Dominant Females


It's a well known fact that Hollywood is run by a bunch of half wits. However occasionally they do get one right and the decision to cast Rose McGowan on "Charmed" was one of those times where it was a perfect call. Having her, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs onscreen together is as pure a punch of pussy power that you will ever find. Why it's almost enough to make me tune away from my regular Thursday night viewing of "Smackdown."

So anyone who knows me knows that I have had had the lustful eye toward Rose McGowan for a long time now. When she was cast, a story from me was inevitable. I put some thought into it and wondered, what would Alyssa, Holly and Rose's first meeting be like? I think it would go something like this...

But first, it's time for the disclaimer. If you're reading this you must be over the age of 18 because lord knows that people under 18 aren't curious about sex and reading this might turn you into someone who wants to go out and have fun. Seriously, if you're under 18, hit the back bar and go someplace else. Hey I'll bet you can find a copy of "The Turner Diaries" online somewhere and read that with no problem.

Also, this is entirely fictional. While we would all like to imagine these three ladies can turn into lesbian sluts at the drop of a hat, it probably aint true. This is merely my fevered imagination and not reality.

Please please please send me feedback. That's what tells me people are reading my stories and without it I assume that everyone hates my stuff. Just tell me what you thought of it good or bad. Send feedback to me!

Now onto the fun...


Tom Petty said it best when he mumbled that, "The waiting is the Hardest part..." That was certainly the case here. It wasn't that what was coming couldn't yet be defined as a good or a bad thing. It was all the waiting and the uncertainty that went along with it that was unbearable.

Holly Marie Combs sighed as she continued to look out the window. Perhaps it was the sign of a short attention span, but she hated to wait. Nothing annoyed her more than being stuck not knowing what was going to happen. She didn't like waiting for answers or resolutions. She liked to know right away. The waiting here was killing her, if for no other reason than a lot of her future as an actress depended on it.

"Haven't you ever heard the expression a watched pot never boils?" a female voice spoke behind Holly as her arms encircled her waist from behind. "I think that applies to waiting for people too."

"I can't help it," Holly admitted while surrendering to the softness of Alyssa Milano's embrace. "You know how antsy I can get."

"Well maybe there's something I can do to make you feel better?" Alyssa purred her suggestion into her co-star's ear.

"Mmmmmm you're insatiable," Holly moaned as she felt Alyssa's lips softly kiss her neck, something her friend knew turned her on to no end. "But she's going to be here any second."

"I don't see why you're so nervous," Alyssa stated. "She's just another actress like you and me. She doesn't bite you know."

"Are you sure?" Holly asked with an arched eyebrow as she turned around to be face to face with Alyssa.

"Well maybe not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure," Alyssa admitted with a smile.

"Oh c'mon Lyssa, you've heard the same stories I have," Holly pointed out. "There's no other way to say it, this girl is weird."

"Hey, I've heard all the stories and yes I'll admit she seems a little off the beaten path, but don't let that bother you," Alyssa said. "With the Queen Bitch gone, this is our show now. If we don't like her or if she comes in with an attitude then we go right to Aaron and she's gone. It's as simple as that. With the money he's paying you and me now he'd better know who he should listen to."

Holly considered the words of her friend but she still wasn't convinced. There had been so many names bandied about after Shannen Doherty had taken her ego out the door and quit "Charmed." Alyssa and she had heard everyone from Jennifer Love Hewitt to the chick that used to be Punky Brewster mentioned. But none of those actresses had gone for the part and instead Aaron Spelling had settled on the ultimate wild card...Rose McGowan.

Holly couldn't even hear her name without thinking of her non-dress at the MTV Awards a few years ago, her strange independent movies and, most of all, her relationship with Marilyn Manson. Even though that was all over, it still hung over everything Rose did. Every article about her mentioned his name and it made Holly a little uncomfortable.

Aaron had thought it would be good for the three of them to get together and get a sense of each other before the contracts were made official. So Alyssa had arranged for a get together at her house for this sunny afternoon and now they waited, quite impatiently, for Rose to arrive.

"Girlfriend, you have got to relax," Alyssa insisted. "You sure I can't do anything to take your mind off this?"

Alyssa then proceeded to undo the button on Holly's jeans and slip her hand inside. Holly gasped and soon her head was filled with the delicious sensations only another woman could make her feel. She could already feel her pussy moistening in her panties and she knew if she didn't stop Alyssa now, before she knew it they'd be naked and in a wicked little 69. So, with great reluctance, Holly removed Alyssa's hands from inside her pants.

"Ohhhhhh you spoilsport," Alyssa playfully chided. "You owe me now, you know."

"I can't wait for you to collect," Holly replied while focusing on a wistful memory. "You know Alyssa I really miss how we used know..."

Holly let her own sentence trail off and it hung in the air for a moment before Alyssa responded.

"I know sweetie," Alyssa said. "I've missed you too. God we had some fun. You still get me so hot. I miss our little slumber parties."

"We were so wild..." Holly remembered as a blush spread across her face. "You'd always make me come so hard."

"You made me wild," Alyssa pointed out before hugging Holly tight again. "That hot little body of yours got me so wet."

Neither woman let her name pass their lips, but Shannen's spirit hung over their memories...adding hurt to what should have been wonderful, sexy remembrances. When the show began three years ago, they had all gotten along so well. Holly felt like Alyssa and Shannen really were her two sisters and they shared everything together. They were together through bad marriages, new loves, idiot boyfriends and all the victories or disappointments life could throw at them. Sleepovers became a constant thing in their lives and they pretty much behaved like a trio of silly teenagers again.

So Holly reasoned that it shouldn't have been much of a shock when they took their relationship a big step forward. The three of them had spent so much time together and gotten so close that sex seemed to be almost a natural extension of their friendship. Holly had never been with a woman so these had been scary new feelings, but she also knew that Shannen and Alyssa had made her feel better than any lover ever had. Soon those slumber parties had devolved into all night threesomes and with all that beautiful, naked girl flesh around it was pure bliss.

Unfortunately, when they became lovers, things had to change and they changed for the worse. Petty jealousies over men and stupid fights seemed to happen more often than not and Holly could see that they clearly drove a wedge between Shannen and Alyssa. Holly had tried to play peacemaker, but often it was to no avail. Shannen just seemed to grow more and more distant from them until the threesomes had turned into twosomes.

The breaking point had been mid season when the three had gotten together to go over some ideas for the future of the show. Holly could see that Alyssa was excited over the prospect of maybe drawing Shannen into the fold again, but it was not to be. Shannen came looking for a fight and boy, did she get it. An attempt at reconciliation between them went very badly and after Alyssa had tried an impetuous kiss on Shannen, she exploded.

"No! Get off of me!!!" Shannen had shouted as she pushed Alyssa off of her.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Alyssa demanded, her face flushed with the anger of rejection.

"I'm not like that anymore!" Shannen insisted.

"Like what! What are you not like?" Alyssa hotly asked while Holly shrank away and let them fight.

"I'm not a dyke!" Shannen declared, her words cutting like knives. "I'm not a pervert like you Alyssa!"

"What did you call me?" Alyssa screamed as she grabbed Shannen's arm forcefully.

"You're a fucking dyke Alyssa!" Shannen growled. "You and Holly can fuck each other silly if you want but leave me out of it!"

Holly gasped in horror as Alyssa reared back and slapped Shannen right across the face. Shannen rubbed her cheek in shock before running out the door and driving away into the night. They had managed to make it through the rest of the season, but for all intensive purposes it was over that night. Shannen was gone from the show and from their lives.

Holly never blamed Alyssa for what had happened. She knew how hurt she had been by Shannen's behavior and Holly had often suspected that Alyssa might even have been in love to some degree with their departed ex-friend.

Since Shannen barely spoke two words to them off-screen for the rest of their tenure, she and Alyssa had gotten even closer. She had seen up front how Shannen's rejection had crushed Alyssa and, even though she masked it under anger, she knew how much she missed her. Alyssa and Holly just hadn't been able to make it as a twosome. They had tried a few times, but it just wasn't the same. The spark Shannen had given them was gone.

However, Shannen was the past and Rose was the future. Holly had to admit she and Alyssa had had a lot of fun speculating who their co-star might be. Names like Denise Richards, Tiffani Thiessen and, especially, Jennifer Love Hewitt had brought about some lovely fantasies and even led to some spirited fucking between the two women. Perhaps a new type of threesome was to come. When Rose had been announced, Alyssa had been intrigued but shared a few of Holly's concerns about how the spirited, never conventional actress would fit in on their set.

Suddenly Alyssa's cell phone rang and she picked it up. It was her agent and Holly quickly went back to staring out the front window.

"No, she's not here Eric," Alyssa informed her agent. "I said I'd call you after she left, didn't I? Geez, take a fucking chill pill or something! She's not a serial killer. She's just an actress. I said I would call you to tell you how it went and that's exactly what I'll do."

Alyssa then ended the call and sighed.

"God damn it, he thinks she's going to come here and rape us or something," she said, shaking her head over her agent's concern. He had been very nervous when he found out Alyssa had invited Rose to her house. He had preferred they all meet in a restaurant or some other public place. Alyssa had reassured him time and time again that they'd be fine.

"Oh like you'd complain if she came over here and raped you," Holly teased. "You wouldn't be putting up much of a fight, believe me."

"Quiet bitch," Alyssa smiled. "And let me tell you something if anyone is going to be doing any raping it's gonna be me. She may think she's Miss Thang cause she likes to show her tits at awards shows, but she's never tangled with me before."

"Yeah you could take her out back for some topless gardening," Holly laughed, remembering Alyssa's recent confession to FHM Magazine.

"Oooooh lil Holly's feisty side is showing," Alyssa grinned. "I like that. I like that a lot."

"Maybe I'm just getting feisty thinking about the three of us upstairs in that bed of yours," Holly suggested. She wasn't a woman who was bold with her sexuality; in fact she was much more of a follower than a leader. But Alyssa had been helping her break out of that shell lately.

"Oh I don't know if she could handle us," Alyssa replied, her thoughts also turning to images of Rose naked in her bed as she and Holly gave her an official welcome to the show.

It wasn't hard for Alyssa to summon that fantasy. The truth be told, she could barely think of anything else. Ever since Rose's name had first made its way through the rumor mill she had taken on the starring role in Alyssa's daily morning masturbation in the shower. But she and Holly had agreed that this was not going to be that type of meeting.

Rose was new to them and they were new to Rose. Jumping into bed with a relative stranger was probably not the wisest move and Alyssa certainly didn't want any repeats of the Shannen Incident. Besides, they had no idea whether Rose ever entertained a sapphic thought in her head much less wanted to fuck them. There was just no reason to rush into things. Still that didn't stop Alyssa's mind from working overtime in the hot fantasy department. Alyssa couldn't help but think of Rose's movie "The Doom Generation." There had been a scene where she got together with two guys and Alyssa imagined that if she like that, maybe she'd get into her and Holly wearing strap ons.

The waiting was suddenly broken when a buzz announced that someone was at Alyssa's gate.

"Hello?" Alyssa said into the speaker.

"It's Rose..." a voice spoke back. Though the speaker didn't provide the clearest possible voice, it gave Alyssa and Holly their first live interaction with a voice that seemed surprisingly soft as if it could draw you in with sugar with the threat of poison always lying in wait.

"Ok, I'll let you in..." Alyssa replied and opened the automatic gate to her driveway. A few moments later a car pulled up and Holly was immediately impressed.

"Whoa..." she said softly.

"What? Is she wearing that MTV dress again?" Alyssa asked.

"Not quite," Holly replied as Alyssa joined her at the window. Together they watched as Rose cruised in behind the wheel of her Jaguar XKR convertible. Alyssa had wanted a car like that for so long and there was Rose driving up in a brand spanking new model. It was even the color she wanted, British Racing Green. Rose exited the car and, even though the convertible's roof was down, there wasn't a hair out of place on her head. She wore a loose, indigo sundress and a pair of sunglasses. She was also the sexiest thing Alyssa had ever seen.

"Whoa is right," Alyssa gasped. They hadn't even been introduced and Alyssa could just see there was something about her. It was apparent that Rose had this confidence and this attitude that made her instantly desirable, even from the outside. There was no better way to say it than to describe her as sex personified.

"Here kitty...kitty...kitty," Alyssa then said softly.

"We better open the door," Holly suggested, ignoring Alyssa's last comment and breaking them both out of their Rose induced trance.

"Riiiiiight," Alyssa replied, walking over to her doors and flinging them open before Rose even had a chance to ring the bell. "Hi Rose!"

"Hi yourself!" Rose smiled as she walked in the house. A purse was slung over her shoulder and Alyssa had trouble stopping herself from imagining how easy it would be to just slide the dress off her body.

"It's good to meet you Rose," Holly said as she wandered in.

"Good to meet you too," Rose replied. None of the three women were quite sure how to greet each other, so they merely engaged in quick little handshakes and left it at that...for now.

The three of them settled into Alyssa's living room with Rose sitting in a soft chair across from the couch where her two soon-to-be-co-stars sat. It was almost like an interrogation as they sat on the couch and tried to get a sense of Rose and what she was all about. But even as they stared at her, Alyssa and Holly also couldn't shake the sense that she was sizing them up too. It felt like Rose wasn't even worried whether or not she would fit in on the show and was instead deciding whether or not they were even worthy about being in her presence.

The awkward silence lasted a few endless moments before Holly finally broke the ice.

"So...Rose, that's some car you've got out there..." Holly said.

"Tell me about it," Rose replied. "Talk about a major splurge. I pretty much blew my whole signing bonus on that thing, but it's worth it. Sometimes a girl just needs have a ride with that much horsepower."

Rose just let that last comment hang in the air, letting them take it however they wanted to. Alyssa was the next to speak.

"Signing bonus?" she inquired, her mind focusing on that part of what Rose had just said.

" know for signing on the show," Rose explained. "I had to drop out of a film in order to get ready for the season so they gave me a nice bonus payment."

"Excuse me, they signed you already?" Alyssa asked, in disbelief. "You mean like officially and everything?"

"Yeah," Rose replied. "Is there a problem or something?"

" really..." Alyssa replied. "I...we...just thought we were going to have final approval or something."

"Well you didn't," Rose simply stated. "I'm all signed up, three year contract and everything. You didn't think this was like a job interview or something, did you? That's not the way I do things, girls. I've done all the auditions I'm going to do for this part, thank you very much."

"We didn't think that," Holly insisted, a little taken aback by Rose's attitude. "We just wanted to meet you and all. No one was interviewing you or anything. They just didn't tell us they'd signed you up officially, that's all."

"Well you two better talk to your agents or something, cause it looks like you two just got cut out of the loop," Rose said with the slightest of smirks crossing over her lips. It was gone in a second, but both Alyssa and Holly saw it. Holly also saw Alyssa's face tighten a little and her eyes flicker with the temper of hers that seemed to flash always at the worst time. She had to cut this off before anyone got slapped.

"I need a drink," Holly suddenly announced, the afternoon heat starting to get to her, despite the air conditioning. "Does anyone else want anything?"

"I'm fine," Rose said quickly, as if she was bored with the entire proceeding.

"I don't need anything," Alyssa replied as she stared at Rose, her face almost unsure of her emotions. Part of her was furious that this girl could walk into her house and act like she was the star and the other part just wanted to tear that sundress off and worship her naked body.

Holly quickly ducked into the kitchen and returned with a glass of ice water. She figured she and Alyssa would be needing something harder after Rose left, so she kept it simple this time.

As Holly rejoined Alyssa on the couch, Rose stifled a yawn and stretched her arms a little, pressing her body forward against her dress and giving a little tease of the curves that lay underneath. Rose had left Holly and Alyssa almost at a loss for words, they were having trouble getting to know her. It really didn't bother Holly that Rose had signed on, but she knew it aggravated Alyssa to no end. Holly took a long sip from her glass as Rose spoke.

"So...are we gonna fuck or what? I don't have all day, you know," Rose asked in such a direct and nonchalant manner that Holly practically choked on her water.

"Excuse me?" Alyssa asked, in disbelief.

"" Rose asked again slowly and with great relish. "I mean that is why you asked me here, right?"

"What are you talking about?" Holly asked, regaining her composure as Alyssa looked like she'd just swallowed her tongue.

"C'mon...Shannen and I had a long talk the other day," Rose informed her flabbergasted hosts. "She told me everything you did...everything. Well, she didn't exactly tell me everything. She just told me to watch out because you two were going to hit on me. So I guessed that all three of you had been together. She seemed really grossed out about it, but truthfully it really turned me on thinking about you three together. You know playing sisters onscreen and fucking each other offscreeen, I liked that. Seemed kind of kinky. So when you invited me here, I thought you wanted to initiate me to the cast or something."

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