tagGroup SexDoing Us Both

Doing Us Both


One night while the wife and I were out partying at a club on the East side of the River we ended up sharing a table with a gentleman named Bill in his late thirty's or early forties.

The place was packed and there was virtually nowhere to sit so since he seemed to be by himself we asked if we could join him and he graciously agreed.

We found out through casual chat that he was recently divorced and was just here to let go a little and try to forget all the years he had spent in his marriage.

After quite a few drinks and a few hours of conversation we felt like we had known Bill for a long time and we were both very at ease around him.

The more we drank the more we enjoyed Bills company and the dialogue became more open and at times very revealing about intimate details and fantasies etc.

The discussion was very open and we found out that Bill was very open minded sexually and although he had not experienced a lot of things he was willing to try new things since his divorce.

We talked about a little of everything under the sun but it seemed that something sexual made it into the conversation sooner or later.

Bill finally said he hated to leave such good company but the band was giving him a headache and he thought he was going to go over to one of the Gentleman's clubs that were within walking distance so we bided him farewell.

After another drink the wife and I decided it might be fun to go to one of the clubs ourselves so we left and picked a club.

We were amazed that almost as soon as we walked in we spotted Bill sitting at a booth toward the rear of the club in a rather secluded area.

When he noticed us come in he motioned for us to come over and he offered for us to join him again, which we did.

My wife has fantasies about being with another woman so the clubs atmosphere was very intoxicating to her in the least.

As we drank and chatted my wife was watching all the action on the stages and I could tell she was envious of the men up there getting rubbed all over by those near naked women.

After watching her squirm in her seat for quite some time I decided to surprise her, so when she took a break to the restroom I caught a slender brunette I had seen my wife admiring and paid for my wife to have a private dance.

When my wife returned from the restroom and sat down Bill and I just smiled at each other with a knowing grin and my wife asked what we were up to and we replied she would soon find out.

A few minutes later the Brunette came over to our table and told my wife that someone had bought her a private dance and would she please come with her.

She took my wife by the hand and led her off to the private dance area in the rear of the club.

As they disappeared around the corner Bill asked if I thought she would be mad and I said she might have been a little embarrassed at being caught off guard but with having a few drinks in her it wouldn't take long for her to forget about that and enjoy what I had presented her with.

A private dance usually only lasts two songs but it was at least four songs before we noticed my wife headed back to our table with a smile and a very flushed look on her face.

When she sat down she said that the dancer had removed her thong panties off her and told her she would keep them warm for her until she got another dance and then she would give them back.

She filled us in on the details of everything the dancer had done to her while dancing for her.

Bill and I both said that my wife must have been something special because you usually don't get that type of treatment from a dancer.

From listening to my wife I couldn't tell who enjoyed it the most, my wife or the dancer.

The next time we saw the brunette dancing up on the stage she was wearing my wife's thong and she gave our table the biggest smile.

My wife was shocked to see the dancer wearing her underwear but she admitted that the thought of the dancers pussy being where hers had been a few short minutes before really excited her.

After the dance was over the brunette came over to our table and reached out for my wife and said that this one was on the house and she led my wife away once again.

After about another four songs or so the wife came back to the table and when she sat down she opened her hand and showed us that she had retrieved her thong.

She said that the brunette (whom we found out from my wife to be named Bethany) made her slide the thong from her and that she was so close that my wife could smell a hint her female scent and wondered if the Bethany was as excited as my wife.

My wife was sitting between Bill and I and we both leaned in eager to catch every juicy detail as my wife replayed the latest dance session she had just experienced.

After a few more drinks and all the details relived for Bill and my enjoyment my wife said she was soaking wet and she took my hand and put it between her legs to let me feel her naked pussy and I was surprised at how wet she actually was.

After I removed my hand from under her skirt she kind of gave me a look and rolled her eyes toward Bill and I gave her a nod and before he knew what was happening my wife had taken Bills hand and was guiding it under her skirt.

He resisted at first but noticed that I didn't give him any sign of disapproval so he let her put his hand under her skirt.

She let out a slight moan at the touch of a strangers hand on her pussy and then a little gasp escaped her lips as Bill slid a finger into her soaking wet pussy.

After a minute or so she pulled his hand from under her skirt and as she looked him in the eyes she sucked her own juices from his finger.

Bill said that that wasn't fair that he wanted to taste it and she looked at him and told him he was welcome to wet it again if he wanted to and it didn't take much for his finger to once again be buried inside my wifes hot dripping wet pussy.

When he pulled it out he raised it to his face and the juices glistened in the light from the club and he ever so slowly sucked the finger clean.

He then looked at me and said I was probably the luckiest man he knew and I readily agreed.

It almost seemed like we had went as far as we could go in the club without actually having sex right there on the table so I suggested we go outside and get some air to which everyone agreed.

When we stepped out of the club into the chilly night air my wife let out a deep breath and shivered and said the cold air felt good on her hot pussy.

We stood around for a few minutes and then the wife said she was ready to go back to the motel so I told her I would catch us a Cab as they were always waiting outside the clubs to take the lonely drunks back to their point of origin.

Before I could signal for a cab Bill offered to give us a ride wherever we needed to go and we quickly accepted.

Bill told us to wait right there and he would go get his car and come around to pick us up.

After Bill walked off my wife turned to me and asked what I thought and I knew exactly what she meant and I told her we could play it by ear on the way to the motel.

Bill was back pretty quick with his car and I let my wife have the front seat and I climbed in the back.

Although the car had a bench seat in the front I wanted to leave plenty of room up front for my plan for the trip to the motel.

We had no sooner left the parking lot when my wife asked Bill just how open minded he really was and he said with the drinks in him and as horny as he was that he was open to about anything besides having his balls crushed.

We all laughed and then the wife asked if he was open minded enough to have sex with another man and he said he had considered it before but the opportunity had never presented itself so he never acted on it.

The wife smiled and said that it may be closer than he thinks and with that I told her she might be able to persuade him by giving him a little taste of traveling entertainment that she gives me when I'm driving.

Bill wasn't sure what I meant but it didn't take long to figure it out as my wife put her head on the passenger door armrest and slid around so her naked pussy was facing him.

Bill told her how beautiful her pussy was and she thanked him as she began to rub her clit.

Bill and I both were watching the road and my wife and trying to concentrate on one or the other while Bill tried to keep the vehicle on the road.

My wife asked Bill if he would like to touch her again and he almost jumped out from behind the wheel with excitement.

He slowly rubbed his hand up and down the outside of her pussy for a moment or two then inserted a finger into her wetness which made her groan and she reached down and repositioned his hand so he had a finger in her pussy and one in her ass.

As she stroked her clit she ground her pelvis back against Bills hand until she was actually thrashing around and moaning loudly.

I noticed she was rubbing her foot on Bills crotch which looked pretty hard even in the dim lights of the dash board.

It's a good thing we weren't still in the bar because we would either have a crowd or be in jail.

As my wifes thrusts increased so did the tempo with which Bill fingered her until she shuddered and squealed and screamed she was cumming.

After she caught her breath she asked how close we were to the motel and I told her it was less than a mile and she said she didn't know if she could wait that long and that she wanted to take Bill to our room with us so he could have his way with both of us.

She smiled at Bill and said if that's okay with you to which he said there is no place he would rather be going.

When we pulled up in the parking lot at the motel the wife straightened her skirt out and got out of the car like nothing had happened on the ride back, let alone the screaming orgasm she had just experienced.

Once inside the motels elevator my wife reached over and rubbed Bill and my crotch and said that this was a dream come true and I told her that she wasn't dreaming and that there was more to come.

When we exited the elevator my wife stumbled a little and I told Bill he better get a finger in her and guide her down the hall and he readily slipped his hand under her dress and slid a finger inside her which made her moan and she stated to quit teasing her and about that time I put my hand under the back of her skirt and slid a finger into her ass and said we aren't teasing baby.

She was having a little trouble walking with so much going on under her skirt but she never once tried to remove our hands.

Bill and I released our grip on her at the door and I let us into the room so we could finally get down to business.

My sometimes bashful wife was so horny that she didn't even give a thought to pulling her skirt off over her head and dropping her bra and asking Bill and I just exactly what we were waiting for.

She said that if we couldn't tell by her naked body that this was an invitation then something was wrong.

It only took me a few seconds to be standing in the motel room naked beside my wife.

Bill on the other hand took his time undressing and I wondered if he was having second thoughts or just a little apprehensive about the situation.

When he pulled his underwear down my wife and I looked at each other and smiled because in all our fantasies we wanted a man with substantial endowment but that was all fantasy.

Well this was real and here he was standing in front of us semi hard and a good 8 inches in length with plenty of girth and a huge set of balls to go along with it.

My wife was the first to react when she pushed Bill back onto the bed and immediately started licking his balls and dick.

She looked over her shoulder and asked me what I was waiting for and it didn't take me long to be right beside her licking and sucking.

Bill said that wasn't fair that he didn't have something to lick so as my wife pushed me away I maneuvered around so Bill could lick and suck my cock.

I pulled my wife sideways so I could play with her pussy while she was sucking Bills dick.

Once I got her juices all over my hand I rubbed them on my dick for Bill to lick off.

Bill reached up and started playing with my wifes tits with one hand and helping me rub her pussy with his other one.

I couldn't tell if we stayed this way for just a few minutes or an eternity but I pulled away from Bill and repositioned my wife astraddle of Bill and slowly slid her dripping pussy down on his waiting cock.

She slowly slid down until her ass cheeks rested against Bills balls and she just sat there saying she was adjusting to the size.

She gave me a kiss and said that I was going to love the feel of this big dick inside of my ass and the thought almost mad me cum.

When my wife finally started to move she was just doing a slow circular grind on Bill groin as if the 8 inches of dick buried in her was not enough and she was going to get every fraction he had to offer.

I lowered my head and licked her asshole for a few seconds and then moved on to Lick and suck Bills balls.

She finally raised off his cock until the only thing left inside her was the head and slowly descended down the entire length of his shaft once again.

Bill was squeezing and massaging my wifes tits with increasing anticipation of things to come.

My wife made the statement that she wished her tits were bigger and Bill told her that they were perfect and if they were any bigger he wouldn't have enough hands to please them

It didn't take long for her to start bucking and thrashing and moaning like a wild woman so I got out of the way so I didn't get a twisted neck from trying to lick during the frenzy.

I could tell that she was getting ready to cum so I reached down and squeezed Bills balls to keep him from cumming and with my other hand I shoved two fingers up her ass.

This sent her over the edge and she started squealing like a wounded animal and I knew she was having a very good orgasm.

She not only had one but she kept having them and I think she had at least four before I left Bills balls alone so he could enjoy the ride himself.

Once I quit squeezing his balls it was just a matter of a minute or so that he was moaning a low series of moans and I could tell that he was ready to explode into my wife.

Bill reached up and grabbed my wife's hips and pulled her down as he thrust his pelvis into the air grinding his dick as far as it would go into her steaming pussy and she moaned as she felt him release a load like she had never felt before.

It seemed like he came forever but when it finally subsided and he let his hips back down onto the bed the wife jumped off his dick and told me lick her pussy clean

I was so horny so without giving it a second thought I buried my face in her crotch and started licking like crazy.

While I was licking her pussy she was licking Bills cock clean of their combined juices.

Once Bill was completely hard again my wife stuck her fingers in her pussy and brought out some of Bills cum and smeared it onto my asshole and said it was my turn to take the hard ride.

I straddled Bill and my wife guided his dick toward my asshole.

I was quivering and I wasn't sure if it was from being so horny or what but I knew I was ready.

I almost squealed like my wife did when I felt the tip of his cock touch my asshole and once I gathered my senses I lowered myself to put pressure on my ass to allow his dick to enter me.

It was almost like a relief when my asshole spread to let his large dick slide into me and I just stayed at the tip for a while.

My wife moved around behind me and said it looked so good to see my ass spread by such a big dick and then she started licking Bills cock and my stretched asshole which sent shivers up my spine.

I slowly slid down Bills cock savoring every inch as it filled me like I'd never been filled before.

My wife uses a strap-on on me occasionally but to feel the real thing that is hot, hard and throbbing inside you gives you sensations that can't be described in mere words.

It wasn't long before I was riding Bills cock with a fevered pitch like my wife had been doing earlier.

Before either of us got totally out of control my wife said that we had been doing all the work and that she wanted to see me get my ass pounded like a bitch.

I positioned myself on my back and Bill got between my legs and entered me and almost immediately buried himself to the hilt.

My wife rubbed his ass and told him to fuck me hard to which he responded with actions and not words.

While he drove his thick cock into my ass my wife moved around and sat on my face grinding her pussy into my face to the point I could hardly breathe.

I really didn't care because I was so horny that if I suffocated then what a way to go.

In a short time my wife was moaning and I could tell it wouldn't be long before she would be cumming and I was right because a few seconds later after her jerking I felt her warm pussy juices flowing down my cheeks.

I tried to lick as much of it up as possible but it seemed to keep flowing just enhancing my excitement.

I was in a whole other world with my ass being assaulted with a huge cock and my face being lathered with pussy juices it was so wonderful that as soon as my wife leaned down and took my cock into her mouth I exploded.

This must have been too much for Bill to handle because I felt his dick throb and then felt his cum start to spray the inner walls of my ass.

He was cumming so much it felt like someone had shoved a garden hose up my ass and turned the water on.

After we all came, pretty much together, we just collapsed into a heap on the bed.

My ever horny wife wasn't done with the two of us though and it wasn't long before she had us facing each other alternating sucking both our cocks and even trying to get them both in her mouth at the same time.

As soon as we were both hard I pushed her down on her back and told Bill to give her a real good fucking while she sucked my cock and then we would switch.

Bill spread her thighs and raised her legs and just attacked her pussy with his massive cock while she hungrily sucked my dick.

After a few minutes I slid down and rubbed Bills ass and told him to let her suck her own pussy off his dick and after he moved to her face I proceeded to assault her pussy with my dick.

When I thought she couldn't stand any more I told Bill to get on his back again and my wife to get on his dick so I could fuck her in the ass.

After Bill was buried in my wife I moved behind her and slid my dick inside her ass making her moan like I'd never heard before.

She said you're right honey our toys are fun but they are no substitute for the steaming hot flesh buried deep in your body.

We fucked like crazy until we all exploded in a quivering mass of flesh and then we just lay there still in my wife as the juices oozed from her and ran down all over all three of us.

After we all caught our breath Bill said he really should get going and although we would have loved to had him stay till daylight or longer we knew we had just had one hell of an experience that none of us would ever forget.

Bill used our shower to freshen up before he left and when he left we exchanged information for the next time our paths might cross.

After Bill left my wife said we should clean ourselves up before going to sleep so I ate the mixed cum from her ass and pussy while she sucked the juices off my dick then after we were clean she pushed her ass toward me and guided my dick into her still wet pussy and said she wanted to sleep like that.

We were totally exhausted and in no time we fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

The next day on the ride home my wife played with herself for me and I told her she better watch it that she knows what happened the last time she did that and she just smiled and said I KNOW!!!

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