tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDoing It For Each Other is Exciting

Doing It For Each Other is Exciting


"Let's do something different tonight," Jo said. "Let's masturbate for each other, and see who can cum first."

"I'll win that one easily," I said. "I can cum any time I look at your tits. Better see who can make it last longest."

"Whatever," she said. "But we'll diddle ourselves instead of each other. I've never watched you masturbate."

"Nor me you. I've never really watched you cum, except from on top of you. We'll sit in the armchairs and watch each other. But first how about we strip for action?"

We stood two paces apart and stripped. I took off my shirt. Jo took off her blouse. I wanted to have the fun of undoing it down the front and revealing her bra holding two glorious tits in place. As I'd said, that alone could make me cum. I was already hard at the thought of it. But Jo insisted we weren't going to touch each other. Or even get close to each other. I didn't know how long I could hold out.

I took off my undervest. Jo took off her brassiere. So far I was getting the best of it. Jo's breasts jiggled at me every time she moved, and her nipples were already showing signs of interest. All Jo was getting out of it was the sight of my hairy chest. But then she always got the best of it at other times, when she had me working on a clit and a cunt and two nipples and sundry erogenous zones, and the only sensation I got was from her working on my cock.

I dropped my jeans, and Jo dropped hers. Advantage to me again. She had long, shapely legs that seemed to go all the way up to her armpits, with the kind of thighs that made me want to have them wrapped round my ears. All she had to look at was a pair of hairy legs with knobbly knees. I looked higher to where the crotch of her panties only just hid the goodies I knew nestled between her thighs. Jo was staring hard at me, and I realized she wasn't doing so badly after all---her panties hid everything, but my Y-fronts gave a pretty good indication of the state of my erection and the size of the ball bag being held so closely in check.

Inside my briefs, my prick was already swollen and clamoring to be let out. I looked at Jo to see if there was any sign she might be getting as worked up as I was. She was rubbing her thighs together, and that was a sure sign her cunt was beginning to act up. And there was a wet stain spreading across her panties where her thighs joined. So the sight of my bulging briefs must be having some effect on her, I thought. Pity she already knows what's inside. It would be more exciting for her if she'd never seen it before.

"What's the delay?" Jo demanded. "Surely you're not getting bashful?"

"Just imagining what it would be like to have X-ray eyes," I said. And hauled my last vestige of modesty down to my feet. My prick surged out in a very creditable erection, pointing its head aggressively toward Jo. Jo stalled.

"Now what's your delay? Stunned by my beauty?"

"Not exactly beauty," Jo said, "but it's pretty stunning. We always seem to be in such a hurry to start fucking that I never get a chance to enjoy looking at it. Come closer."

"I'll cum anywhere for you," I said, and stepped closer.

Jo stared down at the rod that was beginning to throb so much I longed to start the game and grab hold of it and start masturbating. She hissed through her teeth.

"I think this is going to be a good game. My cunt's already creaming at the thought of it, and now looking at your gonads is sending her into orbit. And that's a lovely big, swollen, tumescent knob on the end of your tool. I want to run my tongue round it and suck it like a lollipop."

But she didn't. Rules of the game again! Instead, she put her two thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, and slowly wriggled them down, over her belly, over the V-shaped mound leading down to her crotch.

"You've shaved yourself!" I exclaimed. The mound was naked and pink, devoid of the usual brown curls that often straggled out of her panties.

"Specially for you. Like it?"

"I'll tell you when those passion killers come right off"

Jo continued the downward strip, bringing the whole of her freshly shaved crotch into view, down her thighs, and eventually to her feet. She spread her feet wide, put her hands on her hips, and thrust her starkly naked cunt toward me.

"Now tell me if you like it. No, you don't need to, I can see for myself what's happening to that weapon of yours. It's a monster!"

I couldn't hold back any longer. My cock was throbbing and demanding to be held. I took it in my hand and stroked it, all the way from the distended red knob to the root that grew out of my scrotum, stroked it for my own satisfaction but also to see what effect it would have on Jo.

The effect was dramatic. Jo clutched her breasts until the nipples thrust out between her fingers, stepped back and writhed her pelvis so that the eye of her cunt opened and closed at me.

"You're masturbating yourself," I accused. "You're not supposed to start yet."

"I'm not touching myself."

"Depends on the definition of masturbation. Does it have to be done with the hands? I'm sure you're working on your clit. And you're doing all sorts of things with your cunt. And you wouldn't be doing them if it wasn't exciting."

"Well, what's that your doing to your fucking machine?" she countered. "That's quite definitely masturbation."

"Not really. I'm just stroking it for your benefit."

"It's not doing me any good at all. If you go on like that you may not cum, but I certainly shall. I think it's time to take to the armchairs."

I was most gratified to see what an effect I was having on Jo. I knew she was always ready for fucking, but I'd always assumed it was the anticipation of what was to come that made her cunt begin to drool. But right now it was drooling more than I'd ever seen it drool, and we weren't even planning to fuck. It must have been my prick that was doing it.

We sat in the armchairs, facing each other, our feet touching, close enough to be able to observe all the action in detail. Whenever Jo wasn't available and I wanked myself, I would lie down on my back with my legs stretched straight out. I had to have my legs together---I could never get an orgasm if they were apart. I'd always assumed a woman did the same.

But I was to be educated. Jo immediately raised her knees and brought up her feet to rest them on the seat of the chair. This opened her thighs so that every part of her genitalia was exposed to my view. Her vulva was spread wide. Her cunt lips hung out, glistening with pre-cum juice and so swollen that it seemed impossible they could normally be hidden inside. Her cunt hole was no longer a mysterious slit but an inviting, salivating opening. The only part of that sexual array that I couldn't see was her clitoris, which remained hidden .

"Just a moment," I said. I fetched a table lamp, and placed it so that the light shone full on the whole area between Jo's thighs. Every secret detail of her sexual organs was starkly exposed to my hungry gaze.

I lay back in the armchair, and pushed a cushion under my ass cheeks. My prick stood straight up from my groin, reaching for the sky. Jo looked across at it and licked her lips.

And then she began, slowly and deliberately, playing with herself. I could tell that what she was doing was for my sake more than for hers. If she was intent on cumming, she would have been masturbating herself madly. But she began by taking her cunt lips, one in each hand, between thumb and finger, and pulling them out and spreading them apart. Then she put her fingers into the entrance to her cunt hole and slowly pulled it open.

"Know what I'd like right now?" She sucked in her lower lip and rolled her eyes.

"A hefty hot meat injection?" I suggested.

"Don't be so crude. I'd like your head down here between my thighs, with your tongue probing up inside my cunt and your nose pressed against my clit."

"I'd like that too," I said. "Let's change the game to gamarouche. I'd just love to be sucking on those cunt lips."

"Such an impetuous boy!" she chided. "You imagine that, and I'll imagine you're sucking me off."

Her fingers were circling round and round her clit, and then she did something at the top of the slit and her clit popped out

It was the first time I'd seen it like that, and I wanted to kneel between her legs and suck it into my mouth and diddle it with my tongue. But Jo knew exactly what she wanted. She put one finger into her mouth and sucked it, then put the wet finger on the little button and rubbed it faster and faster until she was moaning with her eyes closed and her face contorted in ecstasy.

She'd cum for me often enough before, but always underneath me so that all I could see of her was her face. This time I could watch every part of her naked body in the throes of an approaching orgasm. Her nipples were engorged red cherries bursting out of two swollen aureoles. Her breasts were thrusting out, jiggling from side to side as her breath came in great gasps. Her navel winked at me as her belly rose and fell in time with the writhing of her whole pelvis. Her thighs were opening and closing like scissors, one moment pressed tightly together to massage her bloated cunt lips, the next moment spread wide apart to open the mouth of her cunt till I could look right up inside the throbbing wet tunnel. And every sexual part of her was so brightly lit that I could examine every last detail.

Suddenly Jo stopped moving, and opened her eyes. I couldn't imagine how she could have so much self control.

"Alright, I've been giving you a pretty good exhibition." Her voice was breathy and husky. "Now your turn. Mash that mutton till it explodes. I've never been able to watch an ejaculation, it's always happened inside me. I'll wait for you, and I'll cum when you cum. We'll cum together. But don't make me wait too long."

By the feel of everything inside and outside my groin, she wasn't going to have to wait long. The sight of all that naked sexuality beginning to orgasm right in front of me had my weapon primed and loaded and ready to fire. Every part of my body cried out for me to jerk myself off immediately. But if Jo could hold back for my benefit, I thought, perhaps I could for her. I'd give her an exhibition she wouldn't forget.

So instead of madly massaging my rod for my own benefit, I opened my own thighs so that Jo could enjoy the details I had never consciously displayed before. My prick was stiff and swollen, standing proudly up from the tangled hairs of my groin, so engorged that the veins stood out all the way up the shaft till they disappeared under the rim of its knob. The surface of the knob was stretched so tight that it bulged, smooth and shiny and bright red, its rim projecting from the shaft like a barb. My balls hung in my crotch, the skin of my ball bag dragged tight to cover the base of a fucking machine that was extended more than I had ever known it.

I licked my finger, and ran it round and round the distended knob, then with finger and thumb only I slowly massaged the length of the shaft, stretching the sensitive Vee that faced toward Jo and teasing it with one finger of my other hand. It was quite a journey all the way down my ramrod to the base and back again, and by the time I'd done that a few times my self control was gone. I managed to keep most of my fingers away so that Jo could watch every detail, but soon I was wanking up and down, faster and faster, watching Jo's wide open cunt and beginning to gasp as I felt the orgasm building up inside my groin.

That was when Jo started again. With two fingers of one hand stuffed up inside her cunt, she began once again to play with her clitoris. Very soon her thighs were scissoring again and her belly was convulsing.

"I'm cumming," she gasped. "You cum with me....let's cum together....I want to watch you cum....I want to watch your cock explode....I want to watch you ejaculate....come and stand over me so I can watch you close up...squirt your cum all over me...I want to bathe in it!"

I scrambled to my feet without missing a beat and moved to stand with my legs touching Jo's chair. My prick was pointing straight out, over her belly.

"I'm cumming," I croaked. "Here it comes...cum with me...aaaah!!"

Jo screamed at the same time. "Yeees!!" A stream of my semen spurted out over her belly to fall white and creamy on her writhing tits.

"Open your mouth," I gasped, and raised the angle of elevation. The next stream reached her face. And the next went into her open mouth.

I don't know how many times I ejaculated, or how many I got into Jo's mouth. But when I was squeezing out the last drops, Jo was still flailing her legs and her pelvis, masturbating her clit as hard as she could and alternately crying and shouting, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

I stood back, exhausted, and watched the exhibition. It seemed as if Jo would never stop cumming. Her face and her tits were soaked with my cum, and her own cum juice was running down her crotch to trickle into the crack between the cheeks of her ass. Sowly she came down, moaning. And then she opened her eyes and looked at me and laughed.

"Wow!" she said. "That was something else. Almost beats fucking. I never realised how exciting it is to watch a wonderful cum pump doing its stuff. I think I could have cum without using my fingers at all, it was so exciting watching you masturbate."

"Me too," I said. "Having every part of you opened wide like that just about had me creaming. And knowing you were masturbating just for me finished me off."

"Masturbation!" Jo said. "Masturbating! It was always supposed to be such a dirty word. And such a dirty thing to do. I love doing dirty things, don't you? What else can we think of to do that's real dirty?"

The end

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