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Doing What Has To Be Done


Ever since Stan was laid off from his job 3 months ago we have been struggling. He has lost all of his enthusiasm for working and supporting me and our two children. Stan is normally a man with a very strong sense of what is right and has always been a good provider but now he has slipped into the depths of despair and nothing seems to shift him. It was a bitter blow to his ego when he lost his job - he had been working in the same factory for 11 years and never seriously thought he would ever lose his job. The same sorry story is heard all over the country - small profitable firm is taken over by large impersonal company and then staff is cut!

Stan seems to just sit around the house and doesn't do anything much at all. He will mind the children while I am at work but he never prepares meals nor cleans up our home like he used to do before the trouble began. We are in financial trouble because my wage in the diner just covers the payments on our home and there is nothing left over for food and clothing and all the extras needed to keep the home running.

I have been to my father half a dozen times borrowing money but he is retired and doesn't have much and now I can't possibly get any more from him. I am getting desperate so I went to talk to Dad in the hope he might have a suggestion for me. Dad was bitterly disappointed things had turned out the way they have but he just couldn't help me any more. He did, however, suggest I go and see a friend of his who was the owner of a gambling joint just out of town. Dad told me he would ring his friend and make an appointment for me and then if he could offer me work I might make a little bit more than I am at the diner. At least someone was doing something to help us out.

When Dad told me he had organized an appointment for me to see Bart Kingman at the Gambler's Inn the next morning I was quite excited so I took special care getting myself dressed properly for the interview. I don't have many good clothes but what I have are well cared for and very clean. I selected a blouse and skirt but didn't have any stockings so had to go with bare legs. I had already shaved my legs so that they would look nice for Bart and I did my hair up as well as I could. I am 26 years old and I am a honey blond, 5'7" tall and with a nice slim build. Stan and I have been married for 5 years and our two children followed our marriage quite quickly.

I drove the car to the Inn although it was low on gas but I wanted to avoid walking and keep myself clean. I walked into the Inn and was met with the usual smokey atmosphere and the smell of alcohol but I didn't mind that too much. I don't drink or smoke myself - it costs too much - but I don't object to others doing that. I made my way to Bart's office at the rear of the Inn and knocked on the door. I have known Bart for many years because he has been a friend of Dad and he often came to our home before I was married and he always sat me on his knee and teased me.

Bart greeted me like a long lost friend and threw his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. He sat me down on a chair and asked me what sort of trouble I was in. He said my Dad had told him I might be looking for a job but didn't give him any details. When I told Bart all about my troubles he immediately told me he would be able to help. He said he was always on the lookout for young attractive ladies to help him run the Gambler's Inn and I would be very suitable for the job. He asked me how much I was earning at the diner and when I told him he said he would pay me double! I was so excited I jumped up and kissed Bart on the lips but instantly recoiled and said I was sorry and I shouldn't have done that! Bart on the other hand told me I had done just right and he would expect me to do that to him quite often while he was helping me. I guess the warning signs should have been flashing but I didn't realize it at the time. I asked him what I would have to do and he said, "Rita, it will take you a few days to get used to the way we do things around here but I can assure you it won't be long before you are earning lots more money than that. For the first couple of weeks we will dress you up in a uniform and you will wander around the gaming rooms getting drinks for the gamblers. You will have plenty of opportunity to get tips from the gamblers and that will be in addition to your wages. You will have to understand some of these men will be a little frisky but you will soon get used to that! Would you be ready to start tomorrow afternoon about 2pm and you can work until say, 10pm and then we will see how you like it and change your working times if necessary."

Of course I accepted his offer on the spot and asked when I would see my uniform and should I take it home and wear it to work or would I get it when I arrive. He told me the uniforms couldn't be taken from the premises so I would be dressed here. I kept on thanking him and before I left he suggested I give him another kiss to show how grateful I was. I went over to him and gave him a big kiss on the mouth and he held me to him and kissed me back. It is good to have friends when they know my Dad and will help me.

I rushed home and told Stan and he seemed to be disinterested and kept on staring at the TV. I went into work that afternoon and told the boss of the diner I wouldn't be in any more and he was disappointed but wished me well. He told me to be careful working at the Gambler's Inn because it wasn't a very nice place to be. I thought he was being unhappy because I was leaving but I thanked him for his advice and left after I finished my shift.

Next day, not knowing how I should be dressed for work I didn't know what I should do to get ready. I shaved my legs again - they didn't need it - and found a nice clean pair of panties and my bra which was a little worn as well as the same blouse and dress I wore yesterday. I still didn't have any stockings so that was too bad. I need to wear a bra as my breasts are reasonably large and tend to bounce when I walk. I never wear a bra at home so that saves on wear and tear but I always put one on to go out.

I arrived at work about 15 minutes early and went straight to Bart's office. He greeted me with a hug and he kissed me before telling me he would get Sheila to help me get dressed. He told me he wanted me to come back into his office once I was dressed so he could see how lovely I looked. I thought he was taking a lot of interest in me so I hoped I would make him happy.

Sheila was a nice friendly girl a bit older than myself and she was surprised when I told her I had never worked in this sort of establishment before. She told me I had to just hang in there for a while and it would all come to me soon. I didn't understand what she meant but just shrugged my shoulders and followed her into a dressing room. She told me to strip off all my clothes! This stunned me and I asked why, but she said Bart insisted every girl had to wear the same uniform and I needed to get everything off so she could fit me. Very reluctantly I took off my blouse and skirt and stood in front of her in my bra and panties. She nodded towards my underwear and told me take them off too. I wasn't happy about that but undid my bra and dropped it onto the chair with my other clothes. I am not ashamed of my breasts but I have just about weaned my youngest and my breasts haven't yet shrunk back to their normal size. They tended to ooze a little milk from time to time. She still insisted on my panties coming off so I pulled them down and dropped them with the other things.

The first thing she did was to lift my arms up over my head and she said, "Well we have to shave those underarms first - Bart doesn't like hair showing there!" Next she stepped back from me and told me my bush needed trimming but she would take care of that. Then she rubbed my forearms and said, "I see you have lovely soft hairs on your arms - they can stay - they are a big turnon for the customers. Now let's get some of this hair off!" She made me stand near the sink in the room and she lathered my underarms and was just about to shave them when Bart came into the room. I tried to cover myself but she held my arms up and began shaving my underarms. Bart came over and had a close look at me while she was doing this but I was very embarrassed because he was seeing me naked. He leaned over and looked at my bush and said, "Sheila, this needs to be trimmed a little bit - can you take care of that or do you want me to do that?" Sheila said she would do it so Bart kissed me again and wished me good luck before he left the room. Sheila finished shaving my underarms and then told me to sit on the table where she placed a towel under me. She then got her scissors and began trimming my bush so that it was more triangular and not wild looking around the edges. When she was finished I looked in the mirror and realized it did look much better but I was mystified as to why I needed my bush trimmed for my work here.

All was revealed when Sheila brought out my uniform. It consisted of a pinafore top attached to a skirt - a very short skirt! When she slipped the uniform over my head I could see the skirt didn't come down very far on me at all. I looked in the mirror and when I stretched up a little bit I could see the bottom of my bush and my cunt lips! I told her I couldn't wear this thing but she told me to get used to it. I then had a second look at the top. The pinafore straps were about 2" wide and came over my shoulders and were fixed to the top of the skirt. There was nothing between the straps in the front nor the back and it was just like having two pieces of ribbon over my breasts. Looking in the mirror I could see both sides and most of my breasts was visible around the shoulder straps and although my nipples were covered I knew any false move would have my breasts swinging free and totally exposed. Because my breasts are reasonably large I had this cleavage showing with the top of the skirt very low slung on my hips. My navel was clearly visible above the skirt top.

Sheila had me walking around the room as she watched to see if my breasts came out of the straps but amazingly enough they remained hidden as far as my nipples were concerned. I asked her about panties and she said I wouldn't be wearing any! I was upset and wanted to run home but the thought of the money stopped me from leaving. Sheila took me into Bart's room and as she left he came over to me and kissed me again. This kiss was much more passionate than the others and he held me tightly. He then moved back a little and touched my breasts on the outsides and, when he pushed them, the nipples sprang into view between the straps. I tried to cover them up but he told me not to and so he looked at me almost naked!

He then told me I had to expect a bit of handling from the customers but there were bouncers all over the Inn and they would see that no harm came to me. He told me it was O.K. for the customers to play with my tits and if they wanted to cop a feel under my skirt I was to let them. If, however, they wanted me to sit on their laps and they had their cocks out, I wasn't to sit on them! I was to call the bouncer and he would toss out the offender. I wasn't liking what I was hearing but knew I had to go through with this if I was to earn enough money. Bart kissed me again and played with my tits before telling me to go and join Sheila and she would show me what to do.

I was terribly self-conscious walking through the Inn looking for Sheila without any panties on and my breasts swinging as I walked. I sort of steeled myself and kept on telling myself I could do this and the most important thing was the money I would be earning. I found Sheila and she told me I looked good and should get a lot of tips from the customers. She told me there was nowhere for me to put my tips on my uniform so they had containers at the back where we could safely leave our tips. She said, "If you play up with the customers you can be pretty sure of getting up to $100 in tips each shift plus what you are paid as your wage. If you want to earn really big money you can work the men as you wish but you will have to charge them the going rate! I will tell you all about that later." And so I was initiated into the Gambler's Inn as a hostess! Sheila showed me how to hold my tray for the drinks up in the air so the customers could see my tits and that would attract more tips.

I held my tray as I had been instructed and walked out amongst the men who were gambling at the tables and the machines. The first man I approached for a drink order told me he wanted a drink but I should pull my right breast out of the uniform and let him look at it - he would then give me a tip! I knew somehow I just had to do these dreadful things so I grabbed the material of my pinafore top and pulled it to one side so he could see all of my breast! He thanked me and gave me $5 and I left him to get his drink! This was my first tip and my first exposure in the Inn! All up I collected $40 in tips from the men wanting me to expose my breasts. One man gave me $10 for pulling both straps apart and showing both of my breasts. After the first couple of hours it didn't seem so bad showing my tits to men especially when they were giving me money for it. Right up to 9pm no body had attempted to touch me under my skirt although Sheila told me someone would certainly do that before the shift was over. Soon after, while I was placing a drink on a table for a customer, he slipped his hand under my skirt between my legs and touched my cunt! I don't know how I stopped from yelling but I just stood there moving my legs slightly apart to let him feel me. He only played with me for about 10 seconds before I decided that was enough and moved back. It turned to him and looked into his eyes and he smiled and handed me $20 for the feel! Now I felt good! It really wasn't too bad having him touch my cunt. He did push one finger inside me and wriggle it around but nothing more so I reckoned it was worth the $20!

That was all the sexual activity for the shift but I had collected $60 in tips and there was more to come from my wages at the end of the week. This was great and no harm had come to me. When I got home, dressed in the clothes I had left in, Stan welcomed me home and asked how I had managed my new job. All I told Stan was that I had to serve drinks to the customers when they ordered them and that was all. He didn't ask about uniforms or anything like that so I was very relieved. I was so thrilled with my money but didn't tell Stan anything about tips and hid the money carefully. I was feeling very high perhaps because strangers had looked at my tits and handled my cunt and so I wanted Stan to make love to me but he didn't feel like it. I was very frustrated and so I played with my clit when he was asleep and came like that - it wasn't as good as making love but at least I came. I thought of the man who had placed his fingers inside me at work and that helped me cum quickly.

When I woke next morning I just couldn't believe how anxious I was for the morning to pass so I could go to work again. In the bathroom I looked at my naked body and wondered if I should shave my legs again but when I rubbed my hands on them I couldn't feel any stubble so I didn't shave them. My underarms looked alright too so I didn't shave them either.

Soon the morning passed and it was time to go to work. Stan kissed me with a light peck on the cheek and said, "Have fun!" as I left home - little did he know how much fun I would be having at work! At work I soon stripped naked and donned my uniform and then worked on my makeup to make me look attractive. Sheila said I looked good and told me to go and make lots of money. She told me before I left her that the more I played up to the customers the more money I could make and I should start playing up soon. I asked her what she recommended and she said, "Well, all the men like a nipple, either to look at or to suck! You can make your nipples more attractive if you paint just the nipple with red makeup paint which we have here - let me show you what I mean!" With that she pulled both of the straps from my shoulders and I stood naked to the waist in front of her. She took a bottle from a drawer and began painting my nipples. They certainly stood out because of the color but also the paint had some sort of stuff in it which made my nipples physically stand out proud! She told me I looked much better like that and I should flash my nipples often to get bigger tips! I covered my breasts with the straps and my nipples tingled as I walked out in the gaming room.

I decided to do as Sheila had suggested so when I walked up to the next customer who was sitting on his chair watching me, I pulled my strap aside and showed him my whole breast as I stood beside him. Once he had had a look I covered myself up and took his order. He paid for his drink and gave me $5 as a tip. This seemed to work O.K. so I tried it again soon after and got another $5 tip. With the first hour but flashing my tits and nipples I had collected $35 in tips alone. I knew this was what I wanted to do in the future because I could earn good money. One thing I noticed was that when the men looked at my tits as I flashed them they seemed content and didn't want to touch my cunt much to my relief - I wasn't comfortable with the men touching me there.

In the first 4 weeks at the Inn I collected almost $1,000 in tips plus my wage and I was on cloud nine! I had never been so happy. I had been working only 5 days each week and that gave me the weekends free to be with the kids and Stan. I still couldn't get Stan to make love to me very often and I was very, very frustrated and had to resort to playing with myself lots of times to get relief.

Bart called me into his office on the following Monday and congratulated me on my work. He told me the sale of drinks had gone up since I had begun working there and the money taken from the gambling had increased also. He then gave me a raise and told me I deserved it! I was thrilled. He then asked me if I wanted to earn even more money and, of course, I said yes. He then asked me how I felt about the men who touched my cunt in the gaming room. I was a little taken back by his question but answered truthfully when I said, "Well, at first I was very unhappy because I haven't had anyone except Stan touch me there but after a while I got used to it and now I don't mind. Why do you ask?" Bart's reply was "Well, the really big earnings come from working in the High Roller room which is where the big-time gamblers go. There they have lots of money and will easily part with it if you are prepared to let them play with your cunt. You won't have to fuck them to get big money - only let them play with you - but you have to be prepared to be handled quite a bit. We have lots of bouncers in the room and they will watch over you and stop any trouble but you will have to let the men play with you a fair bit. You will earn at least 5 times what you have been earning up to date!" I was a bit shocked at the thought of lots of men handling my cunt but Stan wasn't touching me there so perhaps I might enjoy it more than I thought! I asked Bart if I could go in the room for just one shift and see how I liked it with the option of returning to the gambling room if it wasn't what I liked! He agreed straight away and told me Sheila would set me up in the room - it wasn't an open room and it was necessary to be invited to play there and so the doors were locked. I would have a key so I could come and go as I wished. Bart then came over to me and kissed me hard and touched my breasts, pulling the straps down over my arms until I was naked to the waist. I didn't flinch as he played with my tits and nipples and then he slipped his hand under my skirt and touched my cunt! I didn't expect that but remained calm and let him play with me. He kissed me hard and told me I had passed the test and could start straight away. He told me the men liked to feel a wet cunt when they touched me so I should always make sure I was wet! I didn't think I would have a problem with that as I am usually quite wet.

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