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Doing It for You


"Hold that pose," Scottie told the talent. The skinny blonde with big, fake tits sat on the lap of the well built guy with the impossibly huge dick halfway up her pussy. "Come on!" Scottie yelled over his shoulder. "I need some still shots of this!"

"Hurry, Scottie, my legs are getting tired," the blonde girl whined.

"You're a pro, sweetie. You look beautiful. This is for the cover," Scottie told her.

"Wow, really?" she asked. She bounced up and down on the big prick inside her pussy a couple of times. Was she fending off a leg cramp, having a bit of fun, or helping her co-star stay hard? I don't know. Wasn't my place to know. My job was aiming the lights and holding a reflector or a diffuser to block the hot spots on bare flesh. I did know Scottie promised the cover to every starlet he directed. After taping four flicks with Scott E. Peters as director, producer, and primary cameraman, I knew the routine. The men were meat, paid half in cash and half in pussy. The women were treated like mega-stars. And Scottie would say anything it took to get the shot he wanted.

"Where the fuck is the photographer?" Scottie growled at me. I shrugged, looking around for my buddy. Greg was the reason I was doing lights for a porno movie. As the economy pulled Greg's business as a freelance wedding photographer south, he had to pick up work where he could find it. Shooting stills for cover art wasn't glamorous but it paid a bill or two.

"Right here, boss," Greg said, darting around the corner from the kitchen and into the living room where the shoot was taking place. Greg was brushing crumbs off his shirt. Figures the fucker would be eating while the rest of us were working.

"Make her beautiful," Scottie told him. "This is for the cover." Greg nodded, flashing me a grin. He had pointed out how every picture he took was "for the cover."

"G-rated first, baby," Scottie told the talent. The girl was a pro. Knowing what Scottie meant, she eased that big cock all the way inside of her pussy before covering the junction of cock and pussy with her hand. She wrapped her other hand across her chest, hiding her nipples. I've seen lots of g-rated movies in my life, but nothing like this. Still, I understood it. A cover without explicit nudity was more flexible. The next shots were more graphic until Greg was on his knees, shooting between their legs and getting a close up of the guy's hard cock slipping into pussy. These were the kinds of pictures that would be featured on the back of the DVD, promising the potential buyer explicit action.

After the shoot, I collapsed light stands and curled up electrical cords. The set was an empty McMansion in a nice part of town. Scottie had a deal with a realtor to film inside the empty homes. He'd rent the house for the weekend, rent some furniture for the rooms he planned on using, and hired a cleaning service to erase any signs of our presence on Monday. "Hey light-boy," Scottie said, pulling me off to one side of the big living room. "You know anyone else who can work a digital still camera?"

"Um, I guess. I don't know," I hedged. My wife knew her way around a camera. She wasn't a professional photographer like Greg, but I always thought she did a good job.

Scottie laughed. "It's not rocket science. I just want something better than frame captures for the cover art. Good art sells DVDs."

"What's wrong with Greg?"

"Who?" he asked before realizing who I meant. "That fat fucker? I just fired him. He spends more time eating the catering than shooting pictures. Find me a photographer for next week or you're fired too. It pays five hundred a shoot."

I swallowed hard, made a promise I didn't think I could keep, and went home to convince my wife to get into a porno business.

Jill read my face as soon as I walked inside our tiny home. "Hey baby," she said, giving me a worried look before wrapping her arms around me. "What's wrong?"

It felt good pressing her body against mine. I like how we fit together. I could smell the sweetness of shampoo in her hair. Jill was more than my wife, she was my best friend. Sweethearts since high school, my every sexual first was with this fine woman and vice versa. My friends made fun of me for that, but I didn't care. I got it right the first time, why look farther? I sighed against her, "Greg got fired today."

"Oh no! You too?" she asked. I shook my head, reassuring her I still had a job, but leaving out the part about finding a new photographer. I told her why Greg got fired and she giggled. "Only Greg could be more attracted to a deli platter than watching naked people have sex." She rubbed the front of my pants. "So, anyone famous on-set today?" I grew hard beneath her touch.

"No one I recognized. You know Scottie, he likes to work with new girls. Cheaper."

"But they're cute, right?"

"Not as cute as you," I said, kissing her.

"Aw, you're just saying that."

"No, really," I insisted. "I don't even get hard on-set."

She unzipped my pants, fishing her small hand inside to cradle my hard cock. "Mm, but you're hard now."

"Because I'm with you," I said as she slipped to her knees in front of me, pulling open my pants and pushing them down as she moved.

"Tell me what happened," she said, licking my hard cock.

I moaned first before finding my voice. "Okay, so the first scene we shot was this dark haired girl with really short hair."

"Was she pretty?" Jill asked between head bobs on my cock.

"She was okay. Not my type of girl, but pretty enough."

"Did you get hard watching her?"

"No, baby. Like I said, I don't ever get hard on set."

"Mm, too bad," she purred, sucking on me again as I worked through the way the dark haired girl was told to suck cock and tried to remember every which way she was fucked. Telling it to Jill was as thrilling as always. "Do we have a movie of hers?"

"I don't think so."

"Can we watch one anyway?" she asked. I nodded. We moved to the bedroom and put in one of the free DVDs Scottie passed out on the set. Jill became my personal porn star as we followed along with the first scene of the movie.

After I came in her mouth, she had to scoop a missed droplet of cum off her chin. "You know, on set, the girls never really swallow," I pointed out, grinning. How did I ever score a woman this hot?

"What a waste!" she said. "Do they have real orgasms?"

"I don't know," I said, crawling into bed next to her. I ran my hand over her firm tits, down her stomach, and stroked between her legs. She was still wet from her orgasms and I knew she had more to give. I caressed her clit, teasing as we talked. She squirmed against my fingers. "I think the next scene is an anal scene."

"Mm, and you're still hard."

"For you, baby, I'm always hard," I said. She pulled out a tube of lube from the nightstand drawer. On set, the guys used Viagra to get hard, stay hard, and fuck more than once a day. For me, all I needed was my Jill. She was my Viagra. We acted out the next scene, including the part where the actress took it up her ass in a reverse cowgirl position. I came in Jill's ass, unable to hold back.

We cuddled afterwards, staying naked. "I love you," I told her, meaning it as much as I did the first time I said it to her.

"I love you, too," she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "So you really don't get hard on set?"

I laughed. After three weekends of working lights on set, Jill still asked. "It's not really sexy on set," I explained. "There's just too much going on." I caressed her naked body again. "Besides, I know you're waiting for me."

"But those girls are all so pretty and I'm so plain."

"Bullshit," I said, kissing her. "You're twice a beautiful as them." Without a sense of better timing, I dropped the bombshell on her that I had been holding back. "I sort of promised Scottie that you could fill in for Greg next week."

Jill went stiff. "Me?"

I nodded. "Why not? You're good with a camera."

"But I'm not a professional photographer like Greg!"

I laughed. "If Greg was more of a professional, he might have kept his job. Besides, baby, we could use the money." She nodded. She knew times were tough. My hours had been cut back at work and she wasn't picking up as many substitute teaching jobs as before. Worse, the freeze on hiring at the school system kept her application in limbo. I tried to sweeten the idea for her. "There are lots of naked guys on set, too."

She giggled. "Naked and hard?"

"Usually. Want me to see if Scottie will let you work as a fluffer?"

"Stop it!" she said, playfully slapping my chest. "Okay, so IF I do this, what will I have to do?"

I explained how Scottie would call for her still shots when he saw something he liked and how every shot was going to be "for the cover." I could tell she wasn't sold on the idea until I mentioned the two deal-sealers. "It pays $500 a shoot" and "If I don't find a replacement, I'm fired, too." I don't know which idea sold her, but she agreed to do it.

We rode together to the shoot next weekend. I could tell Jill was nervous. She was helping me set up light stands when Scottie waved her over. "Hey darling," he said in the flattering tone he reserved for actresses. "What are you doing helping the light-boy?"

She shot me a worried look before turning to him. "Just helping out, sir," she said.

"Sir? Oh no, that will never do. Just Scottie works for me, darling."

"Um, okay, Scottie, sir," Jill said. I chuckled. She always gets nervous talking to her superiors.

Scottie gave her a big smile. "You're sweet, but shouldn't you be in make-up?"

"Um, yes sir," she said, shooting me a confused look. "Can I have just a second to talk to my husband?"

"Light-boy is your husband?" Scottie asked, laughing. "Well steal my clothes and fuck me running. How did he score a hottie like you?"

Jill blushed. "We started dating in high school, sir."

"It's Scottie, sweetie," he reminded her. "I don't remember seeing your stills. Do we have paperwork on you yet?"

"N-no, Scottie, sir," she mumbled.

Scottie frowned as he eyed her. "You brought ID though, right?" Jill nodded. "Okay, turn around, let me see." Jill did a quick little spin and I saw the worried look still on her face. "Nice," Scottie said, looking at my wife's ass. She turned back to face him. "Pull up the shirt. Let me see those titties." I knocked over the light stand I was setting up. Picking it up before Scottie yelled, I looked back to see Jill holding her t-shirt up over her breasts like she was flashing for beads at Mardi Gras. What the hell was she doing? "Nice," Scottie said, reaching out and squeezing her left breast. "All natural, too. Very nice!"

"Hey!" I said, making sure the light stand was stable. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Inspecting the talent," Scottie said, glaring at me. "What's it to you, light-boy?" He pulled her shirt down, said something I didn't catch, and Jill walked down the hallway of the rented house. Scottie waved me over. "Are we going to have a problem?"

"We will if you keep feeling up my wife," I told him, tired of him being a bully.

"What's the problem? She's going to look good on camera."

That's when I realized what was going on. "She's not here to be on camera. She's here to be your still photographer."

Scottie did something I had never heard him do. He laughed. "Well fuck me twice," he howled. "Really?" He looked around the room checking to see if he was being punked.

"Yeah, really," I assured him.

Giving me a big smile, he slapped me on the back. "Okay, light-boy, have it your way. Talent gets paid two grand a day. You sure she doesn't want to do a scene? I'll toss in an extra grand if I can feature her."

I shook my head. I know Jill, I've known her since we first met in a sandbox, and there was no way she would ever want to do a porno scene. "Not happening," I told him.

"Okay, just asking," he said, backing off. He went to find his real talent for the day.

I was done setting lights for the first scene by the time Jill found me again. She looked confused. I pulled her to side away from everyone else. "Why the fuck did you show him your tits?" I demanded.

"I-I... he asked. He doesn't do that to everyone?"

"Fuck no," I growled. I mean, really? "Where did you go?"

"To fill out paperwork. Why did I have to sign a modeling release form?"

I shook my head. "He thought you were talent."

"He really thought I was pretty enough for that?"

I smiled. I can never stay mad at her. "He offered three thousand dollars to feature you."

"No way!" she said, a huge smile on her face. "The actors make that much money?"

"The girls do. Guys don't."

"Do I get to fuck you?"

I laughed, nodding over my shoulder at the two guys standing naked and rubbing oversized hard-ons to life as they received instructions from Scottie. "Do I look like that?" I asked.

"To me you do," Jill said, stealing a kiss from me and that kiss had to last me through the rest of the day.

Scottie worked fast and hard and never took a break. That meant I never got one, either. Not knowing better, Jill stayed in the room with us, watching every part of the action. I'll give Scottie credit, at least he was nice to her. I watched as Jill was called over to snap stills, seeing her grinning every time Scottie promised the actress, "This is for the cover, darling." More than once, I noticed how hard her nipples were. Maybe a porn set is more fun if you're not working the entire time?

It was dark when we got in the car to drive home. Jill rubbed my crotch as soon as I had the car in drive. "You're really not hard, are you?" she asked, though that was changing rapidly.

"I almost got hard a couple of times today," I said. "Because of you."

"Me? Why me?"

I reached across and grabbed her tit, rolling a stiff nipple between my finger and thumb. "Your high beams were on all day."

Jill blushed. "I'm really wet. That was hot as hell. Did you see how well hung those guys were?"

"I try not to notice the guys too much."

"Okay, but the girls were really hot, too. They are so pretty. I can't believe you don't get hard for them."

I shrugged. "Too busy working, I guess."

She undid her pants, pushing them open and slipping a hand inside her panties. "Does it bother you that I got wet?"

"I don't know. Should it?" I asked, unsure how I felt about it. I liked Jill being wet. I loved how sexual she was. Together, we invented sex. Well, we discovered it together. My first hand job was from her. The first and only pussy I ever tasted was hers and my cock was the only one that had ever passed her lips. She had always been my dream girl and I felt like her porn star, but I knew I didn't measure up against those other guys. Watching porn with her was one thing. It was easy to accept it as pretend. But now she had seen behind the curtain and saw those other guys really did have cocks that were superhuman. How could I compete.

"Drive faster, baby," she purred, rubbing herself to an orgasm. "I need you inside me."

That felt better and any fears I had of not measuring up vanished in a blur of hot sex in our bedroom. Jill was a wild woman, wanting to re-enact every scene we could manage with just the two of us. I came three times that night. It was useless trying to count the number of times Jill came, but the thrill of that night carried into Sunday, too. We fucked again, moving to the living room to take advantage of the furniture. I fucked her ass, pile driving her as we had seen the one girl do the day before. "Cum on my face," she told me when I got close and I did just that.

The heat of that weekend lasted into the week, too. On Monday evening, Jill handed me our digital camera, something she had never done before. "Take some pictures while we do it," she told me. Thrilled at the idea, I took P.O.V. style pictures of her sucking my cock and taking it up the ass until we ran out the batteries on the camera. Tuesday night, she surprised me with a movie she put together of those pictures and we did it all again while watching it. It felt like our honeymoon all over again. It took her car breaking down on Wednesday to put a damper on our fun.

"It's the transmission," she explained when I got home that night. "$1800 to fix it."

What else was there to say about it? It might as well have been twice that for as much as we had in the bank. Even the $500 we had earned over the weekend was gone as we played catch-up on other bills. Being down to one car meant if Jill got a call for a substitute job, she wouldn't be able to take it. Eating macaroni and cheese for dinner, we did the best we could to console each other. "We'll get through this," I promised without a plan. "We always do." It didn't help when she missed a substitute job both Thursday and Friday. "Scottie still needs a photographer this weekend," I said, knowing that money would help.

"Great, that means a month of missed jobs for me," she pointed out and with the pending school break, those four missed weeks would end up being longer.

We didn't make love that night in bed, but we did cuddle. But being madly in love against all odds doesn't pay a bill.

Saturday's shoot turned into a mixed bag. Feeling a need to round out the offerings of his video line, Scottie was shooting an all-girl feature. He offered Jill a part again, but she begged off. I wasn't surprised. Jill's never expressed a lot of interest in being with another woman. She'll tease me about it, but that's it.

During the shoot, Scottie was his usual demanding self, treating the talent like movie stars and crew like slaves. Though Jill was only there to take pictures, because she stayed on set, he treated her like a gopher. "Grab that lube," he'd snap at her when a starlet wasn't wet enough for him. Between taking pictures, Jill hopped around the set like the rest of us. The nice part was the extra $100 Scottie tossed our way at the end of the day. The bad part was when he grabbed Jill's chest again as he handed her the money. "I'm telling you, you could have a future in this business," he said.

We rode home in silence. "I don't like the way he grabs you," I said, breaking the silence as we neared our house.

"It's a porno set," she said, sounding as if she had been doing this for years. "It's no big deal."

"Did you have any fun today?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was okay," she said quietly as I pulled into our drive. "Those girls are so pretty."

"You're just as pretty," I told her.

"Maybe to you," she said, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before we got out of the car. We did make love that night, but it wasn't with the same zeal as before. That week, she missed three more sub jobs as teachers tried to squeeze in time off before the break.

Jill was helping me set up lights on set as the talent laughed, chatted, and visited with Scottie. "Why so many guys?" she asked me.

"Probably gang-bang scenes today," I explained, remembering how my first shoot had gone.

"She's going to do all those guys?" she asked, her eyes wide. I noticed her nipples were beginning to show, too.

"Depends on how many scenes we're shooting today. Last time, we did three scenes and each girl did five guys."

"Damn," she said and I wasn't sure how she meant it.

Scottie shot in the gonzo style, just wall to wall sex without the concerns of a plot. With the lights in place and set struck, he called for the talent. A pretty blonde, again with fake tits, came out of make-up looking as if she was going to Prom instead of shooting a porno movie. Her hair, nails, and make-up were perfect looking. Slipping out of her robe, she moved in front of the camera. I adjust a few lights, adding diffusers as needed, and the shoot was on. Five naked guys, each sporting massive hard-ons, joined her on set. They surrounded her as she dropped to her knees and began sucking them.

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