tagMind ControlDomina Shelle's New Hypno Boy Ch. 03

Domina Shelle's New Hypno Boy Ch. 03


He took a deep breath in and began to feel the numbness slowly fading from his body. His cock was still hard, and the fogginess of the arousal associated with it was slower to subside than his mind coming out of trance. The recordings She had given him were listed in order of days. There was one for each day of the week and every time he fought listening to them on their proper day, he began to feel himself freer of Her in his mind. Then he would get an email or other message from Her. Despite his best efforts he would read the message and find himself on his knees before images of Her as his cock always responded and took over. Commands from Her to stand in the corner and edge himself seemed ludicrous and he would keep thinking how silly it was as he faced the line where two walls met and pulled up and down on his cock.

The whole thing was ridiculous, but he would fall into trance to Her voice. Masturbate without cumming to images of Her online. A part of him would always make himself feel better telling himself that it was just an escape. Merely a little time to himself where he could escape the pressures of his life. The other part worried as the pleasure coursed through him as he completed tasks She had given him. That was the part that always brought him back to Her. Back to Her voice. Back to her commands and suggestions which he carried out without hesitation.

It was Thursday and he had just finished the recording marked for that day. Sunday's were his favorite, for in that recording he was finally allowed release. That was the only day unless She had given some special task, or he had found a way to please Her. And he did find himself thinking of ways to please Her. As much as he told himself he was being foolish or an idiot, or a hundred other things it did not matter, he would do it. He would do it for Her. He had listened to Her recordings and She had told him he was being brainwashed and now it did not matter to him that She had brainwashed him. He embraced a fantasy he had over and over again by different women saying they were going to control him through his cock, but now it seemed that fantasy had turned into reality. She was making it his reality.

Just the thought of feeling like She was controlling him through his cock made his cock get hard and he longed to have Her fog his mind and make him feel good. She was not harsh or cruel. She did not demean him with Her words. So sweet and tender, Her voice would come to his ears and he could not resist it.

He raised himself out of his bed and went to his computer to check his email before getting ready to head to work. As he opened his inbox there was a message from Her. The excitement was instantaneous. The thought of reading Her words sent shivers through his body and he clicked on the message. The message was short: 'your time has come My pet. Tomorrow evening after work you will find yourself wanting to follow the directions below so you can come before Me. It's so sweet the way you will try and resist but I look forward to seeing you on your knees before me tomorrow evening.*giggles*'

Looking below he saw directions that ended with an address. The anticipation made him tremble. As he read Her words again he felt his resistance crumble again and knew it would be a long day and a half as he thought about not going, then feeling the strong desire to see Her. The thought of being near Her made his libido fire up all over again. If he dwelled on the thought of being in Her presence he would fall into the bliss he loved so much. The rush that came again and again in waves. The bliss of submission. The bliss of being conquered by a woman, exploited by his sexual desires for Her.

'yes Domina.' Was his reply to Her email. He started typing ten different replies but felt incapable of sending Her anything but compliance. So that is what he did.

The day at work seemed to drag forever as the thoughts of Her kept plaguing him. What was he going to walk into? What was it She ultimately wanted from him? As much as he wanted to ask Her he did not reply to the email again. The night would have been much the same had he not used a sleep file She had given him on loop to keep him under. He almost called in sick and left early that day to get the anticipation over with, but he knew better. There was another email that morning with only a subject line 'Don't forget your Friday file My pet'. He complied as he had become accustomed to doing. Once his trance was over and he felt more relaxed he headed off to work.

Friday felt twice as long as Thursday, but he managed to get through it. He nearly ran to his car at the end of the day and found himself following the driving directions She had left him. He put the address in his GPS but the system could not pinpoint it, so he stuck to the directions. The drive was less than an hour but took him way out into the suburbs and finally down a dirt road shrouded with trees that was not well lit in the approaching darkness.

About a mile down the dirt road the woods began to clear and there stood a house. Not overly large, but not small either, the house had a covered porch that went around the entire structure. He parked next to another car in front of the house and found his body tingling and his stomach doing somersaults as he approached the front door. He tried to keep his hand from shaking as he rapped it on the door and waited.

It only took a few moments before the door opened and he saw Her smiling face, "hello pet," She greeted him with that sweet voice.

"Hel...hello Domina," he replied unsteadily.

Her red lips upturned into a smile as She gestured for him to come in. She was wearing tight-fitting black exercise pants and a loose pink t-shirt. Trying his best not to take in as much of Her as he could he walked through the threshold. Hearing the door shut he turned back to Her waiting for Her lead as to what he was supposed to do. She said nothing, merely walked past him and out of the foyer of the house through a doorway.

He followed Her enjoying the sight of Her legs in the black pants. As had become its habit his cock started to harden as he gazed at Her. The next room appeared to be a den of sorts with a divan chair at the far end that had a book resting on it, 'The Good Girl's Guide to Domination'. "Come in pet, I was just brushing up on a few things," She said with a smile as She sat down in the chair. She leaned back in the chair and stretched Her legs out along the length of it.

He hesitated to enter fully into the room and She laughed softly, "I know you're trying your best to resist pet," there was a gleam in Her eyes as She continued, "but I think you'll find very little will to resist Me anymore." He was almost unaware of the tingling sensation moving through his body as She spoke. "you know that pleasing Me is all you really desire to do." He slowly moved into the center of the room.

Picking up the book She looked him up and down, "you seem so...clothed pet." Her words stirred something in him and he thought about disrobing. His hands moved of their own accord as he began to undress, "that's better pet," She continued. "Doesn't it feel good to please Me?" The all to familiar waves of pleasure coursed through him and Her gaze traveled down his body as he pulled off his underwear freeing his almost fully erect cock which brought a soft giggle from Her, "looks like it does." She laid back a pulled the book up in front of Her face, "feeling any particular urges pet?" she asked.

When he heard Her words the thought of kneeling down at Her feet came powerfully into his mind. Moving across the room aware of his nakedness, he knelt on the carpeted floor by the chair in front of Her feet. Her lovely feet and manicured toes looked so beautiful. Not a normal fetish for him, he was caught off balance by the urge he had to kiss them. She said nothing for the next thirty minutes? An hour? The room had no clocks and his cell phone had been left in his pants, so he did not know the time. He merely knelt by Her. He took in Her feet, Her legs. He found Her red nails and hands to be as beautiful as the rest of Her. He tried to keep thoughts of one of those hands moving up and down his cock out of his mind but failed miserably. How many times had the fantasy of Her doing just that run through his mind?

Suddenly She spoke again, "still excited pet?" She asked.

"Yes Domina,' he responded.

"Good pet," She sat up and looked down at him, "time for Me to get some information out of you pet." She stood up and walked from the room. He stood up and followed Her, still painfully aware of his nakedness. She walked down a hallway and turned into a doorway. As he walked into the room he saw a small nightstand and a full-sized bed. Other than that, the room had one small dresser along one of the walls.

"This will be Your room for the weekend pet," She gestured towards the bed. "Now lay down so I can start the process of finding out what I need to know."

He walked over and laid on the bed as She had asked. He watched as She slowly made Her way towards him. All he could think was how beautiful She was. Her lips, Her legs in those tight pants, everything about Her captivated him. She climbed slowly onto the bed and moved up beside him draping one leg over his as She levered Herself up to She could look down at him. He gasped as he felt Her hand take a hold of his cock, "now you get your fantasy pet," She said as Her hand began to move up and down. "I am going to edge you over and over again tonight pet and ask you some questions," She laughed softly, "I know you would answer my questions anyway but the hotter I make you the more you'll volunteer."

He was in heaven. She had Her hand on his cock and he felt the smooth material that encased Her leg as she draped it over him, occasionally sliding it along his thigh. "Is this one of your fantasies pet?"

His body shook, "yes Domina, " he whispered. The movement was heaven. He was falling into the bliss embracing it even more now that it was a reality. He felt the rush as an orgasm started only to have Her stop. His chest heaved, "that's right pet," She soothed him, "just take some deep breaths and we will start again." His mind was already a fog and it only became more clouded as She stoked the flames inside him. At one point he thought he may have tried to bring himself pleasure which resulted in Her securing his hands with soft ropes to each of the posts on the headboard of the bed.

He was not sure if She was hypnotizing him but that was nothing new. He wondered later if the fuzzy memories and forgetfulness was from Her edging him so many times or from trance. The pleasure was more than he had ever experienced. He wanted to stay in the state forever. The questions kept coming but he could not remember what they were or even what answers he had given Her. At times She would stop stroking and coax him to hump Her hand letting him get close before pulling Her hand away. She teased him mercilessly, taunting him with the thought of allowing him to release, but that She would ruin the orgasm. She also offered to milk his prostate, She was a nurse she reminded him and let him know it might end some of his frustration.

He did not know what was up and what was down after a time. Did She milk him? Did he say he wanted that? What fantasies was he sharing with Her? How far down the rabbit hole had She taken him?

He remembered little and then it was morning. She was untying his hands as She leaned over his bed. She wore a short black silk robe that showed off Her beautiful legs. "There is a list of things on your nightstand pet that I have wanted to do but just have not gotten around to doing," She stepped back and looked at him as She held up a flash drive, "and this has all of your confessions from last night," She giggled as She slipped it in the pocket of Her robe.

"Maybe after you make us breakfast some of the items on the list might be of interest to you," She turned and walked from the room.

He picked up the list and read it over. Things outside the house which had a note suggesting one do them clothed as opposed to the cleaning inside the house which had no mention of clothes. He rose out of bed, list in hand and tried to figure out which task he would complete for Her first...

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