tagBDSMDominating the Field Ch. 01

Dominating the Field Ch. 01


"So Rylee's defense looks to be improving." She let her eyes drift across searching for the large number 19 that was hastily running up and down the field.

"Yeah well her dad has been practicing with her every Friday night before the game. I don't understand while all of a sudden Michael is Super Dad. He wasn't that way when we were married." She rested her head on her hands as Julia rubbed her back.

"Well Andy, that is just how some guys are when they get divorced. Maybe he has changed. Guys can change you know." She looked over at Julia with a look of only pure contempt as a somewhat awkward smile drifted across friend's face. Like any good friend when faced with a awkward situation she managed to change the subject.

"Speaking of guys changing how would you like to watch that one change." Julia gave her a tap on her left shoulder as she motioned to the referee holding up a Yellow card. She looked at the young man. He was cute ,but he was maybe 21 at that. She never pictured herself robbing the cradle anyway it wasn't her nature to like younger guys. She needed someone more in control of his life than some snot nosed little kid.

"Julia your obscene. He's a baby." She shook her head as she watched her friend smile and wink back at her. She watched the referee for another three or four minutes before deciding to get up and grab a water from her van. The game was about to be over and Rylee would need a cold drink. It was stifling outside and there had been no breeze since that morning. As she was walking back to the field she looked across the parking lot and saw him. He was standing in front of a old pickup truck with his shirt off. She felt her breath quicken as she starred at him. She bit her lip for a second and felt her nipples begin to harden as she watched him laugh and talk to one of the other referees.

"Gosh this water must be cold." She shook her head back and forth as she walked back to the stands. She palmed the waters as she saw Julia flag her down as she wrapped towels around her son and Rylee.

"What took you so long with the waters? You are not trying to park at the back of the lot again just so you can get out early are you?" Julia smiled at her with a almost sinister look to her face.

"No I just wanted to get a really cold water for my little pumpkin." She picked up Rylee and hugged her tight. She heard Rylee giggle some as she held her.

"Mommy stop it I'am ticklish. Mommy Mommy guess what?" She raised a eyebrow as Michael walked up.

"Let me guess your Dad wants to take you back to his house early again this week?" She watched Rylee beam as she ran over and grabbed her Dad's leg. Well Rylee did like spending time with her Dad.

"I guess that's ok. Just as long as you listen to your Dad.. and your Dad doesn't let you stay up too late and you don't each too much AND you don't play your DS the entire time." There now Michael would actually have to do some parenting instead of just pawning her off on Mario or Sonic. She didn't know what she would do for the rest of the night since Julia was heading out of town. After making idle chit chat with Michael and telling him about the chapter Rylee was on in her book she went back to her van. She ran a few errands and then went back home.

Before her divorce the house always used to be a buzz of activity. Rylee would either be running around the house or Michael and his friends would be watching a game on the TV downstairs. Now there was just quiet. She read for a bit but eventually ended up just walking around the house. She couldn't stand the loneliness.

"Maybe I should just go to bed." She went back to her bedroom and laid down as she began to shed her clothes. She stood up and walked to the closet as she hung up her pants and shirt she had been wearing. She caught sight of herself in the mirror. For 39 she was still very striking. A smile drifted across her face as she looked at her reflection. She looked at the smallish pair of bikini panties and bit her lip as she slid them down her thighs.

"Oh why not." It had been awhile and no one would be around tonight. She kicked them off as she laid back down on the bed. The bed-spread felt cool against her butt as she flipped off the light. The breeze from the air conditioner drifted across her body. It licked at every crevice of her body as she rubbed her legs together. She had shaved them that morning and they still felt smooth. She rubbed her fingers down each calf and the ball of her foot.

"Oh god." She reached down and began to rub the soft fabric over each of her breasts. Her nipples hardened quickly as she laid there. Her hands drifted up and down her body and then down along the insides of her thighs. Her breathing increased as she relaxed into the bed. She got up onto her knees as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Her nipples were on fire as she rubbed them. As she started to rub the insides of her thighs she tried to picture having sex with someone. Usually a celebrity or some fantasy man would appear but this time ..........

"Uh Hi." She looked at the young referee as he slipped his shirt off. She could see his broad shoulders and the hard muscle packed around his stomach.

"Mrs. Walters right?" He began to circle around her as he waved his friend away. She tried to turn around to face him but instantly felt a hand push her head to the side forcing her to stare straight ahead.

"Eyes forward Mrs. Walters." She stood for a second but tried to shift on her feet. He felt his hand begin to rub her ass through the pair of jeans she was wearing. His hands felt so firm as he began to squeeze her ass. She tried to turn her head ,but felt a quick slap to her ass.

"Ow that hurt." She tried to reach down and rub her ass ,but found his hand stop hers. She wanted to make the light sting that was buzzing around her ass stop. Her hands try to drift to her crotch ,but again his hand yanked hers away.

"Well it looks like someone needs something doesn't she." His hand held firm as he looked her in the eye. His finger drifted up and down her arm lightly as he looked her in the eyes. She shivered slightly at the caress. He pressed his body against hers. Her hands drifted across the hard flesh of his chest. He grabbed her arm and jerked her towards the locker room near the main field. She tried to dig her shoes into the rough turf ,but he was too strong.

"Come on now don't you want to come with me?" His hand released her arm as he stood there smugly. She thought for a second before she began to watch him walk toward the locker room. She quickly followed behind him and walked in the door as it swung back and forth. She took two steps in before she saw him. He was just sitting there on a bench next to the hand dryer with the same small smug smile.

"Lose the shirt and bra.. " She stood for a second as she heard the sounds of a distant crowd. She walked back to the door and jammed it. She heard foot steps as she turned around and slammed right into his chest. She quickly fell to the floor. He leaned over to look at her.

"Did I say you could lock the door?" She shook her head back and forth as she reached out to unbolt the door. His hand stopped hers and pulled her to a standing position as he held both of her wrists. She felt her knees weaken and her chest begin to heave.

"I don't think this is quite what I wanted." She tried to pull away and reach again for the door. His hands held her wrists tight. He pulled up a bit more and she tried to balance on her toes.

"I didn't ask what you wanted." She tried to pull away now as he held her. His eyes bored holes into her head. He released one hand and reached up and pulled off her glasses and put them into his pocket. He stopped and put her hand on his chest. She felt the small beads of sweat that were left from him running up and down the field. She could smell the faint of cologne he was wearing. She wet her lips and coughed as she tried to force back the disbelief that this was happening. She felt his fingers stroking the inside of her T-shirt as she stood there. She tried to speak ,but only a small squeak came out. His hand pressed against her stomach and instantly she drew in a huge breath under his warm hands.

"Is this what you wanted when you were watching me today." She stared into her chest as he released her other wrist. She was motionless and silent as he examined her waiting for a response.

"You can go if you'd like." Damn it why did he keep making her choose. She looked at the door for a second and then back at him. She put her hands under her T-Shirt and played with the hem for a few seconds. She looked back up for a few seconds before again staring into her chest. She began to pull her shirt up and felt his hand underneath her arm. He grabbed the shirt from around her wrists and pulled it off of her. His hand danced across her chest before running back down over her stomach. His hand rubbed down across her back. She smiled as she looked back at him.

"Do you like what you see?" She tried to smile as the words left her lips. He smiled and rubbed her back before slapping her ass hard. She instantly reached back and tried to rub out the small spot of pain that he had made on her ass.

"I don't like it when a girl likes to talk. It kills the moment don't you think? Now please be quiet and just do as you are told. Am I clear?" He turned to face her as he began to rub her lips. She tried to lick his finger ,but was rewarded with another slap to her ass. His finger wagged in front of her face before she finally nodded. He reached down along her jeans and removed her belt and wrapped it around his hand. She felt her breath quicken as she began to picture the belt smacking her ass. She closed her eyes as she felt a small growing spot of wetness form between her legs. She crossed her ankles as she stood there. His hands began to move across her ass again and she instantly froze.

"Uh may I speak now." She looked over at him before he nodded. He snapped her belt as she stood in front of him. She flexed her body straight and stood at attention in front of the young man. His hand slipped into the waist of her pants. He quickly unbuttoned her pants and yanked the zipper down.

"Yes you may but lose the pants." She shimmied the pants down her legs. She could hear him let out a small bit of laughter.

"I .. I . please." He continued to laugh as he rubbed her ass through the small pair of panties she was wearing. His hand slipped underneath her bra strap as he pulled her close. His hands drifted across her ass.

"Next time ... when I tell you to do something what are you gonna do?" The belt slapped her ass was even more painful than the first five spanks had been combined. Another tap with the belt forced her to sway forward and brace herself against the nearby wall. She let out a strained cry as the belt found another virgin piece of flesh on her ass. The concrete felt cold as she clicked her fingernails across the bricks. His foot pushed her feet apart as his hand pressed on her back. She felt as if her ass had a large target placed on it. Another slap with the belt jerked her back to reality.

"I will do it I promise I will do it. " She could feel her hips rock back and forth desperate to increase the pressure building in her loins. She tried to close her eyes and grit her teeth as another slap from the belt landed. A breath escaped through her clinched lips. Her hands strained and relaxed on the cold wall as his assault on her ass increased in tempo. She could feel the fire begin to consume the skin of her ass.

"I think you like this.. don't you." She put her head down and shook it back and forth trying to convince herself that she didn't. His hand stopped for a moment and massaged the flesh of her right ass cheek. She could only wince with slight pain as hands roamed over the skin. He patted her ass with a small bit of delight.

"Tell me you want me.." She had walked into a locker room at her daughter's soccer game with a man almost two decades younger than her. She didn't know his name. They hadn't discussed living together. He hadn't asked about Rylee's dad. She had only seen him changing out a referee's uniform .. What was she thinking? There could only be one answer.

"Yes GOD YES I WANT YOU!!" Every fiber of her screamed that she wanted to feel this man. Feel her hands scrap his back as her legs grabbed at his waist. Before her mind could contemplate anything further she felt a hand grab her waist and spin her around. His lips pressed against hers as thier tongues intertwined. He roughly massaged her ass. She could only wince in reply. His hand wrapped itself in her pony tail as he brought her eyes up to meet his.

"You know I knew the minute our eyes met you were mine." She could only nod her head yes. His hips pressed into hers. She could feel the smoothness of his shorts press against the back of her bare thighs. His lips searched down her neck and found a spot slightly above her collar bone. His teeth lightly scrapped against the skin. His hands reached forward and unclasped her bra.

"Kneel and offer it to me like a good girl." Was he kidding? Should she laugh or do as she is told. Her eyes looked up and instantly she wished she had not. The eyes she found did not have a trace of humor to them. She turned and pulled the bra off and began to roll it back and forth in her hands. She looked back at him and watched him nod his head to the floor. He rolled his eyes to the floor and turned around. Her knees trembled as she stood there. She went down on one knee and then the other. She played with one of the cups of the bra before slipping into her teeth as she kneeled. She heard him cough and turn around.

"Good girl." He pulled the bra from her teeth and looked at it. He stretched it for a second and tossed it to one side. He then crouched down behind her. She couldn't help but wonder why he always liked to be behind her. She could feel his hands all over her back for a few seconds. Another brief laugh and he grabbed her and pushed her onto her back. She banged her head before she felt him press his lips into hers. His hand grabbed at her hip as she laid there.

"Oh god.." The last few sounds left her lips as more of a purr than anything. His warm lips again released a small buzzing with every nip he took of her. The small hairs on his chest rubbed against her nipples. She reached and ran her fingers through his hair and then down over his back. She grabbed at the muscles in his back. His teeth quickly found her ear. Her hands wouldn 't work for a second as the sensation flooded through her brain. She closed her eyes. She could hear him breathing. She winced with pain as he pushed his hips into hers. A small breath was the only warning before he bit down on her neck. She reached down and rubbed her hand across his crotch. She could feel him harden even more as she caressed his cock. She could hear small catches in his breath.

"So is that what you want then little girl." She nodded up and down as she felt him push her onto her stomach. His hands reached up and rubbed her hips. He slapped her already sore ass hard as he pulled her panties down.

"Ow damn it.. sorry." He slapped her ass harder as he wound her pony tail around his wrist. She stopped the words from escaping her lips and let out the air as a low hiss. He slapped her ass again and tightened his grip on her pony tail. Why was he doing that it. She let out a small grunt as she felt his hand again slam down on her ass. Before she could ask why he interjected. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered.

"Next time I have to remove a piece of clothing.. your ass will be allot redder than this little girl." She looked behind and felt him jerk on the pony tail and again slap her ass.

"Am I understood little girl?" A further slap to her ass emphasized his words. She couldn't slow down her breathing and get it back to normal.

"Yes yes I will do it I promise." The words came out in a few brief gasps. She felt him pinch her nose shut and shove the panties in. The cotton had absorbed allot of her arousal and she could begin to taste her slightly musky taste. She heard the sound of him pulling off his shorts. His hands began to play across her hips. She eased her crotch back to try and meet his hips ,but was stopped by him patting her ass. She instantly froze.

"Eager are we?" A deep red spread across her chest. A small twinge of pleasure rippled through her as he rubbed his cock across her crotch. His hand reached between her legs and began to stroke her crotch. Her hips again started to move. His hands slid across her chest and played with each nipple. The only thought going through her mind was how much she wanted his cock. She wanted it now as she eased her hips back and felt it tickle the small patch of hair along her crotch.

"I am not going to make love to such a naughty girl .. but I am going to fuck one.." She growled and let out a small gasp as his cock pressed into her for the first time. His hips moved from side to side as she bounced her hips against his waist. She winced with pain at each thrust ,but she needed it too much to care. The loud roar that had been the pain in her ass had subsided into a dull tingle that emphasized each thrust. He stopped thrusting back and forth and left himself deep inside her as he rubbed up and down against her ass. She bit her lip hard as his hands stroked her back. He stopped moving for a second.

"Ok little girl make me happy." She took the obvious hint and began to move her legs back forth as she tried to imitate his motions. She ground her hips into his as she finished each thrust. As she moved her hips she would use a short upward stroke as she neared close to his hips. She could feel his cock twitch as she did it. She bent her knees a bit more and rested on one arm. She tried to reach back and rub her clit but was rewarded with a slap to her palm.

"Naughty little girl ... focus on me and only me. Am I clear?" She felt him grab her by her pony tail and force her to stand on her knees. His hand inched down to her clit and rubbed the skin just below her waist. She tried to inch her hips forward and backward ,but was rewarded with another slap. She let out a loud moan and felt the panties fall from her mouth.

"Yes I promise I will I promise please I promise." She blurted the words out frantically as his hands continued to rub her ass. He began moving his hips slowly at first ,but eventually moved faster. His hand inched down her crotch but avoided her clit. His fingertips made slow light circles on the insides of her thighs. She wanted his finger tips and his cock.

"Please please please oh god please do it." She felt him push his cock into her all the way and stop. His other hand slipped in right beside the other one as he rubbed the insides of her thighs.

"What is it little girl?" She let her breath out through her teeth.

"I want you to rub my clit.. please just rub my clit.. please?" She again felt her chest began to heave up and down uncontrollably. His hand began to slowly rub her clit in small circles as she ground her hips into his hand. She stood up on her knees and impaled herself on his cock. His cock twitched inside of her as he grabbed onto her hips and moved his hips back and forth. One of his hands reached up and began to pinch a nipple roughly as he rubbed her clit . She let out a stifled moan as she felt herself edge closer. She could feel the heat rise in her stomach as the anticipation built. She closed her eyes as the first kisses of her orgasm hit. Her toes crossed and she went rigid as his hips ground into her. He stopped moving as the waves of her orgasm subsided. A hard slap brought her back to reality.

"Did I say you could cum? Did I?" The anger was present in his voice as he stood up in front of her. He was still hard and it was obvious that hewasn 't done. She looked at the shimmer on the tip of his cock. He reached down and pinched her nose shut. She took the hint and opened her mouth. His cock felt firm and rubbery in her mouth. She began to piston her head back and forth. She stopped and licked up the side of his cock. His hand grabbed her pony tail and forced her head all the way down. His hand ran through her hair as shekneeled . Her knees began to hurt as she sucked. She dared not stop. She reached up and tickled the small hairs on his stomach. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to kiss his hips and down below his waist.

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