tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDominance Ch. 2

Dominance Ch. 2


"Mary, have Mike Fisher come to my office," and she sat back and thought about how she would go about this. As she thought, she heard a knock at her door, "Come in," she said sternly and Mike walked in and closed the door behind him and strode over to her desk, "Sit down Mike," she said with a hint of a smile. She checked him out as he walked around the chair to sit; he was quite handsome and fit too.

"Mike, we have been looking into downsizing the company," she saw him shift in his chair and she knew this was going to work, "I have some reports that your department is a little heavy on employees and I'm trying to determine who should get the pink slip," she paused to let it sink in.

"Please Ms. Cochran, I need this job badly," he said as he once again shifted in his chair, and she decided to press onward, "Is there any limit to what you would do to keep your job?" she asked and sat back to watch his expression.

"No ma'am, I'll work extra hours, whatever it takes to keep my job, my family depends on me."

She smiled a little smile, "Report back here to me at 5, I'll make a decision then," she said and he got up and left, she watched his tight ass as he walked away. The thought of grabbing that tight ass and pulling his cock into her mouth was too much, "Mary, get in here!" and Mary ran into the office.

"Pull your skirt up and let me see you cum Mary," the order took her by surprise, things had gone well after yesterday and she didn't understand why her boss would become so demanding, but she lifted her skirt and spread her legs and began to finger herself, not really enjoying it though. Constance walked over and opened her blouse and began to play with Mary's tits, which helped Mary concentrate and soon Mary could feel her juices building. Constance bent down and took one of Mary's nipples in her mouth and sucked hard, making Mary explode in an orgasm.

Beads of perspiration appeared on Mary's forehead, "Did you like that Mary?" and her secretary slowly pushed her skirt down, "Yes, ma'am," she replied. "Mike Fisher will be here at 5, I want you to be here also, that's all," and Mary walked out, smoothing her skirt as she did.

At 5, Mike showed up and Mary brought him into the office, "Close and lock the door Mary," Constance ordered and Mary obeyed and took a seat on the divan while Mike sat in the chair.

Constance walked around the desk and leaned back against it directly in front of Mike, "I don't like to see anyone lose his or her job Mike, ask Mary. She and I came to an arrangement and perhaps you and I can also," and Mike turned to see Mary's red face as she blushed.

"Mary, why don't you tell Mike about our arrangement," Constance asked and Mary dropped her pad and pen on the floor, "Ms. Cochran! I don't think we need to go into that," and she busily tried to pick up her items she had dropped. Constance smiled at her nervous secretary, "Mike, Mary has given her body to me for my pleasure, and she's quite good also.

This token has saved her job, are you willing to make the same sacrifice?" and Constance waited for his reply, "But, Ms. Cochran, I'm married!" Mike blurted out and looked to see Mary crying at having been found out.

"I don't want to marry you Mike, I just want the use of your body. The fact that you're married has no consequence to me, yes or no?" and she sternly looked into his brown eyes, waiting for a reply.

"But Ms. Cochran, I can't possibly..." and Constance cut him off in mid sentence, "Mary, draw up his termination papers," and she moved to walk behind her desk, "Wait Ms. Cochran, you can't mean it," he said in disbelief, "Oh, I mean it Mike, clean out your things."

A dead silence fell over the office as Mike sat there and held his head in his hands, "You can go Mike," she said and he stared at her for awhile, "Who would know about this?" he asked, "You, me and Mary," she said.

He thought a long time, "Do you swear?" he asked, because if anyone else found out...." And he cut himself off. Constance could see the fire in his eyes and she knew that he was one to be reckoned with, so she resolved to keep their little secret, she pushed the phone across the desk at him, "Call your wife and tell her you're working late," and Mike nervously dialed the phone.

Constance had to admit that he sounded very convincing on the phone and as he hung up, she pulled the phone back, "Mary, why don't you help our new playmate undress?" and she smiled at Mary's apprehension, "I said now Mary!!" and Mary jumped up and began undressing her coworker.

Mary was still quite inexperienced with men and Constance had been her first female and her nervousness showed as she fumbled with Mike's buttons, finally he helped her. Mike was now naked from the waist up and Mary got on her knees to take off his shoes and socks and then reached up and undid his pants, tugging them down and off, leaving him naked except for his shorts and Mary hesitated, "What are you waiting for Mary?" Constance asked and Mary bashfully reached up and pulled Mike's boxers down his legs, his cock hung there before her face.

As Mary pulled them off of his feet, his cock slapped her in the face and she jumped back, "Stay where you are Mary. Mike, do you like blowjobs?" Constance asked and Mike shook his head yes, "Mary, suck his cock. Get it hard for me and then I'll take over," and again Mary hesitated, "Now Mary!!" and she took his cock in her hands and rubbed it over her lips, feeling it begin to grow at her manipulations until it stood out from his groin a full 8 inches, "Put it in your mouth Bitch!!"

Constance ordered and Mary reluctantly opened her mouth and let the head slide in. Constance could tell that Mary didn't have much experience at this either as Mike's cock entered her throat and she gagged, but she noticed that Mike was beginning to get turned on, but why not? To have a beautiful young woman sucking your cock, even if she wasn't that great at it. Constance decided to help out, so she strode over and got on her knees beside Mary and told her to watch and learn.

She took Mike's cock away from Mary and licked the shaft from the tip to his balls and then gingerly slid it between her lips, she could tell that her mouth made a difference as Mike began to thrust into her mouth now, burying his hard cock in Constance's throat now. She knew how to take it and the feelings of a man's cock imbedded in her throat caused her flashbacks, to the car and Robert's cock. Robert had taught her well and she had even managed to improve on what he taught her and she thought how proud he would be of her.

She glanced over and Mary was taking it all in as Constance swallowed Mike's cock and she heard him moan, the first clue that her rewards were near. She reached down and massaged his balls, trying to milk the cum from them and all of the sudden, Mike grabbed her head, thrust all the way in and filled her with his hot cum. She swallowed the first spurts, but the rest she kept in her mouth. Little droplets hung from the corners of her mouth as she sought to drain the remainder from his cock.

When she had finished and withdrew his cock, she grabbed Mary and kissed her, depositing part of Mike's cum in Mary's mouth, forcing her to swallow it. When she had enjoyed Mary's mouth enough, she withdrew from it and licked her lips, "Now, wasn't that good?" she asked Mary and Mary let a hint of a smile cross her lips.

She looked up at Mike and saw that he was quite taken with her talents, for someone opposed to all of this, he seemed quite smug, after all, he had two beautiful women to service him, but he in turn would have to service them also. She told Mary to strip and Mary took off her clothes and stood before her as Constance was amazed at the tight body all over again.

"Now, take what I've shown you and get him hard again," she told her and Mary went to work on Mike's semi hard cock, licking up and down the shaft before taking it between her lips. Constance took this time to undress, the fire burning in her pussy as she watched her secretary suck Mike's cock, and watching it grow hard once more.

Once naked, she leaned against the desk and fingered herself, while watching Mary work and paying close attention to Mary's sweet ass as she bobbed on Mike's hard cock. She told them that it was time to let the fun begin and told Mary to get on her back on the floor, which she did with very little hesitation this time. Mike stood there and watched the young woman's body spread out before him, he had to admit that she was very attractive. Constance walked over and stood before Mike, running her hands over her auburn curls and asked him if he would like a piece of ass.

"Yes, Ms. Cochran," he said and he told him to choose, her pussy or Mary's ass, and Mary jumped up, "No, not that!" and Constance told her to lay back down and shut up. Constance could see Mary shake at the thought of a cock in her ass, especially one as big as Mike's, "Well, which will it be?" she asked him and he looked at the both of them, "I'll have Mary's ass," he said and Mary began to cry. Mike's wife had always denied him her ass, so he jumped at the opportunity to finally get one and his cock seemed to get even harder in anticipation.

Constance went to her private bath and returned with some lotion and told Mike that since this was Mary's first time, to coat her ass good. Mike took the lotion and squirted it onto Mary's crotch, working it towards her ass hole. "I think maybe it would hurt less if you were on your hands and knees Mary," she said and she prompted Mary to roll over. Mike took the lotion and applied some more to Mary in her new position and then coated his cock as well as he moved in behind her.

Mary shivered as she felt the head of Mike's cock against her ass and he slid off several times from the lotion before connecting with her virgin ass. Mary cried out as his cock head entered her tight hole, "You need to relax Mary," Constance told her, "It will hurt a lot less if you relax," and Constance moved in front of Mary and sat on the floor, scooting up under Mary's body and she dried her tears and drew her head to her own pussy where Mary began to lick and suck, trying to forget the invader from behind.

Constance grabbed Mary's head and moved it tight against her snatch, as she was impressed at how well Mary had learned to do this. Each time Mike would push a little more in, Mary would stop eating for a moment and then return, the distraction was working. Soon, Mike had all of his cock buried inside of her and Mary was eagerly eating her boss' pussy as Mike withdrew and slowly reinserted himself.

He reached over and grabbed the lotion, applying some to his cock when it was out, before he pushed back in. Mary's mouth was beginning to feel quite delightful now and Constance began to moan, joined by Mike's moans at his first ass.

Soon, Mary too began to moan as Mike's addition of lotion soon kept her well lubricated and she even thrust back some. Mike couldn't hold out any longer and he buried himself in Mary's tight ass and grabbed her waist as he pumped his hot jism into her tight ass. Mary came also, screaming into Constance's pussy as she did and then eating her boss harder, wanting her to cum also. Her talented little secretary soon got her reward as Constance bucked and sprayed her juices into Mary's mouth and Mary began to fuck Mike with her ass some more.

The feelings were new to Mike and Mary and they both enjoyed them, Mike's cock beginning to harden once more with Mary's hot ass around it. Constance crawled out from under Mary and made Mike come out of Mary, "Lie down on your back Mike, I want your cock now," she said, seeing some disappointment in Mary's eyes.

She stroked Mike's cock a few times and climbed over it, slowly lowering herself onto it, guiding it inside of her. Constance was on the verge of orgasm already, it having been so very long since she had felt a cock there and she slowly lowered herself until it was all in her and she held it there, biting her lip in ecstasy.

"Climb on his face Mary, let him eat you," she cried out and Mary needed no coaxing as she quickly mounted his face. Constance reached out and kneaded Mary's small tits as she began to ride Mike's cock, 'The best of both worlds,' she thought, feeling Mike fill her pussy with each downward thrust and Mary's small nipples hardening in her hands. Constance saw Mary's face brighten as Mike feasted on her and she played with her nipples and Mary reached out and played with hers also, making it even more pleasurable.

The cock and the stimulation to her tits were too much and Constance shook from her orgasm, squeezing Mary's nipples as she came. Mike was not long behind her as she felt his hot cum shoot up into her and slowly drain out. She got up and pulled Mary's head down on Mike's cock and Mary licked and sucked him clean before she too came, all over his face.

All three of them collapsed on the floor, spent as Mary noticed the time, "We'll resume this later on people," Constance said just like she was talking about a board meeting.

They all dressed and left together, each one of them sporting a huge smile. Constance held many more after hours sessions and Mary became quite good at all aspects of sex. Constance never revealed her intimate office encounters and went on to be appointed corporate executive and moved to Omaha. Mike and Mary still met once a week to carry on the sex their boss had started.

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