Doing It for You


"Battery!" Scottie called for again. The action didn't stop for the battery change.

"Yeah baby," Jill panted, her body beginning to shimmer as sweat broke on her. She was bouncing up and down on one cock and sucking a second one.

"Dude, your wife is hot as hell," one of the guys told me, rubbing his prick to keep it hard.

"Shut the fuck up," I told him.

He laughed, walked up next Jill, and pulled her face to his cock. "Is this better?" he asked.

Scottie waved the big make-up girl over to him. "Is she clean?" he asked her.

"Please, Scottie, would I send her to your set if she wasn't?" the large woman said, looking pissed. She was the only person I had ever seen stand up to Scottie. He smiled.

"You're my girl," he told her, giving her a kiss.

When she walked away, I followed her, hooking her arm to ask, "What did he mean, is she clean?"

"For anal," she answered, rolling her eyes. "No one does anal without their poop chute being sanitized. It's a whole system we use, all very safe."

I felt sick to my stomach. Anal? With those huge cocks? There was no way Jill would do that, is there? I turned back to set to see the guys lubing up their cocks. Jill sat on one guy's lap, reverse cowgirl, which meant she was facing the camera. She had her heels on his knees and she was fingering herself. When I moved closer, I realized she wasn't fingering her pussy, she was fingering her ass. "You might want to put three fingers up there," Scottie told her. She nodded, doing it. "Perfect, sweetie. Now just like the first time you fucked him, only it goes up your ass this time, okay?" She nodded again. "Nice and slow. Take your time. Once you get used to it, it'll feel great."

Putting her feet back on the floor, Jill stood over the man's long, thick cock. This time, his cock was shiny with lubricant. He put his hands on her hips, helping to balance her as she moved downwards. It took her a moment to aim things right. Twice, his cock slid away from her ass before gaining purchase at that tight, tiny opening on the third try. She sat, easing it inside of her, froze, and then sat farther down on him. She moved up, rubbed his cock a couple of times to spread the lube around, and went at it again. She got farther down on it the second try. Scottie filmed every moment of it.

"You're doing good," Scottie told her. "Nice and slow. Make it feel good."

"It does feel good," she said.

"How good?"

"I wanna cum good?" she said, the question in her voice clearly asking for permission.

"Have you been holding out on me?" he asked her. Jill nodded, looking worried. "You've been a bad, bad girl," he told her. "I want you to have as many orgasms as you can!"

"Can I have one now? Before I put him in me?"

"No, but you can have one after he's inside of you," Scottie promised.

She smiled, nodded, and went back to work on getting her asshole around her co-star's big prick. Squirming and moving up and down, she did it inch by inch.

"We have to see it up your ass," Scottie reminded her. Jill nodded, putting her heels back on her co-star's knees. Scottie pushed her knees apart. "Open up your lips, let's make sure there's no doubt." Jill reached between her legs, splaying open her puffy pussy lips until her empty vagina showed. "Now rub that stiff clitty and give yourself a thrill." Again, she nodded. She had lean back against her co-star, but he didn't seem to mind. His hands found her tits, caressing stiff nipples as she rubbed the swollen bud of her clitoris. The room filled with the cries of her orgasm.

Whatever was left of the sweet, innocent woman I married vanished with the echoes of her passionate cries. Hands on the actor's hips beneath her, she braced herself and fucked up and down his hard cock as Scottie's camera caught every inch of it sliding in and out of her asshole. "More cock," he said, pulling away for a longer shot. Another guy showed up for her to suck on. As soon as her mouth touched his cock, there came muffled moans from her. I knew what they meant, but the guy beneath her removed any doubt for the rest of the room.

"Fuck, she just came again," he said, pulling her up and off of him. "Damn near got me off!"

"Lightweight," one of the others joked. "Let me have that ass. I'll show you how it's done." Jill was bent doggie style on the couch and Scottie captured this new guy working his way inside of her freshly fucked ass. He wasn't gentle, but if Jill cared, it didn't show. She reached for the cock closest to her and sucked on it. Like before, she passed from man to man until everyone had a chance to be shot fucking her ass. Unlike before, she came again and again.

"Fuck, this is gold," Scottie told her. "Did you have an orgasm from everyone?"

"I think so," she said, still rubbing the cocks within reach.

Scottie looked around the room at the actors. "She came twice for me, boss," the first guy reported. The rest reported once.

"Good enough. Okay, we need to do the double penetrations and then it's orgasms for everyone," Scottie promised.

One of the guys laid down on the carpet in front of the couch. Jill climbed on top of him, kneeling over him in a crouched version of doggie-style and filling her pussy with his big cock. She rocked back and forth on its length several times while he played with her titties. "Ready for this baby?" he asked. She nodded while a second guy positioned himself between his legs.

The other three actors stood just behind the lights. The one standing next to me said, "You know we're going to ruin her."

I looked at him. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged. "I'm just saying, we're going to make her fuck and suck us until she's no good to you or any other man for at least week," he said.

I don't know why, but that bothered me worse than hearing my wife being called a slut, bitch, or slut. "Tell me that after you're done banging balls against your boyfriend," I snared. Looking past the lights, I called to my wife. "Fuck'em good, baby!"

The second guy in the scene was in position, holding his cock against her rosebud of an asshole and waiting for Scottie to give him the go ahead. Scottie wanted to capture every bit of Jill's first double penetration on camera. Nodding that he was taping, the second man began pushing his way inside. Jill moaned loudly. Remembering I was holding the still camera, I hurried up and moved in front of her. "Right here, baby," I called to her. "Let me see it."

She raised her head at me and smiled before the sensations of what was happening behind her took over. I started snapping off pictures, capturing her orgasm in rapid-fire bursts of three shots each. I wasn't embarrassed by my hard cock anymore. If I was hard, it was because of her. I rubbed myself and she came again.

"Okay, switch!" Scottie called, waving two more guys over. A variation of the same scene was repeated and again I took more pictures. The guy who told me they were going to ruin her was up her ass. I didn't care. Nor did I care what he did when Scottie rearranged bodies. Mr. "We're going to ruin her" was feeding his hard cock to Jill's mouth.

"Suck it, bitch. Suck your ass right off my cock," he growled. Jill did, coming the entire time.

Again and again, they passed her around, taking turns in her ass and pussy. I held took the "On the cover, baby, I promise," pictures of her handing all five guys at once. She had cock in her mouth, ass, pussy, and both hands. Everyone one set was growing sweaty and their bodies shimmered and glistened beneath the lights.

"Okay, cumshots," Scottie said and the guys fell into a circle much like the one at the beginning of the shoot. They worked their cocks while Jill knelt, squeezing shaved balls, and begging for their cum.

"Give it to me," she groaned, squeezing her breasts and clutching at her pussy. She was desperate and wanton in a way none of the porn stars I had witness had ever managed. The first guy shot his load across her open mouth, tongue, and cheeks. She looked at the camera and said, "More!" The second guy aimed his hard cock right at her mouth, coating her tongue with his cumshot. Without being told, she let it drip from her tongue. "More," she cried, rubbing the balls of the uncut guy standing next to her. He and another guy came at the same time, shooting off on opposite sides of her and coating her face with more semen. Her answer was the same as before, "More!" Until the final guy jerked himself close, moved to her and added his load to her. Looking past the spent men still caressing her cocks, she looked at me with cum dripping off her chin. "More!" she begged.

Scottie looked over his shoulder to see she was talking to me. "Go for it dude, she's your wife." And in a roomful of people, I did. I pushed open my jeans, released my throbbing cock, and waddled close to her. Jill smiled up at me, caressing my balls and tugging my cock. "I love you," she purred just before opening her mouth wide and catching my much needed cumshot on her tongue.

The room did something I had never seen before. Everyone broke into a round of applause. Jill blushed and behind the cum still dripping from her chin and cheeks, I saw the sweet, innocent girl I had married. I helped her to her feet and she put her arm around my waist as I led her to the bathroom for a shower. I sat on the toilet seat while she showered. When she was clean, she pushed open the curtain and kissed me. "I love you," she told me again.

"I love you, too," I told her and meant every word of it.

Back on the set, Scottie waited with a big smile. I don't know where the guys went. One of the caterers was rolling up electrical cords and collapsing light stands. I started to help and Scottie stopped me. "You're a guest of talent," he said. "You don't work." Then he pressed a stack of hundred dollar bills in my hand, sixty of them to be exact. He gave me another chummy slap on the back. "For the record? You're more of a man than me."

With our work done, we got in the car and I handed Jill the stack of bills for her to count. Instead of counting them, she tucked them into her purse. "It wasn't worth it if I fucked up," she said.

Patting her knee, I shot her smile. "Baby, let's face it. You fucked up, down, and every other way you can fuck."

"I did it for us."

I squeezed her knee, nodding. "And next time, I want you to do it for you."

Leaning over, she kissed my cheek and fiddled around with my jeans until she had her hand inside was caressing my second hard-on of the day. "But first, I want to do it for you," she said, before leaning over the rest of way and sucking me off. And this time, she swallowed.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/26/17

Super hot.

I really liked it. I was stroking while reading. Great story line, well written. But you do need someone to proof read. Maybe get some girl to proof read. What could happen. I’d love for my wifemore...

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by oxynam2511/13/17

Surprised you didn't have everyone go gay like you usually do.

Thought the male porn stars would eventually fuck the light boy. Cuckold starts sucking dick for the camera, a real cuckold scene. I'm surprised you didn't do it, story was pretty terrible and it would'vemore...

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by Indyrick57510/17/17

Nope !

I was into this kinda thing but this one kinda just pissed me off. I would have given her the divorce papers the sec she walked in the door after I left her dumb ass. If he was cool with it at first thenmore...

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by Anonymous07/11/17

Bro really

You're a bitch for letting that happen that a not love if it were love it wouldn't be no mistaking she ONLY wants your cock if y'all needed money it would've been others ways or struggle together yourmore...

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by Anonymous06/05/17

Really Hot!

Really hot,but in a sad sort of way.
They were childhood best friends and sweethearts,now husband and wife, and had only been with each other.
When she got horny she decided she'd do the porno gang-bangmore...

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