tagBDSMDomination and Submission

Domination and Submission


It was late and she was on her way home. She was just wishing that she had taken the interstate instead of the long way when the flashing blue lights came up behind her. Shit! She thought to herself, I know I wasn't speeding. The siren sounds as she pulls over to the side of the lonely road. It was a wide shoulder and she was able to pull her car over far enough so the police officer's car pulls beside her up to her back door. She checks herself in the mirror, sees him get out of the car and put his hat on, she reaches into the glove compartment for her registration. She puts her hands on the wheel until he taps on the glass of her window. She rolls down the window and gives him a nervous smile as he asks her for her license and registration. The seatbelt had pushed her dainty perfect breasts up as she twists around to hand him her information.

"Sir, what have I been pulled over for." she looks up at him and asks as his eyes move from her chest to her face.

He looks at her for a minute before he smiles, tips his hat back and answers that he had seen her at the diner a few miles back and thought she was cute, and he really just wants to get her number. She smiles back at him but tells him that she is not looking into dating anyone right now, but maybe she could look him up later. A small frown plays at the edge of his lips and he is about to say ok and let her go when he looks into her car and notices there is an open container on her floor. His mind clicks into motion as he asks her to step out of the car.

She is more than a little irritated now, not just at the situation but also at the fact that the beer bottle had been in there for a few days, but she releases her seatbelt and gets out of the car hoping to hurry this along. She is sure that she can explain to the officer what is going on. Besides, he has a nice smile and she remembered from the diner that he had very nice hands. She is aggravated but decides not to give him a hard time, unless that is what he really wants. Therefore, she climbs out of the car. She is wearing a small tight tank top over a floppy skirt with her favorite flip-flops and is on her way home from spending the day at the beach, so she has a nice glowing tan and her skin still smells of Coppertone oil. As she passes close to him, she flips her hair smartly and he breathes the scent of her in. She is hot! Moreover, he wants her badly.

She herself is watching him closely, she had always loved a man in a police uniform, there was something strong and sexual about a guy in such powerful position and he was looking at her dreadfully eager. He filled the uniform nicely and she starts to wonder what he would feel like fucking her hard. The thought makes her cringe just a little inside and she feels some wetness begin inside her thongs. However, he immediately becomes business-like and asks her if she has anything else to hide on her person or inside her car. She answers no and lowers her eyes. This submissive gesture snaps something inside him, and at that point, he decides that he is going to get what he wants. He advises her that he will have to search her and as there were no females on the small police force he works for, would she please spread her arms and legs.

He is going to play dirty and the thought of that makes her mad and horny at the same time. She looks at him defiantly, stands back to face him, spread her arms out to the side and places her feet even with her shoulders. He comes up to her closely and begins to pat her down, starting at her arms, moving down her sides and just brushing her breasts. He hears a sharp intake of breath from her, which makes him tingle in his groin and tighten up in his stomach. She likes this and is being rebellious at the same time, he thinks. He is going to enjoy this; she is feisty. He grasps her hips, tells her to turn around and lean over the police cruiser with her hands straight out in front of her and lay them on the hood of the car. A little shocked at his sudden change from cop to total masculinity with the roughness he was beginning to show, frightens her some, but her body is certainly enjoying this little repartee. It makes him crazy when she turns and looks at him with her innocent doe-like eyes and does what he asked; she bends her body over the vehicle and purposefully spreads her legs.

His hands grips her hips again and he leans his body close to hers before he begins running his hands down her outer thighs to her knees. He bends his body over hers pushing his waist into her as he bites her shoulder just hard enough to make her groan out and she begins to grind her hips back into him. Her breath quickens when his hands starts moving up the inside of her thigh and shifts the skirt out of the way. With her ass bent over the car, her cheeks glowing in the pale light of the night sky, his hand gropes the outside of her thong. He smiles evilly and pulls his hand away when he feels she has soaked her little panties through. He tells her that it seems as if she has been a bad girl and might need a spanking for getting so excited. She glances back at him with an anxious timid look; and tells him that she has been a good girl and please don't hurt her. She says this knowing that her toes are already curling at the thought of this man taking control of her and doing whatever he pleases to her body. He slowly starts caressing her buttocks with his hand; her ass squirms under it and she jerks and cries out when the first of the spanking starts. He tells her how bad of a girl she is as he slaps first one cheek then the other. She squeals and jumps with each smack on her ass.

When her cheeks are red and hot to the touch he caresses them and moves his hand to her thongs and between her legs. The panties are useless now, the spanking has drenched them and he crouches and pulls them down to her ankles spreading her juices halfway down her thighs. Still bent over the car she feels his hands move up between her legs and spread her ass cheeks as his mouth and chin graze the inside of her thigh. She sighs and moans when he places his mouth over her clit and starts to suck it, she spreads her legs more and she moves her ass closer to his lips as his tongue begins to roll over the mound of her clit, around her wet pussy and then licks up her ass. He stands up, turns her around to face him, and then tells her to stay standing and to lean back against the car. Her pussy is wet and wanting, her body responds to his demands easily as he pushes himself against her and kisses her roughly and savagely, his tongue licking her mouth and even running it along the inside of her upper lip. She quivers, his fingers move to pinch her nipples, twisting them hard, making her moan and he pulls the tank top down to expose her small perky breasts. His mouth moves down to bite her pink little nipples and she cries out in pleasure as he continues to lick, suck and nibble at her breasts.

He stands in front of her now, grabs her hands at the wrists, and pushes them against the car as he crouches back down in front of her crotch. She throws her head back when his tongue finds her clitoris again, her knees bend slightly in weakness as he begins running his tongue and mouth back and forth over her tight slit. He moves his hand from one of her wrists, places it between her thighs, moves his head back, and runs his fingers across her wet cunt; he finds her opening and shoves one finger deep into her. She moans as his tongue again finds her clit, then he puts two fingers up into her and begins fucking her hard with his hand. The night sky is quiet except for the sounds of her gasping and the smacking, sloppy wet noise of his fingers fucking her pussy in and out as his tongue slides back and forth over her moist clit. He moves his other hand from her wrist and squeezes her ass closer to him, while she fucks his face and hand; he moves his other hand to spread her ass cheeks and places a finger on her asshole. Her juices and his mouth have made her sopping wet and he has no trouble sliding a finger into her ass. She arches her back and screams out a little, but he pushes her back with his face as his fingers start moving in tandem with each other. One finger fucking her in the ass and the other hand moving in and out of her cunt as his mouth maintains its rhythm on her clit. She pounds herself into his hands and mouth and feels her ass and pussy tighten up as the orgasm begins. He feels her squeezing and goes faster as she moans and her body convulses over his face, he shoves his fingers all the way inside her pussy and ass when her body jerks and she cries out into the night air. He tastes her as she comes and her orgasm soaks his face and hands.

As the orgasm subsides, she gets weak in the knees and he catches her as he comes back up from the ground. While she is still shaking, he seizes her by the arms, turns her around and tugs her back into him.

He bites her neck, then says harshly into her ear, "You taste like honey, but can you suck me as well as you can fuck my face and hands?"

He then pulls her arms around to her back and asks her if she likes handcuffs. She whispers a winded yes and he takes out his cuffs and locks her hands behind her back. He turns her back around to face him, lays his jacket on the ground and pushes her at the shoulders down to her knees in front of him. He unzips his pants, shoves them down and yanks out his hard stiff cock, while she is on her knees and licking her lips in anticipation. Her eyes widen at the site of his rigid member, he is huge and she wants him inside her when she sees how large he is. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she cannot use her hands, which would have made this easier, so she leans in and uses her mouth to kiss the head of his penis. She then catches his throbbing cock with her lips, takes him into her hot lingering lips and sucks him vigorously back into her throat. As she shifts to get all of him in her mouth, she tastes his pre-come on her tongue, hears his breathing become heavy and fast, tightens her lips around his cock and goes down on him as far as she can. She runs her tongue up his shaft while her mouth engulfs his penis and she starts moving up and down on his firm member, her tongue flowing around him as she continues her movements. He shudders and shoves her head down onto him, he hits the back of her throat and makes her gag a little, so she pulls up from him but keeps his cock constrained around the edges of her lips, to get a breath. However, before she can take him into her mouth again, he yanks her up and jerks her close to him to plant a deep fiery kiss on her lips.

Hands still cuffed behind her, she leans into the kiss then murmurs quietly into his ear, "Fuck me hard...please."

That is all it takes for him to turn her backside to him and bend her body back over the hood of the cruiser. Her skirt had fallen back down so he lifts it up, wraps it around her cuffed hands then proceeds to take his stiff cock and spank her ass with it a few times before putting his leg between her knees to spread her legs. Then rubbing his cock along the inside of her thighs to caress her wet pussy and slicking his dick with her succulent juice, the head of his penis touches her clitoris. She moans aloud with pleasure, looks back over her shoulder at him to say, "Please..." and shifts her ass further up into him.

"No. I think you need to be teased some more." He replies smugly to her begging look.

He then takes his cock and massages his head around her vaginal opening, tantalizing and teasing her until she is begging and pleading for him to fuck her. He inserts the tip of his cock into her and she squirms and tries to press herself back onto him, but he clasps her hips with his hands and holds her back. Slowly and methodically, he pushes himself into her moist cunt and does not stop until he hits the bottom of her cervix, making her cry out in aching pleasure. She fidgets and wiggles her ass and starts making noises from the back of her throat as he pulls his dick all the way back out to the tip of her tight pussy. His cock is soaked and her struggling has made him stiff and rocklike when he rams his dick into her again. This time she screams out in ecstasy as he pulls back then thrusts himself deep into her again.

He starts fucking her pussy hard and fast, holding her hips and pulling her back onto him as he pushes himself farther into her taut drenched cunt. She spreads her legs further open and puts her ass up in the air so he can get a better hold, and so she can get his cock shifted into position for an orgasm. While he slides his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy, he can feel her tensing up; he takes one of his hands off her hip so he can stick a finger into her waiting asshole. As he slips his finger into her ass, she gasps, and as his cock plunges and plunders her cunt, she begins to groan steadily with each rapid breath she takes. Her ass and pussy tighten up with every steady stroke of his dick, but with her hands still bound by the cuffs, it makes it hard for her to move the way she wants to reach climax. However, as his finger moves in and out of her ass, her slit stiffens up with the pounding of his cock and she feels her body quiver and begin to shudder as the orgasm starts at her taint and moves up into her cervix with every deep thrust of his cock.

He feels her body move back onto his rigid penis and her pussy begin to pulse along the edges of his cock, he thrusts himself into her faster as she screams for him to stop. But her tight wet pussy is now dripping and her climax has brought him to the very edge as he slams himself in and out of her repeatedly until both their screams fill the night sky. His body convulses and he shoves his cock deep into her as his own orgasm explodes. Once more, she tightens her pussy around his stiff member and shoves her ass and cunt back into him as hard as she can. He howls one more time into the night as he jerks and falls panting against her back.

Their breathing is rapid and fast for a few more minutes before he stands and pulls his pants back up, he smacks her ass softly this time and gets the keys to the handcuffs. She stands up, gets her breath and shakes her long hair out of her face while he takes the cuffs off her hands and gently rubs her wrists. He kisses the back of her neck while she straightens her skirt. When she turns to face him, he kisses her tenderly and she wraps her arms around him to kiss him back. Holding each other for a few minutes, they hear the cicadas and frogs humming in the night air before he walks her to her car. She gets in, starts the engine, turns to him to smile when he looks at her, and asks, "So what about that date now?"

She turns back into her car for her purse, jots something down, turns back to him, hands him a piece of paper and says, "Here's my number, call me."

He smiles and waves as she pulls onto the road and drives off into the night.

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