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Dominated by a TS mistress


It was now a couple of years since my first and only meet with a tgirl. I met an Asian woman a few years ago and I was very much in control, she sucked me, I rimmed, fucked her and I promptly left. Being a straight guy I felt kind of weird about the experience and decided it would best be a one time thing, something to tick off and I forgot about it for a while. Eventually my initial curiosity started to grow again and I started to watch an increasing amount of TS porn and came across videos were tgirls would dominate guys. I was kind of shocked by this but also kind of turned on. It was something totally different to anything I had seen, let alone experienced and I found myself imagining what it would be like to be a toy for a dominant TS mistress. I began to look online on swingers sites looking at various mistresses who were looking for slaves but had never met any. The ones I liked the look of weren't in my city, plus I didn't know if I was ready, I thought this might be something way out of my comfort zone.

One day I was browsing on the site and to my surprise, one of the mistresses I had fantasised about before happened to be in my city that weekend. She was Brazilian, 5'5" tall with long black hair, looked feminine but was very well endowed and apparently very dominant. Without really thinking I sent her a message, I explained that I was a curious sub guy and I wanted to serve her. She messaged me back with her phone number and told me to send her naked photos from the front, behind and more face pics. Immediately, I stripped down, got my phone out and did as she said sending the pictures. After a few minutes my mistress replied, she was pleased and she said she liked "young, inexperienced slave boys" and that she would message me when I was needed.

I had largely forgotten about this and didn't really expect anything to materialise these messages. In my head this was still very much just a fantasy but two days later I was home alone, it was the evening and my phone screen lit up. It was her, the message read "Slave, you are to come to me and serve me at 11pm" and attached was an address as well as instructions of what to do. I had been summoned and was panicking as to what I should do, who knew what she would do to me? I was thinking, could I really go through with this? What would people think if they found out?! Then again, when would I get a chance to live out such a fantasy again? Plus I had now promised myself to this mistress. It was now 10:30 and I stopped debating the situation, put on my coat and left.

The address was about a 30 minute walk from mine and I looked it up following maps on my phone. Those 30 mins raced by, my mind occupied with the thought of what could happen to me and I text mistress that I had arrived and approached the hotel building . I opened the front door which was open just as she said it would be and the reception was totally empty, nobody was there. I started to walk up the stairs, my legs trembling slightly and I finally reached the top floor as instructed. A door wide open, awaiting my arrival stood in front of me, I took a deep breath and walked in.

I took two steps in and my mistress stood facing me. She looked a lot like her photos, perhaps slightly more muscular than I had imagined but nevertheless good. She wore knee high boots, a leather corset, black stockings and a short black skirt. She welcomed me in and asked me how my journey was, speaking in a thick accent with quite a soft yet demanding voice and I replied nervously telling her it was fine. She beckoned me further towards her and I took a few steps forward. She was quite clearly looking over me and after a few second of silence she spoke. "Remove your clothes" she demanded. I looked at her then replied "yes mistress" and did as she said. I took off every last piece of my clothing and stood in front of her totally naked. Next she pointed to the bed and instructed me to sit on all fours in the middle of it and face the wall. Now I sat totally exposed and my mistress walked around me, inspecting my nude body, I started to feel increasingly vulnerable. She did not say much but soon I felt her presence over me, she put her arm up to my neck and attached something. She had attached a dog collar around my neck and I was now on a chain, she pulled it side to side testing it and I moved with it. Satisfied she got onto the bed kneeling in front of me. It was very clear I was no longer in control, I started to feel very submissive and part of me wanted to leave but I felt an overwhelming need to obey her.

She yanked my chain towards her, pulling my face towards hers and she kissed me deeply, her tongue in my mouth. Suddenly she stopped and maintained her grip on my chain but moved away to look at me in the face. "You're going to be my bitch and do exactly as I say" she spoke commandingly. I couldn't believe I was actually in this situation but I replied "yes mistress", however, I doubted wherever this was even a question at this point. "Good boy" she replied and she relaxed her grip allowing my head to look down once more. As my head retuned, I came to realised whist she was kissing and commanding me she had lifted her skirt and moved her panties. A huge cock was now exposed, looking me in the face, it was rock hard at least 8 inches, very thick, with a huge curve. I knew what she wanted and before I could say anything she pulled my chain hard towards it and my mouth opened around it. It was huge, much bigger than my own and although this was my first time I began to suck it the best I could, taking as much of it into my mouth as possible. She was enjoying it and began to thrust into my mouth as I sucked causing me to gag loudly. Then, she suddenly pulled her cock away and pulled my chain, looking me in the face. "Tell me you love sucking mistresses cock" she demanded. "I love sucking your cock mistress" I stuttered, in disbelief of what I was saying. She pulled me back down to carry on and I felt extremely humiliated but continued to pleasure her.

As I continued mistress now began to feel my body and grab my ass, spreading my cheeks and playing with them. I felt and heard a hard "smack" as she spanked me aggressively and I may have let out a moan had mouth been able. This continued for some time until I felt two lubed fingers enter my virgin hole. I had never experienced anal other than maybe a finger and she started to slide them in and out of me whist I had my head buried in her crotch. It felt ok, not unpleasant, but strange and I started to groan as she worked and loosened my tight ass. "You've been fucked before haven't you?" mistress questioned. I told her I hadn't but unconvinced she called me liar. I promised her I hadn't and she said "I'm going to be your first then slave". She then told me to beg her to fuck me. "Please mistress will you fucked me in the ass" I exclaimed humiliated with a bright red face. Pleased she got up put on a condom, covered her cock in lube before smearing my hole in lube still using her fingers on me.

She instructed me to lay on my side and she lay behind me, her cock between my ass cheeks. I could feel the tip of it pressed against my hole and she slowly started move with increasing pressure into me, before I knew it I had given way and her head was inside me. I let out a yelp but In and out she started to pump slowly until she was managing to fuck me. It did hurt and could feel my hole being stretched hard but I was just about managing. After several minutes I was now commanded to do the work and I moved my ass back and forth feeling her slide in and out of me. I felt extremely submissive, not only was I being fucked I was now doing the work, riding her. Finally she commanded me to my knees pushed my head to the floor and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing me even more. Now in doggy she slid herself back into me and grabbed me by the hips fucking me harder than ever before. It felt good but at the same time my ass burned. She then pulled my hair so hard I moaned in pain and she made me shout, telling her I love being fucked by her until she let go. Embarrassed I complied and after a while to some relief she stopped fucking me.

She now lay on her back, removed her condom and was still hard as a rock but briefly turned her attention to my cock. "Be ready to cum" she instructed, "when I cum your going to swallow my load and cum at the same time". I started to play with myself for a little whilst mistress watched and after she was convinced I was close she forced my mouth back over her dick and I sucked away. Mistress was now close to cumming as well and started to moan. Faster and faster I sucked mistress and played with myself and before I knew it her cock twitched hard and she shot a load into my mouth. Accepting I swallowed taking it down before allowing myself to taste it and simultaneously I came over her leg and the bed sheets.

Satisfied that I had completed her task she allowed me to go to the bathroom to clean up myself and soon after I got redressed, thanked my mistress and left. The walk home was painful, each step a reminder of what I had just endured. Altogether the experience was every bit as extreme as I had feared but also hoped it would be and again I thought it best a one time thing. Only time will tell if it stays that way.

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Sorry just not believable at all.

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