tagBDSMDomestic Wife Ch. 07

Domestic Wife Ch. 07


All characters in this story are 18 years old or older. Heads up, this will be a shorter chapter. Hopefully I'll be able to write more later. Until then, thanks for reading and enjoy!


Outside the rain was pouring. It had been a long time since rained this hard. The crops needed it, Darcy thought; but it made for a dreary sort of day for her. She sat quietly, in her husband's armchair gazing out of the glass windowpane. The water droplets were racing each other to the bottom.

Beyond the house, Darcy could see that the sky was filled with dark grey and blue clouds. There was thunder in the distance, but she had not seen any lightning. She waited patiently for it. In a strange way Darcy had always found the lightning both beautiful and frightening. It was odd that something so powerful could be so short-lived. Even more interesting was its unpredictability, no one knew where the lightning would strike.

She heard her husband's voice behind her, muffled under the sound of her own thoughts. She turned around to see him standing just behind her with a cup of tea. The teacup was resting on a delicate saucer. She took ahold of it and resting the drink in her lap, she looked back up at Jesse.

"Drink that. You seem like you're not feeling well." Her husband said kissing her on the forehead.

Darcy sipped the hot liquid. It tasted like vanilla and chamomile. There was a hint of mint in there as well. When she was finished drinking her husband handed her a small book. He told her that he had been saving it as a surprise, and thought that now might be a good time to read.

Grabbing hold of the book, Darcy set her tea on the bookshelf and opened the book. It smelled like new leather. The binding was beautiful, she thought. Her husband laid comfortably on the bed in front of her, looking up at the ceiling.



"I'd prefer if you read aloud." He said, his fingers laced together behind his head.

"Oh," Darcy stated nervously.

She flipped back to the first page of the book and started over. This time she read with more diligence. Her sentences were slow and she stumbled over the words. It felt unnatural to read aloud. The sound of her voice tripping over syllables made her uneasy. She felt foolish, as if her inabilities were on display, as if she were letting her husband down. She wanted to stop. Jesse had worked so hard to help her; yet Darcy continued to stammer like a child over sentences that she would be able to understand perfectly if they'd only been read to her. It made her heart sink.

After a few more pages she closed the book and turned again to the window. The rain was still falling outside. It was loud on the tin roof above. Momentarily, she let herself be distracted from her disappointment. But she could only keep the feelings at bay for so long.

Darcy inwardly chided herself for being so slow to learn. If only her parents had thought it wise to teach her when she was young, she thought. Perhaps then her husband wouldn't have to make up for the deficit on his own. Inside Darcy's heart there was some subdued anger towards her parents. Why had they not thought it important for her to read? Had they doubted her intelligence, she wondered somberly.

Darcy had often wondered why so little was expected of her. Perhaps that was truly all she was capable of. She felt a pang of disappointment and regret at the thought. Darcy had told herself many times that she was not worth very much. She could think of many reasons why she was insignificant. Instead of going down her usual path of self-pity, she was drawn away from those thoughts by her husband's voice.

"How come you stopped reading, Darling?" Jesse said turning to face his wife.

Darcy shrugged silently in response.

"You weren't interested in the story?" He guessed incorrectly.

"It's not that," Darcy said quietly. There was another pause as her husband waited for her to continue. He'd wanted her to work on telling him when she was distressed so that he could try to help her. He stayed silent until she was ready to speak again. He could see that her eyes were filled with disappointment and shame.

"I prefer to not read aloud," she said with an air of finality.

"Well why not? You were doing fine Darcy," he said encouragingly.

She rolled her eyes, not believing a word he said. Of course he would never admit that his wife was dimwitted. There was an edge to her voice, "That's not true at all. Were you even listening?"

Jesse paused for a moment. Then he rose from the bed and walked towards Darcy, a serious expression on his face. He grabbed her jaw roughly, but not painfully, in his hand, forcing Darcy to make eye contact as he spoke.

"Do not roll your eyes at me Darcy," His voice was firm, "Your tone of voice right now is unacceptable. Do you understand me?"

Darcy hated that phrase. 'Do you understand me?' She couldn't image a more condescending thing to say to someone when they were being reprimanded. She turned her head away from him, breaking the grasp his hand had on her. Folding her arms, she stayed silent and refused to look at him. It was hard to look at him when she knew she was in the wrong. She just couldn't help feeling defensive around him. He was so much more intelligent than she was. He was so much stronger, and wiser, and more patient. He never stumbled over his words or looked foolish. Why was it always so easy for him, she wondered jealously.

"Darcy that's enough," Her husband told her sternly, then his voice softened, "Tell me what's the matter. You aren't acting like yourself at all."

Her eyes were full of tears when she turned back to look at him. She knew she was being rude. She'd expected him to smack her across the face because of how she was acting. That's what would have happened at her family's home. Instead, he spoke to her tenderly. The softness in his voice broke her heart. She knew she didn't deserve to be treated so sweetly, it would have been much easier if he'd just started hurting her. At least then she'd know that she'd earned his response.

"Darcy what is it?" He repeated, pulling her back to the moment. His voice was pained now. He brushed her cheek, drying her tear with his thumb, "Please don't cry sweetheart."

"I can't do it." Darcy admitted defeatedly.

"You were doing fine. I told you that."

"No. I can't make you happy. You always have to teach me everything and I can't offer you anything in return," Darcy said not able to look him in the eye, "You need someone smart."

Her husband wore a concerned look on his face. He shook his head, thinking. He knew he needed to encourage his wife to think positively about herself. There were so many qualities of hers that he found charming, so many things that he valued.

"Darcy," he said finally, "look at me."

Her eyes connected with his and he continued speaking to her firmly. "You will not speak like that. Is that clear? You are not to talk badly about yourself."

Darcy nodded weakly. Suddenly she felt her husband's lips pressed softly against her own. Perhaps, if he connected her physical pleasure to these positive ideas, it might help her to see herself differently. His thumb was on her clit. Despite everything she'd been thinking, the feeling took over and she let out a little moan.

"Did that feel good?" Jesse asked.

Darcy nodded again, this time looking at him.

"Do you want me to make you feel good Darcy?"

"Yes, please."

"Then tell me something good about yourself."

Darcy paused for a moment, thinking of what to say. It was so much easier to list the things she disliked about herself. Those things, she thought were the most pronounced and obvious. It was difficult to think of some good things. She pondered for another moment.

"I'm a hard worker?" she said unsure.

"I'm sorry," Jesse said, still not touching her, "Was that a question? I asked you to tell me something that you know is good about yourself."

"I'm a hard worker." Darcy said more confidently this time.

As soon as she'd uttered the sentence, she felt her husband begin to play with her clit. But, it was only a brief moment of pleasure. She looked up at him again, begging him silently to touch her again.

"I need to hear you tell me something else you like about yourself."

"I like..." her voice trailed off in thought, "my voice when I sing."

He began teasing her clit again. By now, the place between her legs was getting warmer. But just as she started to close her eyes and give in to the pleasure, he stopped. Darcy's eyes blinked open. She knew she had to come up with something else good to keep him going.

"I'm resourceful."

She moaned, feeling her pussy start to get wet and hot. Like clockwork, he'd stop as soon as she started to really enjoy the feeling. Darcy racked her brain for another good feature she possessed.

"I'm obedient and selfless."

"Two. Good job Darling." her husband encouraged her, "Keep going."

Darcy kept listing as many good qualities as she could. She was sweet. She was curious. She was loving. She wanted him to keep touching her, but eventually she ran out of things to say.

"Darcy, if you want to come, you have to tell me some more of your good qualities. You haven't mentioned hardly any of them."

"Like what?"

"No. I want you to say them, not me. I need to see that you can point them out. I don't want you to think they're true just because I say them." He paused, "If you want to stop for tonight so you can think more, we can do that. But believe me; you are not coming until I hear a much longer list."

A tense silence filled the room as Darcy thought of something else to say, but it was very difficult for her. She felt strange listing these qualities about herself as if they were sexy. Many of them seemed to be very minor, unimportant things. Still, she kept trying to think of something to say.

"I can cook well," she said timidly.

"That's good," her husband commended her, still not touching her pussy. "But I want to hear about your character. You can do so many things well Darcy, but that's not what makes you important."

Darcy was discouraged at his response, "I'm not sure what you want me to say then."

With that, her husband took his hand off of her and placed her dress back down over her legs. He gently cupped her face and kissed her softly.

"Then you've got your work cut out for you." He smiled, "Tell you what. I'm going to keep a list for you. Each time you think of something you like about yourself, you tell me and I'll write it down. I'll post the list on the wall, somewhere easy to see, that way you'll have it there to remind you. While I'm gone, you can practice writing those words. And if you come up with something new, I might even let you come."

Darcy accepted his challenge. The next day she stared at the list on the wall. The letters were displayed neatly, in her husband's handwriting. Darcy looked at her own handwriting. She'd been practicing writing her list for two days and still was having trouble adding anything to the list.








Sure she could think of many nice qualities for a woman. She could have added something to the list any time she liked. Smart, funny, important, vivacious, or attractive might have been nice additions; but none of them felt truthful. She couldn't write something she felt was a lie.

"Honest," she whispered aloud. She smiled, thinking of how happy Jesse would be when he came home. For the past two days he'd looked so discouraged when she was unable to add anything to the list and his disappointment only served to make Darcy feel even more worthless. But this time, she would make him proud.

When he walked through the door that evening, he looked tired and dirty from his work. Darcy was sitting at the table. Her posture looked different to him, but before he could ask his wife about her day, she spoke up.

"I'm honest," She said smiling.

The initial look of confusion shifted to pride as he placed at the list on the wall. Walking over to his wife, Jesse kissed her. His lips were soft at first, then insistent. His wife's soft tongue moved against his in a way that made his cock twitch. She tasted sweet. All he could think about was how he'd give her an orgasm tonight.

"Very good." He said when he broke away from her, "I'll add that to your list."

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You should focus on him breeding her and putting more babies in her after the first. Dominant but loving breeding is the hottest erotica.

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Loved it

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This part of the story warms my heart . Thank you

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