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Doing Donna


I waited for Bill at the outdoor café on Ocean Drive in South Beach. I had told him how I looked and the outfit I'd be wearing and right on time, he walked up to me, his self introduction accompanied by a nervous but firm handshake.

He is a stocky man in his fifties, beefy of build with a fair smile and a mellow disposition. On this day he was dressed in Dockers and a La Coste shirt, a very comfortable casual look.

We ordered beers and a basket of potato skins with melted cheddar and after some dancing around the topic Bill decided to get to the point. He reached into his back pocket and handed me three photos.

"That's my wife," he said, "Donna."

The three photos had been taken at a beach. I saw a brunette woman in her fifties dressed in fairly conservative swim suits that could not hide still firm thighs and generous breasts with nipples that pushed against the thin fabric of the top, defining their silhouettes clearly. Donna was no longer young but still desirable.

"How tall is she?" I asked.

"Five seven and weighs 147."

I nodded, liking what I saw. I was going to enjoy her for Bill had driven to Miami Beach from a neighboring county with the purpose of offering me his wife as a sexual toy.

"You have a good looking wife, Bill."

"Thank you. We have been together forever. She was my prom date in high school. Like I told in my emails, she has only climaxed with me, or so she claims. With me she is multi orgasmic but with the only other man that she has had sex, she claims she could not climax, would reach the edge and not be able to finish."

"Oh, yeah," I said, "his name was Ronnie."

"Yeah," he answered, "he was working for me back in New York years ago and he was younger and better looking than me. I was on the road a lot, setting up clients, trouble shooting, getting orders....sometimes I was out on the road the whole week... the idea of my wife being with another man started as pillow talk, just another fantasy which made Donna very curious because I had been her one and only lover...the idea became a big topic of interest and I encouraged Donna to live out the fantasy and to seduce Ronnie and I even hinted to him details about her... See, the thing about Donna is that she can be very hot and is multi orgasmic with oral sex. She loves to fuck but never climaxes unless there's a tongue involved. "

"Is something holding her back? Guilt?"

"She does not feel guilty about fucking him, she enjoyed it and even craved it, but she is a conservative, religious woman, mother of grown children and her upbringing has created walls of inhibition. It took me some time and much pillow talk to convince her to open herself for Ronnie and I even helped the situation by asking Ronnie to drop off stuff at the house when I was not there, hoping something would happen."

"Then it happened," I said.

"It sure did. She was curious, wondering what another man would feel like and she promised that she would be honest and give me all the details if it ever happened....When it did happen I was out on the road and I called home from a client's house and Donna said to me --I did it Bill; I fucked Ronnie and he fucked me- and for the rest of the night while my client talked to me all I could think of was my wife on all fours on a bed being fucked by Ronnie, his cock sliding in an out of the thick bush between her legs. It took me three more days of work before heading back home, wanting to hear every detail that she had denied me over the phone."

"Did you like what you heard?" I asked.

"Hell yes. They went to a hotel and he fucked her three times. She claims she did not orgasm but told me that she loved the long, hard fucks....That started it all.... The following week my wife met him again, but she took him to a hotel that I paid for....I waited in the parking lot and when I saw him leave I went up to her room for my first sloppy seconds or fourths as the case may be...Another time he came to our house when I was not there and Donna greeted him naked at our doorstep.....There was another occasion when I tried to watch from the backyard through our sliding glass door but all I could see was a foot at the end of the bed and the noises of their fucking were muffled by the glass doors... She was moaning loud and I could hear her asking to be fucked.... I get hard just remembering...A lot of times they would fuck in a Blazer we owned. She would pick him up and they would drive to an isolated area like a state park and they would fuck in the car. Ronnie fucked her regularly until we moved to Florida and the last time she had him was when he visited us five years ago. That's the last time she was properly fucked because I don't function all that well anymore but I can still bring her off by eating her, which is her favorite way, since she never comes through intercourse."


"No. Multi orgasmic with tongue, toys or masturbation but she just does not climax with a fuck. That's the reason --according to her- that she never practiced oral sex with Ronnie, I guess as some kind of emotional way of feeling faithful towards me but that is bullshit because I gave her the go ahead, approved it and wanted her to experience everything..."

"So what you are saying is she really enjoys it but probably feels that by not climaxing she retains a level of self respect for you and your marriage."

"I guess but I'm not a fucking shrink. If she got over all her hang-ups she could be a firecracker.... Maybe she's had a million orgasms with Bill and doesn't want to tell me because it would make her feel dirty or ashamed, but I tell you she can be hot. She even likes to exhibit herself. When she fucked with Ronnie in the Blazer it excited her to think that she might be seen by someone.... I've taken her to nude beaches on different vacations and she got wet between the legs from being ogled by men and even some women."

"Is Donna bi?"

"She's never had anything at all with another woman but she has seen porn with women on women and she never complained or said she disliked it and when one of her friends came out of the closet and I jokingly suggested a get together she did not complain or called me a pervert, so she might consider it..."

"So what are Donnas' other hang-ups?

"She doesn't like to swallow and incredible as it may seem her old ass is still virgin."

"Wow," I said, "turning this woman into what you want is going to be a challenge."

"You can do it you just have to take over. She likes to be dominated --I think- but I just don't have the personality to carry it through in a believable way. No one has ever dominated her but I believe she would respond. I don't mean chains or whippings or anything like that....well, maybe a good spanking...but what she needs is to be told, commanded, ordered and no one has ever done that to her..."

"It will be done," I said, "I agree. Some women with hang-ups lose inhibitions when commanded, reasoning that by being told, obligated or slightly forced to do something, they are not guilty for they do it without choice."

We talked for three more hours in which Bill and I worked out a scenario to take place a week later, on a Saturday morning.

The week went by slowly until the time came for our chance to convince Donna to become involved in sexual intercourse with a stranger while her husband watched and perhaps even joined the coupling.

It was a great Saturday with a bright sun and a cooling ocean breeze. Bill and Donna were wearing bathing suits as they sat on a large towel by the seashore right across from a hotel where they had registered early that morning. Bill had only told Donna that he was bringing her to Miami Beach for a special weekend of fun but had not told her anything else. I was to be the surprise and I would only have a few minutes to convince her to accept me as her new lover.

Donna was wearing a modest one piece bathing suit. Her hair was worn in a pony tail and her breasts glistened with suntan oil. I interrupted the conversation when I abruptly sat down on an empty spot of their beach blanket. Bill was surprised but Donna was stunned.

"Excuse me," she said in a bitchy tone, "but who the hell are you and what are you doing sitting on our blanket?'

"I am here to please you this weekend," I said, "With Bill's full approval."

"You hired a gigolo?" she asked Bill with a vicious tone of voice.

"I am not a gigolo," I said as I looked into her eyes, "I am a hypnotist."

I am not a hypnotist but the idea that I could be a hypnotist might be used by her as a self hypnosis, an appropriate excuse if she opted to sin with me, claiming to have been promiscuous under a trance induced by the stranger.

"Bullshit," she said, "You are not a hypnotist. This is bullshit."

She stood up.

"I am not going to sit here and be hit upon by you. Are you coming Bill?"

Before her husband could answer I told her to sit down and I used the pet name Ronnie had used for her.

"Sit down, Dee. Now."

Her eyes opened in surprise and she hesitated.

"Sit down and listen to me for five minutes."

She did sit down, looking at me and even at her husband, with suspicion. I looked straight into her eyes as I talked to her, which clearly bothered her as she several times looked away or seemed uncomfortable. I was attempting to make her believe I was practicing hypnosis.

"What your husband has done for you," I said, "has been done because he loves you and wants to see you happy and satisfied. To him this is an adventure and he wants for the first time to be there, to see you penetrated and to participate with you in a threesome weekend that you can both cherish as the greatest sexual moment of your existence. You can say no and it's not a problem but you will always wonder for the rest of your life, what would have happened if you had said yes....and yes would have meant satisfying your husband's fantasies and some of your own. You say yes you will have the best orgasms of your life."

"You seem very sure of yourself," she said in a stern tone of voice.

I kept looking straight at her eyes.

"I am, Dee. I am sure of myself because I know everything there is to know about you. I know you like gin and tonic and I know how you talk when you are fucking and how a tongue melts your hairy cunt. I know that you have not had a good fucking in five years. Say no today and how long will you wait? Another five years? You are sexually starved and you are considering turning down a buffet. Dee, I know how to please you and I will but it will be done by my rules. This is not a relationship like you had with Ronnie. This will be a rough, savage, intensely erotic fucking like you could not imagine and you will climax more than ever before because I know your desires and hang-ups. As the bull, I will be in control but I will not be inconsiderate of your desires.... "

"I am not a whore," she said sternly.

"Of course not," I answered. "Whores get paid and rarely enjoy their work. You will enjoy today and will do me for free, willingly."

"There are things I do not do..."

"If you accept you will do them. This is a great gift from your husband that you will both enjoy. Now I will leave you two alone for a few minutes so you can discuss this and you --Dee- can decide between skipping a wild weekend or enjoying it like nothing that ever happened before...I am going to take a walk around the beach and I will return in fifteen minutes for an answer."

As I walked away I could hear her asking Bill if I was really a hypnotist and he answered by saying "I think so."

I smoked a cigarette and walked around for a few minutes. When I returned I looked straight at Dee and she looked towards Bill, avoiding looking me in the eyes.

"It's neither yes nor no," Bill said to me, "She feels flattered that I did this for her but she does not know you. She needs time to think it over. So I think we should all go back to the hotel room and have a couple of drinks and get some fresh air in the balcony and talk some more until Dee can be sure of what she wants to do."

"I have a ice cooler in the trunk of my car with some premixed gin and tonic and a twelve pack of Mexican beer. I also have a glass pipe and a bag of weed."

For the first time Dee's face softened slightly.

"I haven't smoked weed in years."

I nodded and smiled back at her. She held my gaze with a look that I interpreted as still uncertain but not as uncertain as before.

We went to their room and sat on white wicker chairs on the fourth floor balcony overlooking the beach. We drank gin and tonics and passed the pipe, the booze and the weed slowly chipping away at the walls of paranoia and inhibitions. Bill and I continued our conversation concentrating on the topic of sex, telling me how they had been to nudist beaches in California, Oregon and Hawaii and how enticing Dee had looked naked in the sunlight.

"She checked out all the naked guys," Bill said, "Commenting on the size of their cocks and their muscular rears and when men ogled her she became very wet down there."

Donna remained quiet as her husband talked as she started on her second gin and tonic and puffed reefer, her harshness mellowing. She even smiled at me briefly and later I saw her staring at my crotch. I was wearing cargo shorts without underwear and I wondered if she had caught a glimpse of my cock head.

After Bill slowed down on his tales I interjected with a story about how I had fucked a married woman when I was in college, taking all her holes while her husband was travelling on business. I followed that story with another one when I saw a live sex show in New Orleans.

"I had a real good time," Dee interrupted, "This one time I modeled sexy lingerie for Ronnie. Every outfit I put turned him on more but eventually all the nightgowns ended up on the floor and he fucked me --both of us buck naked- in our marital bed."

The ice had been broken. Dee was participating. Bill picked up on her statement and told another anecdote about her, saying how she was groped and kissed at a big labor party function. Dee had said she did not want to make a scene and she allowed the man to pull her close and kiss with tongue while he felt her ass.

"Dee, I bet you enjoyed those fucking moments in the Blazer," I said as I looked straight at her eyes, "playing with his cock, kissing the tip, wetting it so he could penetrate you and he did, fucking you hard while cars drove by in the nearby road. You wondered if someone was watching you and you wanted to be watched, didn't you?"

"Yes," she said, "It was very exciting."

"Are you excited now?"

"Hell, yes," she said giggling, "What else could you expect? I haven't fucked in five years and all this conversation about sex and this outrageous weed and booze have made me very horny."

"You will be satisfied soon."

"Hey, I said I was horny but I did not say I accepted any situation..."

"Sure you have. You have not said so in words but your nipples are hard against the fabric of the swimsuit and there's a small wet spot on the fabric between your legs. You want this... if you did not you would have totally rejected me at the beach and end of story."

She looked at me but did not talk, finishing her third gin and tonic.

"The time has come for you to decide," I said looking at her glassy eyes showing the effects of the gin and weed, "but understand if you say yes I will be in control and you will obey. I know you will like it but to do so you must trust me."

She nodded slowly.

"Trust me," I said "and I will give you enormous pleasure."

She nodded again. I fondled her tits my fingertips softly pinching the fabric covered nipples. Dee sighed and her eyes were locked on mine as I played with her tits.

"When we go into the room I want you to think only of pleasure, your pleasure and our pleasure. You will do as I say and Bill and I have a surprise for you that you will love. Are you going to obey me?"

Dee nodded. I began to wonder if her belief that I was a hypnotist had created a self hypnosis in her but what mattered in the reality of the moment was her final acceptance to a weekend of raw lust.

We smoked one more bowl and we were all considerably wasted and feeling grand. When we left the balcony and went back into the hotel room the air conditioning felt good.

"Dee." I said, "I want you to undress your husband and undress me but you stay dressed for now."

I a stoned trance she removed her husband's beach shirt and trunks. Bill's cocked bobbed free and seemed erect. He had taken Cialis earlier and the erotic situation had encouraged his cock. I nodded; I was glad that he would not experience trouble performing.

When she pulled down my cargo shorts and saw my cock, she leered and licked her lips. I moved back, sat on a chair and beckoned her to sit on my lap. Dee --still wearing her conservative bathing suit, sat on my naked flesh, feeling the hardness of my meat pressed against her ass and thighs.

We started out by making out open mouthed, swirling tongues, kissing and nibbling. Her lips were soft and moist and her breathing quickly became uneven.

As I kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobes, my hands roamed over her, pinching nipples, squeezing her tits, fondling with my fingertips the drenched patch of fabric that covered the bushy mound between her legs.

I undressed her slowly, removing her bathing outfit, constantly touching, probing, teasing with my fingers as I kissed her lips, neck and forehead and whispered the things I would do to her. As her husband sat on another chair and watched, Dee made little whimpering sounds, tiny moans of pleasure as her body trembled slightly and she opened herself to me, her thighs parting for my roaming fingers.

We kissed each other's face, neck and shoulders. I ran my hands over her tits, kneading and squeezing them as Dee watched me, her mouth open and breathing heavily as my tongue lapped beads of her sweat from her breasts. I softly nibbled on one of her huge nipples, causing her to moan and her body to shiver. I nibbled her breasts, my teeth and tongue teasing, chewing, playing with her, making her grunt and moan softly. Her nipples were hard between my teeth and my tongue licked the beach salt off her aureoles. I played with her tits as Dee watched me through a booze fog, her mouth open and breathing heavily.

The gin, the weed and her inner needs had erased any inhibitions or nervousness. Dee was into the moment, enjoying the raw lust, the naughty situation and her voyeur husband who watched us as he stroked his shaft.

I was talking in a soft tone, slowly letting my words sink in well. She was according to Bill, not much of a talker but if she was as hot as he claimed, words could motivate her even more, carrying her beyond the edge of her usual conduct.

"Look at me, Dee. Look at my eyes while I play with your cunt... you like this... and this... my fingers are soaked...You are a hot woman. I wish I had seen you at that nudist beach, those good tits all oiled up and every man wanting to lick and bite them.."

Her hand reached for my cock, making Bill gasp in excitement as her arm began to move, as she caressed my shaft. Her hand felt cool against my burning meat and I pushed two of my fingers into her wet slit, making her body suddenly arch in an orgasmic spasm.

"There you go," I said, "There's the first climax to break the ice."

I wanted her to go from climax to climax. I took her to bed and opened up her legs. She had a thick, hairy bush and I buried my face in it, licking at the clit, feeling her respond instantly with a small jerk of her body. She moaned as I licked her clit and folds, swirling and swallowing. She opened her legs even more and pushed upwards, pressing her wet slit against my face, enjoying the intruding tongue.

Clearly nothing worked better on her than a tongue. For a woman who was not supposed to be vocal she suddenly found a voice, talking excitedly as she clutched my head and pushed it against her slit.

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