tagErotic CouplingsDoing The Nine Sisters Ch. 06

Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Alpha Omicron Pi

Halfway through the challenge and only a month left until initiation. Now it was time to concentrate on the lower tier sororities.

Alpha Omicron Pi was not a popular group, made up mostly of girls who didn't fit in with the other houses. Lots of intellectuals and the less than pretty. A perfect target for the annual "pig party."

One of the less distinguished Greek traditions, most houses had such an event every year. All the guys put in $20 into a pot. The winner was the guy who brought and scored with the ugliest girl. Since there were forty actives and ten pledges, that amounted to $1000 to the winner. All you had to do was fuck an ugly girl for once.

My date to the party came about rather easily. In my Western Civilization class I met a girl named Amalinda. Her parents were from Portugal and her face carried a map of that country, in zits. She was tall and thin with practically no womanly curves.

We had studied a few times and, until the thought of the pig party I had not gone any further. She had dropped a few hints my way, obviously flattered that a guy like me paid her any attention. When I asked her to the party she readily agreed.

Friday night and the party came along and we all chipped into the pot. Several of the brothers made side bets on each others dates, and there was more bravado and crazy assertions than if we were talking about pretty girls. By the time the girls started arriving, almost $5000 was riding on this year's competition.

Amalinda was one of the first to arrive. She stood in the photo line (later that night we would all gather and make our judgments based on these photos). Then I whisked her over to the refreshments (heavily spiked punch and microwaved finger foods).

We danced, her awkwardness drew some guffaws from other couples on the floor. I knew then I was in the running!

Four glasses on punch later and Amalinda was all over me. She was copping feels of my crotch and ass and giving a great show of being falling down drunk. I knew I had to make my move now or I would end up fucking an unconscious lump.

I whispered in her ear that we should get away from the crowd, that I was so taken with her that I didn't want to share her with the others. She fell for that line like a starving fish and we went upstairs.

I wasn't prepared for what I faced once we were behind closed doors. I had assumed (stupidly) that being so unattractive a girl meant she had little or no experience with guys. I figured I would be in total control of the situation, that I would undress her, fuck her, then dump her and get back to my life.

Oh how wrong I was!

Amalinda pounced on my like a tiger in heat. She pushed me down on the bed, straddled me and kissed me very hard. Her hands roamed over my body, stopping at the hardening lump of my penis. I was worried about getting it up for so unattractive a girl but her attack on me left me very turned on. Inside a minute she had fished out my cock and was giving me a terrific handjob. Her strong grip on my dick felt great as she stroked it.

I started reaching for the buttons on the back of her dress, but she would have none of it. She placed her knees on my arms, pinning me to the bed as she continued stroking my cock. She was totally in control and, strangely, I liked it!

Her strong, fast stroking of my cock brought me to orgasm very quickly. After the last of my spunk shot out Amalinda got up, pulled off her panties and sat on my face. I went to work on her dripping slit, amazed at the wild and thick bush of black pubic hair covering it. She bucked on top of me, nearly smothering me as I serviced her to two orgasms. She was a screamer, and I was sure anyone in nearby rooms could hear her as she climaxed. Once she was satisfied, she got up, took off her dress and mounted me.

My cock slid right up into her pussy, which was wet and surprisingly loose. I reached up to rub her breasts, tiny as they were. They were mostly nipple, and giant ones at that, not sticking out over an inch as the air hit them. Amalinda rode me like a horse, her thigh muscles very strong. She bucked up and down, squeezing my cock with her pussy. I felt as though I was being raped, and this also turned me on!

I thrust up to meet her humping, and we went at it like animals. Not a word passed between us as we coupled, just grunts and moans. I tried three times to turn her over and get on top of her, but she resisted. Finally I wrestled her over, got her legs apart and stuck my cock into her to the hilt. She struggled underneath me but I got the feeling she liked it rough. I couldn't believe I was still fully clothed.

Amalinda was clawing at my back, my ass, and my shoulders, all the while making those animal grunts. I tried kissing her but she would have none of it. I couldn't tell if she was thrusting up or trying to get out from under me. I didn't care; I just kept pounding at her pussy.

I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders, allowing my cock to go even deeper into her. I started fingering her ass hard, which made her twitch and grunt even harder. I had never in my life fucked such a wild woman, and I loved every minute of it!

"Fuck me you fucker! Shove that cock in me you bastard! Come on, do it!" Suddenly she was vocal, and I went even faster. My knees were killing me and the small of my back started hurting as I thrust.

I finally found my voice. "This what you want, you little bitch? I'll fuck you good!" I redoubling my fingers in her ass and it seemed to drive her onward to even more wildness.

"Do it, you cocksucker. FUCK ME HARDER!!!!"

With that, I lost it. "Get ready, BITCH! I'm going to come inside you!" And then I exploded, shooting my semen into her pussy. Even though I had come minutes earlier from her hand, I filled her cunt with my juice. She screamed through another orgasm, calling me every dirty name in the book.

I rolled off of her and reached for a cigarette. Once I had it lit she was almost dressed, her back turned to me. Once she had her shoes on she just left. Not a word. She just up and left.

Once I finished my smoke I pulled myself together (still had my clothes and shoes on!) and went back to the party. Amalinda was nowhere to be found. There were considerably fewer people downstairs, presumably they were coupling elsewhere in the house.

I found the pledge trainer, reported my score, and went to the video room to await the judging. I downed three beers and five cigarettes before others started to filter into the room.

When my video came on, a lot of the guys laughed at the way I was "taken." Many commented that you have to watch the quiet ones, they are the ones who can be dangerous. Many wondered if Amalinda somehow knew about the "theme" of the party and had taken it out on me.

"Hey, she was a wild fuck, guys. I enjoyed being taken for once."

The videos came and went, with comments on the girls and even some remarks about the techniques of some of the brothers. One brother drew the most laughs because he had shot his load while taking off his pants. More than one of the girls claimed to be virgins, bringing extra kudos. Cherry-taking, even of ugly girls, was still considered great sport.

I didn't come close to winning, but then I didn't expect to. One of my pledge-brothers had that honor. His date was not only ugly, she had the most annoying voice any of us had ever heard. She was also the largest girl in this year's crop and we all got a laugh watching him try to find her hole with his average-size cock.

So, I had reached the two-thirds mark. Six down, three to go.

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