tagIncest/TabooDoing Mom Ch. 02

Doing Mom Ch. 02


My son Gus really loved what has been going on between us lately and frankly I love it as well. Gus loves the way I dress for work, I wear skirts and blouses and low pumps in either black patent or spectators which are black patent at the heels and toes and white between and yes nylons with the black seem running up the back of the legs.

One day when I got home fom work I saw my son Gussy dressed as I dress, a skirt; blouse; and nylons; and my heels which he seemed to have learned to walk in, and rather well. He had a pair of my silver half-square reading glasses hanging across his boobs which was simply a bra stuffed with socks and from who knows where a wig that looks the way I wear my hair and I had to admit to myself I was quite pleased my son had a desire to look like his mom.

I felt bad he is a son with no brothers or sisters and that is probably why I allow him or not get angry about cross dressing and I know that guys will take care of their needs but never thought of them doing that dressed as their mom.

Gus has never gotten into trouble, he works over at the Barrowsville Bleachery in Norton and his two hobbies are baseball and ham radio, well looking like his mom seems to be his new hobby and I suspect cross dressing will be with him for quite some time.

I was thinking about Gus one day at work and thought I would encourage him to dress as his mom, which he loves doing and what is quite interesting is that once I started to talk to Gus and have a few meals with him, he became much more helpfull around the house, really!

The kitchen never had a sink full of dishes, the floor was washed, furniture polished. I mean damn, I would come home and the house would be looking great, clean and orderly.

One day after work I went shopping and bought a few skirts in Gussy's size as well as blouses the style I wear, my heels fit him well and he liked that style.

I was getting wet thinking of the things my son and I would do during the week-end, I wanted him and I knew he wanted me. Not just to do me but he wanted the foreplay that went along with loving a woman, what I had no idea was is he wanted us to shower together and I thought that was great, In some ways Gussy is say ten years older maybe like in his forties, I mean it is one thing for a son to want his mother but to be so passionate about it is something else.

As I shopped I bought myself some black lacey panties and a black garter belt to hold up my nylon stockings with the black seem running down the back of the legs, same for Gussy. I also bought a pair of patent black stiletto's and those would blow his mind.

I fixed a nice supper that Friday night as the house looked so nice and laundery was washed;dried;folded and put where it belonged.

"What's in the bags mom?"

"You'll find out after supper, dear."

He had matured nicely, he did not go snooping or try to find out. He knew he would know sooner than later and after we ate I said,"Let's take a nice shower."

"O.k. Mom, I like that idea.

So we are in the shower and he takes a face cloth and puts my favorite soap on it and washed my breasts as he stands there with his cock the size of a flagpole sticking out horizontal and I wrapped my hand around it but could not get my fingers all around it and Gus looked at me like This is so nice and it was. He washed me up very nicely and lovingly, maybe the whole idea of doing my son is wrong and perverted but damn, he loves me more than that useless bastard who walked out on me only to get a piece of tail seven years younger. Never once did he offer to shower together.

We finished showering and he had me on the bed, drying me up and powdered under my tits and where my bit of belly hung over my legs.

"You should put powder here mom, so your skin moves smoothly over skin and it will feel nice too."

That is true but how does he know that.

"Well Gussy, you have been wonderful to be with and I have done a bit of shopping. First let me say,' I am pleased you love dressing as I dress, obviously you have great sense in woman's style and it seems you really love older ladies, I think that you would have no trouble with a lady who is say thirty years older than you."

"So you know about that. . . mom?"

"Know what Gussy?"

"That a few of the ladies over at the bleachery, that I get along with them, more than nicely?"

"No I did not know but if they are nice or very nice to you it only means you are very nice to them, I have no trouble with that at all, Gussy."

"Here is what I bought for you and I gave him the bags and my was he pleased. I dressed him up with the nylons and garter belt;slip;panties skirt and blouse. Go get a pair of half-glasses with beaded neck chain Gus."

Gus was looking 'HOT' a black skirt and white blouse with ruffled Vneck, nylons with the seems, that wig, heels in in patent black he found in the closet that he got to look brand new, ear rings too. I was very proud of the way my son depicts a woman. There is a lot of love here. I read articles of guys who cross dress and look like "Tarts" or "hookers. Gussy dressed as a woman of substance and that spoke well of him. I was wet thinking about what we would be doing.

"So Gussy, like moms new heels?" Oh they sparkled all right and I could see the lust in Guss's eyes.

"How about my nylons?" and I lifted my skirt so he could see my garter belt.

"Oh mom, the things I want to do."

His voice was dripping with sex.

"I know dear, that is what I want you to do. I know you are in love with me and how I dress and many times at work I think about it and it gets me all squishy down there and I love how you make me feel so womanly. Yes I am your mom, but also a woman who knows has her needs."

"Gussy, we have the whole evening and week-end together. I was supposed to have worked tomorrow but I swapped it out for alternating Saturdays and of course no Sunday's."

I laid upon the bed and Gus got on top and opened my blouse and removed my tits from the bra and with the beads of my new round glasses began to run them past my nipples making them quiver. Then he took my new glasses and rubbed them over my nipples and realised they are new and he likes them.

"When did you get these mom? and why?"

"Well Gus, I needed to see more and quicker so these let me see more than half-glasses but when I am home, I'll wear the half-glasses style you like so much."

"I could get to like these too, Mom."

"O.K I will let you do things with them."

He went back to rubbing those smooth cool glasses he would find himself loving, over my nipples and feelings of love,joy and sex were radiating from my size 40D tits down to my garden. I am a woman who is so totally being turned on by my lover and yes I love it.

"Do that down there Gus."

So he took my round glasses and beads and touched them all over my labia and ran the small pearl beaded chain over my labia too I was npw thrashing around and bucking,Oh GAWD what a lover Gus is! Where in hell'd he learn these things?"

Where he learned them was not important, what is, is that he knows what to do down there and he knows what to do with my tits. Damn, I can respect Gussy for this and I know we will get a lot closer.

By now I wanted my son in me way into me and I started to touch him down there.

"Lets sit up for a few Gus, I need to do something."

So we sat up and I took that new pair of round glasses and wrapped its beaded neck chain round my sons cock and stroked his balls with my new reading glasses.

"Oh Mom, I see you really want me to like these."

"Yes I do and I want you hard when you get into me."

A few minutes later my son was harder than rebar, Those heavy rods of iron or steel used to put more strength in concrete.

I was now wearing that large round pair of glasses as my son came into me and the way he looked at me was so full of love, and I said to myself, said to myself, "I love his fetishes."

"Do me slow Gus, I want to enjoy this."

And he did me nice and slow, I could smell his sex and feel his strength. He is all guy but dressed as me he was also harder than a rock, and that is just what I needed. He looked sexy in a skirt and blouse with heels, wearing my silver half-round glasses with the small purple beads.

I pulled him into me, my legs over his back with my patent black stiletto's digging into him, later I would jerk him off with my new heels and have him cum those new round glasses he was liking and I love that he loves his moms things.

"Faster, harder Gus, do Mom really good now." I said between some heavy breathing. I could feel him in me with a cock that would make my X-husband envious.

Just because he was a big prick, did not mean he had one.

My dear old pussy has not seen this much action in a while, she was being beat upon like a hurricane wall being battered by a boiling and quite angry sea and I am loving every minute of this. Then after hours of being pounded, that hurricane wall crashed to the ground as my son shot his cum way up into his mothers warm and loving pussy, and Damn it was probably the best orgasm I have had in quite a while. I could get used to this.

Holeee Crumins, what a mother needs from time to time to get back into sync with the hum drum of everyday living. I mean what an attitude adjuster a great lay is.

I would not have to hang out at bars looking for something from a guy I knew nothing about, probably he would get his needs filled an roll over and snore, Not with me.

"Oh Mom, Damn that was so good, how do ya feel now?"

"Like a million dollars an no tax! what a lover, where in hell did you learn the things you did to your mom?"

"Here, there and everywhere, than I think about you and wonder what you would really like to have done and thanks so much for the skirts and blouses and nylons."

We got washed up abit and went down to eat, as we both had a serious case of the munchies, mom picked up a few roast beef subs with cheese black olives and mushrooms and I had some ber in the fridge.

We slept together that night and the next morning woke up feeling totally grand.

"Run over to the waffle house and pick me up a few breakfast sandwiches on wheat, sausage egg an cheese and bacon,egg an cheese and get what you want too."

Mom was putting up coffee as I headed out to get the sandwiches.

We sat at the kitchen table with the afterglow of last night and I was so loving moms company.

"Meet me in the bedroom in five minutes," said Mom.

My eyes were glued to the clock on the wall, in five minutes I headed to mom's bedroom.

There sat Mom on her bed with a black lacey bra on and her new black patent heels as well as various pairs of her half-glasses. She had her new stiletto's on the bed and I saw they had ankle straps.

"Mom, these are fuck-me pumps."

"Are they now?" she said as she looked at me over the tops of her half-glasses.

Mom, I really like these half-moon glasses.

"Why do you call them half-moons. . .Gussy?"

"Actually, these are sold as 'half-moons style' reading glasses on the internet."

Mom started to jerk me off as she lovingly stroked my balls with her new new large round glasses with the beads wrapped round my cock.

The smoothness and coolness of her glasses felt great on my balls as I saw the reflections of a candle in her silver half-glasses with the purple beads softly swaying.

Mom was ready as I came, rope after rope of thick white cum all over her new large round glasses. She kept miling my cock to get every last drop and her glasses were covered with the stuff she so loves. She licked those glasses clean, looked at me lovingly and smiled.

Later that day mom called me back to her bedroom, she was wearing a bra and panties as well as her sparkling black fuck-me pumps.

"Sit here Gussy."

She took her silver half-glasses and wrapped the purple beads round my cock. Mom was now on her belly with her new large round glasses at the end of her nose with the small pearl beads hanging from them and as before a candle burning had its reflection in the sexy round glasses and with moms lips round my cock and her hand stroking my balls with her silver half-glasses.

I loved seeing moms head bobbing up and down as she sucked my cock, the reflection of that candle burning in her large round glasses is so erotic.

I came like I never came before and mom lost not a drop of that man sauce.

When she was done, we held each other for a while then took a nap together.



This story is for you Molly, thankyou so much for your comments on my other stories


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