tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDogging with John

Dogging with John


My name is Harriet and I have a secret, I love showing off my body. I was a very early developer and often about 6 inches taller than all my friends. I became very self-conscious about my ungainly figure, especially among the boys, who all used to stare at me being the first to grow breasts. I was a very academic student, well spoken, and generally what you would call a good girl, expected to go on and do well at a top University.

I turned 18 years old that summer and had been seeing John who was much older than me at 52 for a while and he was teaching me the joys of sex and always encouraging me to do naughtier things. He could be very persuasive and I was a happy pupil! He had told me about dogging, and had been trying to persuade me to try it out. Eventually I was intrigued enough to go along and see what it was all about

We set off in John's car driving out to goodness knows where. John said it wasn't that far, about half an hour's drive or so. We talked about things that went on as we drove as evidently John had been around to various places on a number of occasions but usually only wanked off usually watching a couple getting it on in another car. One reassuring thing he mentioned was that there were some unwritten rules; namely that if a person no longer wanted to participate any one else had to just walk away, and secondly, absolutely no cameras.

I was really nervous but have to admit actually very disappointed when we pulled into a clearing which evidently served as a small car park by a wooded area popular with dog walkers and hikers, but it was quite empty, and I had imagined there would be some mad party going on somewhere. We just sat there for a little while and John said as it was still quite early maybe some others may turn up later, although it was still just gone ten o'clock. John had brought some beers and so we had a drink and he kissed me now and then keeping my engine warm as he put it. I had no idea what to expect really and half thought that maybe he had made it up just as an exciting adventure and just wanted to bring me somewhere else to have his way with me.

We had been there about 20 minutes when suddenly we were illuminated mid-snog by headlights from another car. We both looked up as the car drove passed us slowly and we saw a very ordinary middle-aged man in glasses look at us as he went passed and reversed his car into the unmarked space about 20 feet away on my side of the car. He looked across briefly and turned away when we looked in his direction. John still had one arm around me though we had stopped kissing. I took another swig of beer and realised I really needed to pee which I mentioned to John. John just looked at me and said,

"Well open the door and go for a pee then." He said.

Then he looked at me and just smiled.

"I can't do that." I said.

He leant into me and kissed me hard on the mouth.

"Really?" he said.

"No." I replied.

He continued to snog me and I returned his kiss for a while enjoying it. Then John said,

"He's out of the car." Said John.

I turned round to see the man just shutting his car door and stand surreptitiously looking in our direction as he lit a cigarette. He started to walk towards us pretending not to look anywhere at all really although it was fairly obvious he was looking at us out of the corner of his eye. He glanced over directly at me for a second and looked at me more in surprise than anything, probably alerted by how young I looked, and then as if he became aware of himself again he quickly put his cigarette to his mouth and carried on walking looking a bit nervous. It was still summer and so quite warm still but there were no lights about although there was a healthy glow from the moon and the stars. He continued walking past the front of our car, his head craned for as long as possible looking at us.

"He's just trying to get a better look at you." Said John.

He carried on walking very slowly, just dawdling around the car park, kicking at the stones on the floor occasionally and smoking his cigarette, throwing the odd glance back at us.

"Would you like to do something Harriet?" asked John.

"I'm not sure, like what?" I replied.

"Oh just fool around a little, maybe give him a little thrill?" He suggested.

"Are you sure it's ok?" I asked.

"That guy knows what goes on here, he's ok." John said reassuringly.

He brushed his hand through my hair and onto my shoulder and then ran it briefly down over my breasts.

"We've come a long way, you could see if you like it." John said persuasively again.

I thought for a moment, taking another long swig from my beer.

The man was quite a way away now, a good 50 feet or so, and I was pretty desperate to pee.

"He's far enough away now for me to have a pee at least." I said.

"Ok go for it." said John.

I glanced up at the man in the car park and opened the car door, this of course made the light come on and I saw him look round almost instantly but he was still standing still. I got out of the car and quickly squatted down by the door hauling up my skirt and pulled my knickers aside letting go a firm stream of piss. I looked up at John illuminated in the interior light and he was looking down at me pissing in the car park and smiling, and he gave me a cheeky wink. I smiled back wryly and asked.

"Where is he?" I asked.

John looked over to the man who must have seen him looking now and turned back to me saying.

"It's ok, he's still a long way from here but he's walking back this way slowly."

At last I finished peeing and I climbed back into the seat, but John stopped me shutting the door completely which left the light on in the car. He leant towards me and snogged me with some passion which took me back for a moment, his tongue invaded my mouth and I started to relax and feel a little horny as I realised the man would be able to see all this quite clearly. I looked up from our kiss to see the man heading straight back towards us only about 20 feet away, but I reached back and pulled the car door shut as I didn't want him to get any ideas.

"You ok?" asked John softly.

"Uh huh."

I said, smiling back at him as the man walked passed our bonnet again and looked in at us and gave the vaguest nod but carried on walking to his car.

"You're quite safe here. He seems ok doesn't he?" asked John.

"Yeah." I said rather non-committed.

The man reached his car and threw down his cigarette butt, got back into his car and looked over at us fairly blatantly.

"Would you like to give him a bit of a thrill?" said John.

"Maybe." I said, warming to the idea now I felt more comfortable.

"Come here." said John.

And we leaned into each other and kissed passionately. I started to get aroused quickly, partly from the whole adrenaline of the situation and probably because of the beers but we were kissing for a couple of minutes and John's hands we running up and down the sides of my body and down my thighs, lifting my skirt up but never too far.

"Is he still looking?" I asked between kisses.

"Yep." he said, looking over my shoulder. "But I don't think he can see much without the light on."

I knew what John was asking, and I began to feel quite horny, I had my back to the man but luckily I trusted John to call the shots.

"Ok." I said quietly, feeling pretty nervous still, not really knowing what to expect.

John reached up and turned on the interior light.

"Is he looking?" I repeated.

"Oh yes." said John quite definitively.

"Would you like to give him something to look at?" asked John.

"Just a little." I conceded.

John turned me round slightly so I was sideways-on in the car and to the other man. He pushed me back with his mouth against the seat and started to touch my breasts. Softly at first and then he slowly started to unbutton my blouse. He put his hand between my buttons and pushed his hand into my bra and cupped my right breast, squeezing it gently. I let out a little moan as John toyed with my nipple, just nudging the tip with his fingertip. I glanced over slightly just enough to see the man who appeared to be leaning almost against his window in an effort to see us.

"I think he might be enjoying this." said John.

As he said this I could just make out a movement in his right shoulder. He was obviously rubbing himself watching us. John unbuttoned my blouse completely, although I still had my bra on, it was more than obvious now what I was letting him do to me, and I was really starting to get me quite excited again being watched by a complete stranger.

John pulled my blouse open and put both his hands into my bra and groped my breasts hard. I moaned out loud without thinking. John suddenly undid the window just an inch and looked at me as I looked back quizzically.

"I want him to hear you moan." he said, answering my unspoken question.

The thought was very arousing, and I could feel the heat building between my legs. My nipples were incredibly stiff and John continued to pull on them gently which always had the desired effect. The man was still watching intently from his car as I looked over again and John asked,

"Would you like him to have a proper look at you?"

I was becoming really horny and starting to feel quite dirty with this complete stranger watching a man at least 30 years my senior doing things to me.

"Yes." I said quite definitely.

John nodded briefly at the stranger, and suddenly he was also illuminated briefly as his car door opened and I looked over to see him slowly approach my window. John leant back with his hands still in my bra to give the stranger a clear view of what he was doing to me. The stranger stopped right outside my window. It felt a bit weird, I was suddenly caught in close-up in a little peep show as the stranger bend down slightly and peered in exchanging a casual smile with John. The stranger was rubbing the crotch of his trousers slowly as he feasted his eyes on me as I looked up at him. Judging by the slight look of surprise on his face I think he suddenly realised how young I was, especially in comparison to my partner. His mouth opened slightly and involuntarily as he looked down at me, and I saw real admiration in his eyes, I knew he wanted me and that felt very exciting. He sort of pursed his lips as he looked down at John's hands busying themselves in my bra. John looked at me and asked.

"Shall we give him something to look at?"

I just smiled and stuck out my chest. John pulled the straps of my bra over my shoulders and gently lowered the cups over my breasts. The strangers eyes widened as my bare boobies sprang into full view, bouncing slightly as John liberated them from my bra. John grabbed my full teenage breasts and played with them as the stranger watched completely transfixed as he rubbed himself hard between his legs.

It was an incredible feeling of liberation. I felt so sluttish as this complete stranger gazed at me with my tits on full view being played with by this older man. He hadn't said a word because with the window open slightly we would have heard him, but he could certainly hear me as I moaned softly as I stared at his crotch. The stranger responded by undoing his fly and put his hand inside obviously playing with himself as he looked at my breasts heaving under the onslaught of John's busy hands. John got hold of my nipples and stretched them out slowly but firmly, pulling them out from my breasts by about an inch.

"You want to see his cock?" said John, as much for me as a signal to the stranger.

I was really getting into my role and said,

"Oh yes, I love cock!"

With that the stranger pulled out a very stiff looking member. It looked really aroused and a good 6 inches, uncut with a shiny big head. He held his cock right up to the window so I could get a good look at it.

"Oh yeah." I said as I feasted my eyes on his lovely stiff manhood.

It looked really firm with thick veins running down each side. Then he pulled back his foreskin revealing a really angry looking engorged head, and then started to jack off as he looked down at John playing with me.

"You like that you little slut?" said John for the man to hear.

"Oh yeah, it's lovely." I answered

Moaning loudly as John continued to pull on my nipples.

"Tell the nice man what sort of girl you are." said John.

This was almost too much for me, I had never felt so brazen in my life. I looked at the strangers' lovely dick as he wanked away for my viewing pleasure and then looked him in the eyes and said.

"I'm a dirty little slut."

The stranger continued jerking his foreskin back and forth faster.

"That's right, now isn't it kind of the nice man to show you his penis?"

I looked back at John briefly and said.

"Yes sir."

"And you like looking at the nice man's penis don't you?"

I looked back at the guy's throbbing cock as he tossed off right up against the window, practically in my face and I felt a real tingling in my panties. I smiled at it and just said.

"Mmm." I answered.

"Well?" Said John.

As he spoke he turned me round forcing me to put my feet up on the seat as he stopped me directly facing the stranger and his hard cock. I was sat on the seat with my knees up to my chest, my breasts out, looking at a stranger as he jerked off looking at me in the car.

"Don't you think that deserves a little thank you?" said John.

John gently lifted up my skirt, baring my legs. He pulled my knees apart slowly showing the stranger my panties stretched tight across my hairy bush.

"That's it, be a good girl, show him your knickers."

John reached down with his hand warming it against the hot crotch of my panties. Suddenly I heard a slow,

"Fucking hell." As the stranger spoke for the first time.

I looked down as John rubbed his hand over my mound and he grabbed the top of my knickers and pulled them up, stretching the material tight against my pussy as my pubes stuck out either side of the tight gusset. Then he put his finger under the lining at the side of my panties and swiftly pulled them across me leaving my hairy vagina in perfect view of the masturbating stranger. I blushed bright red and smiled involuntarily as the stranger looked down at my pussy. John then took my breath away as he swiftly put a finger up me and started to finger my pussy.

"You like that hairy little pussy buddy?" called John to the stranger.

All I heard was a muffled "Fuck yeah."

And I had the perfect view as I saw his semen splash all over the window, big splodges of gooey spunk hit the glass level with my face. I came immediately with John's finger pumping in and out of me, I was so wet you could hear my juices if I hadn't have been moaning like a bitch as I had a fantastic come.

I melted back into John in the aftermath of my orgasm and the stranger quickly walked back to his car took off out of the car park leaving us alone again. John looked at the come running down the window and said.

"I think he liked the look of you Harriet."

I smiled a naughty grin at John.

"He made a bit of a mess though, how am I going to get that clean now?" Asked John.

He was looking at me and smiling slightly when I suddenly understood what he was getting at. I hadn't really expected that, but he continued,

"Well it's your fault getting him all excited, you clean it up." Said John.

I looked at him a bit taken aback.

"Clean it up, you know how." He said again quite calmly.

I did as I was told. I opened the door and got out of the car, pushing the door back so John could watch me. I licked all the stranger's come off the window and it tasted pretty good. John watched as my tongue ran up and down the glass as I licked it up and down and ate it all, swallowing every last bit.

When I got back in the car John had his cock out, it was very stiff and I was ordered to deal with it now. He made me keep the door wide open and he pulled my skirt up and pulled down my knickers exposing me to the whole of the empty car park and pushed my head down onto his cock. I got straight to work on his cock, I was so horny after seeing that other lovely penis shooting come all over the window at me. I sucked hard on John's beautiful cock and he told me that if anyone drove in now he was going to let them fuck me. He could tell from the enthusiastic sucking I was giving his cock that his talk was really getting me hot, and I was fantasising about a car full of men pulling in just then and happily fucking me one by one as I sucked John's lovely cock until he shot his load in my grateful mouth.

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