tagHumor & SatireDoin' The White Dick Down

Doin' The White Dick Down

byJoseki Ko©

It was a sultry night when I met Zak. I picked her up in Club Chameleon. For those of you who don't know, Club Chameleon is a very nice sex club located in Phoenix. I was there on BDSM night. When all us freaks come out to play. I wasn't really shopping for anyone I was just playing strip pool. As I lined up for a shot I felt someone start stroking my stick...err I mean pool cue. I looked down and found a little black hand running up and down my cue. I turned my head and followed the hand to an arm and found the arm connected to this very cute girl rubbing my cue.

Now I'll digress here a little. Cute for me isn't the same as most other guys. I like to look at the skinny ones, but when it comes time to do the nasty I much prefer a bigger girl. I get caught up in the moment and tend to break my toys. She was about five feet seven inches tall and it was obvious that she went to church. I mean god had gifted her. Biggest pair of tit's I've ever seen. She was wearing a T-shirt with a Puppy on it with his butt in the air. You could see a rolled up newspaper on the shirt and the dog was saying, whip me beat me, spank me. The caption under the dog read, "One Sick Puppy."

I towered over her at my height of six feet two inches. She was looking me over like most guys look at a steak. She reached up to run her fingers through my shoulder length brown hair, but a look from me quelled that.

"Do I know you?" I asked in my macho voice.

She just shook her head "No, but you will."

At the very best I'm a little kinked, so I figured I'd find out now if she was worth the trouble. "Very well girl, if you want me here's what your going to do. Go to that corner." I pointed to one close to my pool table. "Drop your pants and underwear to your ankles and stand in that corner until I personally come and get you. If you leave that corner because anyone else tells you too, I'll never see you again." Her eyes got real big, but she didn't say a word. She just marched over to the corner and dropping her pants touched her nose to the wall.

Now I've got to say I was impressed. Some women would stand and argue, some would pout, and some would try to give you a guilt trip. She just got right down to it. Someone had spent some time training her.

I played pool for another few games and lost horribly. My mind was on the girl in the corner not the game. She shifted a little to keep from locking her knees but her nose never left the paint. I sent a couple of people over while I was playing and once she verified that it wasn't me she refused to budge. Very well trained indeed. The girl I was playing with was very amused. She was almost downright laughing by the time I ran out of clothes.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "It's obvious you're turned on, are you gonna give her the dick down right now radio?"

Now that pretty much confused me. I've been in the lifestyle for over five years and I'd never heard the term 'dick down'. Well I'm not adverse to learning new things. And in our lifestyle a miscommunication can really get someone hurt. Hell I used to think rimming meant a Gorean served you wine. So I asked what that meant.

My pool partners eye's got real big. "Really? I thought you were into us black chicks?"

Ahh, so that was my problem. "Sorry kiddo, but nope she'll be the first one."

She just looked at me surprise written all over her body. "You need to talk with Marcus then."

Marcus was a real nice guy and I've exchanged quite a few tips and S&M games with him over the years. So I just nodded, thanked her, and went to find Marcus. It took me a few minutes to find him he was always talking to someone. This time he was talking to a couple that had just found the club. I managed to drag him off with a promise that I'd send him back. I explained my problem to him and he tried really hard not to laugh at me. What was I the only guy in the world who didn't know this? Marcus told me it was more a black thing and I shouldn't worry my pretty little head over it. He told me it was all about attitude and if I got my girl into the main play room he'd place some strategic people there to tell me what to do. He also told me to make sure she was blindfolded.

I headed back to the pool room and there was my girl still nose deep in the corner. I patted her cute bottom to get her attention and told her to strip. Again no attitude she just started stripping. When she was naked I pulled her into the main room and produced a blindfold. Turning her around I tied the blindfold on and told her to kneel. She actually got on all fours. I saw Marcus across the room and he had this big ole shit eating grin on. He waved and pretty much everyone in the club poured in to watch. All I could think of was. Great an audience. Two guys had carried in a blackboard and set it down about twenty feet away where I could see it. Marcus and a few other black guys from the club gathered around it and Marcus wrote. 'Get her warm' on it.

Well I grabbed an ankle and rolled her onto her back. I leaned down and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She gave a little wiggle and responded right back. My hands began to caress those magnificent orbs of power and I was really starting to get into this. So was she by the looks of things.

The next thing on the boards was say these words. I nodded and continued to watch the board as the words, 'Talk dirty to her' appeared. Now that's never really been my thing but I figured I'd try it.

"Hey slut who's your daddy"

Most of my audience started trying to stifle their laughter as soon as I said this. The board was erased and the words 'you have such a sweet cunt' appeared.

She really moaned when I said this. My head dipped down and began to suckle at her breasts. She moaned in pleasure. The next word on the board need no explanation 'Blowjob'. I grabbed her hair and I pulled he to her knees as I stood.

"Take my dick down your tight throat, I want to feel the muscles working on my head." I said as I dragged her mouth to my dick. I must admit she had a great work ethic. She started sucking on me like she was trying to get chrome off a trailer hitch. I figured I'd improvise a little here. I've heard this Rap song I really don't get and I pulled a line from that. "Put your ass in to it," the collective groans I got from the room told me I'd made a social gaffe somehow. The guys furiously erased the board and put up 'spank her' on it. I figured I'd wait until I was a little closer to coming before I did that. It turned out I waited to long as I shot my load into her mouth. She was really good at giving a blowjob and I came really hard. I could feel her trying to swallow and she actually had some of my white sticky cum leak out of her nose.

I grabbed her hair and made her lick me off. The I said "What it took you 3 minutes to make me cum? You can do better than that." I then used my hold on her hair to drag her head to the floor. With her head down and tail up I began to administer a good spanking. She was moaning deep in her throat with the pain by the time I got to 35 smacks. The guys were motioning at the board but I wasn't done yet. I gave he another ten smacks a and was rewarded with tears coming from under the blindfold.

The guy's wanted me to fuck her now but I wasn't ready. I pulled her back to her knees and shoving my cock in her mouth I commanded, "Okay, less than three minutes or you get spanked again." And she went right to work. I thought the first one had been a great blowjob. She must have been very scared because she really put that ass into it. I was hard and cumming again in under two minutes.

I followed the guy's suggestion then and threw her to her back, and kneeling between her legs I positioned myself and thrust into her with the words, "Take it up that sweet cunt slut."

And boy did she. I was strokin' it into for all of thirty seconds when she let out an ear piercing squeal and began to start orgasming. I waited until the last waves were almost done and then I grabbed her nipples like I was trying to dial in radio Moscow and yelled, "Cum bitch!" And she did right there on command. As she started again I came for the third time. Man, my dick was so happy it was going to be sending me roses in the morning.

As we finished up and I fell forward over her I looked up to see the audience holding score cards.

10, 8, 9, and a 5.

"Damn Russian judge."

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