I knew she was interested when she kept glancing at me nervously. She was one of those tall white women with legs up to here and a head full of stories about black sexual prowess. I had been jogging and the sensation of my silk shorts against my cock had stimulated me to full readiness. With nothing between my hard on and the outside world except that thin layer of cloth, it was easy to see my state of mind and how much tool I had to work with.

Yes, she was interested.

I sat down at the little outdoor cafe, taking a table just across from hers. I stretched out so she could see all the way up the inside of my thigh. She wanted to look but was too embarrassed to stare. I began talking with her and she responded slowly at first. When my lunch came, I instructed the waitress to sit the plate on Marie's table. It was a bold move and she remarked on it.

"In Georgia, gentlemen don't invite themselves to a ladies table."

"We're in Boston," I said. "and this gentleman does what pleases him."

She blushed at my boldness but continued with the conversation. While I finished my lunch, I began thinking she was a true submissive, but one who had never been told what to do before. As I sat there with a rock hard cock and nothing to lose, I decided to play it out.

"I'll pick you up tonight for dinner and, of course, you'll be the main course. Where do you live?"

"Oh, I could never give out my address to a strange man," she replied.

"Then don't," I said. I gave her my address and told her to be there no later than 7:00. She looked almost stunned as I threw some cash on the table and walked out.

She was prompt. Right at 7:00 the doorbell rang. She had on a short, black halter top dress. It showed off her bare legs nicely. The accessibility it gave me to her body also showed off her subconscious desire to be fucked by a black man.

I fed her well. I opened a second bottle of wine and sat next to her on the couch as we talked. After a few minutes, I pulled her to me and covered her mouth with mine, my hand going immediately to her breast. Her hand landed on my thigh and nervously fluttered there for a moment before she broke away and stood up. She was flustered and also aroused by my rough approach.

She started to speak. I rose my hand to silence her. "I am the boss here and you will do as I say. Tonight, I will do with you whatever pleases me."

She looked both shocked and excited at my statement. I waited a moment for her to fully realize what would happen if she stayed. She stood there expectantly, nervously shifting from side to side. When we both knew she had passed up the opportunity to leave, I issued my first instruction of the evening.

"Walk over to the dining room table." I instructed. She did as she was told.

"Now lay the top of your body across the table."

She obediently turned around and stretched herself across the table.

The position raised her dress so that I could see all of her fantastic legs and almost to the point where her ass was exposed. It was a delicious sight but I wanted to see more.

"Now lift the back of your dress so I can see that sweet little ass."

Slowly she lifted it to her waist, showing me a well-proportioned ass only marginally covered with white thong panties. The thin strip between her legs only covered her slit, leaving the rest of that sweet gap between her legs uncovered. I wanted to taste it but I had to dominate her first.

"Now reach between your legs and prepare yourself for me," I ordered.

I watched as her trembling fingers touched that moistening spot that I would soon own. She gasped as she began to stroke herself and I watched as her pussy lips began to spread and the thong slip between them.

"Tell me the truth, now. You came over here with that little nothing of a dress on and almost nothing underneath. You were hoping something would happen. You were praying that I would fuck you."

"No. No I wasn't." Her fingers kept working their magic. I noticed that she had quit stroking the length of her cunt and was just concentrating now on her clit. It was time. Now that she was fully open for me, I stood up and walked toward her. Instinctively, she spread her legs wider, anticipating what she knew was coming.

"Pull your panties down so I can get a good look at that little pussy," I said.

She slid them down over her buttocks, just framing those ass cheeks and pointing the way to her fully opened cunt. She gasped when she heard me pull my zipper down and reached for the other side of the table, stretching herself out and preparing for my entry. I dropped my hard cock on top of her ass and slowly drew it down her crack until the head was poised for penetration.

I looked down at what was being offered. Her ass was creamy white, her panties even whiter still. She was ready and waiting, needing desperately to be fucked hard. "Ask me for it." I demanded. "Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me." she whispered. "Do it now." It came out of her mouth almost as a gasp, as though she couldn't believe what she was saying.

I placed my hands on her butt and slammed forward hard, entering her completely in one motion. The force of the penetration caused her to cry out and moved the table several inches forward. As she rose up slightly in reaction to the suddeness of the encounter, my hands reached under her and rudely yanked the front of the dress down to her waist. I palmed both of her breasts, each a perfectly shaped handful and felt her first orgasm build.

I slammed into her harder and harder. The more ferocious the fucking, the more she came. Soon, I exploded deep inside her and pulled out. She slumped backwards, slowly collapsing onto the floor at my feet. The dress was bunched at her waist, the panties a white flag of surrender just below her ass. I knelt at her head and slowly slipped my cock into her mouth. I dipped my fingers into the wetness of her cunt, then began to massage her clit. The action between her legs seemed to encourage her orally. Soon she was sucking me to full hardness again.

This time I rolled her onto her back. quickly yanked her panties off and pressed those long legs against her tits, exposing that freshly fucked cunt to my most intimate inspection. At my instruction, she found my cock with her hands and put it back where it belonged. She came twice more before I emptied again. This time, I left my cock inside her and felt the last tremors or her orgasm die away. I had to share this woman with my friends. I wondered if she would open herself up to two black lovers at the same time?

It would happen.

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