tagGroup SexDoin' Two Chicks at the Same Time

Doin' Two Chicks at the Same Time


Jamie was a blonde. No questions asked. She loved to wear her high heeled shoes, her revealing clothes, and (of course) her lovely tight bikinis. Jamie loved to party and have a good time. She was about 5'8", with shoulder length blonde hair. She had a nice golden tan, and beautiful blue eyes with a perfect smile that seemed to make her glow. Jamie was slim and sexy, her ass was nice and round and she had the most perfect rack a horny guy could ask for. You could compare Jamie to, say, Elisha Cuthbert (from The Girl Next Door).

Roxy was her best friend. Roxy was a darker girl, probably Spanish, with very long, somewhat curly, black hair. She was very slender, and about an inch shorter than Jamie, slender, and very curvy. She had a nice butt, and lovely hand sized, squeezable breasts. Her eyes were dark, and she gleamed a pleasant darkish hue, though still light, as if she was half Caucasian. She was told she often looked like Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria's Secret model.

One night, Jamie and Roxy went to a party. It was the first night of summer for them, fresh out of their Junior year of college, and it was time to have a good time. At the party, beverages were obviously being dispensed, and the girls drank cheerily. The main room of the party was very large, and had been made into a dance floor. The music was blaring and colored lights were flashing all over the room, kind of like a rave.

As the party went on, this guy (we'll just call him Tom), somewhat drunk himself, approached the two girls, who were happily dancing away. He first started to dance with Jamie, grinding her hard in the ass, and she revolved her hips back, rubbing her body against his dick, which was slowly rising. Of course, Roxy couldn't let her friend have all the fun, and she began grinding Tom too, which would have been comical if it hadn't been so damn sexy. Roxy's hips swayed back and forth, shooting from side to side, and her arms were raised above her head, as she swayed back and forth. Meanwhile, Jamie had bent over and had shaken her ass all over Tom's firmly erected Johnson. Her jeans were so tight, that, as she pressed her butt against Tom, he could feel her asshole with his dick. Jamie then turned to face him, and she stared at him, still swaying to the music, and pressed herself to him, Tom caressing her firm breasts.

Tom grabbed Jamie's hand, and then turned to Roxy, who looked very eager. Tom then took Roxy's hand too, and the three of them, picked their way across the dance floor, up the stairs, and quickly found an empty, dark bedroom. The sound of the music could still be heard distantly, and Tom turned to face the pair of hot ladies he had seduced. Roxy already had her top off, and all that was left for clothing was her short, breezy skirt. Tom quickly turned to Jamie, and gently took her shirt off, too. The two girls, as if snapping out of a trance, fell to their knees, and both raced to undo the zipper and belt on Tom's pants. Jamie slowly took out Tom's somewhat erect dick. It was very large and thick, with a humongous vein on the side. Jamie gently gave the penis a few tugs with her hand, firmly gripping it, and then rubbed it with her gentle embrace. While this occurred, Roxy quickly slid out of her skirt and panties, revealing a bubbly butt that was quite as tan as the rest of her. She knelt down in front of Tom's dick, which was by now quite larger, and quickly popped it into her mouth, her dark eye's staring up at him, as she slid it in and out. Jamie then aided in Tom's pleasure, jacking off the small part of the dick that was not already being engulfed in Roxy's mouth.

By now, Tom's penis was fully erect, and he was quite pleased to see the two beautiful young women below him, one blonde, the other dark, clamoring over his dick. He grabbed Roxy's head, and pulled her mouth deep onto his penis, gagging her. He continued to fuck her in the mouth, while Roxy then spread her legs and quickly began to masturbate with her hand. Jamie helped by sucking Tom's balls, gently nibbling on the loose skin. After a few moments, Tom stopped, and, taking off his shirt, he slowly sat down on the edge of the bed he was near. He then lay back, as Jamie stood up. He gladly helped her slide out of those tight jeans; the three of them were all naked now. Tom then had Jamie keep sucking his dick, while he had Roxy sit on his face, as he licked her slit, the pussy in clear sight for the first time.

As he licked Roxy's pussy (while hearing the excited slurping of Jamie), he realized how great of a vagina it really was...it was very shaven, with lips that were neither too large nor too small. It was not overly pink, and was very tight. It was already starting to ooze with vaginal secretions, and he naughtily slurped the flavor. While Roxy moaned in pleasure (he had found her clit), he continued to enjoy a pleasant sequence of hand job actions that was being administered by Jamie. Finally, his penis was too hard for this prolonged non-penetration.

He gave Roxy one last, deep lick, causing a loud scream. He then sat up. He motioned for Jamie to situate herself on his hugely expanded penis. She faced away from him, her legs spread wide, leaned back, with both hands planted on his sides so she could move up and down. Roxy then went in front of Jamie, facing her, and proceeded to kiss Jamie passionately, the young women's tongues intertwining, as Jamie bobbed on his dick. She would bend her arms as she sank, then straighten them, as her whole body thrust back up. Her tight vag was rubbing all over his penis, and it was creating a wonderful slipping and sliding sensation as her genitals continued to rub against his extended shaft. Meanwhile, Roxy was now fingering the tip of Jamie's pussy, the small part that was not already being dominated by Tom's dick. Jamie helped increase her own pleasure to new heights, by fingering herself too. Seeing Jamie could help her own vagina, Roxy lay down, sticking the top of her head into Tom's ass, and sucked Tom's testicles underneath Jamie's bouncing body.

Jamie's hair was flying everywhere in Tom's vision as she screamed and moaned her vagina red and pulsating; her sexual pleasure greatened beyond anything she could have imagined. With every rise and fall of her body on Tom's massively extended dick, she bit her lip and screwed up her face, tingling as she continued to rub herself. Roxy was feeling similar ecstasy, as she masturbated and fingered herself while sucking Tom's balls. Tom, laying back and sweating, had never felt anything so good. But, deciding it was Roxy's turn, he gave Jamie a few more jabs with his long penis, lifting his whole lower body and slamming it deep into Jamie's dripping pussy. It was a humping motion that allowed him to realize how deep his penis could really penetrate into a women's body. Tom continued to rocket thrust himself deep into Jamie a few more times, before she just exploded...She was a squirter. Jamie quickly pulled herself off of Tom's beating dick, as a long stream of her clear bodily fluids shot across the room. Jamie was yelling, and waving the whole palm of her hand across her pussy, interrupting the flow of the liquid, causing it to stream everywhere. Jamie then rubbed her vagina a bit more before collapsing in a joyous heap.

Tom was actually somewhat glad that he had a quick brake, because he had felt on the verge of cumming. However, he wholeheartedly wished to continue the evening with the two women, and was glad when Roxy then crawled onto the bed on all fours, sticking her round, gleaming butt in his face. He licked her vagina a few times, very passionately; he felt bad, because she had thus far not received the immense pleasure of his dick deep inside her.

Jamie had recovered, surprisingly eager for more, masturbating herself while watching in apparent glee, as Tom sat up, and kneeling, rubbed his gargantuan penis a few times, before plunging it into the awaiting anus of Roxy, who had remained on all fours impatiently.

Tom had decided that he would fuck Roxy's ass until it was sore, and then move onto her dripping pussy, which had just oozed a small trickle of thick fluid onto the bed. Jamie, fully recovered now, and moaning in pleasure again as she fingered herself, slid underneath Roxy (still on all hands and knees, taking Tom's penetrating penis in the anus), and slurped up the small cover of liquid on the bed sheets. She then twisted over onto her back, still underneath Roxy, and started to finger, suck, and nibble on Roxy's hanging, bright red vagina. Tom kept pumping his dick into Roxy's ass, and Roxy was screaming after each deep plunge. Tom's dick felt like it was nearing the magical time when it would burst. He decided Roxy's tight, wondrous ass had earned her pussy the pleasure of his penis. He apologized to Jamie, whose mouth was still hungrily sucking Roxy, Jamie's fingers continuing to probe, and then prepared his ready penis for entrance. Roxy thrust her ass up, curving her back, but allowing better access to her vagina. Tom then sank his hard penis into her deep pussy, until it disappeared from view Roxy moaning deeply. In and out of Roxy's body Tom went, as sometimes he could feel her pussy pulsating on his penis. Struck by inspiration, Jamie had stood over Tom (still fucking Roxy, who was on all fours); Jamie's legs were now on either side of Tom, leaving her craving pussy over his head. Feeling a trickle of liquid on his neck as he looked down at the spectacle of his magnificent cock in Roxy's ass, Tom tilted his neck upwards. Seeing Jamie's crimson pussy above him, Tom lunged his mouth towards it, his tongue snaking out, finding Jamie's clit. Tom gently bit down on it, while tickling it with his tongue, and Jamie let out her longest moan yet.

The world was fading, and the threesome was lost in the immense sexual pleasure of it all. The only thing making them realize this great feeling could all be real was the continued screams and moans of Jamie and Roxy, whose vaginas had become bright red, and Roxy's so slippery with orgasm fluids that Tom slid in and out extremely easily. It was at this moment of incredibility that it was finally Tom's turn.

Tom quickly alerted Jamie and Roxy that he was going to cum, after what seemed like hours. They all clambered off the bed, and the two girls knelt in front of Tom, as he furiously pumped his dick. Tom felt it coming, and tried to hold it in as long as he could, so as to prologue the orgasm; and then it happened. Torrents of semen flew all over Jamie and Roxy, and into their mouths (which they had opened at the wonderful sight of the liquid). Tom kept cumming and cumming, stroking his dick as the jizz flew all over Jamie and Roxy; a strand even strand flew into the crook of Jamie's kneeling legs, some touching her beating vagina. After many moments, it stopped, and the girls looked up, cum in their hair, face, mouth, and dripping from their nipples, still flowing over their abdomens. Roxy and Jamie looked at each other, and briefly kissed, very fiercely, the semen already on their tongues going back and forth into each other's mouths, swishing around and around. Tom's still somewhat erect dick loomed in front of them, and Roxy and Jamie each had a light suck on it. Tom winced, as it was very tender after the apparent liter of cum that had just gushed from it. Tom then knelt down, and proceeded to gently massage the two women's pussies, one with each hand.

Then, all three looking at each other...the two girls quickly got dressed, attempting to clean off the copious amounts of semen all over them. Then fully dressed, but still with a large amount of white stuff in their hair, Roxy and Jamie looked at Tom, still naked and standing; they lightly patted Tom's drooping penis, and left the room, leaving Tom there alone. He looked around, and without even putting on his clothes, slowly walked over to the bed, and lay down upon it. He felt odd lying on the bed, as he had indeed noticed the bed was still obviously covered in a fair amount of bodily fluids. But, very, very tired, Tom massaged his sore penis for a second or two, and then drifted off to sleep.

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