tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDogging with Helen

Dogging with Helen


Helen was at her computer chatting over Messenger to Steve. Having made contact with him through a dating site she had arranged to chat with him online, mainly to find out more about his interest in 'dogging', an activity which she knew nothing about. Until his e-mail to her she had never even heard the term used in all her forty-nine years and it intrigued her!

Dogging, he told her, was the habit of spying on couples enjoying themselves in cars, mostly in the evenings and with the tacit agreement of the people spied upon. The name had arisen from the excuse of 'walking the dog' used by voyeurs to explain their presence.

"No, it's not usually prearranged." He was saying. "There are places well known to be dogging sites and both voyeurs and exhibitionists just turn up at them, knowing that there is a good likelihood that they'll find what they want."

"Ok, but how do people know who is there to show off and who is there innocently, just looking for somewhere for a quiet bonk?

"There are unofficial rules that people follow. For instance, if a couple in a car leave the interior light on, that's taken as a sign that they want to be watched, often they'll flash it to attract attention, and if they leave a window open it probably means that a certain amount of involvement is ok, though you have to wait to be asked, especially now summer's here."

"You mean that couples actually invite strangers to join in?" Helen was shocked.

"Some do and some don't, and even then there are varying degrees of participation, from a quick feel of the woman's breasts to a full on shag!"

"Will you tell me something, Steve?"

"Yes, of course. What?" Helen could almost hear suspicion in his typed reply

"Do you go to watch or to show off?"

"Usually just to watch, unless I get lucky with a lady there!"

"You don't take your partner, then?"

"I'm afraid partners are a bit thin on the ground as far as I'm concerned! Didn't you see in my profile that I'm single?" Steve was referring to his entry on the dating site where they met.

"I've learned to take much of what's on profiles with a pinch of salt, Steve, sorry if I've offended."

"That's ok, you haven't, I know a lot of bullshit is written in profiles, - but just where is this conversation going?"

"I was going to ask if you'd take me."

The reply was a long time in coming. "To do what, exactly?"

"I'm not sure yet, probably just to watch, but I'd love to try it!"

"It's not that usual for a woman to just watch, but, yes, ok, why not!"


Two weeks later a car pulled up alongside Helen and, having bent to check the occupant, she got in and said a face to face 'hello' to Steve for the first time. He was, she decided, a very handsome man, tall and well built, much better than his online photo. He had the ageless and distinguished look that comes with a rugged features and a full head of grey hair, but she knew from his profile that he was in his mid-fifties, just a few years older than her.

"A drink first, I think?" He looked for Helen's agreement and having received her nod, drove silently to a pub about half a mile up the road.

"What can I get you?" He asked her, steering her to a quiet table away fro the bar.

"White wine, please."

He came back with a bottle of good white wine and two glasses and poured the drinks. "It's a bit early yet, there is rarely any action where we are going until after dark, so we've got time to chat for a bit, if you'd like?"

"Sure, but you sound as if you have a subject in mind. Do you?" She looked at him questioningly.

"Sort of. I just want to clarify something!"

"Oh. Go on?" She still looked puzzled.

"When we were chatting and I asked you just what you wanted to do, you said, if I remember rightly, 'I'm not sure, but I'd love to try it'. Try what? Watching or doing?"

"I'm still not sure. I don't think I'd have the nerve to do anything, but I can't help thinking what a thrill it might be to have men leering over me!"

"If you did do anything, how far would you want to go?"

"I don't know! Why are you asking?"

"Well, if you decide you want to show yourself off, would you want me to do anything with you?"

"You mean, would I let you play with me, or even fuck me, with others watching?" Helen could see where Steve was heading! "I would have thought it went without saying. If I do decide to show off I'd hardly want you to sit there twiddling your thumbs, would I? But let's just see how things go, eh? I might bottle out altogether yet."

"I doubt that somehow, but I just needed to know how things stood."

Steve poured Helen more wine, and for a while they sat quietly contemplating the evening to come and its possibilities. Then Helen came out of her reverie and looked at Steve.

"You know, I think that really I'd subconsciously already decided before I came out that I'd like to put on a show, and that I'm only keep myself a way out if I chicken."

"Good. But what makes you say think that?"

"Well, I sat here thinking about doing it, and suddenly realised that all the clothes I've chosen fasten down the front, easy to undo sitting in a car! Look!" She indicated herself, pointing out her blouse and front buttoned skirt.

Steve laughed. "I'd noticed that, but thought it was just a lucky coincidence. But there's no pressure, you don't have to do anything if you decide not to." He glanced at the clock over the bar and then out of the window where dusk was just beginning to fall. "Shall we go?"

Helen drained her glass, and then looked regretfully at the half full bottle. "Yes, I'm ready, but it's a shame to waste this, it's a good wine."

Steve glanced at the bottle and then went to the bar, returning a minute or so later with a bottle cap and a plastic glass. He resealed the bottle and grinned at Helen. "Now we needn't waste it!"

"Thanks, I think I might need the Dutch courage!"


The venue Steve had chosen was the car park of a country park cum nature reserve and was popular, he told Helen, because of the wooded areas close by and because all 'normal' traffic had usually gone well before dark. He had clearly been there before!

There were a few cars already dotted about, each one innocently parked on its own with no sign of lights or any other activity.

"Now what?" Asked Helen.

"Now we sit and wait for a bit. Any action will start of its own accord when folk are ready."

Steve re-opened the wine and filled the glass for Helen. She took it gratefully, and they sat silently gazing out of the windows and waiting for things to hot up. One by one several other cars drew in and parked quietly, then Steve tapped Helen on the arm, pointing across to one of them.

All Helen could see was that a man had got out and was leaning on his car lighting a cigarette, his lighter flaring brightly in the gathering summer gloom. She looked at Steve for an explanation.

"He's just making any couples aware that he's here and waiting for a show. You have to be rather careful. Some of these cars may well be ordinary courting couples, so you can't just go up and stare in. It wouldn't be right, and anyway you might get a wrong reaction."

"Wrong reaction?"

"Like an indignant lover getting out and thumping you!"

"Ahh!" Helen nodded her understanding, and just then Steve tapped her arm again. Not far from the lounging smoker the interior light of a car had just come on.

"Can we go and look?" Helen asked.

"Not for a minute, let's just see how things develop, unless the light flashes you can't be sure."

They sat in silence, Helen sipping on her wine and Steve refilling the glass as it emptied. Soon the bottle was empty and Steve dropped it into the rear seat well.

"By the time you've drunk that we should know if anything is on." Helen nodded again and took another gulp of Dutch courage.

The smoker waited for another five minutes before he flipped away his cigarette and sauntered up to the car, which was still showing an interior light. He then bent and gazed in through the passenger window, making no attempt to disguise his actions. No sooner was it clear that he was accepted than the drivers doors of two other cars opened. Their solitary male occupants walked directly over to the car and also began staring through the windows.

"What do you think is happening?" Helen asked.

"I don't know, shall we go and see?"

She nodded eagerly, caught up in the strange rituals and excitements of 'dogging'.

As they walked towards the small group clustered around the well lit car Helen could feel her breath catching with exhilaration and anticipation. The sense of having joined an exclusive and prohibited club was something entirely new to her and very exciting. Steve took her hand and squeezed it in reassurance.

The first thing that caught Helen's attention was something she had somehow not foreseen. Two of the watching men had unzipped their flies and were now masturbating for all they were worth, one of them with his cock right up against the car window as if to prove to the occupants what he was doing. Their surprised reactions on seeing that it was another woman approaching were just as might be expected. One tried frantically to put it away and rezip his trousers, but the other, a well dressed business man in his forties, simply angled himself to be seen by both and carried on.

"Don't stop for me." Helen addressed the shyer masturbator, who was still trying unsuccessfully to hide his cock. Steve was tugging at her arm and together they went around to the other side of the car, leaving him to decide whether to wank or not to wank.

From there they had almost as good a view as from the driver's side, unobstructed by men who were literally 'wankers'. Inside the car a very slim young woman had her head in her partners lap and was giving him an enthusiastic blow job. His trousers were around his ankles and she was bobbing up and down on him for all she was worth, and even though they couldn't see her face it was obvious that she was taking most of his length each time. Her free hand was massaging his balls she was clearly doing a pretty good job on him. He was leaning back, red-faced and panting, his eyes and mouth clamped shut and his hands balled into fists. It was not going to be long before he came.

Looking past the couple in the car, Helen and Steve could see the watching men leering in from the other side. Helen was a little shocked and surprisingly excited to see the animal heat written so clearly on their faces. The 'executive' type was wanking his long and obviously rock hard shaft frantically at the driver's window, leaning round to peer in through the windscreen as he did so. Two other faces looked in from the driver's window, lascivious grins adorning both. All three were totally absorbed in their voyeuristic activities and oblivious to anything else.

Just then Helen sensed another presence and looked up to find another man had joined them at the passenger side.

"Oh, that's nice," He spoke as if thinking out loud, caught up by the display in front of him.

"It looks like he's near, doesn't it? I wonder what they'll do after?" This time he spoke directly to Steve.

"We'll have to wait and see!" Steve didn't really want to be drawn into conversation.

They were not going to have to wait long. Opening his mouth fishlike and with a groan audible from outside the car, the driver came, grasping his lover's hair and pushing her head down onto his cock. Moving her hand from his balls to his shaft, she milked him, trying to get as much as she could in her mouth, raising and lowering her head more slowly under his guidance. He was gasping with each spurt of his climax, pushing his hips at her mouth, his back arching slightly and his knees twitching, the noises and movements then declining slowly as his orgasm passed. Taking her head from his rapidly wilting cock the blonde reached for a tissue and dabbed her chin where excess cum was still trickling from her mouth.

Just as the driver's orgasm died the watching businessman arrived at his. Knocking urgently on the car window to attract the attention of the occupants he began to shoot off. Surprised, the blonde looked round in response to the noise and then jerked back as ribbons of semen erupted from his cock right in front of her. Then, as it splashed across the window and she realised it was not going to hit her, she laughingly gave him the thumbs up, her partner glancing over and also indicating his approval with his thumb. Looking at the rivers of cum streaming down his window Helen wondered why he should be so pleased to see it. This was a whole new world to her.

Having cleaned up his wet cock with another tissue, the driver pushed it back into his trousers and zipped up his fly. Then, with a little goodbye wave to the audience, he reached forward and flipped off the light, returning his car to darkness and privacy. The little group of watchers who were clustered around looked about, but there were no other cars lit up and they began to disperse. Helen looked at Steve for direction and he shrugged and waved back in the direction of their own car.

"That's it for now. Come on, lets go back and sit down, it's early yet, there'll be plenty more to come." They turned to move away, but the talkative voyeur interrupted.

"Are you going to put on a show for us, honey?" He asked Helen.

"Maybe. We'll see!" She spoke over her shoulder as Steve was leading her away.

"Hope so." The man called after her. "You're hot!"

To Helen the rather crude compliment was quite exciting. She's not thought of herself as 'hot' before, especially at her age.

They climbed back into Steve's car and settled down to wait. Steve lit a cigarette and turned to Helen.

"How are you finding you're first time dogging?"

"Fascinated. It's like belonging to a secret society and it's quite a turn on. I'm still not sure what to make of it, but I like it up to now."

"You've only seen a tiny part yet. Wait until things really hot up and see how you feel."

"I don't think I'll change my mind, I think I'm a fan!"

Steve drew deeply on his cigarette. "And are you going to put on a show?"

"Maybe. We'll see!" She repeated her earlier reply, a mischievous grin on her face. The undisguised lechery on the men's faces had caught her imagination, and she was tempted, undeniably tempted.

Just then a big old yellow car drew in and parked quite close, more or less opposite and facing them, but a little to the left. A hand came out of the passenger window and waved at Steve. He flicked his headlights briefly in response.

"That's Dinah, she's a regular." He explained to a puzzled Helen. "She just loves showing off and is up for anything. Just wait till she gets going! She's here about two or three times a week with Paul, her husband, but he only acts as minder."

Almost immediately the light came on inside Dinah's car, flashing merrily, and a number of men approached it from different parts of the park. Helen and Steve did not have to move, they could already see into the car pretty well from where they were. Dinah was a short plump brunette of about forty, the sort of brash woman with a big figure and personality to match. She was dressed in an opened top, showing her large breasts spilling out of a quarter cup bra, though else she might be wearing couldn't be seen. Beside her sat a pleasant faced ginger haired man dressed incongruously in a shirt and tie.

"Does she like others to join in?" Asked Helen.

"Every time, Paul can't, he's on medication."

"And have you...?"

"Oh yes!"

Dinah had wriggled out her top altogether and had also removed her bra, allowing her rather pendulous bosom to fall free. Then, cupping her breasts in her palms, she jiggled them, pulling and squeezing at them as she offered them up to the watching men. One man, who obviously knew her, came to the car window to be greeted with an open smile of welcome, reached in to grasp a breast and began to play with it, his unheard comment bringing unrestrained laughter from the car. Dinah moved back in her seat to allow him access and then reached down diagonally with her hand in the direction of her crotch. Smiling with satisfaction at having a man playing with her breast and her own hand presumably playing with her pussy, she closed her eyes and leaned back to enjoy it.

For several minutes he fondled her breast as she played, then he unzipped his trousers with his free hand and took out his cock, showing his erection to Dinah and apparently bragging to her about it through the open car window. Dinah laughed and waved a disdainful hand at him, but that didn't stop her from leaning round and taking his cock into her mouth. He was not able to keep touching her breasts while she did that, so he contented himself with turning full on to the car and resting his hands on the car roof.

Helen and Steve sat and watched this display enthralled, especially Helen who had not seen anything like it before, and found that they were being turned on by the very directness of it all. Dinah obviously liked to be watched, revelling in her display of playing openly with herself at the same time as giving a blow job. Her arousal was obvious from the speed and urgency of her arm movements where her wrist disappeared out of sight.

It wasn't long before her blow job began to take effect, the man pushing himself against the window opening with his hands scrabbling at the roof of the car. Then, as he came and was clearly flooding Dinah's mouth with cum, so did she. Her body jerking and heaving, her breasts joggling and bouncing, and her forearm moving almost as a blur, as she tried to cope with her own orgasm and swallow his spunk at the same time. Inevitably his cock slipped free from her mouth, spraying one spurt of cum over her face before she managed to engulf it once more. To Helen this was one of the horniest sights she had ever seen, not erotic, just plain fucking horny. Unnoticed and of its own accord, one of Helen's hands had found its way between the buttons of her skirt and was gently massaging her mons though her panties.

Satisfied with his blow job, her temporary partner moved away, a second man approaching as if to take his place. But Dinah raised her hand in a stop signal before he could take up position and he waited uncertainly about five or six feet short of the car door while she wiped cum from her face with a tissue. But he was not to be disappointed. Clean again, Dinah climbed out of her car, revealing herself to be entirely naked (and incidentally sporting a large red navel stud on her rather tubby stomach) before she knelt down at the side of the car, her head inside and her front resting on the seat she had just vacated. She was obviously inviting her new partner to take her from behind, and he needed no second telling, kneeling down immediately behind her and, from what could be seen, entering her fully in one single deep thrust.

From Helen and Steve's viewpoint the open car door hid most of the action. All they could see were two sets of knees and feet and the upper half of the man as he fucked Dinah doggy style. Nevertheless it was clear that he was going at it full tilt, his back moving backwards and forwards rapidly, his head tipped skywards and his eyes closed. He couldn't last long, and didn't last long, thrusting forward hard with his teeth clenched and his muscles in spasm, he came. Holding that position except for uncontrolled jolts of his body, he was clearly emptying his balls, presumably into Dinah.

"I wonder if that was her cunt or her arse?" Steve muttered.

Helen looked at him in amazement. Not for the language, but because it would never have occurred to her that a couple would engage in anal sex so easily, it had taken her a lot of soul searching and trepidation when she had done it.

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