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Doing the DJ


"9:50 now at the new Y106. Clear tonight with a low of about 60, tomorrow sunny and 85. Right now, 71, and I'm Scott Andrews with another long set of continuous hits on the new Y 106!"

Scott killed the mike, and looked down at the hot little blond on her knees sucking his dick. She was young and beautiful. What she lacked in experience and technique, she certainly made up for with enthusiasm. He reached down and pulled her "Brittney" shirt up and exposed her braless tits. While she bobbed up and down, he pinched her perfect little nipples. What the hell was her name. Sally? Sheila? no wait;

"Oh fuck Shelly, that feels so damn good!"

Shelly made a "Mffft hmmm" kind of sound, and started stroking his cock while she sucked on it. Scott looked off to the side and saw that Shelly's little sister had her white shorts around her ankles, and two fingers in her little cunt. She blushed slightly and smiled, but never broke eye contact, and never stopped diddling her pussy. It was too much.

"Oh shit! I'm cumming!"

The first blast hit the back of her throat . He pulled out and the second stream hit her right in the face, followed by a dribble over her tits.

Shelly said "so, did we win the tickets?"

"Oh hell yea! Hang on just a second."

Scott grabbed some copy off the board, punched a couple of buttons, and turned on the mic.

"Remember, Y 106 is giving you a chance to win tickets to L.M.F.A.O., and backstage passes too! Keep listening for details, right now I'm sexy and I know it, on Y 106!

"BACKSTAGE PASSES??" Shelly squealed, "You've got backstage passes too? Fuckin' A! What do I gotta do to win THOSE??"

I'm sure you could figure something out."

Scott's dick slowly stared to come back to life as he thought about the possibilities. Shelly noticed too.

"Wait a minute...you want to screw me don't you?"

"Well actually, HER" said Scott, smiling at Shelly's sister.

"Chrissy? You want to fuck her and not me?"

"Oh, I want to fuck both of you - but tonight I thought I would start with her.

"Tonight? Right here in the studio? What if she doesn't want to?"

"It's ok" Chrissy said. "It's not like I'm a virgin or something."

"Then it's all settled. Go ahead and get those clothes off; I'll take care of some phone calls and load up a couple of songs to play."

Scott quickly answered the phones (mostly questions about how to win the tickets) then put the lines on hold after each call. By the time all six lines were blinking merrily, both girls were naked. He loaded four songs into the computer to play back to back. Then he stripped off his pants and shorts, stood up and kissed Shelly, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth.

He turned and kissed Chrissy, rubbing her little tits with one hand, and sticking the middle finger of his other hand up her cunt. It was hot. Wet. And so fucking tight!

"Spit on my dick Shelly...I'll need to be nice and slippery to get into your sister."

Shelly quickly dropped to her knees and took Scott's cock into her mouth. She bobbed back and forth on it a couple of times, then spit on the end of it.

"Sit up on that counter and spread your legs Chrissy."

She did. Scott grabbed her ass, and slowly slid his dick into the warm tight folds of her pussy.

"Oh shit...Oh hell, Oh fuck fuck fuck!" moaned Chrissy.

Shelly stayed on her knees watching as Scott pumped in and out of her little sister, getting faster and faster. Chrissy wrapped her legs around Scott, so he grabbed her butt, stood up, and moved her up and down on his rock hard cock.

Even though he had cum once already, Scott knew he wouldn't last long. He set her back on the counter, and pulled out just in time to shoot his white creamy sperm into her pubic hair.

Shelly crawled right over and started licking her sister's cunt. Scott sat in his chair and watched as she quickly brought Chrissy to a screaming orgasm. They had obviously done this before. Good thing the studio was soundproof and the mic's were off.

Shelly then licked the cum out of Chrissy's hair, and stuck her tongue deep into her mouth. Chrissy was surprised, but did not try to back away. Shelly turned around and knelt down to start sucking Scott's dick again.

"No, no more! I can't take it!" said Scott. "Jump up on the counter and I'll eat you out."

"No, let me do it" said Chrissy with a grin. She jumped down and started skillfully licking her big sister's slit. Yup, no doubt about it, these two had done this before.

Scott moved behind Chrissy, and started rubbing his balls up and down her bare back, while he reached over her and fondled Shelly's tits. In just minutes, she was cumming, and squirt all over her sister. Chrissy did not even flinch as she sucked up and much as she could.

Scott stepped back, Chrissy stood and gave him a deep kiss with the musky taste of her sister still on her lips.

They all jumped when the strobe light on the intercom starting flashing. Someone was at the front door.

Scott picked up the receiver and said "can I help you?"

"I'm here to pick up Shelly and Chrissy" said a female voice. "I'm their mother."

The girls scrambled to get into their clothes. Scott said "I'll send them right out."

The girls were out the door in a flash. Shelly turned and winked and said "can we come back tomorrow and pick up those tickets?"

"Of course you can!" said Scott. Yes, of course you can.

Scott wondered if Mike, the all night DJ would believe this. Then he glanced at the tiny web cam on the monitor. Oh yes, Mike would believe.

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