the freshly deposited spunk and lapping at her clit.

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