tagGroup SexDoing Daughter's Smoking Hot Friend

Doing Daughter's Smoking Hot Friend


A clever scheme leads to sex with a hot, 23 year-old woman ^^^


Did your child have a high school friend who you thought was very attractive? As a responsible adult, of course, you didn't act on your lustful feelings. You were happily married for God's sake! And your spouse would have killed you if you did anything.

But, what if you had a chance to hookup with them when they were an adult?

Hmm. . . What if you were pretty sure you could have sex with them anonymously? Something to consider?

One man had that opportunity. He took the risk and lived his fantasy. All characters having sex are over eighteen.


"Earth to John," Rachel called to her husband.

"Huh?" he responded without looking up from the sports page.

"I said Deirdre Myers is getting married. She's invited us to her wedding."

"Oh. Good for her. I always liked her."

"Sure, you did. You and every other male that saw her. She's a beautiful girl."

"Yes, that's true, but you know what I mean. She's been a great friend to Julie."

John closed the newspaper and thought about Deirdre. He had many memories of Miss Myers. Those memory burns were special. He'd never forget the very beautiful and very sexy Deirdre Myers.

The first time he saw her, she was walking up the steps of his backyard pool. The sixteen-year-old sashayed out of the pool looking as hot as Halle Barry coming out of the ocean in the Bond movie "Die Another Day".

Trickles of water ran down Deirdre's young, toned and tanned body. Her wet skin glistened in the sunshine. The strawberry blonde's youthful, curvy body really popped in the skimpy red bikini she wore. She was stunningly beautiful. John's jaw dropped when he saw her perfectly formed, full breasts. A guy could get lost in that cleavage.

His daughter Julie said, "Dad, this is Deirdre. She just moved to town."

"Hello, Mr. Dodge. Nice to meet you." The hot teen-ager held out her hand.

"Ahh . . ." John stuttered as he ogled the busty girl. He was spellbound. Intelligent speech was not possible at that moment. John thought his sixteen-year-old daughter was pretty. This girl was drop-dead gorgeous, movie star beautiful.

Deirdre had not reached the age of majority, but she had the body of a fully developed woman. That red bikini hugged her sassy curves. The top strained to contain her large breasts. John told himself, "They must D cups".

Deirdre stood there innocently smiling up at John. She was too young to know the effect she had on men. She again introduced herself, "Please call me DeeDee."

"Yes, they are," John answered earnestly. He quickly corrected himself. "Em . . . Please to meet you DeeDee." He shook her hand.

Julie was excited and blurted out, "I met DeeDee today at marching band practice. We both play the French horn. We both are sophomores and the best news is she lives just down the street."

As his daughter's BFF, John saw DeeDee often. The two were inseparable in high school. They remained close through college and beyond.


The Friday of the week John first saw Deirdre, his daughter invited her to a sleepover. At Saturday morning's family breakfast DeeDee learned the Dodge family's secret.

John made breakfast for everyone. DeeDee and Julie sat down beside Julie's mother, Rachel, and her younger sister, Sara. Everyone had a glass of orange juice and some mixed fruit in front of them. John brought over plates of scrambled eggs with bacon.

John said, "Girls, try my fresh squeezed juice."

Sara, Julie, and DeeDee lifted the small cups to their lips. No liquid came forth. Sara giggled. Deirdre was confused. Julie smiled and said, "Good one Dad. DeeDee, my family is made up of unrepentant practical jokers. Me included. Dad has mixed Jell-O in with our juice. That's why we didn't get a sip."

Julie turned her cup upside down and showed Deirdre how the orange mass wouldn't pour. DeeDee did the same to her glass. She marveled at the orange Jell-O stuck in her glass. Eventually, it shimmied out and plopped on the kitchen table. It stood and quivered. She laughed and said, "I love it! That's so funny."

"Glad you like it, DeeDee. Please pour everyone a glass of milk from the pitcher in front of you," John said casually.

DeeDee picked up the pitcher and attempted to fill a glass. A thick white mass slowly oozed out. All the girls laughed. Sara asked, "Dad! What is it?"

"Gosh, I was so harried this morning. I guess I put pudding mix in with the milk. Sorry." He shrugged his shoulders and pretended to be embarrassed.

The girls were now on to his game. They looked around for other jokes. DeeDee picked up her bacon and tapped it against her plate. It made a clinking sound. She said with a big smile "What do we have here? Plastic?"

Sara and Julie giggled and inspected their plastic bacon. John took a big bite out of his bacon. He had the real thing. He played it up moaning, "Mmmm."

Julie said, "You're on your game today, Dad."

DeeDee said, "Mr. Dodge, I loved it. I'm a sucker for a good practical joke. The sillier the better."

"Really? Me too!" Julie said.

And thus, the girls discovered they had one more thing in common. They began to play practical jokes on each other. Each tried to make the other laugh. Their parents were willing co-conspirators. They allowed the girls to sneak into each other's house to set up pranks.

Julie put balloons in Deirdre's closet. She then hid under her bed. When DeeDee opened the door a dozen balloons fell on the surprised girl. Julie giggled with delight.

DeeDee returned the favor a week later. She rigged Julie's closet to release an avalanche of stuff animals when opened. Julie cried out when she was pummeled by the soft objects. DeeDee popped out from under the bed and guffawed.

And so, it went. One put blue dye on a toothbrush. The other soaked her target's toothbrush in a sour mix. Julie put Vaseline on the underside of DeeDee's bedroom doorknob. DeeDee used peanut butter. They each screamed "Eek!" upon discovering the sticky material on their hand and then laughed realizing that they had been pranked.

DeeDee short-sheeted a bed. Julie wrapped Deirdre's pillow in aluminum foil and then covered it with a pillowcase. Deirdre cried out when her head landed on the booby-trapped pillow. It felt strange and made funny, crackling sounds.

Mothers and fathers were not exempt. Once, a father discovered that his sock drawer contained only silverware. A mother, who was getting dressed one morning, found her underwear gone. In their place were a dozen tennis balls. On Father's Day, each dad released a bunch of bouncy ping pong balls when they opened their medicine cabinet. On Mother's Day, puffs of white flour were discharged from hair dryers. This scared the moms and made them look like actors wearing whiteface.

As the girls grew older, the practical jokes became bolder: ketchup in shampoo bottles, Oreo cookies with the filling removed and replaced with toothpaste and rolls of toilet paper rendered useless by super glue.

By the time DeeDee and Julie were eighteen, there were no limits. There were still innocence pranks like on your birthday, discovering hundreds of white plastic forks in the front yard. But there were also the not so innocent gags.

Who knew having breakfast with your family could be dangerous and potential so embarrassing? Especially if your playful friend was enjoying a sleepover. Picture everyone sitting around the breakfast table chatting and drinking coffee. You pour yourself a bowl of raisin bran and out fall tampons, condoms or your bullet vibrator.

The mischievous girls took all the gags and embarrassment in stride. They understood that it all had been done in good fun and the teenagers never let any one prank damage their friendship. These jokers were highly effective working alone. They were lethal when they teamed up. ^^^ When they became adults, the good-looking young women liked to invite young men over for a swim and a laugh. Their game of 'how best to embarrass the guys' could be played many ways. One version was, after swimming and a bout of playful splashing, Julie would say, "I'm cold. Let's lie in the sun to warm up."

Everyone hopped on a lounge. DeeDee asked the young men, "Have you ever sunbathed nude? We can. This pool is secluded. The neighbors can't see us."

What eighteen-year-old boy wouldn't agree that was a great idea? And when DeeDee sat up and reached back to unhook her bikini top the boys were all thinking this is going to be the best day of their lives. The bra fell away from her massive chest. She caught it before she exposed her tender flesh and said,

"You're going to join Julie and I, aren't you?"

Julie reached behind her back and fiddled with her top. She stopped and then said "Maybe they are too shy. We don't have to do this."

Of course, the young men would shout, "No. This is a wonderful idea. Everyone should get naked."

The pranksters had them. DeeDee said, "Okay. You go first."

The guys quickly shucked off their bathing suits. Their bobbing hard-ons bounced into view. The eighteen year-old girls shared a knowing smile.

Julie said, "Oh, I forgot the sunscreen."

DeeDee said, "I'll come in with you and grab some drinks."

The young women smiled. Before heading to the house, DeeDee re-hooked her top. The playful teenagers went into the house and found Julie's mom. Julie said, "Mom, can you do me the biggest favor? The guys are getting a little too rambunctious. Can you come out with us for a minute to settle them down?"

"Sure, Sweetie."

"Thanks. You're the best. Do you mind carrying the suntan lotion? DeeDee and I will grab some sodas."

Julie led the procession back to the pool. As she entered the seclude, shrub lined pool area, she said, "Who needs sunscreen?"

The naked young men all hollered, "Me! Me first."

Julie said as her mother rounded the corner, "My Mom has it."

I'm sure you can picture the scene: Red faces, screams, panic, guys racing about covering their privates and a mother averting her eyes, but not before she got an eyeful. And then there were the two triumphant eighteen-year-old girls laughing and shouting "Gotcha."

As word got around, it was harder for the girls to pull the "Get their guests Naked" stunts. They had to show some skin. That wasn't a problem because when the girls turned eighteen and they began having sex, they were no longer shy about being nude. This led to one of Mr. Dodge's favorite memories.

Julie and DeeDee were nineteen-year-old college freshmen. They attended the local university. They invited a couple of college boys their age over for a swim. They all swam, played in the pool and sunbathed. Dee Dee suggested they sunbathe au natural. The guys readily agreed.

Everyone stripped. They all lay on loungers, enjoyed the warm sun, the company and the interesting view. Hardness abounded. Heavy ramrod cocks and tightly peaked nipples were proudly displayed. Julie stood naked and casually stretched. The boys lusted after her bare vagina, tight ass and even her modest breasts. She excused herself saying, "I'll be back in a minute. I have to use the bathroom."

DeeDee waited a bit and rose exposing her well rounded ass and pendulous tits. She walked about. All eyes were on her magnificent body. She was picking up the various discarded bathing suits. She said, "I hate having to put on a wet suit. I'm going to hang these clothes on the line to dry."

All the young men offered to help. She smiled and said, "I've got it."

The men salivated when she bent over and picked up the last of the swimming trunks. They marveled over her bare beaver. They nearly fainted when they got a pink wink. While they were distracted with lustful thoughts, DeeDee quickly sprinted into the house, taking everyone's clothing with her.

Belatedly, the guys realized what was happening and ran after her. Julie closed and locked the sliding door behind her friend. The two girls jumped up and down on the inside of the glass. They laughed and taunted the men who stood on the other side of the glass with their prodigious erections waving about as they shouted for their clothes and failed in their attempts to open the door.

Mr. Dodge happened to be sitting in the family room reading that day. As the boys begged and the girls laughed, John was treated to a wonderful view of two naked asses: his daughter's slender, tight butt and DeeDee's luscious sexy rump. The girls jumped about causing their flesh to jiggle in an intoxicating manner. Mr. Dodge smiled, catching glimpses of their breasts.

"Good play, ladies," he complimented them.

They both turned to him, laughing and proud of themselves. Julie smiled and said, "Yes. We got them good."

Her father nodded and studied both women. His daughter was cute. Her friend was spectacular. Both women were young, fit and attractive. Even a biased father had to admit, DeeDee outclassed his daughter. She was beautiful and her tits were remarkable.

"My God, DeeDee has the body of a goddess," he told himself. John enjoyed the view until the girls gave into to the pleadings of their guests and opened the door. The nude girls raced back to the pool. The boys followed in hot pursue.

The father had no doubt the young men made them pay a price, probably suck a few cocks and a nice fuck in the sunshine, for their practical joke.


Another special memory was formed one afternoon when Mr. Dodge found Julie, her mother, and Deidre working on a puzzle. They had it spread out on the family room coffee table. The nineteen year-olds were sitting on the sofa. Rachel sat on a chair. They all were hunched over hard at work.

John walked into the kitchen to grab a beer.

"Anyone need anything from the kitchen?" he asked politely.

"No thanks," his wife replied. "I just made us some tea."

John wandered into the room. "How's your puzzle going?"

"It's a hard one, Dad."

"Honestly, we could use some help. Whose idea was it to do this snow scene puzzle?" DeeDee asked.

The three women sat, leaning over studying the puzzle. John walked over and stood beside them. At first, he looked at the puzzle. Quickly his eyes were diverted to the more interesting sights -- boobs on display.

The loose tops the women wore had fallen away from their bodies. John took advantage of the amazing down-blouse views. He saw DeeDee's deep cleavage and large, rounded boobs. His wife flashed him her attractive breasts. Julie was smaller than the other women. In fact, she often didn't bother to wear a bra. That was the case today and John could see her long, hard pink nipples in her empty shirt.

John stood and stared. A tent grew in his pants as he alternated looking from one pair of lovely boobs to the next. As he peered at the firm breasts on display, he didn't notice what the women did next. He paid no attention to their hands. He had more interesting and exciting things to study.

The room had gone quiet. The women held their positions and exposed themselves to him. Instead of working on the puzzle, the ladies began placing letters of the alphabet on the table.

The first letter was a "P". That was followed by an "E". Then an "R". Other letters followed, but John was more interested in viewing tits than solving the word puzzle.

The women waited for him to discover their message.

John put a hand in his pocket and re-arranged his erection. When he was done, he glanced down at the table and read the assembled letters: P_E_R_V_E_R_T_!

"Oh!" he groaned. He'd been busted.

The women laughed so hard DeeDee and Julie fell on the floor. John blubbered, "Ah . . . ah . . . Sorry?"

His wife tapped his erection and said, "Care to explain yourself, mister?"

A blushing, embarrassed man stood silently. He was thoroughly humiliated. They women laughed at him. Next, they high-fived. Then, they shouted, "Gotcha".


John plotted his revenge for weeks. One night he sat out on the patio alone, sipping Maker's Mark neat. He ruminated, "They took advantage of my nature. My curiosity."

He took a sip and rolled the bourbon around in his mouth before he swallowed. Then he said, "Maybe, I can use their curiosity against them."

He executed his plan when DeeDee came over for a barbecue. John encouraged everyone to go skinny dipping. The women declined. He stripped and jumped in bare ass naked. After a leisurely swim, he announced,

"Time to start cooking."

He dried himself off, wrapped a towel around his waist and began grilling. Julie and DeeDee sat on the other side of the patio talking and drinking. His wife was in the house.

John was active. He was chopping vegetables, boiling corn on the cob and cooking on the grill. He was moving quickly from his grill to his work station and back. His towel fell off.

The setting sun caught him in profile and projected a shadow on the stucco wall behind him. It appeared that his dong has hard and sticking straight out at least ten inches. It had a good size knob on the end.

Julie whispered, "DeeDee, do you see what I see?"


"Look at my Dad. Do you see the shadow? He's quite the grower," Julie said, meaning his erect state was significantly larger than the limp dick they'd just seen in the pool.

"Oh, my God!" DeeDee said as she brought her hand up to her mouth. "He must make your mother very happy," she said with a giggle.

Julie stared open mouthed at the sight. She pondered what her friend had said. Her mother was indeed a very lucky woman. She began to titter thinking about her mother riding up and down on that monster.

John asked, "What are you two snickering about?" He made to step out from behind the grill towards the girls. They screamed each afraid that they would now come face to face with John's giant penis.

John stepped into their view. He laughed as the distressed looks on their faces morphed into ones of surprised. His Johnson was properly stored in a pair of underwear.

"Huh? But I saw . . . "Julie said.

John stepped behind the grill. He pulled a baseball bat off the wall and said, "What's this doing back here?" He held it out so they could see it. There hadn't been a shadow. The girls mistook the bat he'd secretly placed there. He smiled broadly at the teen-agers and said "Gotcha".


Julie staggered into the house struggling to carry three bags of groceries. Her father was sitting at the kitchen table. She said, "Dad, help. Can you take one of these bags?"

"Sure, Honey." John got up, went to his daughter and wrapped his arms around two of the bags. He hefted them out of her arms and turned to place them on the kitchen counter. He was startled to hear his daughter scream.

"Dad! My skirt!"

John looked her way and saw that her wraparound jean skirt had come off. She stood there in a tiny pink G-string. Her hands were on her hips. A frown was on her face. She angrily said, "When you grabbed the bags, you pulled my skirt off."

"What? How? Gosh, I'm sorry." John blushed red. He was embarrassed. He'd undressed his daughter.

Julie tapped her foot with disgust and gave him a look that said "You dirty old man". She held that look for two beats before she broke up laughing. John was confused and then understood she had played a trick on him.

With a measure of respect, he asked, "How'd you do it?"

Julie showed him the bottom of the grocery bag. It had a Velcro fastener on it. There was a matching fastener on her skirt. When John took the bag, he took her skirt with it.

"Good job," he said sincerely. "You got me."

He glanced at her G-string. She had great legs. He blushed again and sheepishly said, "Ah. Here's your skirt."


Julie found a man that appreciated her sense of humor and everything else about her. She graduated from college in May and was to be married in June. Of course, DeeDee was her maid-of-honor. DeeDee and Sara met to talk about the wedding.

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