tagGroup SexDoing The Nine Sisters Ch. 04

Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 04


Saturday afternoons all the brothers got together for a pre-football game party. This was a guys-only party, as we would hook up with the girls at the game.

This year the house was blessed as we had four varsity starters among our members. Early in the morning the players were regaled with enthusiastic support and well wishes before they went off to the stadium. The rest of us drank beer and Bloody Mary's as we pumped ourselves up for the game.

About an hour before game time we piled into cars and made the drive to the ballpark. After another round of beers in the parking lot we made our way to our seats. Since we were one of the more prominent houses, we had a whole block of seats right on the forty yard-line.

For this game we paired ourselves with the Tri-Delta sorority. There is a huge ritual for houses courting each other to partner up for big events, involving serenades, mixers, presents, and intense lobbying. Houses tend to pair up with other houses of roughly equal stature, but occasionally a lower-ranked house will pull a coup and partner with a larger, more prestigious house. This is just what Tri-Delta had achieved by getting us.

It wasn't that they were a bad house, but they were rather small compared to their sisters on our campus. They were also a pretty new chapter but were really putting on a good effort to increase their standing. Scoring us as a partner was a big step for them.

It was also explained to us by the pledge trainer that it would also make the Tri-Delts more receptive to sexual adventures at the after-game party.

As at all functions, we pledges served the actives, making repeated runs to the concession stand whenever one of our brothers got hungry or thirsty. During the course of the game this led to lots of trips up and down the stairs and lots of standing in line with the Tri-Delt pledges.

And that's where I met Deena.

Her sisters were running her just as ragged as my brothers were running me, so we stopped for a second to rest, comparing stories about our unbearable "superiors."

"How do you like your house?" I asked her.

"It's great! We're going to be the best house on campus."

"You sure are trying hard."

"Joe, you're so big and strong, how come you aren't out there playing ball?" Her slight southern accent was turning me on.

"Baseball is my sport. Promise to come see me play in the spring?"

"Sure. But won't your girlfriend mind?"

"Nope. We broke up before I left for college."

"Me too. My boyfriend didn't want me to leave town so I dumped him."

"So, do you have a date for the party tonight?"

"No, I don't."

"You do now, if you'll have me."

"Have you? That sounds like an invitation if ever I heard one."

I smiled. "We'd better get back to our duties."

"Yeah. Nice talking to you. See you tonight!" She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, a short hard peck that promised more to come.

We got the drinks and hot dogs and returned to the stands, to the jeers of our Greek siblings. Our school won the game 24-17 and we left the field in good cheer. When we got back to the house I just had time to shower and shave and put on clean clothes for the party. I made sure to wash my cock extra good, anticipating I would be sharing it with Deena later.

It was a typical Fraternity party, lots of booze and loud music. Most of us were still a little buzzed from the game. I grabbed a brew and hung out near the door, waiting for Deena. I was on my second beer before she arrived, but was she worth the wait!

Deena wore her long, auburn hair back in a ponytail, which cascaded down the back of her tight pink Tri-Delt sweater. Her short black skirt showed off her beautiful legs and ass.

She spotted me and yelled "Hey Joe!"

I went up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Great to see you!"

"Get me a drink?"

"Sure." I went and got two more beers and led her over to a sofa. We sat down and immediately our eyes locked.

"You look great, Deena."

"You too, Joe." She gulped down her beer and asked for another, which I quickly fetched.

We danced a couple of dances, and she had moves like a rock band's backup dancer. As the beers flowed, the moves got dirtier and before long our hands were all over each other on the dance floor.

I asked her if she wanted to go someplace quiet, and she readily agreed. Upstairs we went, finding an empty room. She was very tipsy so I had to guide her up, but once we were behind closed doors she regained composure.

We were on each other like dogs in heat, joined at the mouth. Our tongues battled each other, our hands explored each other. I met no resistance as I felt her firm breasts over her sweater, then reached underneath and stroked them over her bra.

Deena backed off and pulled the sweater over her head, then unsnapped the bra exposing herself. Her large pink nipples were already erect.

"Like what you see?" she asked. In answer I brought my mouth to her tits, sucking them hard. "Yes!" she moaned into my hair.

"I want to see your cock, Joe. Show it to me!"

I backed away and took off my shirt, then my pants. As I lowered my boxers my erection snapped back and hit my stomach. I stood there, arms raised, showing the girl what she wanted. Her eyes filled with lust immediately as she dropped to her knees and took my nine-inch penis into her mouth.

"Suck it, babe!" I placed my hands on her head, guiding myself into her mouth. Deena did her best but I got the feeling she hadn't suck many cocks in her young life. After the third time of scraping her teeth on my shaft, I stopped her. I carried her over to the bed and pulled off her skirt and panties. She had a pretty little cunt, covered with a thick, downy bush.

"I'm gonna eat you until you scream!" Her juices flowed freely as I licked her folds, loving the taste and smell of her. She squirmed under my efforts, cumming hard on my face.

"Yes! Joe, eat me! Make me cum again!"

More tongue action and another orgasm soon followed. My erection actually hurt, throbbing with desire. I came up for air and kissed her, letting Deena taste her own juices.

I knew now was the time and I pressed forward as Deena guided my nine-incher up her tight slippery cunt. We both moaned as my cock spread Karen's hot slit and pressed deep into her cunt. Her legs came up behind my back and I began to fuck my cock deep into her cunt making her cry out each time I bottomed out. Deena was on fire as I stretched her pussy and the feelings were quickly spreading from her cunt out over her entire body. Deena began to climax and her pussy clamped down on my stiff pounding prick like a velvet vise. I forced her tit into my mouth as I poured a river of sperm into Deena's clutching pussy. We continued to fuck until my cock went soft.

I rolled off and lit a cigarette. I looked down and saw my sperm leaking out of her dilated twat, matting her pubic bush.

"Damn, Joe! That was a monster fuck!" She reached for my cigarette and took a puff.

"Glad you liked it." I reached for her tit, slowly massaging her soft flesh. Her oozing cunt got me going again so I extinguished my smoke and went down to her pussy, licking our combined juices out of her. Deena was rewarded with another orgasm, adding even more juice to the mix.

"Am I as good as your old boyfriend?"

"Yeah! And your cock is so much nicer."

"You like my prick?" I asked, taking my manhood in hand.

"Oh, yes! Can I have it again?"

"Of course!" I lay on my back and she mounted me, guiding my cock into her well-used pussy. She builds up speed, riding me hard. I took her tits in hand, squeezing them hard and sucking them harder.

"Let me fuck you doggie style!" No sooner had I said it than she was on her knees, ass pointed skyward. I guided my cock into her and grabbed her ass cheeks. Like a piston I drilled my hard cock into her little pussy. Her tits shook with my thrusts and Deena moaned every time I bottomed out. Her cunt was so slimy from her lust and my earlier deposit that I had trouble keeping myself in her so I shortened my strokes.

I withdrew when I felt close to shooting and turned her on her back. I straddled her chest and started beating my cock. I told her to finger my ass and lick the head as I worked, and soon her pretty face was covered with my hot white cream.

We fell back on the bed, exhausted. I took her hand in mine and kissed her, tasting still more of my sperm on her mouth. After more kissing and cuddling we got dressed and returned to the party.

She left around one in the morning, and I joined the line in the video room to confirm the night's conquests. The pledge trainer marked us all off on the board, and congratulated us on a job well done.

Four down. Five to go.

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