Doing It for You


Like before, Jill stayed in the room, watching the action and holding her camera ready for the next time Scottie called her. Like the first day on set, Jill's nipples were hard. If we had a break in the action, I would have teased her about it, but that wasn't how Scottie worked. He put the actors through their paces, got the extra cut shots he needed as he went along, and was ready to keep going after the last guy had finished shooting his load. Looked used, sweaty, but happy, the starlet mugged a few extra shots of her cumcoated face and chest for Jill before she left the set to shower.

Unlike most shoots, we didn't strike the set between scenes. "Fuck it," Scottie said. "No one is watching these movies for the furniture." He waved the next actress on set. called for silence, and we were off again. Group scenes took twice as long to put on video and were more difficult to light, too. That many bodies on set at once created shadows requiring me to adjust and re-adjust through-out the shoot. Scottie had to deal with angles, too, pushing around the male actors to compose the scenes he knew would sell. "Come on, I need you right there jerking off," he'd tell one guy while the other three filled the girl's holes like she was a human pincushion. He'd shot for a bit, rearrange bodies like they were mannequins, and shoot a bit more. I thought group shots were the least sexiest to video, but that wasn't how Jill looked. Her face was flushed, her nipples hard, and she looked on the edge of an orgasm for most of the shoot.

Scottie noticed how she was looking too. "That's hot, right?" he asked her as she zoomed in to get a good shot of a double penetration.

"Yes sir," she'd answer, giving him a shy smile.

"Mm, all that cock," he told her as she struggled to get just the right still of a group blowjob scene.

"Yes sir," she said again, blushing.

Was he flirting with my wife while they were shooting? That's the way it felt to me and I didn't like it. I gave her a dirty look. She gave me a "what can I do?" look in return. There was a rare break in the shoot when the actress needed to use the bathroom. While we waited for her to return, I pulled Jill aside. "What are you doing?" I demanded.

"Nothing," she said, giving me an innocent look. "Just my job."

"It looks like more than your job," I said, looking at her chest and her hard nipples.

"Stop it," she told me. "He's just flirting a bit. He's the boss. He's allowed to."

"Well, you don't have to like it."

She gave me a quick kiss. "We need the money," she said. "And I promise you'll like it later." The talent returned to the set after her quick pee break and our conversation was over. It didn't get better, either. Scottie kept teasing her through-out the shoot and she was flirting back.

The scene ended the same as the first one, with the actress sweaty, exhausted looking, and coated in cum. She mugged for Jill's camera and left for the shower. Scottie looked around the set and asked, "Where's my new star?" Standing against the far wall was a row of five more guys, naked and hard for the next scene. I noticed a couple of the guys were repeats from the first shoot, but they looked just as ready to do it again. All five of the guys looked around and shrugged.

"Come on," Scottie groaned, handing his camera to me as he stormed towards the kitchen in search of his missing starlet. I saw him heading down the hallway where make-up was set-up in the big house's den. "Fuck!" we heard out in the living room before he came storming back into the living room where the set was struck. "Why didn't anyone tell me we were short an actress?" he snapped. The house was as silent as it was when the camera was turned-on.

He stood in the living room, looking at the guys lined up and ready for the next scene. He looked around the room as if he might find the missing actress standing behind a light tree. Finally, his eyes landed on my wife. He smiled. "Jill? Can I visit with you a moment?"

"Yes sir," she said, following him out of the room and back down the hallway. Before they left, he took the camera away from her and handed it to me. I waited a minute, not sure what I was supposed to do. Why did he need her? Setting the two cameras on the couch, I went down the hallway to find my wife.

Scottie, Jill, and the make-up girl were standing the room talking. Jill had her top off and was standing topless in front of them. "What the fuck is going on?" I demanded.

"Get her ready," Scottie snapped at the fat girl who did make-up. Turning to me, he gave my back the same chummy wallop he had on Jill's first day on the set. "Light-boy," he said to me, leading me into the hallway. "I believe your life is about to improve."

"How?" I asked, suspicious and trying to see what was going on behind him.

"You're about to be married to a bona fide porno star!" he said as if I had just won lottery.

"No fucking way!" I said, pushing the big man out of the way and storming back into the make-up room. Jill was taking off her pants. "What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded.

"Saving our bacon," she said, finishing the job of getting naked.

"How? By fucking those five freaks out there?"

"If that's what it takes," she said, her jaw set in the way it gets when she's determined to have her way. I could remember seeing her jaw set like that back in the sandbox when she wanted the toy I was using and in all the years since, it was a sign that I was about to lose an argument. Not that it ever stopped me.

"No," I said. "It's not happening. You're my wife, not some slut, and you're not going to fuck five guys."

"Whose gonna stop me?" she asked, standing naked in front of me, her arms out to her side.

Speechless, I returned her stare. "Why were we even arguing about this?"

"Scottie needs me," she said, her jaw softening. "He's stuck and everyone has to get paid even if he doesn't finish the shoot."

"Fuck Scottie," I said and her eyes went wide as she looked past my shoulder. I knew he was standing right behind me and I didn't care.

"She won't be fucking me," he said. "And if you're not careful, she might be fucking you anymore. Let's talk."

"Don't do this," I told Jill. "Get dress and let's go home. We'll figure something out." I would had said more, but Scottie was pulling me away.

"Look, this isn't a bad thing," he tried to tell me. "She's willing to do it and trust me, you'd rather have her doing it with you around than have her do it behind your back."

"B-but..." I stammered, angry, frustrated, and confused. How could tell him I was her only man? That we were exclusive.

"But nothing, champ. Let it happen. She loves you. She said you need to the money and she wants to do it."

"We don't need the money this bad."

He laughed. "Really? Five thousand dollars won't make a difference to you?"


He nodded. "Come on, give her a chance. If she's uncomfortable, we'll stop."

"Does she have to fuck all these guys?" I asked, realizing he had just steered back to the set.

"If she wants to. Are you going to stop her? She's a little hellcat, isn't she?" I looked at the guys lined up along the wall, all of them still sporting Viagra enhanced hard-ons that made me feel inadequate. "Look," he offered. "If it makes you feel better, why don't you wait in the kitchen? We've got some nice catering." I shook my head. If this was something Jill wanted to do, then I was going to watch ever second of it, even if it killed me.

No one talked to me as I tried to focus on re-aiming lights and getting ready for the next scene. I tried to push away what was about to happen. It was just another shoot, right? I didn't believe it, but maybe if I said it enough times inside my head, I would start believing it. I don't know how long it took for Jill to finish in make-up, days? Weeks? That's how it felt. Finally, I heard Scottie say, "There's my star!"

I looked at the doorway and wrapped in a robe stood my wife, but was she really my wife? Her long brown hair was fluffed, styled, and curled in a way I've never seen. The make-up girl had applied fake eyelashes that made her eyes look bigger and more innocent than ever before and the way her face was painted, she looked as glamorous as any porn star I had ever witnessed walking on to the set. I stared at her, unsure if I believed my eyes. With a shy smile, she moved closer to me. "I love you," she whispered.

"You've got a funny way of showing it," I growled.

Her smile faltered as her jaw moved back into that set position. "Deal with it," she said, turning to Scottie for her instructions.

"You're beautiful," Scottie said, giving her a huge, friendly smile. "Ready to become a star?"

"I guess," she said, shooting me a nervous glance, swallowing hard, and nodding at Scottie. "Let's do this." She dropped her robe, exposing her naked body to everyone in the room. She avoided my gaze and stepped in front of the lights as I saw the final bit of make-up work: shaving her pussy smooth.

Angry, confused, and disbelieving, I stared at her and felt a new sensation happening, one I had never felt during a film shoot. I was getting hard. No, "getting hard," doesn't accurately describe what happened to me. I got hard in an instant and it hurt. My cock wasn't pointing the right way and it hung up on my boxer shorts, wanting to be all the way hard. Hiding behind a light reflector, I grabbed at my pants and made a quick adjustment. Dammit! Why was my body betraying me like this? I glanced around the room. Had anyone noticed my need for adjustment? Not as far as I could tell. I saw the men lining up to join the set. The big girl who did the make-up had wandered out to the set, too. Behind her, the couple of extra people who always seemed to be on set came into the room, too. I held back a groan realizing everyone was here to watch Jill's porn debut.

Standing in front of the bright lights she had helped set-up, she looked lost. "You're beautiful," Scottie told her. "Cover material." I bit back a rueful snicker as he fed her the same line he gave every starlet. Worse, Jill smiled when he said it as if she believed it. "Ready for your co-stars?" he asked. She nodded, looking past him and giving the row of guys a brave smile as they filed past to stand in a row of hard, eager cocks behind her. "Okay, sweetheart, let's starting, okay?"

Jill nodded, turned, and knelt in front of the guy on the far left. Scottie moved with her, kneeling to shoot down the row while I held the reflector to eliminate the shadows between their bodies. "That's it, baby," Scottie to her. "Suck that big cock. Take as much of it as you can." I watched Jill opening her mouth wide, her red painted lips stretching around its girth as she bent her head to swallow as much of it as she could. When I dropped my reflector, it bounced off Scottie's back. "Dude!" he scowled at me.

"Sorry," I mumbled, scrambling to pick it the reflector. Unlike real actresses who paused during any break in the action, Jill didn't. She was sucking the guy, stayed focused on the big cock in her small hand, and ignored the interruption I accidentally created.

"Yeah baby, suck it like a star," Scottie said, working his camera. "Now move on to the next one."

Jill shifted to her right, opening her mouth, and drawing the second man's hard cock between her lips. He was as big as the first man and she gave him the same treatment. My anger began to fade with every throb of my hard cock. This wasn't a stranger touching those hard cocks, sucking on them, holding in her hands and nuzzling against them, this was my wife, my Jill, the only woman I've ever know. Beneath the puffed up, styled hair and behind the make-up and false eyelashes was a woman I knew how to read. I saw the lust in her eyes, the fire burning there as she gave herself over to the moment. I saw how hard her nipples were, they were swollen stiff and if I was allowed to touch them, I knew they would feel like stiff pebbles.

The third cock in line was uncut. If it mattered to her, it didn't show. She worked that monster with the same zeal as the first two, without a moment's hesitation at how it looked or how it might have felt differently against her tongue, in her hand, or in her mouth. There were still two more men to go as I watched the number of men my wife had touched intimately multiply, doubling, tripling. It's easy math when her base number was one before she dropped to her knees.

A moan wanton moaned escaped her lips as she moved from that third cock to the fourth one in the row. She used both her hands, stroking the man she just left as she stroked the man her mouth had yet to meet. "That's it, baby," Scottie told her from behind his camera. "Moan all you want. Let's hear it. Tell us about it."

"I'm so wet," she mumbled, barely loud enough for us to hear.

"You've got say it louder, sweetie," Scottie said, keeping his praise poured on as thick as he had with any starlet. "Tell us about it. Tell me about it. How's that cock feel."

"So good," she said, louder.

"Yeah it does. Now say it to the camera."

Jill pulled her mouth away from the big cock in her mouth, looked right in the camera and said, "I love cock." The moan that followed her words came from me.

Scottie ignored my interruption, but to her to say it again. She did. "Now make it pop when you pull your mouth off of it," he told her and just like any other shoot, she took his instructions. I had seen it before, the way Scottie would get a starlet to repeat a line, performing it again with a different emphasis or a different bit of wording.

It took Jill a couple tries to make the "pop" sound she knew Scottie wanted. "I love cock," Jill said, giving the camera a proud smile. Scottie kept the camera going as she returned to sucking lucky Mr. Fourth in Line. A few head bobs later, he directed her to finish the line.

"Good," Scottie said, pulling away and rearranging the men. "Circle around boys, you know what to do." No one was inventing the idea of a gangbang. The guys moved around her, forming a circle that left room for Scottie and his camera. They began groping my wife, clutching at her hard nipples, grabbing at her ass, and trying to finger her pussy. "Just keep sucking," he told Jill as he moved from spot to spot to get the shot he wanted. I'm couldn't keep track of who she was sucking and I'm sure she couldn't do it either. I heard her moan again and felt my hard cock straining inside my jeans. My head spun as I moved between feeling a jealous rage at the men touching her, betrayed by her willingness to let it happen, and dealing with the throbbing hard-on inside my pants.

I stood behind Scottie as he knelt low to get the shot he needed. He was inches from Jill's face as she bobbed up and down on that big, uncut prick. "Get closer," he told the guys on either side of her. They leaned in, poking their hard-ons close enough to touch her cheek. "That's good, baby. Now see if you can fit two in your mouth at once." Jill looked at Scottie while he talked, but she also looked past him to where I was standing. She looked at my crotch and smiled.

"Enjoying the show, baby?" she asked.

Scottie turned his head, confused, and was staring right at my crotch. He never flinched. In his line of work, being inches away from another man's hard-on meant nothing to him. He turned back to his camera. "That's perfect," he told her. "Say that again, for the camera. Pretend the camera is light-boy's hard dick."

"Enjoying the show?" she repeated right before she found a way to work two cockheads inside her mouth at the same time. "Fuck, these hard cocks taste so fucking good," she told the camera, but then her eyes flickered back to me. She might have said it to the camera, but she meant that for me.

"Good!" Scottie said. "I need some chatter guys." We worked around the circle of guys surrounding Jill. All seasoned pros, the guys parted and closed the gaps depending on where Scottie wanted to be. And per his request, they added the extra chatter he wanted, too.

"That's it, bitch, suck that cock," one guy said and I felt myself bristle at him calling my wife a bitch.

"Here slut, suck on this one," another guy said, pulling her head to his oversized log. "Yeah baby, tell me how you like it."

"It's so hard," she purred between mouthful. "More!"

"I got more for you, cunt," another guy said, shoving his cock into her mouth.

Again and again it happened as they teased her and used her mouth. They said horrible things to her, the same horrible things I had heard other guys say to the other two women earlier in the day. Jill ate it up along with their cocks, talking nasty back to them. My heart raced as I watched. I could barely breath, but I couldn't look away any more than I could stop my cock from throbbing. I had never seen my wife look sexier than she did at that moment, on her knees, naked, and surrounded by cock.

Scottie stopped for a battery change. A gopher ran one to him. Other girls would have stopped when the camera was off. Why waste a good shot if it wasn't being filmed? Jill either didn't know that or didn't care. She kept sucking. "You can stop while he changes batteries," I whispered.

"What if I don't want to stop?" she asked, moving to another cock.

Scottie rebooted his big digital video camera, but before he started filming again, he picked up the smaller, still camera. He handed it to me. "Take some pictures for the family photo album," he told him. I heard a couple of the guys laugh. Fuckers.

"Do it, baby," Jill told me. "Get a good picture of me with this big cock in my mouth."

Holding up the camera, I watched her sucking cock on the tiny preview screen. Why did that make it worse? I snapped the shutter and it rapid-fired three shots in a row.

"What do you say, baby? Ready to get laid?" Scottie asked her.

Jill nodded. "How do you want me?"

"We'll start simple first," he said, nodding for one of the guys to sit on the couch. "Straddle that for us, okay?" She nodded again and stood with her legs spread over the man's long, hard cock. When she grabbed it in her small hand, she could barely wrap her hand around it. Holding upright, she lowered herself on it, impaling that tiny, tight pussy that only I had known around it.

"Oh fuck she's tight," the actor reported as she moved.

"Not for long," one of the other guys said, laughing.

I saw Jill wince as she worked the big fuck stick inside of her. She pulled away. I thought she was going to give up, but I was wrong. Bending over, she spat on the head, put her pussy back over it, and worked her way down again. "Ah, much better," she said, her long eyelashes waving up and down as a wave of pleasure surged through her.

"Oh yeah," Scottie said, filming away. "Remember, this is a gang-bang, fellows. She had to touch at least two cocks at all times. Let's get some dick in the shot." A couple of the guys moved forward, offering her hard cocks. Without being told, Jill sucked the guy on her right while jerking off the guy on her left. "Fucking perfect! That's cover material!" Scottie pulled away to make room for me and the still camera. "Get some shots of that, it's hot as hell!"

He was right, of course, it was hot as hell. I could see my wife's freshly shaved pussy stretched tight around the cock inside of her. I saw the look of desperate pleasure in her eyes. Scottie reminded her to look at the camera while she sucked, eyes open and wide. She did and was looking right at me. Her gaze bore a hole in my heart that was filled with lust to be with her. I suddenly realized, I wanted this woman more than ever before in my life.

The guys formed a rotation with her, passing her from one man to the next. It was important to get good footage of every man fucking her. Scottie had made that clear doing the first two shoots. "All of you are her favorite," he told the guys. "Let's show that to the folks at home." They bent and twisted my Jill as they passed her back and forth. She did them in a reverse cowgirl for the camera. She did them bent over. She even did one guy while clinging to him like a koala bear. As each position or man changed, I was there to take more still pictures. I had to take pictures of her fucking and sucking. Close-ups, far shots, and medium shots.

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