Dominance Reversal


This is my first story and would like feedback. I have plans to add a lot more to this as a series. Let me know what you think! :)

5:00 AM

Cindy was lying in bed next to me. Man does she have an amazing body. It's a shame that she's totally shy and doesn't really appreciate what she has. Once we got married, I talked her into getting breast implants. She had pretty nice tits, but B cup is just too small for me. I like my women with large, full breasts. She still hates me for having her do that. Not only did I have her get implants, not too long after I had her go down and get laser hair removal. She sometimes wouldn't be on top of her upkeep which annoyed me, so I had her get it done. All at her expense, of course. You see, I just work for the bank and I don't make nearly enough to have my wife get these things done. Cindy is a trust fund baby and when her grandfather passes she inherited nearly thirty million. I probably wouldn't have stuck around and married her if I knew she wasn't completely loaded.

I jolt up out of bed as my cell rings in the living room. Cindy doesn't move a muscle. I answer the phone; it's Sarah on the other line. "Hey, I told you not to ever call me, I'll call you!" I whisper in an angry tone. "No, she's still asleep, I'll be right over." I snap my phone shut and begin getting dressed quietly to be sure not to wake up Cindy. I check on Cindy one last time to make sure she's asleep before I sneak out of the house. I don't need her catching me. This happens a lot during the weekdays. I never thought Cindy would catch me, but boy was I wrong.

Nearly a week later I stroll into the house after a typical meeting with Sarah. When I walk into the house Cindy is waiting for me at the kitchen table. "Come join me." She beckons me in a very serious tone. I toss my keys down and sit down beside her and put my hand on her leg as I always would, but this time, she grabs my hand and throws it off her.

"What the hell is your problem?" I scold her.

"This is my problem Jake!" she says as she flings a plain folder in my face. "Take a look at these."

I grab a hold of the folder and open it up. My heart begins racing and my stomach drops.

"Honey I can explain this." I say as I look through the photos of Sarah and myself at Sarah's place.

"No need to explain shit. I'm not stupid, I know you and Sarah have been having an affair for weeks. I was just waiting for my private investigator to get the proof." She says.

"But Honey-" I cry.

"But Honey nothing!" she interrupts. "This is what's going to happen, I'm going to have to ask you to get out of here. We might even get a divorce." She says.

"Hey wait, I don't want a divorce, I'll do anything to make this better, ANYTHING!" I cry out.

"Hmm, I was hoping you'd say that." She says very coyly. "Anything eh?

"Yes ANYTHING!" I blurt out again.

"Ok, this is what we're going to do. First, you're going to have to quit your job. Secondly, you're going to have to stay at home and do whatever I say. And lastly, you're going to have to go take a shower while I prepare your Punishment." She says. I just keep my mouth shut, nod, and do as she orders.

After spending nearly ten minutes in the shower, I cut off the water and dry myself off. I wrap a towel around my waist and head out into my bedroom. When I arrive, Cindy is sitting on the bed with a box next to her. She is wearing the sexiest lingerie I've ever seen her wear. She was wearing a corset that pushes her large breasts up making them look very delicious. She's also wearing a black garter belt, a black thong, and black lace hose with matching gloves that go get below her elbow.

"Come lie down" she orders in a seductive manner.

I sit down onto the bed right beside her and lay back and scoot my whole body up onto the bed.

"Very good." She says.

"What's in the bag?" I ask.

"You'll see soon enough." She says as she gets up on top of me.

She soon discovers my massive erection as she is straddling herself right on my cock.

"Oh my. It appears you like this." She says. I just nod. "Are you ready to see what's in the bag?" she says.

"Yes." Is all I can reply.

She reaches back and grabs the bag to pull it closer. Reaching in, she pulls out four Velcro cuffs.

"I already tethered up the ropes at the corners of the bed." She says and smiles.

"Oh, this is fun." I say really getting into it now.

She gets off me and walks around the bed, attaching all of the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. She tugs at the restraints after applying to each hand and foot making sure they're not loose.

"Are you ready to see what else is in the bag?" she asks me while grinning ear to ear.

"Oh my yes." I say trying to hide my excitement.

She reaches into the bag and pulls out a small box. She sets down the box and begins to open it up. She stops and looks over at my cock and sighs.

"One moment." She says as she darts off to the kitchen.

After about a minute she returns with a plastic bag full of ice and places it right on my pulsating, thick, nine inch long erection.

"What the hell, that's cold!" I shout out.

"Damn right it's cold, just like you have been to me." She blurts out.

I begin kicking and pulling my arms and realize I'm stuck. She begins laughing.

"Let me tell you what's going on. Right now you're stuck. What I got is a steel chastity cage that I picked up. It's going to be placed on your cock and balls and you will not be able to remove it. There is only one key and only I know where it is. I'll be putting it on your cock as soon as it goes down." She barks at me.

I try to plea but she interrupts.

"Things are going to be different around here. You're going to be taking orders from me now. You're not going to have any sexual pleasure for a really long time. You're going to be doing all of the house chores since you won't be working anymore and you'll be dressing differently to my taste. Effective starting tonight." She says as if she was briefing soldiers.

"Wait this isn't fair-" I cry out in tears.

"If you want to leave, if you want to stay, just nod and don't say a single word the rest of the night." She says as she cuts me off.

I nod.

"Well it appears your cock is ready for its cage" she says as she removes the ice from my cock.

She reaches back for the box and pulls out the device. She attaches it without any problem.

"All set." She says happily. "Oh almost forgot your clothes left in the bathroom. Need to toss those out since you won't be needing them anymore."

She walks off to the bathroom. My eyes follow her perfect ass as she leaves the room. "I wonder why she's tossing out ALL of my clothing." I think to myself. She returns shortly and begins to detach all of my restraints.

"Now it's time for bed. You got a long day ahead of you tomorrow with chores and what not. Sleep in the nude tonight, that's how you're going to be sleeping from now on anyways, naked except for your cage." She instructs.

She turns off the lights and crawls into bed with me. I crawl under the covers too and she is soon fast asleep. I lie there for hours, mostly sobbing at what just happened, and fearful for what tomorrow brings.


The next morning, I wake up to find Cindy is already gone. I crawl out of bed and walk to the bathroom. As I walk across the view of the mirror I stop dead in my tracks. I had already forgotten about the chastity belt. I immediately begin to try and remove it. Nothing works; it's really stuck on there good. Discouraged, I walk over to the toilet to relieve myself. My piss begins going everywhere and I have to sit down to pee. Like a girl. After cleaning up the mess I had made, I head to the kitchen to see if Cindy is there. She is not. I notice a letter on the table. It reads:

"Good morning Jake. I went out shopping and I'll be home around 11am. When I get home I expect you'll be dressed and already working on your chores for today. You don't have many chores to do today since it's your fist day. What I want you to do is:

1) Clean up the kitchen. Make it spotless.

2) Vacuum the house.

3) Take the trash out.

Easy load for today I think. Anyways I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Love, Cindy

P.S. I have your outfit for cleaning house in your closet. You had better be wearing it all before I get home or you'll be punished. You don't even want to know what the punishment is."

How odd I thought to myself. Sounds simple enough I think. I walk back into the bedroom and open up my closet. My jaw drops. All of my clothes are gone. Every last bit. Only thing in my closet is a pink bag. I pick it up and bring it to the bed. When I set it down and look inside, all I can see is hair. I pull it out and it appears to be a wig. It's a long haired blond wig. Puzzled I set it down and continue pulling out items from the bag. I pull out a set of thong panties, matching bra, and a French maid outfit that comes with panties and all. This can't be real I think to myself. I look to the clock, Cindy will be home in thirty minutes.

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A little short but well put together. I look forward to more stories.

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