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Doing Mom


Hi, I am Gussy. I used to hear guys at work talking about doing their moms at times, and I suppose hearing that a few times a week I started to wonder if it could really be that good.

I was twenty seven at the time and mom was getting on to fifty. But what a fifty, damn a nice ass and hips, long flowing gray hair with some blonde in it, and her boobs? Yeah, must be a forty double D.

Well mom worked in an office for a large silver company over in Taunton, Mass. Reed & Barton maybe? up on rte. 138 north, of the Greene, and asked If I would run over to Hickeys diner and pick up lunch. I did so and she was very pleased.

Mom was wearing a black skirt and white blouse with a ruffled V neck and low black patent heels. She had a pair of silver half-round glasses that hung from a string of small pearls when she wasn't actually looking through them.

I guess at that age my interest in older ladies was growing stronger, longer. When I got back to the house I had a need to look for any of my moms various styles of reading glasses. I did find a few and while washing up I spied a bra strap hanging out of the hamper and grabbed it thinking how nice it would be to cum it and I went off to take care of my needs.

This became a routine both mornings and nights, loving up her bra and two pair of her half-glasses, both with beaded eyeglass chains. Then one day while she was working I checked out her heels. She had an old pair of black patent pumps in the back of the closet and covered with other heels and I figured she just forgot about them. Sometimes feeling lonely I'd put mom's half-glasses on the heel of her shoe and have a conversation about how I would like to do her and what did she think of the idea.

So I had some real nice items of moms to do myself with and I guess a shrink would say,

"He desires to sleep with his mom."

My routine went on for some time. I did wonder why mom never asked about two pair of half-glasses and a bra but figured she may have had a stronger pair and that she had more than enough bra's.

I was out playing baseball with a few buddies one Saturday when I started to get an uneasy feeling. The game was just about over and I got home still uneasy but acting as though everything was fine.

I looked around the house but did not see mom anywhere until I walked into my room and there she is siting on my bed with her heels, bra, and two pair of half-glasses with beaded eyeglass chains, I thought were so feminine.

I know she wondered about one pair of her glasses in the shoe with the beads wrapped around the heel as she held that shoe in her hand and kept looking at it.

I figured at that moment, ..."That life as I knew it was gone." I was my surprised when Mom asked in a friendly tone,

"How did the game go?"

"Oh pretty good."

"Who won?"

"It doesn't matter who won, it's just a bunch o' guys playing baseball, a great American sport."

"So ya lost huh?"

"Yup, big time. We never win, but boy can we lose!"

"Gussy, I see you have been taking care of your needs with my bra;heels and my half-glasses, How was it?"

Mom seemed so cool about this I just said, "Great mom, you don't sound like you're mad."

"No. . . no I'm not mad, just curious as to why you would want to use my things."

"Well maybe because you are a hot looking woman. I mean you are my mom, but I am a guy and any guy with a fair amount of brains is gonna know you're hot."

"Are you saying that with sincerity, or because you think you're in trouble?"

"Well I know I'm not in trouble or the hollering would have already begun, and to be perfectly honest, you really are hot. I mean if you weren't my mom I could be, well anyway, I guess I am interested in you."

"Yes I believe it. Some of the guys at work always want to buy me coffee and muffins from the caterer. Here sit down next to me." She said as she patted a spot on the bed.

She was sitting there cleaning a pair of gold rectangular style half-glasses.

Mom picked up the heel with her glasses in it and the beaded eyeglass chain wrapped around the heel of that sexy black patent high heel and asked in her normal voice,

"What is this all about?"

"Well mom, sometimes I feel quite lonely so I put your half-glasses on the heel and talk to her. I call her Miss Stockings."

"Well, I guess I have been working way too many hours that I have not the time to talk to my son any more. And for that I am sorry. I never knew you to felt so lonely as to invent a lady to talk to.

"You know a shrink would say that doing mom's reading glasses, bra and heels would be symbolic of wanting...

"I know that Mom. I have had thoughts of, well, making love to you, not just "doing you", but actually to want to love being intimate with you. To kiss you with a real passion from your ear lobes and neck to your lovely bosoms down to your belly. Then from the feet up to your lovely muff.

"How do you know I have a lovely muff?" Asked mom, not with anger but a bit of worry he may have seen too much.

"Mom, you look so good I have to assume that would look good too."

"You're rather brazen, Gussy."She said in a tone that was as neutral as ever.

She sat there for a bit thinking this whole thing over and I am sure she is asking herself, "Would it really be a bad thing to do this? I mean, I am kind of flattered Gus would want an older woman than some girl his age, and frankly he does look good and I have not had it since God knows when.

Mom gave Gus a real good hug and told him to enjoy what he has been doing and told him she would really try to make time when they could get together and talk.

The next few days things were nice, they ate breakfast together and supper too. Gussy became more helpful around the house. No dishes left in the sink and he ran the Hoover through the house so the carpets looked good and he dusted the furniture as well.

They were watching t.v. one evening, well mom was going between t.v. and reading the Taunton Daily News and Gus kept stealing glances of his mom. She was wearing a purple house dress and low black patent heels with bows and she looked good. He loved the way she wore her gold half-rounds at the end of her nose with those sexy pearl beads of her eyeglass chain hanging.


"Yes Gussy?"

"Why do you wear your glasses like that?"

"I see well for distance Gus, but not up close. If I wore these further up my nose then the t.v. would be blurry."

She took her glasses off and handed them to Gus with the beads brushing over the crotch of his shorts.

"Now put these on and read the paper, then try and watch the t.v. through them. then do the same wearing them as I do.

Mom had given an awful lot of thought to whether or not she wanted to have a sexual relationship with her son. She was rather fed up with men at this point in her life, Why did her husband have to split for a woman seven years younger? Mable had been a wonderful wife but it really did not matter anymore did it? he split because he wanted something younger, and simply did not give a damn about anyone but himself.

Mable decided that if her son wanted to really be her lover, to be as passionate and loving as ever, why in hell not? If this really worked out well she would not bother looking for a man to fill her needs.

So Gussy is sitting there trying moms half- glasses reading the paper and watching t.v. with a nice boner in his pants. Mom saw and liked.

"Gussy, lock the house up for the night and turn off all the lights but the Tiffany in the corner."

He did so and came back to the sofa

He did so and Mom comes over

"Drop your pants Gussy."

I did so.

"How did you start out doing this? she asks. Did you hold my glasses against your cock and wrap the beaded eyeglass chains around them like this?" And she is actually doing what she is saying.

"Did you then touch yourself with my heels like this?" As she is rubbing the smooth shiny black heels allover my cock.

"Kiss the toes of your moms heels!" Said mom with still heavier breathing.

I really could not believe it. It looked like my mother was gonna give me some real sex, and she is starting to breathe a bit heavier

Mom reached over and pulled a bra out from under a sofa cushion.

"Did you then cover up your cock with my half-glasses held to it with my nice white and lacy bra and stroke yourself till you came into it?" she says as she was jerking me off. And she kept right on jerking me off with her smooth lacy bra covering everything, and then I came, gosh how I came.

Gobs of love sauce erupting and trickling down all over mom's half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chains.

Mom lowers her head and starts sucking the cum off the top of my cock as she still jerks me off. She had her gold half-glasses at the end of her nose with the beads hanging and she looked so HOT sexy and erotic.

And I am telling you it was the most wonderful feeling ever, to be done by an older woman who was simply a pro at this.

"Oh Gussy, that cock is so big. I guess doing yourself every day made it bigger for Mom... you were trying to make it bigger for me, you knew I would want it and I am so glad you liked messing with my half-glasses, beaded eyeglass chains and my bra and high heels.

"No mom, twice a day and three times on Sunday. Yes of course I have wondered what it would be like to really get intimate with you, to want only you.

"How did my bra feel on your cock head?"

"Just great!"

By now mom had her blouse off as well as her bra.

"Grab my tit with both hands an squeeze it tight and lick my nipple." She said and I knew she was turned on.

Her nipple was now fat and so red I could light a match from it. I grabbed her pair of blue half-glasses and stretched out the eyeglass chain and ran it by her nipples and mom loved that.

I saw the red fingernails of her hand go yonder to her bush and I knew she was ready for it. Within seconds I was naked. Mom knew what she wanted, Oh yes mom knew.

How many years did mom go through being unfulfilled sexually?

"Oh Gussy I want it... what you did with these beads we will do again."

She was on the sofa with her legs open. Mom was telling me she wanted it and she was going to get it. I was on her in seconds and I had my Italian sausage lined up for the portals of her love tunnel. I was in and wanted to stay there a bit as it felt so damn good.

"Fuck, what are ya waiting for?"

I looked at Mom in disbelief. I started pounding mom like she was never pounded or hammered before. I needed it and so did mom. I was going so fast my balls slapping back and forth were a blur and could I possibly suffer whiplash? Still, I kept on going and started to feel her pussy juices sloshing around my cock and within five minutes or so she came like three times. Oh she shook like a powerful current of sex was going through her, and it was. My balls were releasing every bit of love sauce available. The way she was thrashing and bucking at the hips, I knew she was very serious about getting the most out of this.

Well, we were now bushed, and hungry, and laid there for awhile thinking about how to satisfy the munchies, and talking about how great it was. Mom surprised me when she said, "I have more pairs of half- glasses with beaded eyeglass chains, and more brassieres. I love that you love my things as fetish items.

It seems, looking back, this was done so fast but did it really matter? We both loved what happened and had grown much closer as a result of our intimacy. There were to be many many more times we enjoyed sharing a sofa or bed.

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