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Doing Hard Time


When I walked Into the house, everything was quiet. The further I entered in, I began to hear what sounded like two or three voices coming from the upstairs. Two of the voices were male and I heard what sounded like a female voice that was being muffled.

My shift at the prison seemed as though it would never end. Being the Captain of the Guards was very time consuming with all of the paperwork involved, not to mention having to join in on two inmate unrests, which makes you very tired with the downside after each adrenaline rush along with the physical exertion as well. Now, hearing strange voices coming from inside of my own house, my adrenaline peaks again.

As I near the foot of the stairway, I finally hear a familiar voice. I hear my wife's voice say, "Ohhhh yes, Baby, shoot that hot cum down my throat."

My emotions turn from fear and defensive nature, to anger and hurt. Now even more curious, I slip off my shoes and begin to climb the stairs slowly and as quietly as I can. The entire time it takes me to reach the second floor, my mind whirls with confusion and anger. Her words that she had just said aloud, kept ringing through my mind and heart.

She had told me many different times in our six years of marriage that only "sluts and whores" would let a man cum in their mouths. Also, she told me repeatedly that my cum made her gag with its texture and taste. I assumed that it was my problem and had given up, out of courtesy to her, about even hoping or suggesting that she perform a complete oral blowjob. I mean, why would I ask a woman that I loved so dearly to do something that she detested so greatly?

I was now at the top of the stairs and I could hear the grunts and groans of sex emitting from my partially opened bedroom door. I was hoping that my wife, Kate, was watching one of a few adult films that we had acquired over the years, and that perhaps she was pleasing herself as she watched them.

As I reached the opened door, I peeked around the door jamb to see that my fears were very real. There was my wife, riding some guys cock in a reverse cowgirl style, her arms stretched back against his chest for support, while another man stood at her face, sliding his hard, thick cock in and out of her mouth, rapidly.

Apparently, my timing of seeing them going at it was in time with their imminent climaxes. Kate groaned like I've never heard her do before, and at precisely the same time, the guy she was fucking bellowed that he was going to cum. He slipped his cock out of her splayed pussy and I watched, as spurt after spurt of thick white ropes of cum splashed against her pussy lips and all over her pubic mound.

I guess the humming in her mouth and throat caused the man that she was blowing, to release his pent up seed as well. He literally popped his hard cock from her mouth as he continued to jack the shaft for all he was worth. Kate growled her disappointment, but tilted her head back and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Instantly, I saw a fat thick line of hot cum leap from the purple tipped cock head and land squarely inside of her mouth, only to be followed by three or four more hefty lines of his sticky goo.

Kate gulped down the sperm like she was drinking hot chocolate. She licked her lips and opened up once again. This time two more smaller squirts landed on her tongue. Kate sucked the now deflating tip between her lips and I watched as her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, trying to devour every drop of cum from his spent cock.

I waited outside the door for her to open her mouth to release his cock, then I barged into the room. Kate jumped, then squealed when she saw me standing in the doorway. The two guys scrambled to grab their clothes that had been thrown onto the chair by the dresser.

"Oh my God! What, why are you..... I'm sorry Bruce," then she began to sob.

One of the two men began to apologize. I glared at him and held up my hand. "Get the fuck outta here before I do something that I'll regret!"

Obviously, they had enough sense not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and ran past me holding their clothes. I looked at Kate as she sat on the bed, smeared with cum from her lovers, and crying as she watched my every move. I looked at her and said, "Get dressed. Put on something nice and sexy."

"Honey, why? Come on Babe, lets talk," she pleaded.

"Get dressed. Now!," I responded without so much as a flinch, and walked back down stairs.

Thirty minutes later, as I sat, still in my uniform, at the bar in the kitchen drinking down a very stiff rum and coke, Kate came down the stairs.

She walked over to me and slid her arm across my back. "Bruce, say something! It's not good to hold it all in. Let me have it. I deserve it, I fucked up!"

I stood up without saying a word and grabbed her hand and practically drug her out to the car. She did look nice, the way she was dressed. She wore that tight fitting and very short mini-dress that she bought for our fifth anniversary. She also had her spike heels and nylons that went to her mid thigh with lace at the top. I could tell that she had showered before getting dressed, by her fresh scent, and void of any scents of the two men nor their essence.

"Where are we going, Bruce?" she asked.

"I need to get something from work, then I thought we would go to dinner. Okay with you?," I asked in my normal tone, which by the way, took all that I could muster.

"Sure," she replied, her voice beginning to ease from worry.

We arrived at the prison, and made it through the checkpoints and up at my office on the third floor. I made sure that on the way to my office, that we had to walk down one wing of prison cells that were occupied. In case you didn't know, the portrayals of inmates that you've seen in the movies about the hoots and hollers and crass remarks when an outsider, not to mention a female outsider walks through their domain was very accurate. I had just made Kate walk the gauntlet, so to speak. Guys standing in their cells making wolf whistles and crude remarks of what they'd like to do to her as we walked by, echoed through the hallway.

I knew that she silently responded to the attention, because the redolence of her perfume was much stronger from the heat of her flesh as the blood raced through her veins. "What a slut, she is," I thought.

We walked in to my office and I sat behind my desk, while Kate sat in one of the padded chairs across from me. I looked at a paper on my desk and pretended disgust as I tossed it back down.

"I have to handle something before we go. I'm sorry, Baby," I said.

"No no, that's alright Hon. Do what you need to do," she responded.

I thought as she said it, "I AM going to do what I need to do. Bitch."

I picked up the phone and called my night Chief. "Juan, I need to see my three Trustees in my office, Pronto." I sat the phone back onto the cradle and looked at Kate, "This shouldn't take too long."

Kate looked up from the magazine she was reading and just blew a kiss to me rather than say anything, silently acknowledging what I had just said. Within three minutes, there was a solid, three hard knocks at my office door.

"Enter," I said.

Three Trustees, Jim, Eddie and Michael, walked in. All three of them gave Kate the "once over" very quickly as they stepped inside the office.

"Lock the door, Eddie," I said.

Kate was still oblivious behind her magazine, or so I thought, as I began to talk with the Trustees. "Guys, I'd like to introduce my wife, Kate," as I motioned my hand to where she was sitting."

Kate dropped the magazine long enough to nod her head at the three men beside her. I continued, "Now I know all three of you men. Each of you are short timers here and have been exemplary in your behavior while you have been here. Jim, you were sent here for fraud, Eddie, you for trafficking cocaine, and Michael for breaking and entering, correct?"

All three men nodded that what I had just said was correct.

"All three of you are set to be discharged in two days. Now having been incarcerated for ten, eight, and seven years respectively, I imagine that having been without a woman in that length of time has been rather demanding on your libido, hasn't it?"

Kate dropped the magazine, now, and looked at me. I think the fact that my hazel colored eyes had turned to a dark steel gray, usually indicating anger or sexual excitement to Kate, made her nervous. I saw her take a deep breath and a hard gulp.

"I would consider it a personal favor to me, and now that I think about it, a favor to the outside world, if you three men would release some of your sexual energy, so I won't be seeing you guys back in my prison on rape or assault charges," I said in a demanding tone.

Kate began pulling her short dress down as best she could, but to no avail. Her slutty dress along with her good looks and fresh perfumed scent, prevented her from even remotely looking proper.

Eddie was of Latino descent and was the youngest of the three, at about twenty six years old. He unzipped his prison issued pants to release his cock. Jim, an older Caucasian man in his forties followed Eddie's lead and did the same. Michael, a black man in his early thirties was the last to pull his cock out.

You may be thinking that there is no way that these guys would just pull their cocks out and start playing with themselves, just because they were told to do so. All I can say is, you are mistaken! Remember, these guys have been locked away from women for at least seven years, and the only time they have been able to be this close to a woman dressed like a slut, has been in their minds or on the pages of a magazine. And now, Kate knew it too.

I began talking again, "Here is the catch. This beautiful woman, whom I have just recently discovered, that she likes having more than one man at a time, MUST give you her permission to touch her. Understood?"

All three men nodded that they understood. With me knowing the law, I didn't want to risk any of these guys being brought up on rape charges and having to spend more time in jail. As far as Kate, I really didn't give a shit what she wanted anymore. I am hurt beyond belief and this is my vengeance. This would be my last time to be with her, sexually.

Eddie was flailing away at his dark brown cock with his hand, and began to walk next to Kate. Jim and Michael were more conditioned, and began to fully remove all of their clothes until they were buck naked. Jim too, was fully erect and Michael was about half erect.

Kate started to get up from the chair, when I sternly told her to sit back down. I'm not sure if it was fear of what I might do next, or her guilt, or her desire, but she sat back into the chair.

As Eddie stood next to her, jacking his hard six inch cock, I watched as Kate turn her head to look at his prick. Jim stood on the opposite side and began working his shorter, but fatter cock in the same manner. Michael stood directly in front of Kate and massaged his heavy black balls with one hand, while he would slowly pull his cock from the base as he squeezed it. His eight inch cock began to swell to its full length and girth.

Kate slid down in the chair to relax as best she could. I could tell that the musk from three hard cocks was filling not only her nostrils but her very soul, as I saw her hand begin to massage one of her own breasts.

The sticky noises that the three cocks made, as they each had the foreskin slide up to their heads and back down again, while the men jacked off inches from Kate's pretty and flushed face. It was beginning to cause a stir in my loins as well. My hurt was being overtaken by my revenge of what I was having Kate go through. Knowing that I too, would finally have MY way with her at the end of it all.

"Let them touch you, Kate. You know that you want them to. Just say it," I goaded.

Her voice rang in the air just seconds after I said that. "Fuck me, boys. Take me any way that you want," she said in such a sultry tone.

Eddie moved closer to her and stuck his tanned cock head to her red painted lips. Her mouth opened partially, and I watched as Eddie sank his entire cock into her hot wanton mouth, up to his balls. Her mouth now replaced his hand as she began to bob up then down on his hard cock shaft.

Jim was sucking on her breast, after he had pulled down the taut material of her dress, exposing them. His tongue would swirl around the nipple, then his mouth would engulf it completely. Each time he pulled away, the heavy breast would make a popping noise from his firm suction. Each time, her nipple became harder and jutted away from her creamy mound further.

Michael was now completely rock hard and he knelt between her legs. Kate's dress was riding high above her thighs from being pushed around by Eddie, and her wiggling from Jim's assault on her breasts. Michael tugged her sheer thong to one side, exposing her wet and glistening pussy lips. I watched his shiny bald head lean in and saw his very long, pink tongue stick out from his lips as he touched her pussy lips .It would then disappear into her depths. His tongue must have slid inside of her steaming pussy a good three inches.

Kate lifted her hips up and away from the chair with each long, slow deliberate piercing of her wet pussy with his hot tongue. I stepped closer to the chair where Kate was being taken, to watch closer and with more intent. Michael's tongue was gathering the thicker, slippery nectar from deep within her, as they stayed connected by a strand of pussy juice to his tongues tip.

By now, Jim and Eddie were having their cocks swapped back and forth by Kate, as she would alternate licking and sucking their hard shafts and balls. I was now nude as I moved in to help orchestrate the show. My own cock was hard as steel and drooled copious amounts of pre-cum.

While Michael lapped at her clit and pussy with his oversized tongue, I told Eddie and Jim to turn around. Now their asses were where their rock hard cocks used to be, by her pretty face. "Put your face in their asses, Kate."

She leaned in to Jim's ass cheeks and nuzzled her nose between the crack. "Jim, spread them, just like you'd do for the Doctor," I told him.

With Jim's ass spread and his dusty blonde asshole exposed, I said, "Lick him in the center, Baby." Kate stuck her pointed tongue out and licked firmly against his bung. I watched as Jim stepped up on his tip toes when she did.

I instructed Eddie to do the same as Jim, and to get ready, because he was next. Eddie's puckered hole was void of any hair, for what reasons, I didn't know, or care. I leaned down next to Kate's head and could hear the squishing sounds being made, as she lapped like a wild woman at Jim's wet asshole. "There's someone on the other side waiting for you My Dear."

Kate didn't waste a second. She turned from one side of the chair to the other and began to lick at Eddie's tight little bung hole. Eddie had never stopped jacking his cock since he had first pulled it out, and with in a minute of Kate lapping at his ass, he spun around and buried his cock as deeply into Kate's mouth as he could. Kate bobbed two times when Eddie grunted like a boar hog and unleashed six or seven long spurts of hot jism into Kate's gulping mouth. She held him in her mouth for a minute after he stopped quaking, to retrieve every drop of cum that she could coax from him, before releasing his limp cock.

Michael had been concentrating his tonguing efforts more on Kate's clit than inside of her, the entire time that Kate had been licking ass and drinking cum. When Michael drove his tongue deep inside of her then straight up to her flesh trigger. She moaned like a woman possessed as her ass lifted from the chair and shoved against his soft hot lips, as his tongue deluged her twitching clit as fast and furious as he could.

Her legs were still shaking from her intense orgasm, when she went back to work on Jim's still exposed ass. She lapped at his puckered anus with a fervent passion now. I watched as she would jab at the pink muscled ring as if she were trying to fuck it with her pointed tongue. Jim was now stroking his hard shaft while her tongue attended to his exposed ass hole.

Michael was now standing at the side of the chair where Eddie had been. His face was wet with her climax and, the office lighting glistened off of his dark chocolate brown skin where the wet slippery juices were.

Kate trained her attention from Jim's well licked ass over to Michaels thick, long, black cock. The tip of his cock was straining in its flesh sheath so hard, it had a deep, purple hue to it. She licked the pre-cum glazed head before she attempted to take his cock into her mouth fully. She had to stop about six inches down to relax her throat. Even after a few minutes, she couldn't manage any more of his hot dick into her mouth that six and a half inches. She began to bob up and down on it, seeming satisfied that she tried to accommodate his length. Michael didn't really care, either.

Jim was now standing in front of Kate as she sat sucking Michael's enormous black cock. I stepped in and said, "Kate get on the floor onto your knees so these hungry men can fuck you like you need to be fucked." Vehemence filled my words.

Kate got down on all fours as I had told her. By now, Eddie was ready for more action, his Latino heat roiling through his balls once again. I told Jim to lie down under Kate so he could fuck her pussy. Quickly, he scurried under her frame and made his insertion. Even with such a fat cock as his, Kate easily accommodated his size from the honey that coated her pussy from her climax and the tongue lashing that Michael had just given her. Her boobs began to flail in Jim's face as he started thrusting his fat cock in and out of her.

Michael stood in front of Kate as Eddie positioned himself behind her. Kate gobbled Michael's cock back into her mouth and picked up on the rhythm that she had before they changed positions. His heavy black balls swayed with each thrust into her hungry mouth.

Eddie was smearing his dark brown cock head all around her ass cheeks, gathering the juices that had run from her pussy, combined with the spit that Michael had left behind, making his cock very slippery. He then aimed his cock head at her wrinkled bung hole, and began swabbing at it gently. Because of his earlier release, I knew that he would use enough care not to just ram her ass. A few minutes of pressing and swabbing, and I saw the brown tip of his cock gain entry into Kate's hot little ass.

My soon to be ex-slut was now completely filled with hard, hot cock. I watched as the three cons filled every hole that she had. I began to stroke my cock for my big finale as they each sawed in and out of her.

Jim was the first to cum. His fat cock plunged in and out of her so fast and hard that her boobs slapped at his face with each thrust. He grunted loudly as his cock began to pump his semen into her. When she felt his heat filling her depths, it triggered another climax for her. She muffled a moan while sucking Michaels cock as her climax sent her deeper into lust. Jim let his limp cock slip out of her, followed by a virtual river of cum. The thick, sticky seed poured from her twitching twat and pooled in Jim's pubic hair and over his flaccid cock.

As I watched Jim collect his composure under Kate, I heard Michael bellow that he was going to cum. I looked up where he was literally fucking her mouth and saw him grab Kate by the sides of her head. His cock unloaded volley after volley of thick sperm into her gulping mouth. Obviously, the first jet of cum blasted against the back of her throat, because I saw her mid-section and back hunch in a violent gag reflex. Michael was oblivious to this, and held her face buried on his convulsing cock, deep in her mouth. As quickly as her gag reflex cam, it subsided. I listened as she drank each pearl strand of his cum as it white washed her mouth.

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