Doing Unspeakable Things

byEgmont Grigor©

Laura began weeping and said if Martin's arousal left him in a turgid state he must tell her and she'd be willing, although not happy, to jerk him off to relieve him.

His erection expired once again, being emotionally lured into a flaccid state at the unsavoury prospect of being jerked off by an unhappy woman whose thoughts were with another guy. It was so humiliating.

"No coffee thanks," he said. I enjoy being with you at the meal tonight and watching the entertainment. You were excellent company."

Laura emitted an 'Oh God sob'. They went off to their respective bedrooms without kissing or even saying good night.

Martin fell asleep almost immediately and was awakened, perhaps not long afterwards by something and worked out it was Laura sobbing. God what that young woman needed was a good stiff erection working on her. His mind reeled wondering what were those unspeakable things she'd thought they'd been on the verge of doing? Where else was she expecting him to put his dick apart from in her pussy? Perhaps it was she'd never had a guy go down on her or she'd never gone down on a guy?

The next day Laura and Martin teamed in an atmosphere of cool detachment. Beginning with Laura stating wisely, "I suggest we don't talk about my unfortunate behaviour last night."

Martin was happy about that, thinking it was a practical suggestion and she was shouldering the blame and that was rather unusual for a female. They played role models for tutoring purposes throughout the day, even while on a three-hour return hike and being out on the lake in the kayaks.

They were both fairly tired by the time of pre-dinner drinks that evening when Laura eyed him steadily and said, "I suppose you have been thinking since last night I've dragged you down here by false pretences, that you had been expecting to be plunging in and out of me all day and half the night?"

"Something like that. I love the vividness of your imagination."

"I'm so sorry."

"I accept that. Now could we talk about something else? It's rarely useful talking remorsefully about the past."

"I agree with that."

They left for Auckland at 4:30 am, to arrive back in time through the peak hour traffic build-up with time for Martin to dress and get to his office at the District Council in time and for Laura to get to the university for her first lecture. When she stopped outside his apartment building she said, "You may kiss me if you wish. I'm very grateful for your tutoring over the weekend and admire you immensely for the manner in which you handled my emotional rejection of you."

Ah, thought Martin. Even she had not expected that outburst. "Nah, "I'll just say goodbye. Call me when you have yourself sorted out and if you wish to see me socially."

"You mean you want to see me again after my shocking behaviour?"

"Of course. I have no problem with you wanting to do the honourable thing. May your exams go well for you Saturday."

"I'll get my father to write a cheque for tuition -- would five hundred bucks be acceptable?"

"No, not a penny. I had an enjoyable and stimulating weekend Laura and you are a very likeable young woman."

Martin got out, grabbed his backpack off the back seat and waved her off.

He thought well what now and then added, "I have no fucking idea!"

* * *

Laura's parents were having breakfast so she joined them for coffee.

"Exactly what do you mean by 'educationally stimulating and productive but romantically a disaster' but yet you appear happily enough?" Belinda asked.

Laura looked at her parents. "I experienced emotional instability on Saturday evening when we returned home exhilarated and a little drunk and after he began to grope I told him I didn't want him to touch me."

"Oh god, the poor guy," said her father. Both women looked at him severely.

Belinda asked, "What happened dear -- did he go at it too fast and hard for you?"

"No mum, if anything he was masterfully romantic."

"And then you thought of Michael and how would you tell him you'd betrayed him?"

The woman looked at Anthony as if he were a mind reader.

"Yes dad, exactly, but I'm rather surprised you had the sensitivity to work that one out for yourself."

Belinda nodded and Anthony looked pleased.

"So what's the plan?"

"I'll have to dump Michael mom. Martin is much more interesting and stimulating emotionally. I have this nagging thought that I should be living with Martin."

Belinda advised her daughter to wait a couple of days and think it through. She had to make the right decision that would leave her happiest.

"If I were both guys I'd dump you."

Laura poked her tongue out at her father. He grinned.

During the lunch break boyfriend Michael found Laura.

"Hi," he said, kissing her. "I couldn't believe you ran out on me at the weekend for tutoring when we had two parties lined up. I couldn't go because I didn't have time to arrange another partner."

"Did you try to line up somebody?"

Laura could see he was lying when he said no, not looking at her. Later in her department's library she chatted briefly with Jill who said they'd had a great time at Shirley Roberts's party. "I was surprised I saw Michael there with someone other than you."

"Yeah while I was away for the weekend at short notice so told him he should take someone else."

"Well I thought he could have made a better choice than April. Compared with you she'd bottom of the barrel."

Laura grinned and outside the library called Michael.

"Hi babe, I'm in the gym," he puffed. "Just getting dressed."

"You lied to me Michael."


"You went to Shirley Roberts's party with April Brown."

"Um I met her there."

"The invitation was for couples only. Anyway my informant say you arrived with April," Laura said, stretching the truth.

"Okay I lied... big deal."

"Not for my Michael; I've finished with you," Laura said, thinking there really was little manly about Michael."

"Oh come on Laura, you can't..."

"You have lied to me about a woman Michael and that make me suspect you'd be just as devious if we married. Goodbye Michael. I'll leave your presents you've given me on a box on your mother's porch one day soon."

"Don't bother, they were only trinkets. We only did it once a week and I had been thinking if we married it would be down to once a month. Not good Laura. You might be one of the best looking babes on campus but you probably fuck the least."

"Get lost Michael you cheat," Laura said, cutting the call.

She felt miserable, knowing she might have lost two guys in two days. Had she been fair on Michael? She'd dropped out of their weekend dates at very short notice and Michael had been looking forward to going to Shirley's party because she was in with the 'in' group. Laura pondered about calling him back but decided to let it be. He was probably already on the phone to see if April Brown would spread for him that evening. She went off to a bar where some of her girlfriends would be gathered as their guys usually laid low on Mondays, getting over too much drink and too much sex at the weekend.

Laura called she was home and Belinda said, "I'm in the kitchen and look what I have for you."

What a nice piece of fish?

Her mother handed a bouquet of white roses. Gawd, Michael splurging out on her; that would be a first. Then her mum turned pink when she said sorry dear I read the card to see who they were from. Her mum blushing? Laura thought that might be the first in five years or so.

The card read: 'Just a little appreciation to reinforce my appreciation of being in your company at the weekend and as a reminded that I await to do unspeakable things to you my dear Laura.'

Laura felt her blush was heavier than her mum's when she looked up and caught Belinda's intense gaze.

"Dump Michael darling; he never sent you flowers or expressed such a revolting interest in you, lucky girl. I have his number in my workbook. Would you like me to invite Martin to dinner tonight um, as a courtesy for being such an excellent client."

"Yes thanks. And if he has reservations about me being here tell him I dumped Michael this afternoon but was too shy to call Martin."

"You honestly have dumped Michael."


"Oooh my big girl is acquiring backbone at last. You'll need it because unlike Michael you'll find Martin is no wimp. I found him to be mentally strong and focused."

Looking somewhat suspicious, Laura said, "It's amazing how you can get a read on someone in just a brief encounter, isn't it?"

"I deal with all sorts of people darling, several hundred in some months ranging from clients and suppliers through to bad debtors."

Laura smiled and said of course. Although we didn't go to bed I found Martin to be like you said, strong and focused. But when he allowed me to back off having sex with him he demonstrated he has sensitivity as well."

Belinda smiled and said, "Pardon me for saying this Laura but I hope Martin has a big fat penis and can wield it well. A heap of good robust sex could really benefit you because until now you've seemed to have attracted men with a slightly feminine side showing."

Blushing furiously Laura said, "And you've had sex with Martin to confirm what you've just said."

"Oh darling, I wish. Go off and shower while I'll invite him to dinner tonight. Expect him to say yes."

"I wish."

"Darling do you know how much roses costs from a florist? He'll be sitting home alone mapping out a menu of unspeakable things you might find acceptable."

Shrieking "Mom!" Laura rushed from the room.

As Laura was about to step into the shower her mom shouted from the bottom of the stairs: "He's coming at 7:00. You said you would write thanking him for the flowers but I said ask him to dinner but you said he wouldn't want to come, so I was calling to force the issue."

"Oh mum, he'll think I'm a wimp."

Belinda shouted that no guy invited to go away with a young woman for a weekend would see her as a wimp. Laura had to agree with that contention.

When Anthony arrived home Belinda kissed him and asked him to shower, shave and dress smart casual for dinner because his daughter was very nervous; the new man in her life, the guy she went away with at the weekend, was coming to dinner. Laura had dumped Michael.

"Thank god for that... he was totally inadequate for her."

"Well I concur but please darling, no stupidity when Martin Mora is here tonight."

"Charlie Mora's son?"

"Yes do you know Martin?"

"Yes but not well. Charlie sent his son to us to work on our strategic management plan for us. I had rejected the effort by senior staff as inadequate because it was more or less a reprint of last year's plan with no change in respect of moving the business forward and being more aggressive with competitors -- that sort of thing. Charlie, who often sits with me at the club lunch on Fridays said his boy specialized in strategic planning. He worked all day Saturday and five hours on Sunday with us, charging me a hundred and fifty bucks an hour but it was worth it.

"Was he a lean, straight-back guy with curly hair six-three in height who works in the District Council Treasury?"

"Yeah -- well, well. Just as well Laura is six-one otherwise they would look ridiculous together."

"So you approve of him?"

"Well Charlie is a straight-shooter, a retired Army colonel who took early retirement and now works as chief logistics manager for Land Containers Transportation Corporation. Although I don't know the kid all that well my gut feeling is he'd be a good catch for Laura."

* * *

Belinda asked Laura to answer the door when their guest arrived and after receiving a peck on the lips, delivered with a mocking smile, she led him into the lounge. "My mother you know."

"Yes hi Belinda. Thank you for inviting me."

"And this is my father Anthony who claims to know you."

Martin said, "Well this is a surprise Anthony. Hi -- I failed to connect Anthony Blakely with Belinda and Laura Blakely."

Anthony laughed and said there were at least twenty-five Blakely's listed in the phone book.

They enjoyed a drink together and then Belinda said, "I'll start serving. Laura why don't you take our guest for a quick tour through the house."

"Okay. Come this way Martin."

They finished up in Laura's big bedroom with en suite. "This looks very comfortable and I'm glad the décor isn't pink. Um take off your panties."

"Excuse me?"

"Take off your panties. Walking close to Laura he said, "You want me to do unspeakable things to you don't you?"

Her eyes widened and Laura squeaked, "Yes, I think so."

"Well would you tell either of your parents I asked you to remove your panties and sniffed them?"

Laura looked horrified and she shook her head.

Martin stood waiting, hands on hips and he stared her down.

"For goodness sake she fumed. Laura lowered her panties and handed them to him.

He sniffed them deeply and sighed and Laura began to look slightly interested although she said they shouldn't be foul because she'd only been wearing them for about an hour.

"No, they are fine. What I smell is the real you -- your distinctive odour."

"It's a safe bet I won't be telling my parents about this," she giggled with a slightly embarrassed undertone. "Is this what you call doing unspeakable things to me?"

"The start of it, yes. Put your panties on. Your mom will be almost ready with dinner. He held her steady while she pulled her panties on, not an easy task with her shoes on.

When they returned to the dining room Martin said, "You guys have a lovely home, furniture supplied through Anthony's Furniture City Warehouse I suppose?"

"Some from stock and the remainder sourced through the business by Belinda through looking through our catalogues and searching the Internet," Anthony said. "Her company supplied the kitchen and the bathroom vanities and all bathroom fittings."

"Very nice."

Belinda said, "Speaking on behalf of the parents I wanted you to see Laura's bedroom suite and for you to know we'll not object if she ever decides to bring you home to sleep with her."


"Relax darling. Martin sent you flowers because he aims to have a piece of you, right Martin?"

"At the risk of embarrassing Laura I have in mind doing unspeakable things to her, with her cooperation of course."

"The pink-faced Laura rushed from the room yelling, "I need a stiff drink."

* * *

At the street entrance where he'd parked his aged and ailing car to avoid dripping oil on the Blakely's' driveway, Martin told the still rather uptight Laura he'd enjoyed the excellent meal and relaxing time afterwards with her parents. He invited her to sit in the car with him and she did so, rather reluctantly.

"I apologize for having worked you up a bit too much," he said, stroking Laura's hair. "It's just that I want to assist you to become more relaxed and open about sex. You act as if you were raised in a convent."

"You should know a convent upbringing is highly unlikely... you've seen how over-the-top my mother is. Perhaps that's why I'm a little shy. I must say you method of extracting me from my shell appears rather alarming."

Martin smiled and alleged the technique he was using had a psychological term that translated to meaning 'frontal assault'.

"That's bullshit."

Grinning he said the lady had humour and then kissed Laura deeply, lifting up the front of her skirt and working his fingers under the rim of her panties.

"Michael don't... not out here. Someone will see us."

Martin gazed into her eyes that were illuminated by the street light across the road and said kindly, "I'm Martin, not Michael. Which guy ought to be on your mind?"

"Oh god, I don't know where I am and you're making me wet."

"I find pussy juice far from being repulsive. Here lick my fingers."

"Oh no M-Martin. How foul... I need to be heated up."

Martin didn't back off so she licked his very moist fingers. Laura groaned as he probed her gently again and opened her mouth dutifully and watched, bug-eyed, as he sucked his dripping fingers. Then she murmured: "Oh I get it... doing unspeakable things with Laura."

He grinned and after they kissed once more, Laura left the car and called, "I don't want to see you again Martin... ever."

She watched his grin fade and turned and walked away.

The farther Laura walked away from Martin the more disgusted she became. What a vile wretch he was, engaging her in such nauseating behaviour. She hadn't want to lick his fingers but he pressured her into doing it... at least she didn't think she wanted to do it.

Inside the house she kissed her mother who then looked at her rather thoughtfully. Ohmigod, Laura thought wildly, knowing she should have rinsed with mouthwash first. Before I know it my own mother will be coming on to me.

"Good night darling," Belinda said. "I thought the evening went very well and Martin did appear really focused on you. If you feel liberalized sufficiently you may wish to tell me at appropriate times which unspeaking things he does with you?"


"Yes I know... you aspire to act wholesomely."

"You didn't say prudishly as you always do."

"Martin is going to change you darling. Just accept and take the ride and enjoy it."

"Goodnight mom," Laura yawned. "Thank you for hosting such a lovely evening. Michael should have left impressed."


"Oh god, I meant Martin."

Laura went for two nights and two days trying not to think of either Michael or Martin. God what a mess men were capable of making to a woman's life. But on the third night she conceded she was acting foolishly so she called Martin.

"Hello?" answered a female. Ohmigod Laura thought, he'd picked up a bar slut already.

"Hello are you still there? This is Martin Mora's phone. Martin has gone walking with his father along the river. They both ate too much for dinner. Is that the beautiful Laura?"

"Um yes Mrs Mora, er I mean it's Laura."

"Don't be shy dear, Martin has star dust in his eyes over you. I've never seen him so bewitched by a woman, ever. You must come and stay with us soon, very soon. Bring Martin if you wish."

Stay where? Why? What was going on here? "That is very kind of you."

"Why thank you. You are so polite. How old are you? Martin didn't seem to know but said about twenty-three."

"Correct, I turn twenty-four in March."

"Oh the same month that Martin turns twenty-seven. Of course you knew that didn't you?"

"Um no."

"Oh goodness, what do you two talk about or do you just get on with it?"

"Mrs Mora, I'm cramming for an exam on Saturday. I must go. Goodnight and enjoy your stay."

"Goodnight dear. I can't wait to see you. Your voice is very honeyed."

Laura put down the phone and began panting. God this was getting out of control. She calmed and returned to her laptop to review her pre-exam notes, now perhaps ten times longer as a result of notes she'd made during Martin's intensive tutoring.

"Oh you're such a good boy," she said, half an hour later, realizing she had absorbed the concept of thinking ahead when making a presentation to ensure she kept the outcomes in view in order to tie everything together. She marvelled that she'd come through almost five years of university study without having completing accepting the need to use such enlightened techniques. At all times she'd been aware of the concept of course but what Martin had done was to condition her mind so she now accepted the concept with vision and clarity. What he'd done was to fine-tune her mind.

Martin called her just before midnight as she was preparing for bed.

"Mum said you called and told me she'd invited you to visit them in Tauranga."

"She didn't say where; she just said I must visit them, with or without you."

"Well if you don't go to Tauranga you won't find them."

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