tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDoing Britney to Eternity

Doing Britney to Eternity

bySteve Guthridge©

While it's not important, the setting of this story is Hollywood, California, in the year 2000.

Chapter One: 'Daughter Dearest'

"Britney honey, please hurry, you're going to be late!" Mrs. Lynn Spears called up from the bottom of stairs.

"I'm getting ready to come...Damn it Mom! Just give me a minute!" The young blonde hollered back as she slipped her finely curved ass out of a little white thong.

"Sorry sweaty," Lynn replied back soothingly. Then lowering her head, she whispered forlornly at a sink full of pots and pans. "She said that she can't be late. I can't afford to have my allowance cut...again!" But then her lips turned up into a cold smile. "I've dedicated my whole life to that girl. And as soon as she turns eighteen, she cuts me off!"

Up in her room, Britney Spears bent forward and took Justin Timberlake's cock into her mouth just as Lance Bass entered her pussy. A very short time later, Britney was sucking off the last of Justin's load, savoring the rich, salty taste in her mouth before swallowing. She sucked up and down his shaft, licking up the remnants of her own juices on it as he softened in her mouth. Britney picked her head up and let Justin's limp dick fall.

"Oh, Justin..." she whispered, bending forward to kiss him gingerly when... "Zzzzzzz...." Her eyes opened wide in shock. He was asleep! "He blew his load and fell sleep!" She Astonished, Britney looked down at the other man cradled at her waist, and saw something similar had also happened. "These fucken N'Sync boys are just a bunch of limp dick bastards!"

While fucking Justin and Lance at the same time had been kind of exciting and erotic, their slim 'pin-pricks' hadn't lived up to all their bragging. And they hadn't even been able to make her climax.

She put her hands on her hips. "Harrumph!" she exclaimed in disgust. Then she gave a short, curt laugh when she though, 'Perhaps my twelve-year-old sister, Lizzie is more their speed...and size.' She walked angrily out of her bedroom, her womanly desires still gone unfulfilled, like usual. And a few minutes later the nineteen-year-old blonde bombshell strutted into the kitchen.

Still at work cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Lynn noticed that Britney was wearing a pair of hip hugging blue cotton shorts cut so short, they covered very, very little of her gorgeous ass, especially given the material. Her daughter's beautiful upper body was held in by a small white cutoff shirt, which exposed her tight and toned belly. Her long, wavy, blonde hair overlapped her sweet, magnificent beasts. Lynn gazed longing at her daughter until...

"Finally, are we ready?" Britney said sarcastically, never missing a chance to torment her 'Showbiz Mother' who'd pushed Britney to get an education while, at the same time pursue her singing career. And now a complete spoiled brat, she was resentful and vindictive to her mother who tried to restrain her addictions to drugs, gambling, scientology, gambling, partying with the Kennedy's, and torturing small animals and her little sister, Lizzie.

"Well, you said Mr. Dole doesn't like to be kept waiting." Taking her medicine, Lynn spoke meekly, biting her lip as they walked out the door.

"Jesus Christ, Mom, we're only twenty minutes late... Chill out the fuck out, bitch!" Britney said threateningly, raising a clenched fist.

Lynn dropped her eyes timidly. "Yes honey. What ever you say."

Suddenly Britney lower her hand as a big sugary smile grew across her face. "You're going to let me drive, right?"

Raising her eyes, Lynn saw her daughter's teeth were now as bright as the sunshine beating down on her smooth lightly tanned skin. "No, I don't think so...your drivers license been revoked."

With own car begin repaired, Lynn was left with only one option. Afraid of what was next, she walked into the garage and grabbed driver's side handle of Britney's cherry red Porsche 928 convertible as sweat began to bead on her forehead.

"Come on bitch...Let's have them keys!" Britney demanded, bearing her teeth, her smile gone just as quickly as it had come.

Wiping the small beads of perspiration from her head, Lynn just looked back at her pungent daughter's stamping feet and smiled submissively. "Britney, honey, after five DWI's and three accidents, even you can get your way."

"So, I can afford it! If you know what's good for you, you'll hand them over."

"Last time..." knowing it was pointless, Lynn desperately pleaded on, "last time you smashed up my car when you...you ran a school bus full of preschoolers off the road." She would never forget the little terrified faces as the bus went over a cliff to the rocks hundreds of feet below, and would never forgive herself for turning her daughter into a monster. The memories of the all the hardships and all the sacrifices made for Britney now seemed such as a horrible waist.

Suddenly Lynn heard the click of a revolver hammer being pulled back. Terrified, she found herself starring down the huge barrel of Britney's .44 Magnum revolver. The sun shone on its long chrome barrel as Britney said, "I was never charged with that...give me the fucken keys!" . But Lynn's fear was short lived when she observed that all the Smith and Wesson's chambers were empty. "Britney...that's not loaded. Remember all that hash you smoked last night...you had the munchies...you shot at the deliver boy when he was late bringing your pizza."

For a change, Lynn was relieved that her oldest daughter was really hitting the hard drugs now. Britney had been so stoned that all her shots had gone wild, again. But Lynn could only cringe at the thought of all the money going down the drain for police payoffs and ten thousand dollar tips to placate domino's drivers. "Britney, you were so shit faced, you must have forgot to reload. Please, put that down."

Remembering how the delivery boy had pissed in his pants last night, Britney chuckled as she lowered the hammer. And with the tension broken, they got in. Lynn put the car in reverse and they were off.

As she drove, Lynn made small talk to change the subject and keep Britney at ease. "Britney, you've got Justin wrapped around your finger, don't you?"

Not bothering to even turn towards her mom, Britney said, "I only call on 'Curly' when it's convenient. I fuck who ever I want.

"Does Justine know he's...simply a local lover?"

Britney laughed. "The fuck if I care. The little nerd's too big a wimp to please a real woman. Hummm...Mom, maybe you should give him a try?"

Remembering all the people Britney had stepped on her way to get to the top, Lynn ironically shared her daughters laugh, while she thought, 'My little bitch really has today coming to her!

Chapter Two: The Setup

They drove behind a large red brick building in East Hollywood with the words, 'For Lease' wrote out in large red letters on the front. "Well, sweetie...Good luck," Lynn said while embracing her daughter in the pretence of an affectionate hug.

Britney shook her mother off. "You stupid bitch, are you fucken sure this is the right place? I usually make music video on the other side of town...and in better neighborhoods."

"This is where your agent said to go." Lynn tired her best to sound convincing. And taking the bate Britney flashed a cold stare back at her mom then got out of the car. Upon entering the dark building, Britney was met by a tall muscular man.

"I'm so glad you could make it. You look great...as usual!" Britney's manager, Steve Guthridge said gazing up and down her magnificent young body.

"Hi Steve. Wouldn't miss it." She said excitedly, flashing her bright white teeth at him.

Steve walked up and wrapped his muscular arms around her, pulling her up against his body. He could feel her large, firm breasts pressing into his chest as the two shared a friendly hug.

"Okay..." Steve said, pointing to his left. "You can change in there." His hand now pointed to his right. "When you're ready, meet me at the pool."

Steve had been Britney's agent for many years. Having often been subject to her abuse, he'd been very receptive to her mothers plan. When Britney closed the dressing room door behind her, he pulled a small electrical transmitter from his pocket and pressed a red button.

Behind the green door, a miniature video camera recorded Britney gripping the bottom seam of her tight shirt before pulling it up over her head. Her breasts were now held only by a low-cut white bikini, which had red cherries covering each of her nipples. Appearing to be a size too small, her awesome tits were pushed up. Then untied the strings that held her shorts together, she pulled them down her long athletic legs. Her thong was matching white with more cherries over her slit, leaving her tight perfectly round ass almost completely uncovered.

In a few minutes, Britney stepped out to the pool area where Steve was seated in a recliner on a sand strip next to his video equipment. The bright color of bikini accenting her dark tan body perfectly completed her sexy look. The sight of the sexy young girl immediately gave Steve a hard-on as he waved to her. "Britney."

She began making her way across the room, which was dominated by the Olympic sized pool. She had a long self-assured sultry stride reflecting a world famous singing diva. But Britney's weakness was her overconfidence in being able to manipulate everyone around her, which was just what Lynn and Steve were counting on.

Steve eyes peered all up and down Britney's creamy smooth tan skin, stopping for a bit longer on her big, round breasts. Then finally, he pensively spoke, "Britney, I just found out that Bob Dole can't make it today."

"Ohhhh, Steve!" Britney sigh. "Are you serious? I was looking forward to making the Viagra commercial."

"Yea, I know. I was eager too." It had been his idea to get Britney to come here on the pretence of Bob Dole and her, together again, marketing something a little more 'potent' than a soft drink commercial.

"Damn," Britney said, "I was looking forward to lines like...'Down Boy!' 'Bob Dole knows great titties!' and 'Make mine a Super size!' Steve saw real disappointment on her face.

Unbeknownst to Steve, Britney already knew how effective Viagra was when she and Bob had practiced their lines together in her dressing room. With him a war hero and all, she hadn't mind giving him a thrill. The old guy had been as big as a house when he'd pulled off her clothes with his one good arm. And after he'd fucked her, she certainly didn't have to ask Mrs. Dole how good that Viagra works.

"Britney, I was thinking...why don't we work on a new project?" He said still non-conspicuously focusing on her perfect chest.

"What is it?"

For dramatic effect, Steve paused for along moment before he spoke. "Since the building already rented..." He said adjusting his hard-on right in front of her, enflamed by his evil thoughts of her awesome body that even haunted his dreams. He looked up to her cute face. "I've been holding off on telling you, but I've got you up for a big part in the new Vin Diesel movie. I'm a good friend of the producer..."

"What! Really!"

"Yeah, since we're here, we should rehearse the scene you're suppose to read for."

"That would be AWESOME!" Britney excitedly shouted.

"Okay, while I finishing setting up, go take a few laps." He said pointing towards the pool.

While walking towards the water, Steve noticed that Britney's bikini bottoms rode up into her ass crack outlining her lovely perfectly round ass. His cock now fully erect inside his swim trunks as he slowly undressed her with his eyes, and more evil thoughts soared throughout his mind. The things that he would like to have done to her, the things he was about to DO to her. When she walked away from him, his eyes just seemed to burn into her perfectly shaped ass.

A little later, Steve popped an extra strength double-doze Viagra into his mouth. "Everything is ready," he said. "Lets get started."

'Oh yes, I'm ready. Primed and ready, my dick fortified with these little beauties,' he thought. Given to him by a friend in the Drug Industry, he knew they would swell and fortify his hard-on for hours to fuck Britney's sexy brains out.

Chapter Three: Players

"That sou...s" Britney stopped gasping for air. "That sounds great!" She said pulling herself up out of the pool. When she lifted herself from the water, her breasts were deliciously pushed out and up. But what really caught Steve's attention, was her right nipple sticking above her bikini top. Dark brown and extended, for the briefest of moments, a moment that seemed to last a lifetime, his eyes feasted upon the morsel of her creamy filled nipple. He could feel his cock hardening once again as he quickly began instructed her about the audition.

She shaded her eyes to look into the lights. She held the pose for a minute, pretending she did not know how desirable she was in her wet swimsuit with her arms raised and her shoulders back.

"What are the lines?" Britney ask. While he told her them, she robbed her large white towel over her head, her huge firm breasts bounced just a bit as she worked. And his eyes were on nothing but her titties which gravity hadn't yet been able to make a dent in yet. While hopping one would pop out, he knew it would send him over the edge. But much to his dismay it didn't happen. Bending over to dry off her long, smooth legs enflamed Steve's desire to give her some hands on attention.

Britney might have been a little taken aback, but playing the part of the tease to the fullest, she did nothing to thwart his leering. It somehow seemed to make her breasts swell and her nipples stick out even further. "Okay! Tell me about the scene." She asked, staring back at him.

"Well. You're to read for a sexy beach love scene in the remake of the classic war film, 'From Here to Eternity,' he said, turning off the lights.

"Alright!" she said cheerfully.

After repeatedly practicing her one line for a more than an hour, just as he'd foreseen, bored, Britney began splashing him.

'Ahhhhhhh what the hell?' Steve said, playing along as he fought back. Immediately, they met in the water and the young music diva wrapped her arms around him, taking them both to the pool bottom. Her tight teen ass came to rest just below Steve's hardening cock, sending chills throughout his body. He felt that he could just lie there forever, but she began to struggle to get up. Looking back at him with a big smile on her face, Britney seemed to really care for him. And according to Lynn's plan, it was suppose to happen now, but he hesitated. Losing his will to go through with their plans to seduce Britney, he released her.

"What was that?" She asked happily.

"THIS!" He replied, standing up with his 'tent post' poking out of his pants, before dive on top of her again. And this time, with her firm breasts poked into his chest, Steve was in heaven. His hard dick brushed up against her crotch as she struggled to get free. He finally let her up, but instead of running, she dove at him. They both fell again to the pool bottom, but this time Britney was on top. Steve quickly wrapped his arms around the young girl and rolled her over. He placed both his legs on each side of her, straddling her with his raging cock and pounded it against her through his swim trunks as they rose to the surface.

As his hard flesh rubbed against her stomach, he poured water over her face making it seem as though he was still playing. And the more she struggled, the more she pressed his cock into her tight abdomen until Steve finally let her up.

This time she got up and took off swimming away from him. Steve took a breath, and starting chasing after her. Britney laughed as she tried to escape, but wrapping his arms around her tiny waste sent them down to the concrete bottom again. With his raging cock now digging into her ass, the feeling unbelievable, Steve pulled her in tighter and his cock sunk deeper into her tiny ass. And the more she struggled to free herself, the more his cock rubbed up between her butt cheeks, he couldn't believe the feeling this giving him. He finally let Britney up again not wanting her to catch on to the molestation they'd been planning. This time, still laughing, she swam into the deep end of the pool. But diving under the water, he swam towards the unsuspecting Britney Spears.

Swimming up to her, each of his hands rode up to her upper thighs. He swam in between the two legs and came up. With his hands holding tightly on her upper thighs, Britney's crotch rested on his stomach. No longer regretting his failure to go ahead with the plan, he was having the time of his life. He slowly ran his hands up a bit further reaching just inches from her crotch. Britney squiggled and finally got free. She quickly jumped on his back trying to take him under.

Steve immediately wrapped his hands around Britney's thighs, just inches away from her tight young ass. It took every ounce of his restraint to keep from sliding his hands up a bit to massage that fantastic ass too. But as she kept trying to push him under, all he could feel was her warm tender skin in his hands and her soft breasts now pressing against the top of his head. Finally he fell and took this as an opportunity to ride his hands up. He did so and filled his hands with the most incredible ass he would ever feel.

Britney quickly let go. Steve was stunned. He didn't want to come back up and face the embarrassment. When he couldn't hold his breath any longer and he had to come up. As he did, he saw Britney's head sink under the water. And before long he felt her swimming between his legs.

"OH SHIT!" he thought while Britney slowly pasted through his legs. And coming up between his thighs, his raging cock rubbed against face! Steve quickly put his hands down finding Britney's shoulders and forced her in front of him. Her smiling white teeth and full red lips come to rest against his manhood.

"You having fun?" He asked the breathless girl.

"Yes!" She smiled seductively, slowly rubbing her noise teasingly the tip of Steve's hard erection inside his trunks, before immediately taking off swimming across the pool.

Steve followed. When they got back to the shallow water, before he could react Britney dove on top of him. This time her breasts were pressed into his face. He could also feel his rod shoving itself into her tight stomach. She held him down best she could as he pretended to get up. Actually, he didn't want up. He could stay like this the rest of the day and be happy. His nose now seemed to be digging in between her breasts. When she moved, he opened his mouth and ran his tongue across her hard nipples.

Britney finally sat up straddling him, with her ass sitting right on top of his cock! And Steve found the feeling incredible. .

"I got you now!" she said cheerfully. But he quickly turned the table and threw her off of him. Steve quickly rolled on top of her pinning her down to the ground. As Britney waved her hands seemingly helplessly, her right hand briefly grasped his hard-on. At the contact, an electric shock sent another tremor through him.

Sliding down, Steve's cock was now resting against her crotch. As she tried to get up his cock pressed further onto the precious region. And ecstasy shot throughout his body as his cock dung into her crotch between her legs.

But she knew very well what she was doing to Steve. She just kept on playing acting as if she was totally oblivious to what she was doing to him. Britney took off running and Steve chased after her and finally caught her mid way across the pool. He wrapped his arms around her belly and as the two fell down to the beach, Steve raised his arms to where they were resting right on top her breasts. The two lay on the artificial beach, with him lying on top of her. His cock was once again rubbing against her tight ass, while his hands pressed in-between her soft breasts.

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