tagIncest/TabooDoing Sis A Favor

Doing Sis A Favor


For days the feeling of my cock in my Sister Michelle’s mouth haunted me. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. The way she had solved my little problem with the tissue shortage had been completely unexpected, and totally marvelous. Funny, I had grown up with my little Sister and my Mom running around nude half the time, showing me and Dad all their considerable charms, and even felt free to jerk off around them, and yet it had never even remotely occurred to me that I might one day know the pleasure of being inside either of them. Which made the fact that the other morning I had cum right down my Sister’s throat, and nothing in my life had ever felt so wonderful, so much more mind boggling.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m no virgin, in fact I’m something of a male slut… I’ve been around and am well known as one of the town studs. In fact, the reason I keep that dumb low paying job as a pizza delivery guy is because so many of the town lovelies, from high school girls, to sorority babes, to unhappy wives, like to order my sausage – hold the pizza. It’s a regular cottage industry. Believe it or not I actually get nice large cash tips from some of them, not that I care. I really do it for all the pussy I get, the money is just a bonus… or as I joke with one of the other drivers, a “bone-us”…

Anyway, I just never imagined I’d actually get to enjoy the sexual delights of either of the two gorgeous gals that run around my house. I can’t seem to shake the excitement I feel every time I look at Sis now, and remember how good it felt to blow a load in her mouth. Somehow, it felt better than any of the many other women and girls who’d pleasured me in all my 19 years. I knew I had to have more. The only problem was, aside from an increase in her little flirtations with me (which she’d done since we were both preteens) she’d made no effort to let me know she wanted to do that again, or would be open to doing more.

Michelle’s Prom was coming up, and so she was dress shopping. This meant she asked everyone, including me, what we thought of some dress or other in magazine after magazine, and so Michelle was constantly barging in and out of my room to ask my opinion. Sooner or later, it was inevitable that she would walk in and catch me whacking off again.

Now, owing to my family’s relaxed attitude about masturbation, she didn’t freak out or anything. She just asked if I minded taking a break to look at some dresses for her, since she was running out of time to order. I knew she valued my opinion more than Mom’s since I was a guy close in age to her date, and so I said I’d look, “but I can’t just stop or I’ll go soft.”

“Oh,” she said with a ‘duh, of course not, I’m so dumb sometimes’ look on her face, “well, then just go right ahead and keep doing it, I guess. But will you please have a look, I need to make up my mind and call in the order.”

Then she flopped down on the bed right next to me, causing me to groan slightly at the closeness of her soft, clean smelling, curvaceous teen form, which brought a small smile from her as she snuggled in close to her jerking off brother. Then she opened the catalog to a page she had marked off and pointed to a picture of a really hot girl in a tight, clingy, sexy but classy dress that showed a pretty good amount of skin for a formal dress. Apparently this was the style though as the other pictures on the page were similar. I felt my cock harden a little more in my fist.

“Oh, you like that one,” Sis said, having noticed the rise the picture got out of me, “Or is it just the girl,” she asked playfully, laying a soft sisterly kiss on my cheek – something that had always been mundane but now, as I lay jerking off next to my sweet sexy sister, her lips on my cheek felt incredibly erotic. Precum bubbled out of my cock and coated the shaft in reaction.

“The dress would look better on you,” I said, honestly, yet without denying the picture of the other girl was a turn on.

She showed me some more pictures of the girls in their dresses and eventually I saw one I just loved, and as I slowly stroked myself I told her so.

“Really? You like this one best? Cool! Me too. Then I’ll definitely get this one.”

“Alright,” I said, “you do that.” Then I noticed the price tag.

“Sis,” I said, forgetting about my masturbation for a second, “how can you afford that? Surely Mom and Dad aren’t gonna give you that much!”

“Huh?” She said, leaning in to look at the amount after the dollar sign, bringing her face only about a foot from my waving flagpole as she did. I noticed she did take a good look at my man meat for a second before turning her attention back to the catalog. “Oh shit! I really liked that one! Well, what about that green one,” she said, turning the page back.

“I could give you the extra money,” I heard myself saying, as though through a closed door. Did I really say that, I thought.

“Ohmigod! Really? Really!” Sis threw herself around me, crushing her soft tits into me making me groan, and bringing her leg up on my hips as she kissed and hugged me, not noticing that her bare leg was now rubbing my hard cock as she thanked me profusely. “You’re the best big brother ever!”

Oh well, I thought, unable to resist enjoying her body on me, especially her baby smooth leg rubbing my engorged manhood, I guess I did say that. I guess there goes a grand of that “bone-us” money…

Then Michelle pulled back and with her hands on my arms looked me right in the eye, and said, “you really don’t have to you know…”

“I know,” I replied, having decided ‘what the hell’ and not taking the opportunity she gave to take my offer back. Delighted, she hugged me again and this time gave me a small chaste kiss on the lips. As she did so, she unconsciously drew her leg up a little more to get her leverage, and with the extra friction, and pressure, I gasped loudly into her mouth in pleasure.

Suddenly Sis realized what she was doing to me, as she became aware of my cock sliding on her smooth leg. Grinning, she deliberately stroked her calf along my length a few times, making me squirm and groan. “hmmm… I guess you like my legs, Huh Big Brother,” she said with an evil grin.

“I like every part of you,” I said in a trance, every word the truth.

That comment seemed to do something for her, as I felt her melt into me a little. Then she began to rub her leg more deliberately against my cock, which now was so hard it ached. The sensation was incredible. Giving in to my Sister’s charms, her body taking control of my mind, I felt my hands take ahold of her sweet ass, feeling and squeezing the firm globes of her athletic, tight butt through her small running shorts. As I did, Sis kissed me again, and this time we each instinctively opened our mouths. In a mere moment, she was very rhythmically running her smooth leg over my throbbing cock and we were wildly frenching.

A moment later I felt her hands take ahold of my wrists and realized with regret that she was probably about to call a halt to this before it went too far, but then she lead my hands to her chest. “Here,” she said, breaking our kiss only slightly for a second as she placed my hands on her t-shirt clad tits, the nipples poking through the thin fabric into my palms. Then we were kissing more, and her leg was driving me crazy.

I guess she sensed it when a minute or so later I was ready to cum because she stopped, stood, and went and closed my bedroom door. Then she turned and smiled at me, and began pulling off her clothes. Instantly, I was stroking myself again as I watched my Sister strip naked – and it was a helluva a thrill knowing that of all the times I’d seen her dress or undress, this time she was doing it just for me.

Walking over to the bed, sis paused slightly to slide her panties off, making me drool as I saw how they clung for a moment to the soft wetness of her sex, before she straightened up, tossing her hair, and pulled them off. Then she sauntered over to the bed, and yanked the covers off.

“Scoot over,” she said softly, and I quickly complied. Sis then climbed into my bed, naked, next to me as I lay naked and stroking my massive erection. Without a word she turned and our lips came together, resuming our kiss. Eyes closed in bliss, I felt her hand gently slip up under my own to take over stroking my cock, and the sensation of my own sister’s delicate hand holding my wildly throbbing boner was something to melt the mind.

My hands, in turn, wandered my Sister’s perfect body, and she did not object even a little as I touched her in all her intimate spots. As my fingers began to rub in the crease of her sopping wet pussy, she tightened her grip on my cock and stroked me even more meaningfully.

Then, suddenly, she let go, and pushed me away.

“I… I…” she gasped, short of breath, her eyes smoldering as she looked at me, “I need your help with something else…”

“What,” I whispered, willing at this point to do anything she asked, even if I went broke. “Hire a Limo? Buy his tux? I don’t care… just don’t stop!”

“No, silly,” she said, blushing as she realized how wrapped around her little finger I was now, “not anything like that… you’re really sweet to buy my dress… that’s more than enough. It’s just that…”

“What,” I said, wishing she would stroke me more, as I reached for her again.

“Well,” she said, allowing me to pull her close, and letting her hand instinctively lay on my cock again, but fighting her urge to stroke me more, “I… I don’t want you to think I’m a slut…”

“God, no,” I breathed, “is that all?”

“Um… no…” she said in a small voice, “um… don’t be mad OK? I um… I really want you right now, and that’s part of it, but the truth is I really want Tommy, too, after the prom…”

Tommy was her date for the dance, and I realized what her problem was, she wanted to have sex with me, her own brother, but she also wanted to have sex with her date, which was more normal… My mind tried to figure out what could be a problem about that, I mean, how would he know? Then I figured the rest out – she couldn’t fuck me like she wanted, and like she knew I wanted, because if she did then her date Tommy would know she wasn’t a virgin and think she’s a slut. Holy shit, I thought, I almost took my Sister’s cherry!

“Oh, honey,” I said, trying to ignore my raging hormones as I hugged her comfortingly, once again her big brother protecting her instead of a man under her spell, “I understand… it’s OK if you want to save it for Tommy. I guess your reputation is at stake… but I’m really jealous…”

Then she kissed me again, hard, pressing herself into me urgently, and in a minute broke the kiss leaving us both gasping. “Yes,” she said, panting, “you’re right… I’m a virgin… I love your cock Big Brother but it really is the only one I’ve ever touched, or even seen… except Daddy’s and pictures. And yours is the only hard one I ever played with.. or sucked,” she said, blushing, reminding me of the morning I ran out of tissues.

“It’s OK… I understand,” I said, almost weeping inside, “it’s totally normal to want to lose it to your boyfriend after the Prom…” Then I thought a second and said, “but do you think, after…”

“NO!” She practically yelled, causing my hopes to deflate, her head drooping to my chest, “I mean, you’re so sweet, and yes… I would, after. But you don’t understand. Yes, I’m cherry… but I don’t want Tommy to take it – I want you to!”

“Really? Now?” WOW!

“Yes… now… really…” she gasped, kissing me wildly, “I want you to pop me and teach me how to do it… that’s the favor. You had it backwards big brother… my reputation won’t be ruined if Tommy find’s out I’m not a virgin… it’ll be wrecked if he finds out I am!”

“No,” I whispered in her ear, “you’re not… not anymore!” All my boy toy training for all those ‘pizza’ sausage loving babes came into play, and like the seasoned young gigolo I was I took charge, rolling Sis over and bringing my cock right in line with her molten girl center. We locked eyes, and then she deliberately closed hers. There I was, propped over my naked sister who lay trembling and vulnerable beneath me, her sex open and my cock on target for her virginity, as she clung shivering to me, giving herself to me.

Then I did it, pressing my cock down I felt my manhood make contact with the squishy, fleshy and tender folds of my sweet, loving little Sister’s incredible pussy. With only a little push I began to slide in, her cunt opening like a flower before the rays of the sun for my rampant staff.

“Huh,” she gasped in a high voice, her breath catching in her throat as I got about halfway into her, my flared crown briefly touching her fragile barricade. Then I drew out, her wetness and her tight flesh clinging to me as I retreated. Then, squeezing my eyes shut as well, I regrouped my forces and launched my assault, slamming the full length of myself into her, the thin membrane of her girlhood tearing away to once and for all open up the woman in her, feeling the warm, clutching love tunnel of my own little Sister closing on me like a loving embrace.

“Ohhhhh My Gaaaddd,” she said loudly as I bottomed out in her pussy, her fingernails briefly digging into my back. Then we were kissing again, and her legs wrapped around my hips. I’m not sure how long we kissed before our hips began to move again, but it felt like forever, and not at all…

“Oh, God, Big Brother…” she whispered in my ear as I pounded myself mercilessly into my baby Sister’s tight gripping cunt, “it’s so big inside me… I never thought… OH!”

I too, moaned, grunted, and whispered as we fucked. I told her all about how her pussy was the tightest one I’d ever had. I told her how much I loved her, and how happy I was. I told her, obscenely, how good her body felt to me, how fantastic it was to be inside her. She echoed every sentiment, every rude but delicious admission of carnal pleasure. But then, we both sort of lost control.

Forgetting all about the entire world, I began to really fuck my Sister. Flipping her over, without pulling out, I got her to her knees as I crouched behind her, holding her hips firmly for leverage. Savagely I fucked her, bringing ever louder and more frantic cries and screams of ecstasy to my own little Sister’s gorgeous lips. Shamelessly I grunted, groaned, and growled as I fucked the one girl I’d ever touched who I actually loved with all the force and abandon my wiry, powerful teen body could muster. For her part, Sis loved every second, every stroke, and as I savagely had my way with her, churning my throbbing staff of flesh inside her dripping wet, tight, hot cauldron, stirring her, she screamed, moaned, gasped, and begged for more.

Then I felt my balls draw up, and knew I would soon be firing off inside her. In some part of my mind I thought for just an instant that I better not cum in her, that it was risky, but that was almost instantly forgotten as I gave into that primal need to pour your seed into a willing womb.

“OH, GOD DAMN!” I bellowed at the very top of my lungs as I leaned over Sis, my hands sliding down to firmly grasp her tits and pull her, hard, all the way onto me. I arched my back and felt my brain dissolve and shoot down my spine, and out in liquid bursts from my cock, and I rested my head against Michelle’s back as I planted my sperm in spurt after spurt into her tight, clutching pussy.

“YES! YES!” she said loudly, “YES, GOD YES! CUM IN ME… OH GOD YES PLEASE CUM IN MY PUSSY!” And then she was cumming too, her pussy vibrating and squeezing around me in uncontrollable, unbelievable contractions, each one making me gasp, each forceful squeeze drawing a little more of my baby juice from my balls.

Together, we collapsed as one heavy breathing heap of sweaty arms and legs on my totally messed up bed. I jerked involuntarily as my cock slipped from inside her, and at the same moment she made a hollow sound of loss.

After we each caught our breath she rolled toward me, kissed me passionately, said “I Love you more than anybody,” and then she stood up, took her magazine, and walked out of my room. Man, I hated seeing her go, but I sure loved watching her leave.

I wondered then, would she be Tommy’s girl after the Prom? Could I handle that? But the exhaustion of the best fuck, the absolute best ever, dragged me down. As I fell asleep, I think I briefly saw my Mom, naked, in the doorway, looking concerned. But I couldn’t stay awake, and faded out….

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