tagIncest/TabooDoing My Sister-In-Law

Doing My Sister-In-Law


I love my wife. She is hot and has a sexy ass. We fuck often and she goes down on me all the time. There is really nothing to complain about my sex life. But there was something missing.

It was my sister-in-law. She was this hot, crazy kid who was 18 when I married my wife. God she was ripe. I loved vacationing with wife's family because we would all stay in the same cabin. Those nights I would thrust deeply into my wife's yielding body as I imagined fucking her 18 year old sister just a few doors away.

A few months later, one evening I came back home from work and my wife was already there, along with her mom and sister. They were all crying and holding each other. Rachel took me to our bedroom and said her grandfather wasn't well and needed surgery.

Rachel, my wife, and her mom both took leave from work and had booked their flights. Terry, my sister in law, couldn't go since she had exams and submissions. Rachel asked me if I would be ok baby-sitting her sister. I shrugged, trying to play it cool. "Am OK, if she is OK with it."

"We spoke to Terry and she's OK. She said she would rather stay here with you than be all alone at my mom's house. You know how she gets scared of the dark."

I nodded and tried not to show my excitement as I said, "Don't worry baby, just take care of your grandfather. I will take care of Terry."

"Thank you so much for doing this sweetheart." Rachel said as she kissed me. Then she let her hand slide down to my package and said, "I promise I will make it up to you."


"Yes. I promise."

Rachel went out and spoke to her mom. Her mom let out a huge sigh of relief and thanked me profusely. Terry looked at me with large brown eyes - there was curiosity and was that fear or excitement in her eyes? I wondered. They all thanked me and left.

As soon as Rachel closed the door, I pushed her up against the door. Her back to me, i reached over and undid her jeans and pushed them down. I parted her legs roughly, I was hard. And I penetrated her from behind. Her pussy was not very wet. Wait she said, stop. She tried to turn around, but I pushed her back. Shut up I said, and I pinned her hands against the door. She liked the rough-housing and got wet immediately. I pushed in and fucked her really hard. Thrusting deep and ramming it hard. I came quickly and shot my load deep in her vagina.

A few hours later, I dropped off her and her mom off at the airport.

I got Terry home. I carried her small suitcase and she carried her backpack and books. She was studying and I told her she could use my office/ den. I stayed out and watched TV, drank some beer.

It was around 9:00 pm and I was watching football when she came out. She was already in her night clothes. She was wearing a tank and shorts. I could see her nipples as they pushed against the flimsy t-shirt. I started getting hard.

"Hey, did you get your work done", i asked.

"Yes, I think so" as she got a beer from the refrigerator and plopped herself next to me.

We watched TV for a while in silence. I wanted to do so much, but i was chickening out.

We started chatting about life. Her school and friends. "So, do you have a boyfriend? I queried. "Most girls would want to have the house to themselves and throw wild parties, why did you want to stay here."

"Do you really have to ask that?" she said.

"What do you mean" I asked wondering what she had on her mind.

"Oh, I have seen the way you have looked at me. I have wanted the same thing you want for a while now."

"Terry," I said, "what are you talking about. I am your brother in law. Your mom has left you here in my care. Your sister trusts me. I can't do anything."

"Oh shut up Mark. You know you want me," she said as she put her hands on my lap reaching over to undo my jeans.

I looked at her and her large brown eyes were dancing in excitement. I wanted to see that face as she took my meat in my mouth. So i let her undo my jeans. I pushed down my undies and freed my 8 inch thick cock.

She looked at it with amazement and reverence. I put my hand on the back of her head and got her face to face with my dick. She held my dick and started licking it like a lollipop. "Ummm....good girl. Now suck it bitch."

She took me in her mouth. At this point, I pushed my dick further deep in her throat and she gagged a few times. Her head was bobbing up and down and she sucked hard. "Look up at me," I said.

She looked up at me her large brown eyes now a bit scared. "Good girl."

I started fucking her face and felt my balls tighten. I shot my load without warning and made her swallow my cum.

Ohh, this was good. I said as I lay there spent. drinking beer. Just haven gotten a blow job from my sister-in-law.

more to come soon.

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