Doing Daughter's Smoking Hot Friend


"We have to throw your sister a kick-ass bachelorette party."

"Yeah. Something awesome."

"We will have the usual stuff -- food, drink, a lingerie shower. We've got to have a male stripper."

"Cool," the eighteen-year-old Sara responded.

The night of the party, a limo took Julie and her girls to the party. The music, food and the booze were good. Everyone told a funny story about Julie. Then Julie opened her gifts. Some of the lingerie made her blush.

As she was thanking her guests for their presents, a hard-disco beat filled the room. The pulsating sound drowned out her voice. Julie looked around confused. Then she spotted him. A tanned, muscular man wearing only a G-string jock danced into the room.

He danced around the room visiting all the guests. He rubbed up on them with some major hip action. The ladies screamed -- some in shock, most in delight. He moved on to DeeDee. She was his last stop before dancing with Julie.

DeeDee got up and danced with the stripper. She turned to Julie and said, "I know Jimmy loves you and will do all he can to make you happy."

Julie smiled at her best friend's kind words.

DeeDee continued," Ahh . . . How should I put this? Jimmy is a great guy, but I've seen him naked and he has some limitations. I don't want you wondering years from now what you have missed out on."

DeeDee got down on her knees in front of the stripper. She pulled his banana hammock off and exposed a big dick. She grabbed it, stroked him a few times and then sent him towards Julie. All her friends began chanting "Suck it! Suck it!"

It was an impressive cock. Bigger than any Julie had seen in her life. DeeDee was right. This guy was much bigger than her fiancée. Was it the alcohol, the clamoring of her girlfriends or the appeal of the super-sized penis, we'll never know, but Julie took hold of the enormous cock and sucked. She stroked it with her petite hands and endeavored to devour the beast of a cock.

Julie's girlfriends laughed and cheered. Many, especially her younger sister Sara, wished that they could have a taste. The stripper came in Julie's mouth. She pulled off it and playfully pointed the pulsating fire-hose towards DeeDee. DeeDee squealed as cum landed on her.


A year later, it was DeeDee's turned to get married. The twenty-three-year-old was marrying a rich, handsome doctor. Julie was her matron-of-honor.

John was walking past his daughter Sara's room and he heard her and Julie talking. Sara said, "Your bachelorette party was wild."

"Yes," Julie agreed. "It was great fun."

This discussion peeked John's curiosity. He paused outside the bedroom door to eavesdrop. Sara opened her laptop and she began playing the video from Julie's bachelorette party.

John heard the crowd shout "Suck it! Suck it!" He peeked in and saw his daughters focused on the video. He looked over their shoulders and saw Julie giving a blowjob to some naked guy with a massive cock.

Sara said, "That guy was huge."

"My jaw was sore the next day. I was afraid I wreck something stretching my mouth around that big dick. But it was fun," Julie answered nostalgically.

"I'm still mad at you guys for not letting me have a turn to play with that huge dick."

"Kiddo, you were barely eighteen. You were lucky to be there."

"You really looked surprised when he can out."

"Yes. DeeDee got me good that time. I have a big surprised for her."

Julie began typing on the keyboard. She brought up a website. Then said, "I am going to do DeeDee one better. I'm getting her a donkey dick male stripper, but also this."

Julie double clicked the computer and up popped a bald, fat guy. The gross man danced awkwardly. His little dick bounced around. Julie explained, "This company has gag stripper too. I've contracted for the beefcake and a comic stripper."

Sara laughed. She said, "Oh, that'll be funny. DeeDee will be expecting the stud and be totally surprised by the dud. Hey, this time I get some of the big cock."

"Knock yourself out, sis."

"Julie, Sara," their mother hollered from downstairs. "We should leave now."

"Okay. Coming," the girls responded.

John snuck back into his bedroom. Sara closed her computer. The sisters joined their mom and the three of them went shopping.

Once John was certain that he was alone, he entered Sara's room. He powered up her computer and was able to find the website that provided male strippers. He saw photos of the performers. The studs were beautiful physical specimens: young, tanned and muscular. The duds were, well like John: bald, over-weight middle age men. A plan began to form in his mind.

John called the company. "Hello, I am calling about the Myers bachelorette party. We've booked two of your performers."

"Yes. For the 18th. That's correct. I want to talk with them. To fill them in on some of the guests so they can tease and joke around with the women."

"E-mail will be fine."

John wrote down the e-mail addresses the woman on the other end of the phone provided.

"Which one is the stud?"

"Great. Thank you for helping me make this a memorial event."

John contacted the performers and arranged to meet them before the party. He told them he was going to give them some inside jokes that would crack up those at the party.


Twenty minutes before the dancers were to perform, John met with them. "Hey guys, I want to prank the bride by taking the place of the comic dancer."

The dud said. "I don't know about this."

"On your best night, how much have you been tipped?" John asked.

"One hundred dollars."

John pulled out his wallet. "Your company has been paid $300.00 to have you here. I'll give you each $200.00 to let me take your place."

John held up the cash. Each man grabbed the money. The dud left. The stud said, "I go out first, dance for ten minutes and then the comic comes on."

"That works for me. When I go out there, I'll focus on the bride," John said.

"You cue to come out is when you hear the song "Ring My Bell". Got it?"


DeeDee and her girlfriends were having a great time drinking, dancing and talking. Suddenly the lights in the room went off. Everyone looked around. The song Disco Inferno began to play. First, the glitter ball illuminated the room as the young, handsome dancer gyrated into the room. Then the rest of the lights came back on.

The girls swooned. They wanted to touch and dance with him. Sara ripped off his G-string. Everyone in the room "Oohed" and "Aahed" gasping in amazement over his prodigious member. DeeDee laughed recognizing the stripper from Julie's party.

John was nervous. He fidgeted and adjusted his costume. He had on high black socks and a pair of businessman's wingtip shoes. He wore a colorful leather mask like a professional wrestler might wear. It covered his head and most of his face except for his eyes and mouth. His fat stomach hung over the top of a pair of baggy boxers decorated with hearts.

John heard his song and entered the room. He was met with instant laughter. The bald, over-weight man shook and shimmied his way to the center of the room. After a minute of making an absolute ass of himself, he danced over to DeeDee. John pumped his hips and ripped off his tear-away shorts and presented his small, flaccid dick to the bride-to-be. The room echoed with howls of laughter.

A chorus of "Suck it! Suck it!" filled the room. John had prayed they would say that and that she would, but he was scared. Would the girl of his dreams suck his cock? Would he be discovered? Oh God, his wife would never forgive him. He wondered if he could be arrested. All these fears made his penis shrink.

Lucky for John, DeeDee was a good sport. She was willing to play along with the gag. She knelt in from of him and enveloped his equipment. Her girlfriends cheered her as she took everything - his cock and balls into her mouth.

"Thank you, dear Lord. Thank you!" John shouted to himself. DeeDee sucked and tongued his little member as her friends screamed and laughed. John was so happy. He was living his dream.

Thirty seconds went by and the dream turned into a nightmare. John didn't get an erection. DeeDee was giving a yeoman's effort, but John prick was still a measly two inches.

"No. No. Don't fail me now!" John cried internally. "This is my one and only chance. Please get hard. Please!"

DeeDee pulled off and showed her friends the small soft penis. She tried to stroke it, but it was too little and too squishy. Just when John thought that his dream was going to slip away, his daughters saved the day.

Julie stepped behind the flaccid man. She said, "Maybe I can help."

She laughed as she grabbed his hands and placed them on DeeDee's magnificence breasts. John palmed her beautiful orbs through her dress. He squeezed the tits he'd lusted after for years.

"Yes!" he cried out. His dick grew hard.

While DeeDee was fooling around with John, Sara had Mr. Beefcake all to herself. She knelt in front of the man and sucked and stroked him to the biggest, hardest erection she had ever seen. It was so thick she had trouble getting her lips around it. She loved its size and hardness. She couldn't help but wonder how this special cock would feel inside her vagina. She decided to find out.

Sara stood, unzipped her dress and let it fall. She flung off her bra and panties. Naked, she jumped on the sculptured man. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him passionately on the mouth. When she broke the kiss, she whispered in his ear, "You have to fuck me."

The hot, naked nineteen-year-old want to fuck. The male stripper readily agreed. Sara climbed off him and motioned for him to lie down. She was so excited her pussy was dripping fluid down her thighs. Sara straddled the man-beast and sighed heavily as she rubbed his big knob against her pretty, pink lips.

Her loud, hungry gasp drew everyone's attention as he penetrated her. She slowly lowered herself on his thick rod.

DeeDee and John joined everyone in the room and looked Sara's way. John's youngest daughter impaled her young, slender body on the biggest cock any of them had ever seen.

Blood rushed into John's member as Sara huffed and puffed and lowered her cunt ever so slowly on the grand staff. DeeDee neglected her cock sucking duties to watch. She was mesmerized by the erotic action and like everyone else in the room, she was incredibly turned.

John returned his attentions to his fantasy woman. He looked down her strapless gown and saw her abundant bosom on display. A wicked idea entered his mind and John acted on it. He slipped his hands down inside her dress and palmed the twin objects of his desire with his bare hands.

DeeDee looked up at him surprised, but did not raise an objection. She turned her eyes back to Sara and watched the teenager sliding up and down attempting to vaginally swallow the huge cock under her. Causally she slipped John's dick into her mouth and sucked it as she watched Sara fuck.

Julie and all the other women in the room watched Sara's live sex show. They became horny and wet and wished they were with the stripper.

John was not distracted. He was living his dream. He was getting an excellent blowjob from this most beautiful woman. He groped her terrific tits and he watched a sexy young thing struggle to fill her snatch with dick. Was it a bonus that the desperate teenager was his daughter? John studied Sara clean shaven sex and enjoyed seeing her breasts bounce as she fucked herself on a huge human dildo.

Sara accomplished her mission. She managed to take all the hulking penis inside her. She began sighing and cooing as she ground her clit into his pubic bone. She came quickly, emitting loud exclamations "OH! Oh. OOHHH. Yes!"

Sara's body spasmed and she tumbled off her man. She lost consciousness. The women around her rushed forward. One, a nurse, examined her and found a strong pulse. She slipped a finger into the teenager's pulsating pussy to confirm her suspicion and said, "She's fainted, but she's okay. She's having a huge orgasm."

The crowd was re-assured. One hot and bothered, quick thinking party-goer took advantage of Sara's absence. The older women hiked up her skirt, pulled her underwear aside and hopped on the still hard cock. It slid into her vagina without much of a struggle. The fact that she was so wet and had birthed two children probably helped.

John watched his wife fuck the stud. The other women cursed themselves for not having acted quick enough and mounted the wonder cock themselves.

DeeDee was aroused from watching Sara have sex. She was further excited seeing Rachel bouncing up and down on the stripper. She was no longer interested in servicing the dud. She wanted to be served. She disappointed John by moving away. Her mouth abandoned his cock. His hands lost contact with her breasts.

John was dejected. He figured his opportunity to enjoy DeeDee had come to an end. However, John was mistaken.

DeeDee hissed at John, "It's your lucky day. I'm so God Damn horny, I'll fuck anything! And you're the only available guy in the room. On your back. Now!"

John couldn't believe his luck. He immediately got on the floor. DeeDee whipped off her dress, stripped off her panties and mounted his cock girl-on-top style. She sighed with relief as he entered her to the hilt. Her sopping wet pussy felt warm and wonderful to John. He never imagined he'd experience this.

DeeDee looked off to her right and saw Rachael doing the handsome stripper. She fucked John while dreaming the stud was penetrating her.

"Lucky bitches," Julie whined to DeeDee. "I need to come too, and you and mom have the only guys in the room."

"Honey, this one's only got five inches of cock. There isn't enough to share. Sit on a chair and spread your pretty legs. I'll eat your pussy the way you like just I did when we were in college. Your pussy is the sweetest."

Julie grabbed a chair and placed it over her father's head. She hiked up skirt, took off her underwear and sat with her legs spread wide on the chair. Deedee leaned forward and ate her best friend. She lapped the neatly trimmed sex, enjoyed her tasty flow and slammed herself down on John's manhood.

Cries of joy and utterance of excitement could be heard throughout the room. Rachel and her lover groaned. John, DeeDee, and Julie moaned. Many of the other women in the room were unashamedly masturbating in public and added their shrill mewls and whimpers.

Rachel was having the fuck of her life. This guy was almost double the size of her husband and he put it all to good use. He came with a hard thrust that tapped against her cervix. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she came hard. So much pleasure surged through her body that Rachel became light-headed and collapsed on her lover. He enjoyed the feel of her clenching pussy and fired off multiple blasts of sperm into her menopausal vagina.

Rachel's cries of ecstasy set them all off. John came and flooded his dream girl's pussy. His gushing and pulsating cock triggered DeeDee's orgasm. Julie brought a hand to her sex and rubbed one out when her friend's orgasm caused DeeDee to stop sucking on her clit. Some other women in the room also frigged themselves to a satisfying climax.

The room was filled with the smell of sex, the sound of heavy breathing and coos of happiness. The world stood still for many in the room. Those who climaxed, spasmed and felt joy spread throughout their body. The unfortunate others watched their friends orgasm. They wished that they could have more directly participated in this event. The most erotic event they had ever witnessed.

John recovered from the best orgasm of his life. He wiggled out from under the chair and sat up. He embraced DeeDee who was slumped on him still impaled on his shrinking cock. He tenderly kissed her unresponsive lips.

He gently sat her up straighter and one hand caressed a magnificent breast while he kissed the other. His mouth found her erect nipple. He suckled gently as she came down from her explosive orgasm.

DeeDee smiled at him and gratefully rubbed his leather headgear. He reached up and kissed her passionately on the mouth. His tongue found hers and she responded.

When DeeDee broke their kiss, John made his exit.


DeeDee was married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The reception was opulent and elegant. Everyone agreed the bride and groom made a handsome couple. Rachel said to John, "Wasn't that a beautiful wedding?"

"Yes indeed."

John was feeling his oats. He teased her and said, "Funny, DeeDee's friends don't seem to be talking about the wedding or the bride and groom. They're discussing the bachelorette party. Do you know what happened there?"

Rachel looked ill. She stuttered, "Ah . . . ah . . . No, I don't. That was a party for her girlfriends," she lied.

John kissed his wife and said, "Of course, fun for the young, but I heard you were there."

Rachel froze. She was worried. She thought "He knows I was there. Does he know what I did? Maybe not. If he knew, he'd be mad. He doesn't sound angry".

John smiled like the cat that ate the canary. That made Rachel even more nervous. She could feel her stomach doing somersaults. John said, "I guess it must have been some party."

John stepped behind his wife. He hugged her around her waist. They looked out at the dance floor. Their daughter Sara was dancing with a guy who was a foot taller than her.

John said casually, "I guess Sara likes big guys."

Rachel nearly choked. She felt the need to quickly change the subject. She looked about and saw her other daughter dancing with a group of little kids. Rachel pointed to her and said, "Isn't that cute. Julie and the kids dancing." She babbled on, "Julie is such a sweet girl."

John's mind flashed back to the bachelorette party. He recalled what DeeDee said before going down on Julie. He said, "Yes. I've heard some say she is the sweetest."

Rachel didn't understand his words. John decided to stop tormenting his wife.

He smirked and said to himself, "The bachelorette party was really something. I know I'll never forget the day my hands and mouth touched DeeDee's magnificence breasts, my cock enjoyed her mouth and then I came hard in her tight, warm pussy".

John said out loud, "It's great when special events yield special memories. I'm so glad we got to participate in DeeDee's wedding festivities. I hope everyone walks away with memories that they will always treasure."

Silently, both Rachel and John completed his sentence saying to themselves "I know I will".

The End

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